Beautiful Thai Sisters


The term has been a long one for Shian and I, and now that it has come to an end we are both looking forward to relaxing on the beaches of Fiji. Mum and Dad had clocked up a lot of frequent flyer miles and decided it would be nice to use them for a family trip to the Islands. Fiji offered the best deal and nicest beaches so we were off.

I made sure I packed everything I might need from my bikini to my light weight summer clothes. It has been getting wamer again in New Zealand as Summer approaches, which means Fiji is likely to be very hot indeed. The flight wasn’t too bad lasting just a few hours before touching down in Suva, but unforunately I was unable to sit beside Shain due to the seating arrangments that seperated us. We had been quite good recently managing to leave each other alone, realising that what we were doing was taboo and should not be taken for granted. We both appreciated the way we could naturally bring each other to the most pleasurable climaxes, and the way it felt so nice to have Shians body rub up against mine, feeling her breasts and nipples slide over my own, and most of all the way we could bring our pussys together and gently grind into each other before getting harder and faster and screaming out in extacy. I sigh now just at the thought of it all. But as I said we have managed to stay sexually clear of each other for some weeks now, but I am not certain that is going to be able to continue on our little holiday.

The first thing that hit me while first leaving the plane was the heat of the air as I breathed it in. It was at least 15 degrees celcius hotter than Napier, New Zealand. We make our way through the airport collecting our luggage, and catching a taxi to our Hotel. To my delight Shian and I are sharing a room all to ourselves, with our very own ensuite, which comprises of a luxury bath for two, large open shower, and a largest mirror I have ever seen. We quickly put away our clothes and sort out what is to be worn today.

The local time is 1:30pm, so the heat in the sun is at its peak. Speaking of peak it seems the heat, mixed with the sweat is having a positively fantastic affect on my body, which just seems to be a a big tingle. I look at my body in the large bathroom mirror; at my nipples that are pressing against my damp clothing making my nipples visible through the material. I remove my dress over my head and stand looking over my body. I run my hand over my bare breasts, around the entire surface of them, and back to my totally hardened nipples. I cup my breast underneith and and draw it up to my mouth taking my nipple in and sucking hard on it. It feels so good as I turn myself on in this was. My nipple slides easily around my mouth and over my tongue, I close my eyes and take it all in.

I feel two hands touch my waist, and I don’t even have to open my eyes to know that Shian is standing behind me. She draws herself in close to me pressing her large firm breasts into my back; and slipping her hands around my body until her right hand has slipped into the panties. I release my boob allowing it to swing free of my grasp and hang naturally. I lean back into my sister feeling her large nipples dig into my skin, and I tilt my head back to kiss her. Her hand continues to poke and probe the folds of my skins, while the other tracks up my body to hopefully take a breast. I am not dissapointed and she skillfully works my nipples between her fingers, bringing them to a aching erect state. We kiss for the first time in weeks and I am immediately reminded why I am contiunally drawn back into the loving embrace of Shian. Shian’s tongue slides all round my mouth, over my teeth, and dances with my own tongue. Her soft lips press to mine bursa escort forming a perfect seal, and her three fingers slide lovingly in and out of my pussy, while her little fingers circulate over my clit. God it feels so good, and I am so close to a much required orgasm as we intensify everything we are doing to each other, when suddenly a knock, knock , knock at the door followed by the sound of it opening and closing brings us back down to Earth. “Hello girls, it is just your mother, where are you?” We hear mums voice and detach ourselves from each other. Shian immediately brings her finger to her mouth to enjoy the taste of my juices, and clean her fingers at the same time. “We are in the bathroom mum, wont be a minute”, I call out as Shian enjoys the last of my taste. “Your father and I are heading down to the beach in ten minutes, do you want to join us?” said Mum. Carefully weighing up the options, and seeing a certain devious look in my gorgeous sisters eyes we decline her offer.

