Subject: Beach Showers with Dad- Part 7 (gay-incest) Beach Showers with Dad- Part 7 Witnessing my father aggressively take advantage of willing young Kyle and then subsequently having my own way with him had a profound effect on me and began to make my sexual appetite even more insatiable than it already was for a boy still in his early-mid teens. My body was quickly developing into that of an athletic young man, and I worked on it relentlessly to achieve perfection. I deeply enjoyed admiring myself in the large mirror of our father’s home gym located in our basement. I was able to have lots of time there to myself and would often strip down, or pull my shorts down and expose my hole or my genitals to myself in the mirror in an attempt to experience the same views and visual stimulation that I had been so generously affording to a growing number of older men. I absolutely relished in the power I had to seduce just about any man, married, single, straight or gay that I was able to make advances towards. I lived for these encounters and while some of the men may not have physically acted on my obvious invitations (I was clearly underage after all), not one of them did not at least finish themselves off in utter delight while they watched me. Each successful conquest made me bolder, more confident and gave me even more courage to go further and try new locations, methods, etc. I was carefully honing my skill taught first by own my father. His dominant molestation of Kyle in front of my very eyes made me nearly cream my pants every time I thought about it. I now had an appetite for much younger boys while still craving the attention and relishing the sheer naughtiness of exposing myself and freely offering myself to much older men. By the time I was 14-15 years old, I’d become a full-fledged pervert and like most boys, sex was the only thing on my mind… the only difference with me was I wasn’t feeling up the girls in my class or playing show and şişli travesti tell with the other boys my own age… My tastes were much more advanced and refined and I was learning exactly how to satisfy them. I was riding my bicycle nearly every day of the Summer, and not far from our house, a pathway which ran along a canal stretched for over 25 miles. Bikers, joggers and walker frequented it on days of nice weather. The section of the path nearest our home was by far the least traveled. There was about a 2 mile stretch where not quite as many people rode to due to the lack of parking in this vicinity. I always enjoyed the solitude and quiet in this area One day, in the middle of summer, I decided to take a ride on the path. It was very hot and I only had on a pair of thin sweat shorts, nothing underneath. I took off my shirt so I could work on my tan and keep as cool as possible. Not long after I began, in the section of path near my home, I noticed a dark, skinny man walking toward me on the path up ahead. Rarely did I see single men walking alone on the path. Usually, there were runners or bikers by themselves, but the walkers would generally have a woman, dogs or a kid accompanying them. Seeing him by himself made my cock twitch and I immediately challenged myself to get him to service me. I began peddling slower and groping my cock as he came toward me. It didn’t take long for my penis to harden beneath the thin sweats. I was now riding extremely slowly as he got nearer and noticed he was a fairly tall, thin Indian man with longish dark hair and a very nice smooth complexion. He was smiling at me and did not avert his eyes from my body at all as we came toward one another. I gave my bulge one final grope as we passed each other and his eyes were transfixed. I purposely rode past him, still very slowly, to tease him a bit. I raised my ass off the seat and turned my head around to see if he was still looking, and there he was, beylikdüzü travesti just standing there watching me and now groping his own meat through his pants. That was it, he was done for. I stopped my bike and pretended to look out at the canal. I was still only about 20 feet away from him and was sure he could see me clearly, though I was not looking at him, seeming as disinterested in him as possible. As I looked out at the water, I massaged my cock though my shorts as I straddled my bike. It totally solid now and I noticed the man approaching through the corner of my eye. He came right next to me and commenced making small talk, but I could not be bothered with pretense. I did not even respond to him, I simply pulled up the leg of my shorts, totally exposing my rock-hard cock and teenage boy balls to him. His eyes nearly popped out of his head and his mouth gaped, but this also made him extremely nervous and he began looking back and forth down the pathway to make sure no one was coming. Nevertheless, he instinctively reached for my meat and begin stroking it and very gently lightly caressing my balls. I l really loved his technique and his soft hands and touch. His gold wedding ring was apparent as the hand that he wore it on fondled my boy genitalia lovingly. He began rubbing his forefinger around the tip of my head, and smearing my precum all over my glans. He was still very nervous and after a minute or two, he suggested in very broken English that we get off the path and go back into the woods. My instinct was to insist that he finish me off right there on the pathway… the idea of being caught was making me a thousand times hornier than I’d ever been, but this guys touch felt really good and I wanted to to go on a bit longer. I got off my bike and began walking it into the woods and he followed behind me. His hand went right for my ass as we walked and I willingly let him enjoy groping me. Before we even istanbul travesti found a place to stop, his hand was inside my shorts and his finger found my hole and gently began pressing upon it. We finally stopped and I rest the bike against a tree and stepped totally out of my shorts, so I now had only my socks and sneakers on at this point. I was up against the tree facing outwards and he continued rubbing me all over my body, sucking my tits, licking my torso, even my armpits. I pushed his head down to my cock and he swallowed it in one gulp. He came off of it nearly as quickly and devoured my smooth balls. I lifted one leg up and rested it on the tree, and gave him total access to whatever he wanted. He went from my balls to my hole and quickly turned me around and bent me over tonguing my boy-hole feverishly. He was becoming more aggressive now that he found my hole and he began deeply tongue fucking it for several minutes until it became sloppy wet with his drool. As he came up for air, he was literally telling me he loved me, then immediate pull my body back and impaled me again with his tongue. I was in utter delight… loving the proper rimming he was giving me out in the woods, still slightly visible to passersby on the path. He played with my cock through my legs as he rimmed me and I was getting very close to cumming. He then jerked more feverishly and I began shooting a thick and creamy load of cum all into his hands and he massaged it right back onto my cock with his one hand and and into my hole with the finger of his other . I was totally spent and still leaning against the tree as he got up behind me and hugged me from the rear. He nibbled my ear and still fondled me as I felt his bulge pressing against my ass. Still rock hard, I let him dry hump me for a bit, but I’d never been fucked and wasn’t planning on this guy being my first. He was begging me to let him fuck me at this point and offered me $200. His cock still hadn’t made it out of his pants yet, and I thought it better to leave before it did, so I got back into my sweats and told him I had to get home to my mother. He couldn’t quite argue with that, but before I left told me he’d be at the same spot tomorrow.

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