Bathhouse Summer Return

Alina Li

Each hand stroking a hard cock, my legs were spread, my back against the tiled wall, basking in the open pleasure of two men’s hands on my jutting rod, no longer needing to merely remember what makes me come back to the bathhouse. The steamroom was full of horny men, of a variety of ages and shapes, two of them directly turned on by my jacking their sexy cocks for anyone to see, while their hands circled my cock, the centerpoint of our public threesome. With the possibility that it would grow larger, more men getting hard in the dimness.

It was Saturday, on a cool but still very sunny summer day, quite late in the afternoon. I had been at work, and my wife called to said she would be going swimming for a couple of hours at a local lake. On my part, I told her that I would probably get something to eat in city – riding a motorcycle is always a pleasure, and 20 minutes to park in front of a good place for falafel or a freshly baked feta pide, is not a barrier.

Of course, the thought of maybe doing something else had already crossed my mind earlier, since it has been several months since visiting this bath house. On the other hand, I had nothing of my usual accessories, but then, that has been the case several times before – very fondly remembered times, including the first one. Also not a no real hurdle, since the sauna does provide free condoms and condom safe lube when asked (which was not so when I first visited – a trend I consider a bit retrograde, especially when not advertising the possibility).

I quickly drank my customary beer, then headed straight downstairs. The middle level with the bar counter had been neither full nor empty – only when focussing attention on various areas did the number of men present become more apparent, though never in large numbers. On the other hand, the entrance was being used steadily, though some of that traffic was men leaving – just like another version of myself would have been, after arriving at my customary time, right around opening.

The whirlpool was bubbling, and to my right, a few towels were stuck into the cubbyholes. Taking the last couple of steps down to the bottom level made obvious the heat and humidity, a reversal from what one normally finds in the summer when going under ground. On weekdays, the summer admission price is 1/3 off, but the discount does not apply to weekends, as the hotness on weekends is part of the attraction, year round.

Opening the clear door, holding a couple of condoms in my left hand, I stepped in, amazed at both how hot it felt breathing the steam in, and at how absolutely dark it appeared.

A bit disconcertingly, only memory was helping guide me in the deep gloom, though moving ahead very slowly, a hint of outline and form became available. Still moving cautiously, there was little to hear but the shower in the middle, with the water being turned on repeatedly. This was a bit irritating, actually, and one reason that the enclosed shower, though a fine concept, didn’t work out in practice, in my opinion.

At least one man was sitting on the bench against the wall, but this tended to be the section with little activity. Going further into the dimness, the fact that my eyes did not seem to be adapting provided a certain thrill, after realizing that it probably was related to the fact that today was quite close to the summer solstice, and from being inside for maybe a quarter hour, at most.

Reaching the far wall, I turned to the right, noting the somewhat lit entranceway to the shower, that darkened a bit as a man walked out, turning to leave the steam bath. Moving very slowly, there was little to hear, though it seemed safe to assume the back area was not as empty as the lack of sounds indicated.

Still moving slowly, seeing nothing but blackness, my moderately outstretched left hand very lightly felt skin, and quickly withdrew. Shifting my body and direction a bit to the other side of the narrow entryway, I put out my right hand very slowly, still surprised at not noticing the presence of the other man. Definitely naked, likely horny, quite possibly erect, presence.

Not blundering into people is a basic courtesy, so when my right hand bumped a bit against another naked body in just a few seconds, the very unexpectedness led to a more noticeable jolt. Mumbling ‘sorry,’ I wondered about stretching my left hand out, and trying to find two cocks in what was still essentially total darkness, sliding between thighs and fondling hanging balls. çanakkale escort The reply of ‘no problem,’ followed by a hand sliding down my ass and reaching my inner thigh, showed that at least he thought along similar lines.

However, the faint sound of sucking, along with the knowledge that blocking the entrance area that way tended to be unreasonable, pulled me further in. The felt presence of more men became clearer, making me move carefully towards the center of the back bench, where a bit of light from the entrance came through the second path to the back area, providing a low level of illumination.

The light from the door provides one the chance to see men coming and going. Till now, the darkness had been very quiet, even considering just how focussed my attention had been on listening, with my eyes basically seeing nothing. Still hearing cocksucking, now sitting, the wetly familiar sounds seemed to be coming from my right. Reaching out, attempting to touch but hesitant at possibly disturbing someone’s blowjob, I let my fingers drift along the smoothness wetness of the bench surface, but my hand never touched another person, even as the sounds of sucking grew.

Of course, even the hope of getting involved had been enough to provide that intense sensation of being able to just reach for sex, admitting the attraction and desire to get off with men, very often doing just that. Not always, of course – but like the joke about weather on a coast, just wait a bit, it will be different.

