Subject: Re: Becoming the Team Coxswain Chapter 9 Becoming The Team Coxswain — Chapter 9 Written by Bustermuscle- hoo This story will contain consensual man/man sex with humiliation (verbal and physical), one-way sex, coercion, reluctance, non-reciprocation, domination, spanking, submission, cum denial, chastity, oral and anal sex. Synopsis: A naive college freshman, Josh Clarkson, is recruited as a coxswain for the college Crew team. A coxswain (pronounced COCK-SON) is the real term used for the small guy in the stern of the boat, who yells “stroke” and steers the boat during the race. In this chapter, Josh experiences his first team “Milking”. As a means to increase his own testosterone level, he will eventually ingest the semen of each crew member. Not being allowed to cum, or be milked himself, Josh confides in his roommate, Nate who, under the pretense of being straight, only makes things worse for Josh. Nate takes Josh deeper into his perverse sexual world of one-sided dom/sub sex, ultimately making him his personal sex servant. Personal Note from the Author: I am sorry, again, to my readers for this delay. It seems that I’ve been busier, with the end of covid, and I just haven’t been able to devote the time to writing. Please have patience with me and, I promise, to continue this story to the end. I would love to hear your thoughts. PLEASE do not hesitate to send your ideas for the continued training of our coxswain, Josh. I will answer each email that I receive. IMPORTANT: PLEASE DONATE – PLEASE DONATE – PLEASE DONATE Think about all the great orgasms you have had from reading this site. Lets work together and keep this great site going. Donate to fty/ CHAPTER 9 At practice the next day, I was extremely nervous but, surprisingly, the coach was very helpful and there was no fowl play from Kaito. I think the Coach and Kaito knew how important it was that I learn the technique for the sake of the team. After practice, however, was a different story. The coach told us to make no plans after practice that day and to meet in the Varsity locker room before taking their shower. The coach told me to continue wearing the same uniform for the rest of the week. Even though I was wearing the thin white windbreaker, my spandex shorts with my exposed ass, was still very visible. The cum stains were also evident and a reminder that I had an orgasm against the team rules. I am sure the entire team knew what was happening to me now, but no one discussed it of course. The coach said that I should remain in the shorts day and night to insure they would stretch to fit my ass eventually. I was only to remove the shorts to use the bathroom and immediately put them back on. Consequently, there were also yellow piss stains in the uniform from leakage as well. When I entered the back lockerroom, the team was already there. They seemed to hush when I entered as though there was something I shouldn’t hear. I saw the 8 rowers, the coach and a man I’d never seen before. Actually, there were a few rowers who I never officially met either. “Hey Cox,” the Coach said to me. It seemed to be my new nickname if not bitch, faggot or boy. “You know the boys right?” I smiled. “I want to introduce you to our team medic, Doctor Doyle. You haven’t had a complete athletic physical so we need to do that, eventually, for our records.” The doctor looked at me standing there in my tight spandex and said nothing. “Before that, we need to discuss some new rules this season”. The coach spoke directly to the team while keeping his hands on me. “Circle up here boys.” The coach pulled me into the center of the room and the team came and sat around us. “If you haven’t heard by now, girlfriends are off limits until the end of the season.” The boys dropped their heads and stared at the floor. “Not only are they a distraction,” the Coach said, “but it would conflict with our Testosterone Enhancement Program. Basically, you are not allowed to lose your sperm, enriched with male hormones, unless it is supervised by me. So, to make it clear and simple, you are not allowed to jerk off any longer. This will be done for the benefit of the team. It will make each of you more aggressive and better athletes overall.” The coach kept his hands on my shoulders as he spoke, but also allowed them to slip down to my exposed ass to give it a few discreet rubs as well. “Increased levels of testosterone during physical exercise will build bigger muscle and increase agility. For health reasons, you will be allowed to release the built up sperm during appointed team milkings. These milkings will be done by me with scheduled appointments. By releasing the pent up sperm, it will allow your body to produce the hormone at higher levels. Our Coxswain here is the exception. He will not be allowed to expel his excess hormone at all. In fact, I would like you all to assist me with this by keeping an eye on our coxswain. He must, as a team member, also abide by the rules. Because he lacks testosterone, his