Bavi Banged In Farm House – Part 1

Bavi Banged In Farm House – Part 1

At 6AM, my mobile phone woke me up. I always put it on vibration mode not to disturb my husband. I cursed. Who could be calling so early in the morning?

Yesterday, I had a hectic fucking schedule with 5 cocks and I was dead tired. I had to rush back from the sex party before my hubby reached home. I didn’t even have time to wash the cum from all my holes. Had my hubby kissed me, he would have known that my mouth tasted of cum.

But I knew he will not kiss me, his theory was that wife should be fucked once in a blue moon and he didn’t like touching, kissing outside bedroom.

I got up groggily and stumbled into kitchen, yawning. I switched on the light and answered.

It was Wasim, my neighbor college student, who fucks me regularly when my hubby is away or even when he is at home, some times. Terraces of our houses are so close even I can jump over the pa****t walls. He quietly jumps over, fucks me and goes back. His parents think he is studying hard in the penthouse room.

I hissed into the phone” Wasim, is it the time to call? You know my hubby is there”

Wasim said “ Riz bhabhi, darling, I would not have called unless there is a reason. Come on to terrace”

I quietly checked and Hubby was sleeping soundly, I went up on the terrace. It was not yet day break, faint light was lightening up the sky in the east. There was a slight drizzle and fresh air felt wonderful.

As soon as I bolted the terrace door, Wasim hugged me from behind and poked his cock in my buttocks and whispered in my ear “Happy Valentine’s day”

I smiled, turned and kissed him, “Wish you also same, but what happened to your Girl friend?” I asked him.

He grinned “ She broke up with me, Bhabhi, Will you be my Valentine ?”

I hugged and kissed him” Of course, darling, anything for you. It will be my pleasure”

He grabbed my boobs and asked “ Come, Bhabhi, let us start our Valentine ‘s day with a great fuck”

I laughed “What do you think I am? A machine? You press a switch and keep on fucking? Yesterday, you and your cousins and friends have fucked me nonstop from morning to evening.

I had no energy to wash cum from my cunt and ass. They must be smelling awful” I told him angrily.

He kept squeezing my tits and pinching nipples, kissed me and pleaded. “I know, Riz bhabhi, But I know you can never resist to fuck a stiff cock” He took my hand, shoved in his shorts and cupped it around his throbbing cock.

He is right. My cunt immediately poured out and was ready for fucking. We went behind water tank. There is a huge tree that shields us from next buildings. We also arranged a cot for our fucking.

We kept on kissing and licking each other’s tongue almost 15-20 minutes and then we separated . He removed his shirt and I removed my dupatta . Again we started kissing I started rubbing his cock over shorts. In next 10 minutes he removed my kurta and opened string of my pyjama. I pulled down his shorts and took out his cock from his boxer. Now we love birds were totally lost to the present world and transported to our own world of love, sex and passion. Soon we removed all our clothes and were in birth suits. Now he moved down to my cunt.

It was already pouring water like from a tap. He started licking my cunt and fucking me with his tongue. I was getting mad and kept my head down in pillow. Soon the pleasure was uncontrollable I started pushing his head in between my legs. I wanted to give full access to his tongue in my cunt. He was nicely tongue fucking my cunt. After about 10 more minutes I reached climax and released my first Valentine day’s juice. He licked it neat and also gave me some to taste from his tongue.

Now it was my turn to lick and suck his thick banana. I started licking his dick from the top and from that hole which releases the most tasty and pleasurable liquid of life. It took me 10 minutes to make him extremely hot. He removed his cock from my mouth and entered my love hole in missionary position and fucked me in full rhythm. He fucked me for about 20 minutes by changing positions missionary to doggie and then I sat on his dick and rode him like a cow girl. After another 20 minutes he took out his cock and released his cum in my mouth. Now I got my Valentines welcome drink, kept little in my mouth to give him back, rest I swallowed.

I kissed him and was about to leave when he asked ” Your hubby is leaving again? Can you be my Valentine for neat few days?”

I thought over “Sure. But I won’t come if you share me with other cunts.”

He laughed “No, no. This will be special. Valentine’s day gift to my darling Riz Bhabhi”

I said I will be ready by 10’ O clock.

When I climbed down stairs and entered hall, I was stunned to see my hubby. I didn’t realize we were fucking so long.

“Where were you? You know I have to catch a flight today, I have to get ready” he said angrily.

“Sorry, darling. I went on terrace. It was drizzling and it was so beautiful.” I told him, wondering if my flushed up face would give my secret away.

“Give me tea and breakfast, fast” he said curtly and was going to bath room.

I hugged him from behind and cooed in his ear “Happy Valentine’s day, darling”

He moved away angrily and I thought he would slap me.

