Barbaria Act 4 Chapter 6

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Barbaria Act 4 Chapter 6Xena was kept in her cell for forty eight hours, always chained and receiving repeated healing treatment. She was amazed and mortified at how quickly the cruel weals disappeared, preparing her flesh ready for yet more punishment. On the next day, Xena was loaned to Flavia for the day… for her entertainment. Venetia was only too happy to do this for the pretty young Courtier who had suffered so cruelly when Xena had been on the throne. In the usual fashion, on all fours, with chains attached to her nose and nipple rings, Xena was led to Flavia’s quarters. She had been told where she was going and her heart was filled with dread. Flavia was young and had acquired a new viciousness now that she was in a position to exact revenge. Flavia was sprawled on a couch, wearing a diaphanous scarlet gown which revealed her shapely young figure. She was smoking opium through a hookah, which is a water tobacco-pipe. Opium was all the fashion in Venetia’s Court. The Ladies found it heightened their awareness and intensified their pleasures. “The slave Xena,” announced the Overseer. Flavia did not even look up. “Put her in suspension above the couch,” she ordered. “About six feet above it.” “Very good, My Lady,” said the Overseer. Then Xena was made to lie face down on the floor while manacles were fastened to her wrists and ankles. These, in turn, were attached to chains which by means of pulleys, could haul her aloft. Xena was shaken that Flavia should put her in suspension… and she recalled the many hours of torment she had endured hanging in Venetia’s throne room. What was the purpose of it? Simply to make her suffer, she could only presume. She was going to spend all day with Flavia tormenting her one way or another. Tears of self-pity filled her as the chains pulled her up and swung her over the couch. She took the strain on the muscles of her arms, back and legs. It was painful but, Xena knew, it would get far more painful. Looking down, Xena could see her one-time slave relaxed and smoking happily. She didn’t even glance up once. Flavia had all day to enjoy herself.After an hour, the muscle-strain was becoming acutely painful. Xena moaned. The sound was music to Flavia’s ears. She put her pipe down, lay back and closed her eyes. There was Xena, just above her, suffering more with every minute that passed, and there was she below, relaxed and happy. Perfect! Flavia dozed off for about an hour – partly the effects of the opium. Xena’s moans became more frequent. She tried not to think of all the things she had done, and had had done, to Flavia. Then she suddenly saw that Flavia’s eyes were open. Blue and bright, they were gazing up at her in triumph. “Muscles beginning to ache a bit, slave?” she enquired. “Y-Yes… My L-Lady,” answered Xena weakly. The pain was abominable. And there was no knowing how long that pain would have to be endured. It was entirely at the whim of Flavia. “Good… good…” said Flavia silkily. Then she stood up and, using the pulleys, began to lower her victim. A wave of relief went through Xena. It was not going to be as bad as she had expected. She had swung in Venetia’s Chamber for hours, fainting frequently. Flavia lowered her until she was about a couple of feet off the couch. Then she stopped. Xena waited tensely. “I think we’ll make you a little more uncomfortable,” said Flavia. “See how you like these, once-mighty Princess.” Xena screamed as a one-pound weight, on a short little chain, was attached to each of her nipple rings. “And these,” said Flavia. The next moment Xena found a massive dildo being thrust into her pussy. Worse. A second dildo went most painfully up her anus. She screamed and screamed. “M-M-Merceeee merceeee…” she cried out. Flavia laughed merrily. “Mercy? You must be joking.” Then she hauled Xena aloft again. She sobbed and sobbed. Now there was not only the muscular strain, there was the pulling on her tender nipples and the pain of the two big dildoes within her. Casually, Flavia strolled from the room. Xena heard her having a bath in an adjoining room, singing gaily as she soaped and soaked. Tears fell from Xena s eyes and splashed on the black couch below How could the world be so cruel?After a while, Flavia returned and lay down naked on the couch. The perfume of her soft lush body rose up. She smiled at Xena. “Comfy?” she enquired. Sudden fury spurted through Xena; her classical features twisted with it. But she had to answer. “N-No… no… My Lady…” she croaked. “You surprise me,” said Flavia, picking up a sweetmeat from a box at her side. Then another and another. All Xena had had to eat was mushy bran, stale and stinking, served from a bucket on her cell door. “I am trying to make up my mind how long I shall leave you up there. I would like it to be all day. But then, I have other plans for you. Do you know, for example, what I am going to do with you when I finally do let you down?” “N-No… My Lady…” whimpered Xena. Oh the pain, the pain! Incessant. And always getting worse. “l’m going to make you tongue me, you bitch. And tongue me for so long your tongue will ache so much you’ll think you’ll never be able