hormone will remain in his balls and eventually will be reabsorbed it into his bloodstream. Our cox here will, however, assist me during the milkings.” “Why will the cox be there Coach?,” Kaito asked. “Is he gay?” The team laughed. “Yo,” Coach quieted them, “Since the Coxswain is not a rower, he will not necessarily have increased exercise need to create the higher levels needed. So, because he is a member of this team, we need to help him find other ways of getting his testosterone to a higher, more competitive level. To do this, our team cox will need to ingest as much hormone as possible because he doesn’t produce enough on his own.” The coach spoke as though I wasn’t even in the room. “So he’s going to eat our cum Coach?” A team member yelled out. The team laughed again. “OK boys,” Coach said more sternly, “Our cox here is a real member of this team and will get the same respect as any other athlete. If any of you do the contrary, you will have to answer directly to me.” Coach was actually defending me. I felt proud. “Understood?” No one said a word. “I also believe we would have a more cohesive team if our coxswain got to know each of his rowers. That is another reason I want him present during the milkings. The cox knows how hard each of you work and will show his appreciation by helping me during these private bonding sessions.” The coach turned and looked at me. “Isn’t that right Joshy?” Joshy? Without waiting for a reply, he looked directly at me and continued, “You will ingest each athletes semen as a way of bonding with your teammate. This will be your contribution to the team because it benefits everyone involved. The coxswain gets his needed protein and the rowers get their balls drained without any distraction from girlfriends. The good doctor here will test your levels weekly during each milking. We will make the appropriate adjustments if needed.” “If any of you break these rules,” the coach said, “you risk being suspended from the team. Some of you are on athletic scholarships and being suspended could jeopardize your entire education. Each of you will not orgasm for a minimum of 4 — 7 days. The athletes groaned. “Awww, come on Coach”, Mike, the 4th seat said, “I cum 4 times a day.” All the players laughed. “Shut the fuck up Striker.” Coach said. Mike Striker was one of Nate’s best friends who I had already met. He was the 2nd seat in the boat and a sophomore like Nate. He was about 5’11”, had broad shoulders, not as muscled but more of a basketball player physique. Long hard legs and huge feet for powerful strokes through the water. The coach went up to Mike and took him by the shoulders. “Since you have all this cum to spare, you’re gonna be our first contributor boy.” The coach said as he led Mike to a small table, near the doctor, about waist height. He pushed Mike’s chest down over the table on his chest. “This will be the position for your milking.” Coach explained to the team as he moved Mike into position. “We need to secure you into place so there is no movement.” The coach pulled Mike’s arms down along side the table and secured his arms to the bottom of the front table legs. He strapped a belt around the back of Mike’s waist to secure his body down. “We won’t need these.” Coach said as he pulled Mike’s uniform shorts down, including his jock, exposing his hairless ass. The coach then pushed Mike’s legs wider open and strapped them to the sides of the rear table legs, keeping him basically immobile with his ass spread open and cock and balls hanging below. The team silently watched the entire process. “Doctor?” The coach looked at the doctor who inserted something into Mike’s mouth, keeping it open, but plugged. “The doctor will insert this hollow plug into your mouth during the milking to collect saliva, which will monitor your testosterone levels each week. The doctor put earplugs in his ears and a hood over Mike’s head to eliminate distraction and increase his sensitivity awareness. Mike was now secured, unable to gaziantep escort move or hear anything. “You can all go now.” The coach told the team, “Our team captain, the doctor and our cox will remain here during the milking.” The coach pushed the boys out of the lockerroom. “You know the rules now boys. Your balls stay full until you are milked. Do this for the team.” he closed the door. The coach turned and looked at me. “Being so new to the team,” he said as he guided me to Mike, “we feel this is a good way to get to know each player on a personal level.” He moved me between Mike’s tied legs and pushed me to my knees. My face was now in front of his ass. The doctor spoke for the first time. “It is very important son, that the area is clean prior to milking the athlete. Your coach said that you would also assist with that as well.” I looked at the doctor confused. “By assisting with the milking cox,” the coach said, “you will not only reap the needed benefits of ingesting their cum, but also help keep the area clean and free from germs.” He