By now, my state of sluttiness was mingling with my state of horniness, the two combining wonderfully as my legs spread, hand starting to touch my very welcoming cock. Sitting in essentially the brightest part of a very dark space, knowing that there were a number of other men around me, made getting hard easy – emphasizing ‘easy,’ adding the right feel, since after all, it is part of a male only sauna’s attractions. I put the two condoms on the bench a bit to my left, then allowing my left hand to glide along my balls, and through my full curly bush.

Stroking my hard shaft like this made it easier for me to look around, my eyes seemingly adapted as well as possible to the humid gloom. Generally, the one contact I am not looking for is eye contact – I truly prefer utterly anonymous sex. I also really enjoy group sex, and the two are a simple combination to find at a bathhouse, where sex is uncomplicated, even as the sauna itself is a pleasant public space for men to enjoy socially. Men who don’t mind acknowledging their interest in getting off with other naked men by being there, that is.

Today was not only my first visit for a couple of months, it also followed my experience of another bathhouse, or more accurately, ‘health club.’ In a city a good hour away, on a Sunday with perfect spring weather for riding. The experience had been interesting, mainly as a contrast. Though the garden area was nice (and cherries almost ripe on a tree in one section), much of the interior was red and mirrored, while the steambath was both fairly empty, and not really set up for free style group sex, as the sections were subdivided with fairly small benches and fairly narrow ‘corridors’ between separate, essentially cubicle like, spaces.

The pool setting itself was inviting, but the water being unheated, it was not inviting. Underneath, going down a fairly small spiral stair case, there was an essentially S&M section downstairs, with monitors playing generally personally uninteresting porn. The entire place had a different feel – ‘gay’ in more than a straightforwardly sexual way, which when thinking about it was no surprise, this being a larger city, less concerned about discretion.

Which made the steambath a bit different from what I have grown accustomed to, not only hotter and drier, but also effectively much smaller with its extensive internal partitioning. I did manage to enjoy myself, in two encounters, likely with the same man. First against wall, then in one of the screened off areas. I stood next to him as another man sucked his cock, his hand trailing down to meet mine, pumping along my erect length. Enjoying the sensations from his touch, the heat remained a challenge, finally leading me to leave again, even though the temptation to cum reached dangerous levels.

Returning after a good half hour to the steam, I sat in a ‘cubicle,’ stroking myself. Another visitor appeared, then sat down. His lightly çanakkale escort bayan questing hands stroked my cheeks, then ran delicately over my head and neck. The feeling was entrancing, making my cock hard in anticipation of his hand reaching other destinations,

As it turned out, he did have an interesting variation, kneeling in front of me¦ his hand pulling at my bush as he pressed my cock down between the edge of the curved bench and his chest. His pulling just made me start pressing against his chest harder, leading me to start to begin to fuck his chest, after having refused getting blown when his head started to shift lower. The feeling of fucking struck me very intensely, my arms against his back, losing myself in the sensation of being pressed so tight against another man. With my cock fucking him as he surrendered himself to my desire.

Back in a familiar setting, reclining and playing with my rigid shaft, the comfortable familiarity after longer absence provided a not so subtle enhancement to falling into the familiar game being played by everyone around me. A couple of men had walked through the back section, never really stopping. The couple near me talked quietly, having reached an end to their oral games. My cock was fully hard stroking its shaft, the pleasure pulling me along an irresistibly seductive path.

One that others were also following, as I saw a couple of passes, common in the steam, though no one had responded to the generally subtle invitations, as the connections remained tenuous, even as the delightful temptation started to work its predictable result. Just seeing it made me stroke harder each time a hand slid across a stranger’s thigh or cock or ass. And my reaction was shared by a growing number of other held and swelling cocks.

Eyes fluttering, my unhidden jacking off already repeatedly bringing me close to the tempting edge of cumming, a state that became harder to resist when a solid hook up occurred in front of me, maybe a yard distant. A man on the curved wall opposite me, cock in hand, was approached by a slowly moving man, whose own cock was clearly hard. Letting his left hand drift slowly, he was clearly staring at the other standing man’s cock.

An interest clearly shared on both parts, as the standing man moved a bit, letting his cock be touched. Watching them get turned on, arms reaching out, bodies sliding, mouths pressing harder as their cocks rubbed together, had an effect on more people than just myself. Looking around, my gaze was captured by the sight of another man stroking his sexy cock. My attention must have been obvious, as he moved from the wall, careful in the somewhat crowded space.

His movements let my attention return to the pair, hands on each other’s asses, kissing and moving, cocks touching, both of them getting sloppier as they became more turned on. I became aware of the presence of another body to my right, then felt a foot lightly slide against mine. As it withdrew, I let my legs spread wider, my knee lightly brushing his skin, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before another stranger and I would be getting each other off.