to move it again.” That was how it had been when bornova escort Flavia had had to tongue Xena. Bringing her again and again to orgasm. And she remembered how Xena used to thrash her when, through utter exhaustion, she could go on no longer. Well, she would do the same. Flavia left Xena in suspension for another half an hour. She would have liked to make it longer but other desires were overcoming her. Finally she got up and fetched a long, slim whalebone switch from a collection of instruments racked in a corner of the room. Then she lowered Xena to the floor. Xena groaned with relief when the awful strain was taken off her muscles. Several times she had thought she was on the verge of fainting but had obviously been prevented by the potion she had been forced to take before being brought to Flavia. The manacles came off and Xena lay weakly on the floor, trying to gather her strength. She felt so feeble, so tired, yet her ordeal was only beginning. The slim switch bit stingingly into her buttocks. “Get up, slave…” Flavia slid face down on the couch. “Now come up here and kiss my bottom …” Xena forced herself up on to the couch. This humiliating reversal of roles was bitter gall within her. It burnt searingly. She slid between Flavia’s parted thighs and came to the creamy softness of her bottom. Oh how often she had striped that beyond recognition! Now she slavishly kissed the warm, resilient white flesh. The flesh of a Lady. She kissed all over the buttocks several times, before getting the order. “Lick them,” said Flavia. Xena licked and licked and licked. She was absorbed in her task… hating it… yet having to do it. Then Flavia’s thighs parted wider. “Kiss my asshole, slave. Get your tongue in,” came the order. Xena knew it would come sometime… and now it had. She nosed into the cleft and laved the whole length of it… several times. Then she concentrated on the sphincter itself. First tonguing it delicately, then thrusting with her tongue. Penetrating. Oh, Xena knew well enough what Flavia wanted! And she knew she had to give it to her. Her sense of degradation was complete. She felt Flavia wriggling fractionally and happily. “Get that tongue in deeper, slave…”Xena strove to obey. Already her tongue was getting a little tired yet she knew there would be no respite. Hadn’t she herself, in this fashion, driven slaves on beyond ordinary limits? Yes, she had. And she knew Flavia would do the same. For something like fifteen or twenty minutes Xena attended to Flavia’s anus. Then the young woman twisted over suddenly. “Now deal with my cunt, slave,” ordered Flavia, splaying her thighs wide. The slim rod whistled down and fell vertically over Xena’s left buttock cheek. She absorbed the stinging pain with a little whimper. The soft warm sex lips were right before her, seeming to pout eagerly. Xena kissed them with simulated passion. Flavia stirred and sighed. This was obviously pure heaven for her. Xena went on kissing in the same way. She knew if she did not please this young woman completely, she would suffer all the more. There could be no halfway house. She had always known when a woman was not giving of her very best and Flavia would know likewise. She had to give her mouth and tongue completely. The sex lips got softer, moister and warmer. Flavia continued to sigh happily from time to time. There was not only the sexual pleasure, there was the pleasure of having Xena submit totally. All heightened by opium! Xena decided the time had come to use her tongue. She probed skilfully and deep, with Flavia wriggling. Then she concentrated on a small but firm clitoris. Flavia wriggled even more. “Ooohh… you arrogant bitch…” she said softly, “for how long I have wanted to make you do this …” Xena not only tongued the clitoris, she nibbled it gently, too. She could feel Flavia enjoying that no end. She felt fury surging up within her but forced it down. She MUST please. That was all there was to it. Slowly but surely, Xena worked Flavia up to her first orgasm. She trembled, she quivered, she jerked, with pleasure. Mewing. Gasping out. Oh she was having a wonderful time! Then the climax finally came. Flavia’s haunches juddered convulsively and she emitted squeaky little gagging sounds. The inner parts of her thighs trembled against Xena’s cheeks. Xena knew she had pleased her… and hated herself for doing so. But what other option had she? Flavia’s hand slapped down on Xena’s head as a sign for her to desist. Xena did so willingly. But it wasn’t long before Flavia’s switch bit down vertically into Xena’s right buttock cheek. She had recovered. “Again,” came the order. Slavishly, Xena probed in her tongue again. How long… oh how long… she asked herself, is she going to make use of me?Xena remained between Flavia’s warm and finally sweating thighs for over an hour. She brought the young woman to at least six orgasms and maybe more. In the end, her lips, mouth and tongue were so puffed up and aching she could scarcely move them. “Again,” said Flavia, weakly but relentlessly. But Xena found it impossible to move her mouth or tongue except in the most minimal fashion. “Did you hear my bornova escort bayan order, slave? Again!” Xena tried the impossible but it was