Bathhouse Foot Fun

Beach Sex

Going downstairs after having done a hit of rush, I went into the steam room, but it was empty. I took a quick shower, paying particular to soaping my rod before walking over to the bubbling whirlpool, which had a man sitting in it, opposite the entrance steps. It was noticeably cooler than the last time I had enjoyed sitting in it, with a group of naked strangers, after having spent a while in the forest cutting wood.

The jacuzzi was in its third mode, its ring of fountains, spaced along the bench space, active. I sat down between two of them, and let my feet drift a bit while supporting my weight on my palms. The bubbling made it impossible to actually see anything, but when I felt his hand slide along my inner thigh, then brush along my cock, causing me to draw in a breath sharply, it was reasonable to assume he was in the same state, or wanting to be.

Finding the right balance between keeping my legs stretched to feel his skin, supporting myself on the bench, and starting to stroke his cock took a bit of concentration. By the time I got it right, we were both rigid, jacking each other off, and my concentration was fading as the pleasure began to rise.

Though the bubbling water hid our bodies, what we were doing must have been apparent to anyone observing. His expression perfectly matched the feel of his shaft, both fantastically sexy. It didn’t take long to approach the edge of orgasm, my legs spreading as he began to rub my nipple, my right thigh over both his thighs, rubbing his cock in rhythm to the pulsing currents we were sitting in. He moaned when my fingers began to play with his nipple, squeezing it gently at first, making it swell, then lightly twisting it in rhythm with his stroking.

I noticed another man entering the water, a welcome distraction against growing temptation, a temptation to be almost satisfied for as long as possible. He touched my left thigh, then started playing with my nipple, before pulling my thigh over his. Looking over, it was clear that he was touching his cock, his face giving away what the bubbling water hid.

Shifting a bit in the water, I maneuvered my left leg against his cock, spreading myself, feeling his hand join the other jacking me made me sigh, knowing that for the second time in less than a week, male group sex in the whirlpool was part of an afternoon break. The bubbling stopped, and in a moment, the water was clear, with gentle currents wafting against us.

My head lolled, not quite getting wet in the flowing water spilling over the top tiles, an idea which seemed better to avoid, for some reason, much the same way I never wash my hair with the sauna’s soap. And not cumming was still to be avoided, meaning that looking at two aroused cocks needed to be replaced with something more neutral.

Closing my eyes, my now free left hand went between the new stranger’s legs, first finding his balls, then letting my finger touch his ass. He stiffened, and I let my hand ride up over his, feeling his cockhead lightly, my motions delicate in the now stilling water, the main pump having completely shut down. A second pump, which kept the water in circulation to evenly flow over the tiled octagon, could still be heard as a murmur, and felt against sensitive skin.

With one leg against a cock, my right hand pressing and playing with the other leg sprawling over a naked man’s spread leg, both of us çanakkale escort with erections in public view in the clear water, I could definitely understand the attraction of a hot tub, when shared with others in the exact same frame of mind. Something easily found among a group of naked men in a male only space, where sex is part of the attraction for everyone there, with the exception of a true first time visitor who really didn’t know what to expect – though that exception is rare, especially as many first time visitors become repeat visitors after experiencing what a bathhouse offers.

Another man stepped inside, sitting to the side of the man to my right, within reach of my foot, as it turned out, as I moved it to find his stiffening cock. His hands were running up my leg, forcing my attention to his efforts, knowing that he could see how two men were playing with my jutting cock. Looking at his expression, it was obvious he was as turned on as the other two men I had played with, as I felt the motion of an arm under my leg, as the new man had his cock touched, his gasp obvious in the now settled quietness, his hands tightening around my thigh at the contact.

Time expanded as we shared ourselves. I knew, in a distant way, that the furthest away man had taken my foot out of his crotch, where I had been pressing my heel against the root of cock. His fingers on my foot were delightful, especially when the fingers of the man to my left began to explore my ass, making me twist a bit, my hard length obvious to the man holding my foot.

No longer able to process all the sensations, my eyes closed, and I just floated in pleasure, both mine and others. As time went on, another man entered the water, but he seemed determined to remain uninvolved, at least at this point. I was beyond caring, as it became clear that the wonderful sensations from my foot were caused by a stranger licking my sole, then luxuriously sucking each toe.

Reality was far beyond any past imagination – enthralling in its immediacy, a foursome of turned on men. And like during the last visit inside a shared jacuzzi, without condoms in any sense, as the whirlpool provides a setting where they just aren’t necessary. Admitting this attraction was not that hard, since recognizing it remains a necessary part of guarding against it, even as my resolve sinks.

For example, during another recent Wednesday visit, after some delightful nipple sucking, hand stroking my rigid length, followed by a stranger turned on kneeling in front of me, his hand jacking cock while my hands reached, rubbing his sweaty chest as he bobbed in pleasure, my palms pressing against his erect nipples.

He started to go down on me, making me sigh ‘condom,’ paused, starting again after a bit, overwhelming, keeping me from being focussed enough to find the condoms I’d left on the bench beside me. Finally holding the package, the touch of his tongue along my shaft was fantastic, and the light kisses of his lips returned, slowly covering my cockhead. Though I managed to say ‘condom’ again, I had already decided if his lips passed over my cockhead again, I would let him keep going, until I filled his mouth was cum. However, he responded, moving his mouth away, though his hand kept me delightfully hard – though it did slow down the condom process a bit slow.

