Becoming Anne Ch. 07


“Good morning, my beautiful pet.” Katrin’s words brought Anne out of the doze she had been in, and as she woke she felt her lover’s arms still holding her as they had when she fell asleep, her body warm as she held her close.

“Good morning Miss.” Anne responded. She could feel the warmth of pleasure already in her body, masking the stiffness and soreness she had from all the ways Katrin had used her the day before. Before she could speak and ask what her lover wanted of her this morning, she felt two of Katrin’s fingers at her lips, their tips tracing her lips before they slid inside it. Instinctively, Anne closed her lips around them, her tongue stroking along them, tasting the wetness on them, moaning as she realised the taste was the rich sweetness of Katrin’s pussy.

“You love my taste, don’t you darling?” Anne nodded. “You will have plenty of it today, for today you will be focusing on my pleasure. You will not come at all today, but after all that pleasure I gave you yesterday, I’m sure you can manage. If you don’t…well, there will be pain for you today whatever happens, but it can be more or less depending on how you please me.”

There was no further question there, nothing for Anne to agree or disagree with, merely the simple statement of one who had absolute power and control over her. Katrin’s fingers slid from her mouth as Anne felt her move away from her, rolling from her side onto her back. Anne kenw what that meant and she turned herself around, pausing for a moment to look at Katrin’s gorgeous young body stretched out across the bed, her hair spread across the pillows and a faint smile on her lips as she threw back the thin sheet.

Anne kissed down Katrin’s chest, pausing to suck and squeeze at the perfect round breasts, the nipples stiff against her eager tongue. Katrin said nothing to her, merely encouraging her with soft sighs and gasps, the arching of her back and her hands eagerly pressing Anne downwards between her outstretched legs. Katrin’s scent was strong and she breathed in deeply as she neared it, letting it fill her senses, focusing her whole attention on it and ignoring the world outside the bed. All she needed was between those long, perfectly shaped legs. She kissed Katrin’s wet lips, softly at first, and then with more pressure before letting her tongue slide inside her lover, eager to explore and taste. Katrin’s legs moved apart, opening her up and Anne gladly plunged deeper, to be rewarded with trabzon escort deep moans from her lover.

Her fingers flowed over Katrin’s soft and smooth skin, marvelling that she was allowed to worship it like this with her reverent touch. Her caresses were rewarded with more of Katrin’s taste in her mouth, the scent filling Anne’s senses as she focused her attention on her. She didn’t need to think about what she was doing or wonder what was coming next, her instincts led her. She’d spent nights lying awake in this bed wondering just how it would feel, dreaming of doing this and now she had it, the reality was even better than the dream.

Katrin was moving more, her body rising and falling, breathing deep as she groaned with pleasure. Anne’s fingers moved up her legs, then touched above where her mouth still kissed Katrin’s sex deeply, finding her swollen and aroused clit, gently circling and stroking it. Anne had lost all sense of time and had no idea if she touched it for a second or an eternity, but she heard Katrin’s breath catch, felt her body arch and rise, hands gripping her hair and then a rush of her sweet wetness into Anne’s mouth as Katrin let go, a deep groan reverberating around the room. Her body shook more as she rode the climax, gripping Anne’s head between her legs, encouraging her to continue her kisses and licks and touches, Anne’s tongue squirming and twisting within her, entirely at the service of her pleasure.

When Katrin was fully sated, they lay sprawled out on the bed, both naked except for the collar tied around Anne’s neck. Katrin was stretched out on her back, her body still warm as Anne’s head rested on her chest, just below her breasts, thinking of nothing as she savoured the taste of Katrin that lingered on her lips and in her mouth, enjoying the way one hand toyed with her hair while the other moved over her body. She felt peaceful, in a way she never had before. Occasionally a stray thought troubled her, a vague memory of being in this room with someone else but she quieted them by focusing on Katrin’s touch, remembering that her focus today was to be on her pleasure alone.

“What can I do for you, Miss?” She asked.

“You can remain like this for a while, my pet. Soon we’ll eat and then you’ll learn another way to pleasure me.”