We hear the door click shut with mum mumbling something about being on holiday and all they want to do is stay in doors. I look across the room at Shian who is glazing her eye all over my body, and especially at my newly shaved pussy. Her gaze is so loving and wanting at the same time, I know what she is thinking and this starts to turn me on again. Instead of coming nearer to me Shian kneels on the floor and simply stares at my pussy, turning me on even more. She crawls closer to me so that I can feel her breath rebound off my sensitive folds of skin, but she never touches me. “I can see your clit has come out to see me” I hear her say. “It seems to be calling me to it?” continues Shian. My hands have inadvertainly found their way onto my breasts and nipples. I raise one up and take my own nipple in my mouth, sucking and biting on it, as Shian gently breaths and blows on my clit.

Suddenly I have an urge to go to the toilet and realise it is the reason why I came into the bathroom in the first place. “I’ve really got to go” I say to Shian, and I go to walk across to the stylish toilet. Shian says “no, don’t go there, go here”. And she lifts her dress over her head so she is only wearing her panties. I can clearly see a damp patch on the front of her panties, which shows her pubic hair through the material. You would think after all we have done together nothing would shock me anymore, but no, that is not the case, Shain always seems to come up with something new. Shian stretches herself out on the floor of the bathroom, anjoying the coolness of the tiles on her skin as she breaths out. “Stand over me, and wee on my breasts.” I cant believe what has just come from her mouth, and while I am contemplating what she has just said I realise the idea is actually desirable to me.

I walk over the top of my beautiful sister admiring her body layed out before me on the floor. Look over her breasts and rock hard pointy dark nipples. I stand over her holding back the urge to wee, when she says, “come on, it’ll be exciting, just the thought is turning me on.” Her hand goes down to her panties and disapears under the fabric, while her other hand roams up my long legs in a slow teasing motion. It is all too much for me, and I cant hold on any more. I release my golden shower on my sister, hearing the familiar noise as the liquid leaves my body, and new noises as it hits the skin of my sister. I move up her body and pee on her breasts causing her to arch her back at the sensation it causes. I hear her moan and smile at the touch of my warm liquid. I move down her body with my pee going into her sexy belly button, which makes a hollow sound. I go lower till I am peeing on her panties and hand which is moving bursa escort bayan in a familiar masterbating motion. I am almost drained, so I lower myself till I am sitting on my sister and push the last of what I have onto her hand and panties.

“Now lie on me, and feel what I feel” Said Shian. I move my legs and slowly lower myself onto Shian, whose hand has flipped 180 degrees and is now cupping my pussy from inside her panties. I place my arms out to support myself and slowly lower my body down till our nipples are almost touching. Both are the same size and colour, fully erect and must be almost 2 inches in combined length. I go lower and brush our nipples together, enjoying feeling the sensation of the touch that sends shock waves through my body. Shian has a smile on her face as I lower myself more and lock my lips onto hers. I can feel the liquid between us, making us slippery and equally wet. The warmth is still in it and the smell is very pleasant.

Our kiss deepens to the use of tongues and teeth, as my sister lovingly plays around in my mouth. She pulls away and looks into my eyes. “You want to do what I just did?” She asks. “Do you need to go too?” I ask. “Yes”, replies Shian. I think about the sensational look on Shians face as my urine struck her body and the way she reacted when it fell upon her nipples. “Ok, I’ll give it go.” I roll over on the floor as Shian raises herself up. She stands above me and asks me to remove her soaked panties. I sit up and raise my hands feeling the wet matieral, and smelling the aromas. Slowly I peel the wet material from her skin and , leaving her standing there totally naked and all mine. Shian’s pubic hair has been let to grow and is quite dark and bushy, which as she knows turns me on to no end. Shian lowers herself till she is about 12 inches from my body, supporting herself with her hands, her pelvis and pussy gets lower till my hard nipples rubs against her skin and actually goes inside her very wet hole. I can feel the warmth inside her body hit my nipple and I arch my back and move slightly so she can feel it. All of a sudden I hear a familiar noise and feel an incredibly warm liquid hit my breast, it feels amazing. Shian moves over my nipples, and I watch my nipple spring from out of her and watch as the urine sprays all over it.