He told in an irritated tone “Don’t behave like a slut. Valentine’s day is not in our culture. Why did you go on terrace wearing that flimsy dress when it is drizzling, it has become wet everywhere” he was pointing to my tits and ass.

I went in changed over into salwaar kameez, prepared breakfast for him and packed his suitcase and our driver Khadir dropped him at Air port. Khadir looked longingly at me, he did not fuck me for over 10 days. I smiled at him and signaled to have patience.

Five minutes after my hubby left, buzzer chimed.

I opened the door. It was Hari Singh, our Milk man.

“He is not there?” he asked, while measuring Milk and pouring in container.

‘No” I said and he caught the container, encircling my fingers.

“Then can we fuck? Please” he asked me.

The problem with him is he is dead drop gorgeous, tall, well built, rugged , handsome and sexy in a way that only rough villagers can be. He fucks many ladies, I am just one more cunt to him. One week back when I asked him to fuck me, he said he was tired as he already fucked 3 ladies.

I shot an angry look at him “Why do you want my cunt? Go and fuck those ladies” I retorted angrily.

He pleaded “ Memsaheb, you know I am crazy about you, even when I am fucking others, I keep thinking about your boobs and the big areola and stiff nipples. On that day when you asked me, the lady in the next street had guests, her sister, mother and hubby’s sister. She wanted me to fuck all of them. They did not leave me until not a drop of sperm was left. So, don’t be angry, memsahib”

I was about to close the door when I remembered how his hard muscular body felt against my tits and how hard he fucks. I opened the door.

“This is last warning. In future, you will not refuse me when I ask you to fuck me” I told him sternly.

“Sure, Mem saheb” he said as he closed the door. He removed my salwaar kameez. He knew I wore traditional cloths when hubby was at home. I always wore flimsy nighty and showed more than three fourths of boobs when hubby was away. He also removed his dhoti and shirt.

My nipples stood out and my shameless cunt again poured as I saw his thick, long cock and hairy barrel like chest.

He pushed his banana sized finger into my cunt and ass and smelled. His expertise told him that I was royally fucked.

“Hmmm, Memsaheb, this juice in cunt is fresh but in ass is old and you were fucked by many cocks many times, Poor Memsaheb, you didn’t have energy to wash. I will wash and then fuck you” he said and lifted me as easily as he would a c***d, carried me to bathroom, turned the shower full blast and cleaned all my holes thoroughly. Then in standing position, he carefully lowered me and I cried in pleasure as his thick, hot cock invaded my cunt slowly, rubbing wet cunt walls.

He carried me to bed room with my cunt enveloping his cock and there he fucked me in all Kamasutra positions. First, he gripped my buttocks, lifted and dropped me on to his cock as easily as he was rocking a baby. I encircled my ankles around his waist and assisted him by jumping. I was in heaven as my boobs and nipples were rubbing on his hairy, rock hard chest, hairs tingling and bruising my tits.

He changed over to doggy, missionary, spoon and finally I rode him as he was mauling my tits.

What drove me up the wall was his vulgar, coarse abuses, he called me randi, whore, bitch, slut.. he was going on about how he wanted to fuck my Mom, sisters, how he wanted to tear my cunt. He kept slapping my buttocks , he wanted his dirty whore to learn manners, to suck and get fucked when he orders, not strut like a queen.

‘You bitch, you are my fucking slave, do you understand? You are not Memsaheb, you are my randi” he kept taunting me as he rammed my cunt.

“Hmmm, yes, you Mother fucker. You are my Master, I am your Randi” I kept shouting, panting.

Finally he increased pace, reached a crescendo and collapsed filling loads of wads of cum in cunt.While we were fucking someone kept ringing buzzer. I ignored as I was reaching climax, last of many.

Finally Wasim called on my mobile “What are you doing? You are not opening the door. We planned to go at 10 AM. Come fast” he said.

I did not reply as I was panting. I managed to say” OK”.

I got up, kissed Hari Singh, saw him off , had a quick shower and rushed out.

I apologized to Wasim, he knew what I was doing, since he saw Hari Singh coming out.

He drove car silently for a while then turned and smiled.

“My God, Riz Babhi, You are a fucking queen. If Olympic medals are given for fucking, you will win Gold by a large margin. Any other lady would not be able to get up from bed for a week if she were fucked like the way we fucked you yesterday. Here you are, already fucked twice and rearing to go” he said admiringly,

I kissed him.

The farm house was about 30 kms from Udaipur. It was close to a Holiday Resort.

As we were passing the resort he told me” The farm house where we are going to, belongs to the owner of this Resort. His name is Monu. We go to the same gym and he became my best friend”

I said” Oh, I see, so he allows you to utilize the Farm house. If any more cunts are coming, take me back.”

He laughed “ Riz Aunty, you are like a shark, Man eater. You don’t want to share cocks with any other cunt. I know” and squeezed my tit.