futile. Her head slumped down. “I… ahh… I… I… c-can’t… M-My Lady…” she moaned. Just as Flavia had once moaned. “Disobedience,” said Flavia. “Well… well… you’ll pay for that.” Flavia slid off the couch. She stumbled a little, weak from sexual excess. “Get your arse up, bitch… and get it up high!” Groaning horribly, Xena forced her hindquarters up as best as she could. The slim whalebone rod began to lash down furiously upon her squirming bottom. Frenzied with pain, Xena twisted off the couch to the floor. The biting whalebone rod continued to rain down… on her buttocks and thighs and, as she twisted in torment, on her belly and breasts too. Xena staggered up and stumbled about the room in a vain attempt to evade the vicious onslaught. “MERCEEEE… MERCEEEE!” she beseeched, even if she knew it was useless. Flavia was like a thing demented, wild in her fury of revenge. Xena finally collapsed, half insensible. Even as the rod continued to fall, mainly over her buttocks which happened to be presented uppermost. The cruel thrashing only ceased when Flavia was herself exhausted. She flung herself down on the couch, panting with her exertions, breasts heaving, whilst Xena lay twitching on the floor, whimpering like a whipped cur. Xena became vaguely aware that Flavia had left the room. Then a pair of high-heeled black boots came into her line of vision. The boots of an Overseer. One of the boots kicked her in the flank. “Crawl to the couch,” came the order. Weakly, hesitantly, Xena crawled. Then, when she stopped by the couch, to her horror, manacles were again fastened on her wrists and ankles. Then the chains were linked to the manacles. “Lady Flavia wants you aloft again,” said the Overseer. “OOOOOOHHHHHH… NNNOOOOO… NNNNNOOOOOOO!” cried Xena despairingly. “Oooohhh pity… meeeeeeee… pity… mmmmeeeeee!” How could such a terrible thing be done to her after all she had already endured that morning? But, needless to say, the Overseer had not an ounce of pity in her whole being. And, even if she had, she would not have been able to exercise it. Remorselessly she raised Xena’s weal-striped body off the f loor until it swung six feet above the couch once more. Xena was whimpering and whining, tears flooding from her, as she took the awful strain in already aching muscles. The Overseer gave her a look of callous indifference and left the room. Xena was alone. Totally helpless. Just swinging. For how long was it going to be? Ooohh… oooohhh… for how long?Flavia had gone to take lunch with Cera, the tall willowy blonde. A slave girl poured them white wine from a flagon and Flavia described what had been happening that morning. Cera looked delighted. “Now she’s back in suspension,” concluded Flavia. Cera smiled. “I’m so glad to hear it. We can take a nice long lunch, can’t we?” Both women laughed. The memories of their slavery were gradually fading and they were fast adapting to new positions of power. “When are you going to start giving her some lessons in cocksucking?” asked Flavia. “As a matter of fact, tomorrow,” answered Cera. “Oh good,” said Flavia. “I might look in. “You’d certainly be welcome.” The slave girl re-filled their goblets and withdrew respectfully. She was a tall, big-bosomed woman of about thirty, with black hair and wide set dark eyes. Flavia recalled her as a particularly unpleasant member of the Court in Xena’s days. She noticed that the fulsome buttocks carried plenty of freshly-raised weals. “Did you choose her?” asked Flavia, nodding toward the slave. “I did… for good reason,” answered Cera. Flavia didn’t ask the reason. “The cow is just about beginning to learn to behave herself. I start the day with a dozen across her backside… and she usually earns herself plenty more during the day.” “What’s her name?” “Mercia,” said Cera. Flavia saw that the slave was trembling slightly, which was not altogether surprising.“Come here, slave,” ordered Flavia. Big breasts bouncing, Mercia approached and then went down on her knees before Flavia. “Show me your arse,” came a second order.At once, the dark-haired Mercia turned and raised her hindquarters high in front of Flavia. Studying the weals, Flavia saw the soft flesh twitching. It was a well-shaped bottom, above average in size. “Not a bad arse,” she remarked. “Excellent for caning anyway,” smiled Cera. “Up, cow, and serve more wine.” Mercia rose obediently but, for a moment, Flavia saw a f licker of furious resentment on the pale features. This woman, she thought, has by no means reached the required degree of submission. Still, that was Cera’s concern, not hers. Half an hour later, Mercia was serving them a delicious lunch in the adjoining dining room. Red wine was now being poured and both women were getting quite merry. From time to time, Flavia thought of Xena hanging in burning, muscular agony. Serve her right, she said to herself.When Flavia returned to her quarters after an absence of some two and a half hours, she saw that Xena had fainted. An Overseer was summoned and she escort bornova was lowered and revived. She knelt, trembling with dread, before Flavia. How many more hours of torment was she going to have to endure? It was only just past mid-afternoon. When Flavia smiled at her, she saw that the young woman was a little tipsy… and that frightened her even more. Semi-drunken young women were worse than sober ones. “Now,” drawled Flavia, “what shall we do with you this afternoon, eh?” She paused but obviously expected no answer from Xena. “I think I’ll have you fucked, but that can wait for later on.” She paused again. “I think it might be amusing,” she resumed, “to watch you fuck yourself.” Xena was slightly puzzled by this statement but, when Flavia handed her the large dildo which had been thrust up her earlier, she understood what was intended. A new humiliating experience awaited her.