It feels absolutely amazing, and causing me to scream out at the top of voice. My hands dive up to Shians waist as I guide her around and down my body taking in the sensations of this new act. I hear and feel my belly button fill up with her liquid and then she is out of my reach as she takes herself down to my incrediblly swollen pussy. I first feel the liquid it my sensitive skin, and then feel Shian actully sit right on me so our pussys are rubbing and sliding together as the liquid flows out. I can feel the pressure of her flow hit my skin, the hot liquid enter my folds and flow off my clit, it is absolutely sensational. Suddenly it stops, and I open my eyes to see Shian looking at me, when her expression changes to a determines look, and I feel a final squirt spray from out of her.

Shian walks over me again and heads for the shower. Reaching in she turns it on and cheacks for the temperature of the water. Hopping into the shower I watch the water cascade off her firm breasts, and perfect body. Taking the hotels bar of soap and opening the packet she lathers up the soap and applies it over her body. Shians nipples remain totally erect and provide an image of a Mt Everest peaking through the cloud cover. Working the soap around her body I become fully arroused again. My hand goes low and strokes the lips of my pussy and the bud of my clit. Lightning bolts flash across my nervous escort bursa system as I take in the sensations. I shakily stand up and walk over to my sister who is bending over before me cleaning her legs. I place my hands on either side of her hips and bring my pussy in to sit between her bum cheaks. I can feel her skin touching my sensitive zones and reach around to lather the soap into her pussy. As my hand touches her pussy I feel her butt cheaks squeeze into my sex which creates wuite a sensation. I stroke my sister lips and highly sensitive clit, while she starts to thrust slowly onto my hand. I move myself over a little so my pussy is lying flat on her right butt cheak. Shian feels this and starts to rise up and down deligthing me and bringing me to a very sudden orgasm.

My fingers continue to work my sister to an orgasm with the help of her increasingly more violent thrusting I onto my hand. My left hand falls down on Shians arse and quickly finders her butt hole. With the assistance of the soap my finger easily slides into this forbidden place, and I feel Shian shudder under the pleasure. I am taking my sister in both ends, so as she thrusts onto my fingers her butt leaves my finger at her rear and as she thrusts back off my fingers my finger inserts itself back into her butt. While this is all happening I enjoy feeling her butt cheak come back andd rub on my lips. Shian almost collapses as another orgasm takes hold of her and sends her into share extacey, and I have to take her weight onto both fingers which seems to bring on another pleasurable orgasm. Screaming out we both cum continuously for about 10 mintues, when we finally collaspse onto the floor of the shower in each others arms, with our breasts pressed closely together and legs intertwined.

We sit for a while recatching our breathe looking at each others luscious body and enjoy the touch of each others hand on our pussys slowly stroking it and keeping us aroused but too tired to go at it.

I stand up and start to wash my body down using lots of soap to remove all the urine and love juices from me. I close my eyes and enjoy the water beating down on my skin and the slippery touch of the soap as it is applied to my skin. My eyes are closed and I am in bliss when I feel my sisters hands grab my arse and drag me towards her. She runs her tongue up the full length of my slit, from right underneith to the very top, runs it back down then repeats this. Shian does it at least 20 times before reaching under me to play with my firm well toned arse. She starts to munch and lick at my pussy, while she slowly inserts a finger right up and into my butt hole. The nerve endings in my arse sense the activity and become alert sending shick waves of joy and pleasure through me. I hold the back my my sisters head and contorl her movement and rythm through me as she eats me out and laps up my juices. It is all too much for me and I explode on my sisters fingers causing my legs to buckle from under me and send me back down to the floor. I take my sisters head and kiss her full on the lips, snaking my tongue arounds her lips and allowing her to enter my mouth. “This is how it all started, in the shower. It seems like so long ago.” I say. We both sigh and help each other up. We towel each other down between locking onto each others nipples and teasingly playing with each others various holes.

Leaving the bathroom we step over the puddle of urine, hand in hand. I spin Shian around and bring her in close to me, bending forward I kiss her and run my hands over her fine arse. I take her over to the sofa, and are about to sit down when we look across to see Mum sitting there looking straight back at us.

Unlike a lot of Literotica stories this one is based mostly on fact and acual occurance. I appreciate wom eof your ideas for writing, but I can only write from actual experiences. But please keep the emails coming, I love reading your feedback.

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