took my head and gently pushed it into Mike’s upturned ass. “There should be no germs near the milking site Mr. Clarkson,” the doctor continued, “so this area must be kept clean.” As the doctor spoke, coach pushed my face forward and I could smell Mike’s musky dirty ass. I tried to pull away but the coach grabbed my head. “Boy?” Coach said as he squeezed my head tight. “I think you know better than that.” I looked up at him before he turned my head back to Mike’s ass and slowly pushed my nose and mouth into his sweaty crack. “There you go boy,” the coach said, “Lick and clean boy. Just help us here and we’ll help you get the sperm you need.” I really didn’t want the sperm, or my face smashed into Mike’s asshole so I tried to pull away again. Suddenly, Kaito, who never left the lockerroom, grabbed my hair and slapped my face. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing punk.” I was shocked and just looked up at him. “You fuckin do what the coach says or else.” “Hold up Kaito,” the doctor said, “This is the boy’s first time with this process, so we need to go slower.” “Oh no its not,” Kaito said, “He has already tasted and cleaned out his roommate’s ass doctor.” The coach was now curious and stepped in closer. “Tell them Clarkson,” Kaito laughed, “tell them you French kissed and made out with Sterling’s asshole, faggot. Tell them you already sucked and cleaned his balls too.” “Coach,” I said terrified, “Kaito told me too. I just obeyed him, like you said I should, and did it for the team Sir.” I had to think of something fast. “You told Nate that I should take his cum for the sake of the team. I’m not gay Coach,” I said emphatically, “but I took his cum like you said Coach and I didn’t cum either.” I was panicking now, “Coach, I swear. I kept my cum inside my balls like you said Coach.” “Shhh, shhhh.” Coach said as he rubbed my hair and pulled me into his own groin. “It’s all good boy. Kaito, it seems that our cox is an experienced ass cleaner thanks to you, which is exactly what we need right now. He is trying hard to obey the rules and be a good team coxswain.” “Yes,” the doctor joined in, “since he is not new to this, it will make the process much faster now.” Kaito said nothing but smiled down at me with hatred and disgust. Why did he hate me? “Come boy,” the doctor pulled my face back to Mike’s ass. I never left my knees during all this time. “Clean it now son.” He gently pushed my face into Mike’s ass and I extended my tongue out. Since he couldn’t hear or see anything, as soon as I made contact with Mike’s asshole, the athlete let out a groan though the open gag. “Hmmmmm,” Mike moaned. The doctor spread Mike’s ass open with his hands and encouraged me to continue. I closed my eyes and pretended it was a girl’s mouth and French kiss Mike’s asshole. I noticed the doctor would also reach under Mike and adjust his cock and balls. Mike was now moaning louder and trying to fuck the doctor’s hand. “Easy there boy,” the doctor said to Mike even though he couldn’t hear him. “Why don’t you help this process along and lick the boys balls kid.” The doctor moved my face lower and I started licking Mike’s balls. I figure it will be over soon if I just follow orders. Mike loved his balls being licked and the doctor started to masturbate him. Mike groaned again. He must have noticed that the athlete was dripping pre-cum because he moved my head lower again. “Tongue out boy,” the doctor said as he pulled Mike’s cock back toward my mouth and put the tip on my tongue. It was salty. “We don’t want anything wasted now boy,” the coach said as he yanked my head back by the hair. “Just keep your mouth open boy. You’ll be fed soon.” Keeping my mouth open, that position allowed the doctor to put the head of Mike’s cock into my mouth. “Now, when I tell you,” the doctor said to me looking into my eyes, “I want you to clamp your mouth over his entire cock head and hold whatever comes out of it in your mouth. Do not swallow until I say.” Looking at the doctor from this ackward position, with my tongue out, I nodded my head. The doctor was masturbating Mike with long fast strokes now. Suddenly Mike started to really groan louder. The doctor squeezed his cock and masturbated him faster now. Mike screamed into the gag, gyrating his hips like he was fucking a cunt. “Now boy!” the doctor ordered. “Be sure you don’t swallow boy.” I clamped my mouth over Mike’s cockhead and, without moving, felt the pulsing begin. His cock started squirting cum into my mouth and I tried to not swallow as the doctor ordered. Breathing through my nose, I held my mouth on Mike’s cock until everything stopped, and the doctor said to remove my mouth. Keeping my head tilted back to better hold the cum, the doctor slid a suction instrument into my mouth to extract some of the cum. He put the semen into a sterile container and then pulled the plug out of Mike’s mouth. After taking Mike’s saliva samples, the doctor walked away, leaving me there with my mouth open and full