“Stick that up your cunt, slave,” grinned Flavia, “then work it in and out. It was a disgusting thing to have to do and Xena found herself f lushing with a combination of anger and embarrassment. “Go on… get it in… right in, slave…” said Flavia. There was no way Xena dare disobey. She opened her thighs and positioned the big knob of the dildo against her sex lips. She forced in the knob. Oh it was a horrible, horrible thing to have to do! “Come on, slave, shove it up. Or do you want some encouragement?” Flavia picked up her whalebone switch and flexed it menacingly. That threatening gesture was sufficient for Xena. She certainly did not want to feel that again! Moaning, she forced the dildo deeper and deeper in until it would go no further. Just the balls of the device dangled from her. Oh how big it was! She saw Flavia grinning almost impishly at her. Oh how she hated that girl! “Nice?” she enquired. Xena shook her head. “N-No… My Lady… not… really …” “Prefer the real thing, eh?” What best to answer? “Y-yes, My Lady,” said Xena. “Ah well, you mustn’t be impatient, slave. All in good time. You should be thankful for what you’ve got already. Now work it!” Xena withdrew the dildo then pushed it back in again. She did this several times but quite slowly. It was painful. She was dry and unwelcoming to this disgusting object. “Faster,” said Flavia. Shuddering, Xena worked the thing faster. She didn’t think she’d ever be able to bring herself to orgasm with it, which she knew was what Flavia wanted. I’ll have to fake it, she thought. Yes, that’s what I’ll have to do. But not yet. “Faster still,” said Flavia. Xena began to push in and out as fast as she could. It was obscene, totally degrading. “That’s better,” said Flavia, “Must be feeling good now, eh?” “Yes… hhaaahhh… yes… My Lady… !” The dildo was now going in and out more easily but it scarcely felt any more pleasant. After another few minutes, Xena said to herself, I’ll fake an orgasm. It shouldn’t be too difficult. She saw Flavia looking at her in a kind of dreamy amusement. Oh wasn’t the girl having fun! Gradually, Xena began to jerk her haunches a little, bearing down on to the sliding device with her clitoris. She was getting some sensation, but not enough for an orgasm. “Nice?” asked Flavia. “Agh… agh… yes… oh… yes… My Lady,” gasped Xena. She felt she was faking quite well. Xena worked herself up into a frenzy, gasping and groaning in simulated delight, before slumping down, moaning happily, It was over, thank the Gods it was over. She finally opened her eyes to see Flavia looking at her with smiling superciliousness. “You faked that, slave,” she said. Her voice was a little slurred. “But you won’t fake it next time.” Flavia got up and left the room, returning a few minutes later with another dildo, one strapped around her. “You’re going to get this up you until you come properly,” she said. “Arse up, slave.” Xena had removed the dildo she had used on herself. Now, in hopeless despair, she obeyed the order. There was no escaping this vicious young woman. She was going to have to suffer and suffer. The dildo rammed brutally in her from behind… and Flavia began to fuck her with a kind of savage joy. “I’ll make you come… I’ll make you come,” panted Flavia, “just you see!” Soon, Xena decided it would be preferable to yield to this monstrous object thrusting violently inside her. She allowed it to stimulate her; she did not fight the unwanted lust that mounted in her. Get it over with… After some five minutes of Flavia’s energetic thrusting, she had a true orgasm… literally whinnying with pleasure. Oh the shame… the shame! “That’s better, slave,” said Flavia harshly in her ear. “Don’t ever try and defy my intentions again!”“No, My Lady,” whined Xena subserviently, “never… never again…“ Flavia slept rather drunkenly for an hour or so, with Xena kneeling on the floor by the couch. Xena was thankful. At least time was passing and Flavia had not had her put in suspension again. It was some time later, while she was being fucked by a quite disgusting, fat male slave that Xena came to another decision. She would no longer fight her orgasms. Indeed, she would yield to them as quickly as possible. She co-operated energetically with the rutting slave, spending herself violently before he had entirely f inished with her. Flavia clapped her hands delightedly. “That’s better, slave,” she laughed happily. “I really do think you’re beginning to make quite like a good fuck!” It was not news designed exactly to bring delight to Xena’s heart… but she had to accept it.

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