Tim it”s the gland that tells your balls to make spunk.”

“And that”s up your bum?”


“Fuck! If they told us that in sex-ed, I couldn”t have been listening!”

“You went wild!”

“Yeah, man! It felt like someone had plugged my dick into the electric!”

“Well, as it was obvious you liked it, I started finger-fucking you. Your bum felt really soft and pliable. It opened up far more easily than I thought it would, so I pushed a second finger in. There was no problem there either. I was on such a roll, I just went for it. Sorry; I should have been more careful.”

“Thanks!” Michael said warmly, a big grin on his face.

“What for?”

“For not telling me a load of shite!”

“Come on!” Tim said, smiling back.

Putting an arm around the lad”s shoulder, he guided Michael to his bedroom. After taking off their shoes and socks, they began to undress each other, just as they had the previous Saturday. Michael”s clothes were clean, but very basic, Tim noted, like they came from one of the budget stores. His trainers were well-worn.

Sitting on the side of the bed, Tim pulled down the youngster”s boxer briefs. He caught his breath, almost overwhelmed by how gorgeous Michael was, the boy”s uncut penis absolutely beautiful. Moistening his lips, Tim took it into his mouth, the twelve-year old”s foreskin retracting as the man went down on him.

Michael was delicious, Tim considered; he could find no other word for it. He guessed that the lad must have been able to cum for a month or two, the point at which I found boys most alluring. Being with him, naked and erect, was a dream come true.

After a few minutes, they snuggled up on the bed.

“Are we going in there again?” Michael asked, indicating the wet-room.

“I thought we”d stay here today,” Tim responded, “and get to know each other a bit better.”

“Cool!” Michael said, smiling.

Tim drew the boy towards him, Michael”s penis rubbing against Tim”s stomach, Tim”s digging into the youngster”s groin. With their bodies pressed together, Tim ran my hand down Michael”s back and over his bum, revelling in how glorious it felt. Reaching up, he began to stroke the lad”s shaggy fair hair.

“I need a haircut,” Michael said disconsolately, shaking it out.

Tim didn”t respond, but he got the picture. Michael needed a haircut, but hadn”t had one because his parents either wouldn”t or couldn”t give him the money. When Tim had dropped him off on Saturday, he”d seen where the boy lived. Although they were in a prosperous town, it did have some poorer areas. Where Michael lived was one of the poorest. Continuing to stroke, he drew the boy closer, until they were nose-to-nose.

“I”ve never kissed anyone before,” Michael said quietly.

“Just relax and copy what I do,” Tim advised.

Tim joined his lips to Michael”s; no problem so far. He opened his mouth a little. The boy didn”t reciprocate.

“Open your mouth,” Tim said quietly, easing back a little. “It won”t hurt, I promise!”

Michael did as requested. Very gently, Tim pushed his tongue inside, slowly running it over the lad”s teeth. At first, Michael was hesitant, unsure of himself, but gradually he relaxed, and started to mirror what his host was doing. Tim smiled inwardly, delighted by how sensuous and affectionate the boy was.

Eventually, Tim eased himself away. As he slowly pulled back, their eyes met. That”s when he saw it, right there in Michael”s eyes. tuzla escort Inside the boy”s hard, protective shell, a sensitive, intelligent young man, was struggling to make sense of the world. It was a startling insight.

“Michael,” he asked. “You told me you”d seen gay sex on the internet; so do you have a computer?”

“Nah! A couple of the other boys have though. David � I don”t know if you noticed him on Saturday, but he”s the big guy; bigger than the rest of us � well, his computer”s got no parental controls; his mum and dad let him do as he likes. Anyway, when they”re out, he has the house to himself, so we go round there and watch porn.”

“And is some of that gay porn?”

“Yeah. I mean it”s mainly straight, but occasionally he puts on some gay stuff. I think he does it to shock us.”

“How do the other boys react?”

“Either they”re disgusted, or they laugh at it.”

“And what do you think about that?”

“I hate it; it”s embarrassing!”

“I guess you have to pretend to fit in?”

“Yeah. We were round there last Friday. I put on this vid with two lads, quite slim, looked about sixteen. They started off sucking each other. Then one of them fucked the other one. The other lads laughed their socks off!”

