BBC for Both of Us! PT2 Cuckold


BBC for Both of Us! PT2 Cuckold
Since our night with Jay, Katie had become obsessed; black males featured in all our fantasies and in the two weeks since our meeting, I had barely got to fuck her, rather it was the other way around. Katie had bought herself a new black strap-on and nearly every night she had me tied to the bed and after making me suck on her fake cock, she would lube my ass up and proceed to ride me as hard as she could; Katie would come repeatedly as the base of the strap-on rubbed against her clit.

To be honest, while I missed her pussy, I was happy to be her sex slave and she seemed more than happy to keep things that way. I knew that Katie and Jay had been exchanging horny emails and one Friday morning, after checking her email account, she announced that Jay was coming around that evening, but with a surprise. Despite my questions, she would not reveal the surprise to me.

That evening, an hour or so before he was due to arrive, Katie told me to go to the bathroom; using hair removal cream she removed all of my body hair and once this was done, which I have to admit I loved, she went to her drawer and pulled out a pair of satin panties which she told me to put on under my jeans.

A little embarrassed at being seen by another guy in girls underwear, I reluctantly agreed. The feeling of the satin against my smooth cock and balls was a massive turn-on so I just went along with her instructions – she even sprayed me with some of her perfume. Katie herself got into a tiny black dress with stockings and suspenders, no knickers. When I queried this, she told me that she wanted Jay to have ‘easy access’.

Just after 8pm the doorbell rang and Katie told me to stay in the front room while she answered the door. I heard Jay’s voice but was surprised to hear another man’s voice as well. Katie came into the room, followed by Jay and then another black guy who she introduced to me as Mike.

He was about my age, muscular and good looking and when his eyes fell on me, he just turned around to Jay and said, “300.00 and I get to do whatever I want, right?”

“That’s right buddy, anything goes with this one, he’s a right cock whore.”

I could not believe it, Jay was whoring me out to his friends!

I turned to Katie but she just told me to be quiet, Mike would look after me while she and Jay had some time to themselves, adding to this in a whisper, “He gets MY ass tonight, bet you can’t wait to clean me up after that?”

Despite my shock, my cock hardened at the filthiness of Katie’s mind. Mike told Katie to get me ready and she told me to follow her upstairs. Once in the spare bedroom, she told me to strip except my panties and laid me on the double bed, tying my hands to the bedstead. She applied some lube to my ass, fingering me for a few moments and then kissing me goodbye, she told me to ‘enjoy’ and left the room.

I heard the front door close a few moments later and realized I was at Mike’s mercy, Katie and Jay had gone out. Despite my concerns, my cock remained solid, even as I heard Mike coming up the stairs; my mind was reeling at what was going to happen but still I remained excited, nervous but wanting to be his fuck toy.

Mike came into the room and stripped his clothes off, his cock was massive, bigger than Jay’s and my mouth watered at the thought of feeling jets of cum shooting from it and down my throat.

Mike spoke for the first time since entering the room, “For the next 2 hours you are mine, you will not speak unless I tell you to do so and you will not refuse to do anything I want you to do, or you will be punished. Understand?”

I replied, “Yes”, not wanting to talk unnecessarily.

Mike straddled me, his cock standing up straight above my chest as he ran his hands over my smooth body. He then bent down and kissed me hard on the lips, his tongue forcing it’s way into my mouth. I sucked on it as he kissed me, and then he broke the kiss and turned around so that he was straddling my face, facing down the bed. His gorgeous smooth balls were just inches from my face and I lapped at them before taking each one into my mouth and sucking on them. I could hear Mike groaning in pleasure.

He lent forward slightly and I felt his hand reaching down and pulling my panties to one side. I thought he was going to suck on me but instead he started to finger around and then into my ass.

I spread my legs wider, indicating that I wanted more, Mike just said, “You are a fucking right little whore aren’t you?”

I didn’t answer, I was too busy sucking on his gorgeous balls to want to stop. Using two fingers he buried them into my ass, up to the knuckle, and then proceeded to finger-fuck me.

He shifted position, saying, “Lick my ass, bitch”, and lowered his ass to my face where I rimmed him until his hole loosened up enough to get my tongue up inside.

I could feel pre-cum on my cock, being this black man’s bitch was amazing and I did not want it to end.

Mike ground his ass onto my face, forcing my tongue deeper inside him, I was sure I could taste sperm and wondered whether he had been fucked before he came to our house.

This was answered when he said, “Go on slut, taste Jay’s cum, lick me clean you cum-slut”.

Mike was groaning in pleasure but then suddenly moved, he climbed off my face and went between my legs, not before whispering in my ear, “Ever been fisted?”

I went to protest but he told me to be quiet and went to his bag and produced a ball gag which he placed on me. Once back between my legs he inserted three, then four fingers up my ass, stretching them wide to do the same to my virgin hole. Then I felt him trying to insert his thumb as well, he added more lube and suddenly I felt his hole hand inside me, which he used to fist me with. The pain was unbearable at first but tied and gagged I had no choice but to accept it. Eventually the pain subsided and he continued to fist my now very stretched ass. The feeling was fantastic, now the pain had gone I was acting like a true slut, egging him on to do me harder and harder.

After a few moments he stopped and knelt himself between my spread legs; he removed his hand and replaced it with his gorgeous cock. His cock slipped into me and he pounded my ass with no concern for my pleasure, pinching at my pierced nipples and occasionally biting at my neck, leaving my marked like some teenage slut. I had my legs wrapped around his back, pulling him deeper inside me when all of a sudden he stopped, his cock buried up to the hilt in my ass. I felt his cock twitching and then a warm sensation as his cum shot deep inside me, filling me with his creamy black sperm. I pulled him into me with my legs, clenching my ass to get every last drop of his cum as he collapsed, exhausted, on top of me.

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