The farm house was impressive. It had high walls and beautiful gardens, swimming pool and a house. Watchman was expecting us, he opened the gates even before Wasim could honk the horn. Next to the swimming pool was a huge tree and a big bed was placed underneath. I immediately knew its purpose, for outdoor fucking.

As Wasim braked the car in portico, a waiter came and opened the car door. From window I saw he was dressed trimly, with spotless white shirt and black bow tie.

“Welcome, Madam” he bowed politely as I got out.

I was stunned when I saw he didn’t wear a pant, he was naked below waist and had a hard on.

“Ma’am, Welcome “ a sweet voice said behind me. I plucked my eyes from the cock and turned.

There were two girls holding trays with welcome drinks. Both were slim and naked, well, almost.

They wore bras which had big holes for nipples. The purpose of bras was to push tits and give cleavage a provocative look. They wore transparent panties with big opening near cunt.

Well shaved, smooth cunts were feasting the eyes.

We sipped the drinks as we went in. It was luxurious.

“How is it? “ Wasim asked.

“Mind blowing. Is this your valentine gift?” I asked, as I watched the cunts which were at our head level when we were seated in sofas.

“No, this is not the gift” he said and smiled.

“I thought I told no cunts” I told him.

“No, darling, these cunts are for decoration. They won’t fuck guests “ he assured me.

“Yes, Ma’am. We are virgins. We joined on the assurance that we won’t be fucked. Guests are always told that they can’t fuck us. We give massage, blow jobs.. but no fucking” one of the girls told, smiling.

I stared at them.

“I don’t believe you. How can you remain virgins when watching so much fucking and so many glorious cocks?” I asked disbelievingly.

“It is true, Riz darling. Most of Monu’s guests are foreigners. For them, a virgin girl is an extinct species. So it is a novelty for them, to look at virgin cunts, fuck before them and resist the impulse to fuck them. Daily a doctor and Monu come and check the girls’ hymens. If they are torn, another virgin girl replaces them.” Wasim said.

“These rules don’t apply to cocks, I suppose?” I asked, my blood started to boil.

‘No, Maa’m. Like for us girls, Boys virginity is difficult to assess” one girl told me politely.

My fuse was blown.

“Wasim, call your friend Monu. I want to thrash him. Who has given him the right to play with these innocent girls? How dare he check the hymens every day? How can he treat these poor girls like a****ls? Are you not ashamed to call Monu your friend?” I started shouting.

“Hey, what seems to be the problem?” a cool voice spoke behind me.

I turned and faced the most fabulous man I have ever met. He was over six feet tall, with large, black eyes, thick wavy hair and was square jawed. There was a cleft in his chin which was smashingly sexy. He had broad shoulders, slim waist and it was evident that he worked real hard for that six pack, toned body.

There was a wild a****l like energy in him, as if a crouching tiger about to jump. He reminded me of a coiled spring. He was immensely strong and acutely aware of it and gave a warm feeling of friendliness and gentleness. …………

…………and he smiled, making my knees go weak and shameless cunt to ooze. He had mesmerizing smile and his crinkling eyes shone mischievously. The dimples in his cheeks completed his Adonis like effect,

“Yes, M aam, what seems to be the problem?” he asked again.

I found myself tongue tied. I was struggling to speak when Wasim spoke.

“Monu, she is Riz. Riz, he is Monu, owner of this resort and farm house” he conducted introductions weakly. He wished we met in happier circumstances.

Monu bowed.” Charmed, dear lady. What Wasim told about you is not even one thousandth of reality. Very pleased to meet you”

I felt my face redden. I was embarrassed by my obvious failure to conceal my fascination and desire.

So, I defiantly told him, to cover up “But I am not so sure if I am happy to meet you. You belong to 13th century. In this age and time, you conduct virginity tests? Take advantage of these poor girls?” I told him coldly.

Before Wasim could say something, Monu held up his hand.

“Ma’am, You have a valid point. Can we discuss at a more congenial place?” He touched me lightly by elbow and guided me.

We went into a big hall with plush maroon coloured sofas and beautiful paintings adorned the walls. There was a huge bed in a corner. Six couples can fuck in that bed, I thought. The girl quietly closed the door and went away.

Suddenly, I was aware he was standing very close to me.

I turned and began saying “Those girls………..” and could not finish the sentence as he hugged me tight and clamped his lips on mine. I was shocked and wanted to push him away and kept my hands on his chest and pushed.

Problem with me is that my brain and heart are controlled by my cunt, unlike other ladies whose brains and hearts control their cunts. My brain began to shout “Hey, Riz, he is a monster, he is using those girls as slaves”….. but my pouring cunt asked it to shut up and gave command to arms to hug him and lips to kiss him. As his massive arms enveloped me in warm embrace, his tongue forced open my lips and made an entry and started fighting with my tongue. He won the battle and started sucking my tongue.