“Twinks,” Tim informed him.


“For it to be legal, the guys in the video have to be at least eighteen, but they look younger. They”re known as twinks. There”s loads of that sort of stuff out there. What did you think of it?”

“Man! My dick got so hard, I thought it was going to burst!”

Sliding his hand down between them, Tim took hold of the boy”s throbbing prong.

“Like now, you mean?”


Shuffling down the bed, Tim snaked around, resting his head on Michael”s stomach. Taking the lad”s penis into his mouth, he began to suck. He was so hard and smooth! In Tim”s eyes, he was boy perfection! Slipping his hand between Michael”s legs, he began gently stroking the youngster”s perineum.

“Ooooh, ooooh, ooooh,” Michael moaned, his breathing becoming short and irregular.

Running his tongue up the boy”s shaft, Tim let him go.

“Oh, man!” Michael gasped. “I thought I was going to cum!”

“Plenty of time for that,” Tim said, grinning.

“D”you want me to suck yours?”

“Only if you want to. You”re not really designed for it.”

“What d”you mean?”

“Your mouth”s quite small. You”re always going to struggle with bigger ones.”

“Don”t you mind then?” Michael queried.

“Not at all. It is what it is. You have to work with what you”ve got.”


They snuggled up again. There was something special about this kid that Tim found hard to explain. Being in The Syndicate, he was able to have sex with a number of nice-looking, horny boys. But this was different. He wasn”t sure why; it just was.

“Are you going to fuck me again?” Michael asked, looking Tim right in the eye.

“Is that what you want?”


“I guess we”d better get you ready then! Okay, get on all fours, knees apart and forward, bum back.”

Michael moved into position. Kneeling down behind, Tim began licking him out.

“Mmmm!” Michael moaned. “Oh, yeah!”

Increasing the pressure, Tim forced his tongue right inside.

“Oh, fuck!” the boy gasped.

“Is that good?” Tim asked, pulling away.

“Oh, yeah! Please don”t stop!”

He got right back to it. Spurred on by the boy”s moans and tuzla escort bayan gurgles, Tim worked his tongue in as far as it would go. After a couple of minutes, with his tongue aching, he had to pull away. He opened the drawer of the bedside cabinet, taking out the sex-toys that he”d bought for Nicky.

“As we”re here,” he said, showing them to Michael, “we might as well use these. They”re smoother than fingers.”

“They look like plastic dicks,” the lad remarked.

“Yep!” Tim agreed, coating the smaller one with Astroglide. “They”re called dildos. We”re going to start with this fellow.”

Positioning it against Michael”s anal ring, he slowly pushed it in. The boy took it quite easily. It was what he”d expected, even Nicky had been okay with this one.

“Mmmm!” Michael purred as Tim gently fucked him.

“Feel good?” Tim enquired.

“Yeah, man!”

Tim allowed it to slide out.

“This one”s bigger,” he said, lubing up the larger one. “You”ll need to relax. And remember to push out, like you”re having a shit.”

Locating it on the twelve-year old”s starfish, Tim gently worked it into him.

“Aarrghh!” Michael whimpered.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah! Just hold it there for a moment.”

Tim held it in position for maybe half a minute.

“Okay,” Michael said finally. “You can give me some more now.”

Very slowly, Tim pushed it further in. Within a couple of minutes, it was sliding smoothly in and out.

“Are you ready for the real thing?” he asked.

“Yeah, I think so.”

He removed the dildo.

“Okay, on your back!” he ordered.

Michael flipped himself over. Tim lifted up the boy”s legs so that his knees were close to his shoulders, noting how beautifully loose-limbed the lad was.

“Hold them there!” he instructed.

Michael placed his hands around his knees. “Fuck!” he said, watching Tim smear Astroglide over his cock. “I”ll be able to see you sticking it in!”

Tim shuffled forwards.

“This is your last chance to change your mind,” he warned.

“No, do it, man!”

“Okay, you know what to do!”

Holding his penis around the base, Tim guided it onto the boy”s rosebud. Taking a deep breath, he thrust it in.

“Oh, yeah!” Michael exhaled, the first two inches firmly lodged in his bum. Carefully and deliberately, Tim continued to push, his dick steadily disappearing into the youngster”s boy-hole.