As he rose and turned, çanakkale escort bayan his skill in condom use, something exceptional here, was explained as he guided my willing cockhead past his ass ring. This being an area I will not compromise in – anal sex with strangers always means a covered cock, like riding on the street requires a helmet. Some people find a helmet restricts them in some fashion, and that is true enough in its fashion – but the pleasure of riding is enhanced by being able to enjoy it over a long time, something a helmet contributes to. And as a stranger started to ride his ass on my cock, my mind drowning when he came with my cock deep in his ass, getting sucked off by another man, my hands guiding his hips as we fucked.

In the present, the reality was that three men were pleasuring me, with me doing the same to them. And I knew that the fifth man across from us could watch everything, adding to the irresistible feeling the man sucking my toes was creating. He was obviously enjoying himself, much like I have when doing the same with my bi-friend’s foot, skirt open as her other leg rolled against my pants covered cock. The man whose straining cock my right leg was rubbing began to play with the foot sucking man’s cock, with a result that transmitted itself directly to what his mouth was doing, turning me on even more as I watched him.

The latest stranger started to play with himself as I watched, his cock growing, his expression turning sexy as he took in the scene in front of him, my legs spread, cock, ass, nipples, and balls being fondled and caressed as my toes were sucked above the water. The different sensations were perfectly balanced, none pushing me beyond the edge of orgasm, my only concern in enjoying a hot tub with other men, an experience far beyond what my younger self had ever imagined about gay group sex.

The pump started working again, obscuring the view of what was happening underwater. Being held by three men, the growing power of the currents did not dislodge me this time. The dancing jets and spraying droplets did begin to bother me occasionally, but my head was higher above the water than normal. The currents kept my body lifted, especially along my right leg, held by the man whose tongue was now licking my sole.

The man who had been watching all of us now slid over to the man holding my foot, doing things to him that could be easily imagined, as well as felt in how his efforts at my foot grew slack as he succumbed to a stranger’s touch. As a result, he simply took as much of my toes and foot into his mouth as he could. An incredible sensation, particularly in combination with the finger caressing my asshole and hand pumping my cock, one bringing me far too close to cumming.

Finally, after a seemingly endless interval of pure sexual delight, I simply couldn’t take any more without cumming, something that wasn’t going to happen here. It had been difficult to know how long I had been in the whirlpool, as it had cycled from bubbling seats to still to bubbling seats again, something that struck me as a bit unusual, actually, though in a very distant way.

I left, the group reforming, then went into the welcome heat of the steambath, the whirlpool having bit a bit on the cool side, noticeably so after sitting in it for more than 20 minutes. The darkness inside was a bit escort çanakkale of a problem, but finding the familiar space to sit in the back is not difficult, especially when led on by the arousing sounds of men enjoying intimate games.

Turning to the left after reaching the wall, my eyes were able to recognize a pair further in, which I was able to get past without disturbing. Inside the darkness, one man was sitting near the corner, perfectly situated to enjoy the backlit sight. while another was against the curved tile, in a direct line from the couple.

My hand was at my cock even before I even sat down, the sounds making me really hot. After a moment, the man near the corner turned a bit, putting a foot on the bench and leaning back, obviously fisting his hard cock while he watched.The pair was cock to cock, thrusting and humping tightly, groans and sighs mixing with purely animal grunts and moans.

The intensity took me by surprise, almost cumming before even thinking about the fact. For a brief moment, I considered simply enjoying being so mindlessly carried away, in a place where I have cum dozens of times with dozens of men. But a degree of self-control asserted itself, based on the fact that it was too early to end my visit.

I went upstairs afterwards after briefly showering off, doing another deep hit of rush, going back downstairs, deciding to check out the whirlpool again. I settled into the bubbling water, alone, though another man appeared quite quickly, sliding into the water. By now, completely slutty and still knowing that I wouldn’t cum yet, I reached for his cock, finding it already aroused. We played for a bit, and when the pump shut down, we settled into truly enjoying the hot tub.

Looking more closely at him while he began to play with my willing cock, I recognised him, first from the touch of his cock, then its appearance, and then his face, which looked as turned on as the last time I had seen it next to me today. Our legs entwined, and we settled back into our previous routine, my hand rubbing his erect shaft against the outside of my thigh, while his hand played with balls, reaching lower to began to caress my asshole, making my cock swell. I was completely sprawled again, erect, with a stranger playing with my willing ass, his fingertip pushing just past my anal ring as my hand pressed his cock against my hairy thigh, sliding up and down his shaft to over his flared cockhead.

A new man stood at the top of the steps down into the water, his cock already enticingly half hard. Looking a bit more carefully at him, he seemed unfamiliar as he moved closer, sitting down next to me as his hand went out to touch my turned-on cock. My left hand quickly found his cock, and making it hard just made me hornier. When a finger began to play with my nipple, I couldn’t stop from moaning. The man to my right turned, lifting himself a bit as he positioned his cock, with my pumping hand, over one of the pulsing water jets.

His position, and its obvious pleasure, made me begin to jack him off while saying ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’ after each time I squeezed his cock head before going back down to the root of his cock. The feeling of pure sexual power was unreal as I knelt on one knee, my other foot in the center, my hand extended to his cock, looking down on his ecstatically worshipping face, my ass being fingered as a hand jacked my cock off from behind.

Orgasm was building gloriously, until being abruptly pushed back when the central fountain began to rise. After having been so close to cumming several times over the last hour or so, it seemed a good time to be back on my way, feeling quite relaxed after a couple of rounds of mutual enjoyment in the whirlpool.

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