Anne knelt at the closed door, head bowed, listening to Katrin moving around in the bedroom, preparing it for whatever came next. They’d risen slowly trabzon escort bayan after their earlier time together, Katrin telling her not to waste time dressing either of them. Katrin had eaten a leisurely breakfast, occasionally feeding Anne as she knelt by her side, then allowed her to join her in the shower but only to wash her body as a servant would. Then she’d gone into the bedroom, telling Anne to clean the breakfast things and then shower herself before waiting for her to finish her preparations.

The door opened, and Katrin stood there naked, her long hair tied into a loose bun. Behind her the room flickered with light, heady scents drifting out now the door was opened.

“Come, pet.” Katrin said, holding the door for Anne to crawl in, then firmly closing it behind her. “Look up.”

Anne looked up and around her as she crawled in, seeing the room transformed. The curtains had been firmly closed, all light from outside shut out, illumination coming from a number of candles around the room, each giving out a soft flickering light and one of the many scents that combined so wonderfully. All signs of the people who lived in this house had been put away or covered, and the bed now had just a simple black sheet on it. As she crawled towards it, she could see things attached to the frame that hadn’t been there before, dangling down and casting a wave of shadows in the candlelight.

“Stand up, pet.”

Anne rose to her feet, looking towards the bed, then was surprised as Katrin walked past and lay on it herself, face down. Katrin looked back over her shoulder towards Anne, the light glittering in her eyes, tongue flicking over her lips.

“There’s oil on the table there, pet.” She indicated with a nod of the head. “My body needs a massage and your full attention.”

Anne had never massaged anyone before but the thought of her hands being allowed to roam freely over Katrin’s body was not an opportunity she would turn down. She looked beautiful there in the candlelight, her fair skin a perfect contrast with the dark sheet beneath her, and the way she stretched out showed off her slender and toned body. Anne took the bottle and poured some of the oil into her hand, rubbing it between her palms to warm it before she carefully placed them on Katrin’s back. She let instinct guide her hands across the younger woman’s body, following the curve of her muscles and the natural lines of her body, listening escort trabzon to the pleasant sighs that came from Katrin as she touched her. She hadn’t been able to see Katrin’s body in such detail before, and being given such knowledge felt like a glorious reward. There was no rush and Katrin compelled no urgency in her, letting Anne’s hands work down her back, along her legs and then her arms, the skin glistening as her touch worked the oil into it, the scent of it mixing with that of the candles, filling her senses.

She paused as she finished working on Katrin’s arms, wondering if she would turn over to allow Anne to continue over the rest of her body, but instead the movement that came was her legs moving apart.

“Touch me, pet.”

Anne nodded and trailed a hand down Katrin’s back, floating over the tight curve of her rear, moving down between her legs towards her sex.

“Not there pet.”

For a moment, Anne was confused what was meant, then realised what else had been revealed by Katrin spreading her legs. Tentatively, she traced her finger down the valley of Katrin’s cheeks, letting her fingertip gently circle the tight puckered hole.

“More pressure, pet. Don’t be afraid.”

She could feel and see Katrin’s body respond to her touch, sense the warmth as she pressed against it, feeling it open and spread for her, welcoming the tip of her finger with a warm embrace and a soft moan from Katrin.

“Pleasure me, pet. Kiss it.”

As Katrin spoke her desire, Anne knew she wanted to do it. Even more than giving her own ass to Katrin the night before, this would show how much she had given to her. She moved around so her hands could spread Katrin’s cheeks, allowing her tongue to run along the crack, then circle the rim, feeling it twitch as she explored it, Katrin’s moans becoming louder. She pushed her tongue forward, twisting and twirling to work it inside as her lips locked around it. The tightness gripped her tongue, then loosened to let it work deeper, accepting the devotion of her kiss, the depth of Anne’s desire to please Katrin in all ways and be everything she needed her to be. Her fingers pressed into the smooth oiled skin as Katrin gripped the bed tightly, pushing up from it and rising to press herself to Anne’s willing lips. Katrin exhaled deeply, almost guttural in her moaning, body trembling and shaking as she gasped, then collapsed onto the bed, breathing deep. Anne could feel the pounding of Katrin’s heart through the soft mattress, her hands reaching behind to guide Anne away from her rear.

Kneeling on the floor, she watched Katrin’s movement, saw the flush of pleasure on her beautiful fresh skin and felt nothing but pride at having delivered such pleasure.

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