“Good boy!” Tim breathed, his cock buried balls-deep in the twelve year old”s bottom. “You”ve taken the whole thing!”

Lowering his upper body between Michael”s thighs, he discovered that they couldn”t kiss, the difference in height making it impossible. After a moment, he began to fuck, starting with short, gentle thrusts.

“This is what you want, isn”t it?” he whispered, nuzzling Michael”s ear.

“Oh, yeah! Do it, man! I want to feel you spunking up my bum!”

“And you will, baby boy!” Tim assured him. “You will!”

He picked up the pace, his thrusts longer and harder, his cock repeatedly grazing the boy”s prostate. He hardly knew which planet he was on. Michael”s moans and whimpers, the tightness of the lad”s velvety tunnel; the whole experience was right out there.

With no warning, Michael bucked uncontrollably, his head thrown to one side, his feet flailing. A moment later, his boy-juice spurted all over them, his anal ring going into spasm around Tim”s cock.

He”d taken Tim right over the escort tuzla edge, volley after volley of the man”s hot, creamy spunk shooting deep into the youngster”s bottom. Tim”s head was spinning, he could hardly believe what an amazing fuck it had been. He was completely drained.

After he”d returned from whichever planet he”d just visited, Tim gently pulled out. Michael was lying on his back, smiling beatifically, his scrawny chest rising and falling.

“Are you okay?” Tim asked.

“Yeah, man!” the boy gasped, still struggling for breath. “That was epic!”

“You were fantastic!” Tim enthused. Leaning over, he lapped up some boy-juice from above Michael”s left nipple. “We mustn”t waste that,” he added, licking his lips. “Nectar of the gods!”

“You”re mad!” Michael responded, grinning.

“You shoot a long way, don”t you?” Tim remarked. “Impressive!”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Never wanked off with your mates then?”

“Nah! I”ve never had the chance.”

“Well, you”d better use the loo,” he advised, helping Michael off the bed.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Ten minutes later, Tim and Michael headed out of the flat.

“We”ll meet you on Saturday outside the leisure centre,” Tim said quietly. “Can you be there for ten to two? You and Nicky can have an hour on the mats and the diving boards while I swim some lengths.”

“I don”t think I”ll have enough money,” Michael answered.

“Oh, don”t worry about that; I”ll pay for you.”


“Of course!”

“Cool!” he said, brightening up. “I”ll be there!”

On the drive back towards Michael”s place, Tim began to piece it together. The boy”s parents both worked in low-paid jobs. Michael was the eldest of three, with a sister aged ten and a brother aged eight, with whom he has to share a room. He didn”t have anywhere to do homework. They had the essentials: a roof over their heads, food on the table and clean clothes, but all pretty basic. Luxuries were in very short supply.

Michael”s parents weren”t unpleasant with him, but they did seem rather indifferent; too busy making ends meet to pay him much attention. They certainly weren”t able to give him the support he needed to make the best of himself.

That was where Tim came in, or at least it could be. He had the skills and experience to help the lad. Even from the few glimpses that he”d had during the evening, he could see the potential that Michael had. Tim knew that he could make a difference. But was he in a position to do it? They”d need to tread very carefully in order to avoid being found out. Even then, it wouldn”t be without its risks.

It felt as though Michael had been sent to him as a challenge: was he going to help the lad to do something with his life, or just use him for sex? That was one hell of a question.

And what would Nicky think? He was Tim”s boy and had to be his first priority. He was pretty sure that Nicky and Michael would get on; Nicky seemed to get on with almost everybody. But the only way to find out for certain was to suck it and see. If Nicky didn”t like the idea of him getting so close to another boy, he”d have to forget it.

Reaching the run-down council estate where Michael lived, Tim brought the car to a halt. Opening his wallet, he pulled out a �10 note. He handed it to Michael.

“What”s this for?” the boy asked, looking horrified.

“Get yourself a haircut,” Tim told him. “If anyone asks, tell them someone offered to do it for nothing, okay?”

“Sure!” Michael said, grinning. “Thanks, man!”

“Right! We”ll see you on Saturday.”

Stashing the note in his pocket, Michael got out of the car, Tim watching as he trotted away.

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