I lifted my foot along his leg, reaching my right hand out to trail lightly along his thigh. He gasped lightly, and it was plain that he was stroking himself. My hand drifted down to the inside of his thigh, which moved a bit, pressing against my skin. His hand reached out, quickly finding my quivering cock, a moan escaping from somewhere inside me, followed by another moan as my hand felt his hard cock.

Looking down, a glow of light emanated from an illuminated watch face, a surprisingly clear beacon moving along my extended cock. It was a bit amusing, though just a minor distraction in what was rapidly becoming a major focus as we kept playing with each other’s horny dicks.

Other men were moving in the dim light, some hard, and when his hand found my nipple, it made me melt with pleasure. as he kept stroking his hand along my publicly exposed and undeniably erect cock. He began to bend his head, leading to my stopping him, mainly by placing my left hand along his forehead, and in part by shifting my rhythmic hand motion to end just underneath his flared cockhead, clearly making him lose his concentration as his cock swelled under my grasp, its silky hardness weakening his concentration in a very familiar way even as its sexiness made me hotter.

I felt him get slippier, the sensation escort çanakkale of pre-cum turning me on, making me jack him off faster. Both of us were enjoying being total sluts, being in a place where sluts are truly welcomed, one of the private truths about a bathhouse.

He shifted his mouth upwards, beginning to kiss my neck. With a stranger’s tongue licking my ear, fingers playing with my nipple, hand pumping my cock, I was in paradise, and not the only one here, as the sounds of sucking and then fucking reached my ears. Opening my eyes was not easy, but it provided a chance to let them wander.

First by looking at his hard cock, then seeing what was going on around us – a couple of men stroking their cocks, one man kneeling in front of another man’s crotch, one hand stroking along an inner thigh, his other arm clearly raised to the other man’s balls.

A pair formed, starting with a simple but not exactly subtle pass to intense passion being created between two jutting cocks making contact in the steam. A sight that brought me right to the edge of cumming yet again, a stranger playing with me while I watched other men getting off. A stranger whose own gorgeous cock was also being stroked in public.

Focussing again mainly on the man sitting next to me, watching my hand slide under his flared and glistening cockhead, making him to moan, my left hand reached over to his nipple, sliding along sweaty skin, his nipple growing harder as I played with it between my fingers. By now, he had again lost his concentration on my cock, his hand still gliding, but without any particular rhythm, unlike before, when he almost made me cum for the first time.

When another naked man sat down to my left, the reality only truly registered as his hands found the base of my cock and the tip of my left nipple. My moans were certainly noticeable, though not alone, and it was simple to easily and quickly find his hard cock. By now, instinct and desire were in perfect control.

I love group sex with men, and the two men flanking me obviously shared that same love. Something which did not require thinking about, even as the thought of how hot it was to get jacked off by two naked strangers brought me to the edge of orgasm again. A tongue sliding along my neck kept me there, making my motion along their shafts slow down.

My grip tightening, circled fingers bumping against two swelled cockheads, connected in shared animal pleasure, I knew other men were watching, and getting turned on – a bathhouse sauna offers several types of heat, and we were enjoying them together, in the best way.

The man on the right reached across my chest, likely to start playing with the nipple of man on my left. I felt a hand sliding along the inside of my thigh, then it began pulling, pressing it against the length of his thigh. The thought of my cock being jacked off by two men, with one of those men making me spread my leg to make it even more obvious for the men around us, filled me with pure sluttiness.

The cock of man on my right had become very slippery, either through even more pre-cum or by actually cumming, and remaining hard as my hand kept jerking him off – the first was more likely, though the second possibility also imaginable. I can get off more than once, and have been involved in creating multiple orgasms in a number of lovers, female and male over a couple of decades.

I sensed another man moving closer, then felt another hand meet mine on the cock of the man to my left. As the other hand moved, I decided to focus my full efforts on the man to my right, who was again sucking my nipple. Another joy of group sex is this easy transfer of attention, without concern whether someone else will get off. As I heard the sound of sucking start, there was no doubt that getting off was not a problem for anyone here.

Though by this point, I had already gotten off here numerous times in the steamroom, making it easy to recognize how my will was crumbling, especially considering the sensations coming from my hand on his perfectly lubricated cock.

His tongue now sliding past my lips, grabbing tighter, his body turned against mine. His stroking was perfect, and I knew that now, his will totally ruled mine, kissing me so deeply as my balls started pumping hot cum, beyond any possibility of control, my right hand still on his hard shaft, feeling his cock as pulsing waves of orgasm pushed my body against his, my tongue sliding past his lips.

My left hand pulled his head against mine, kissing him as we kept sliding, my cum mixing with our shared sweat in a wonderfully slippery combination, one that stayed hot in the humid heat. I knew that returning in the future was inevitable, a truth shared by basically everybody who has ever tasted such seductive pleasures.

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