My head was spinning, as my boobs were crushed against his steel like chest and he hugged me closer by gripping my buttocks and pulling me harder. I did not close eyes and was looking mesmerized into his love filled eyes.

He slowly guided me to the bed and I didn’t protest as he disrobed me and took off his cloths. He gently pushed me on the bed and as I lay on my back, his eyes travelled slowly from top to bottom and each part of my body was heating up as if by a laser beam as his eyes passed over admiringly.

“My God, you are awesome, Sunny Leone would commit suicide if she saw you now” he said, as he gently lay next to me and kissed me. I was getting excited by the second by the sight of his massive cock, jumping like a bull tied to a post. It pressed warmly on my thigh as he again hugged and kissed me.

He was not in a hurry. He kissed each part of my body lovingly, admiringly, When he kissed and bit my ear lobe, I moaned involuntarily and could feel my cunt opening tap. He was like a sitar maestro. His fingers, lips and hands were playing on the strings of my body and taking me to heights of ecstasy.

When he was sucking tits, one hand was squeezing and playing with nipples, second hand was fondling clit , cunt lips and ass hole. When finally his head landed up between my thighs, I could bear no longer, My body began to shake and my breath became shallow. He traced my cunt contours with tongue and pulled cunt lips with teeth and then started lapping it up.

I almost fainted as I started screaming like a shameless slut and clutched his head and pushed tighter into my cunt as if I wanted him to push head inside my cunt to lick all the walls. My buttocks and thigh muscles tensed as I poured juices in spurts and as I swooned and collapsed, I pulled him roughly by hair and told him” Please fuck me now”

As he pushed his hot cock inside my wet cunt and as I was looking into his large black eyes, I experienced a strange feeling….. love. From my cunt, signals went to brain and heart, all of them confirmed that the feeling was love.

Though I was fucked by 115 cocks, I never felt this kind of warm, happy feeling of being loved. As he pushed his cock and buried in my cunt, he bent over me, kissed on the lips and said

“Riz, I love you”

I held his head in both hands and kissed him on the lips and told him” I love you too, Monu”

Then he fucked me like an artist. He didn’t just pound and pulverize my cunt like some others or fuck and fill cunt as if they have a train to catch like few others. He seemed to be concerned always more about my pleasure than his. He was checking and making mental notes of my erotic zones and what was driving me crazy. I get wild if they lick the nape of my neck or lick ear lobes while fucking.

All the time he was fucking he kept on telling how beautiful I was and how much he loved me. Then he shifted to next gear and kept fucking me real hard and with each stroke breath was forced out from my lungs in gasps. When he wanted to change position, I said “No, I want to keep looking into your eyes as you are fucking”

He smiled and pressed a remote button. What I thought to be window shades moved up and revealing huge mirrors on four sides. It was fabulous.

Then he turned me on my back and fucked me in doggy, I was still looking into his eyes in the mirrors. I never saw myself when being fucked like then, I was indeed mind blowing. My huge tits and ass were jerking and undulating seductively.

“Now fuck me in the ass. darling” I whispered to him.

He didn’t hesitate a second. He applied gel in my ass hole and on his cock even while fucking and smoothly pushed in ass. His breathing became fast and he fucked hard and fast at lightning speed and filled my ass with buckets of cum as his jerking cock unloaded.

We lay in each others’ arms and smiled. We kept looking into each others’ eyes.

He asked me gently as he traced his finger around my areola” Riz, did you really mean it? That you love me?”

I laughed “I also want to ask you same question. Do you mean it? This must be your standard bed room line”

He smiled and said” True, that is a standard bed room line for all men fucking women. But with you, I can’t explain. I never felt like this before. This feeling of love”

I knew he was not lying. Normal reaction of men would be to fill ladies holes with cum, get up and go to bathroom to wash up and get dressed up. Monu was hugging and kissing me like before we started fucking. My heart was also overflowing with love.

I kissed him tenderly and asked “But why? I am married and I have been fucked by 115 cocks….”

He interrupted me “ 116, you are forgetting me..”

I said, smiling “OK, 116 cocks and why should you love me?”

He was playing with my nipple. “May be because you are stunningly beautiful?”

I said” Don’t give me that crap. You must have fucked more beautiful, sexy women”

He was silent for same time” Then as they say love is blind, but you have a very loving heart, may be that is why I love you. See how you reacted to the virgin girls…..”

Suddenly I remembered and snatched his hands away from my tit and cunt and rose on an elbow.

I shouted “My God, how could I be so stupid? You fucked me because you wanted to side step the issue”

He roughly pulled me to him and locked me in his embrace” Please darling, listen to my explanation, then you do what you must”.

I gave up fighting and told him” OK, tell me”

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