of cum. The coach, with Kaito, came up to me. With me still on my knees, they both stood directly next to me with their crotches pressing into my face. Kaito was now only in his jock… that beautiful bulging jock that I became addicted to on the bus. I could smell it. Dirty, sweaty, rancid musky jock. The smell made me crazy horny and Kaito knew it. I didn’t know what to do. He smiled down at me, rubbed his bulging pouch, and said nothing. I couldn’t speak with my mouth full of Mike’s cum. Finally, Kaito said something. “What do we do with the faggot now, Coach? He has to drink it right?” “Yes, of course,” the coach said, “but I also think it might be a good idea to commemorate our coxswains first milking.” He looked back down at me. “Listen boy. I want you to push the cum out of your mouth very slowly using your tongue. Just a little at a time and don’t swallow any.” I didn’t know how to do that but tried to close my mouth, without swallowing, and push the cum up. As I did that, the cum bubbled out of my mouth and the coach smeared it all over my upturned face. “We want to mark you now as the team property.” Coach said. “He wears the cum on his face to mark his first official team milking.” Kaito said said to the coach as though I wasn’t there. “He’s now marked as the team property.” He looked down at me, “Come on faggot, push more out. I pushed out the cum and Kaito smeared that, mixed with my saliva, all over my face. “Leave it there to dry and don’t wash your face until you ask permission.” Kaito said. “Now swallow cox,” the coach instructed. Looking up, they watched me swallow the remaining cum, then showing them my empty mouth. “Good boy cox” “Coach,” Kaito said, “how you gonna be sure that he doesn’t cum now? I mean, there is no way of knowing if he loses it, except the stain in his shorts. I mean, if he wanted to cheat, he could just take his dick out and cum in the sink. Nobody would know.” “True,” the coach replied. “I think we should cage him Coach.” Kaito said as he smiled down at me. “I mean, it will help him follow the rules. It would be for his own good and the good of the team. We don’t want any mistakes, do we?” I actually felt Kaito rubbing his swollen cock against my face. My abuse was turning him on. His jock smell was intoxicating and I could feel myself sinking into a daze again. “No, not yet,” Coach said. “He has already fucked up once and it’s bound to happen again,” Kaito said as he held my face and dragged his jock pouch into my mouth. “We should lock him up Coach.” The coach looked back down at me sucking Kaito’s jock pouch. “You like the taste of that jock boy?” Coach said as he watched me drool on the jock pouch. Nothing else mattered except that smell, that taste. What was happening to me? “Listen cox,” Coach pulled me back to reality, “you fuck up one more time, and we’ll lock it up. Do you understand?” I didn’t really know what they were talking about. They would lock what suriyeli escort up? I didn’t know how I got myself in this mess. What was happening to my life. Without truly understanding, I just nodded to the coach and said nothing. Coach finally lifted me up and said to go home and not wash my face until he sees me tomorrow at practice. As I move my mouth, I could feel the stiffness of the dried cum on my cheeks. Kaito pulled on his uniform and followed me out and, as I walked away, he said, “Go back to your roommate and make him happy faggot, but don’t fuck it up along the way.” He had a condescending attitude when he spoke to me. “Just think about my jock boy, and remember your place.” He yelled, “I’ll know if you fuck up faggot.” I was hoping no one else was around as he called me a faggot out loud. He was a man that I admired and lusted after, but hated him at the same time. I thought about my life as I left the gym. I started to run back to my dorm hoping not to see anyone with all the dried cum all over my face. I got inside and Nate was at his desk, wearing only his jock, working on his computer. “Hey Josh,” he said as I came in and dropped my things. “Before you relax, would you mind if you massaged my feet.” Nate said as he crooked his finger to beckon me. He opened his legs, casually rubbed his jock pouch and pointed to the floor between his legs, under the desk. He went back to his computer assuming I would do as I was told. I did. I knelt down at his feet and took his left foot in my hand. He looked down at me and smiled and then realized that my face was covered in cum. Without skipping a beat, he said, “I was gonna ask you about what happened but I see your first milking went really well. Actually, Mike text me and told me he had a huge orgasm.” I was about to express my frustration and how much I hated the experience. I wanted to tell him I wanted to quit. I wanted to say how unfair and humiliating it was that I was forced to take Mike’s cum all over my face. Why was I not allowed to cum? Before I could speak, he said, “Bro, I am so proud of you. Your face covered in my bro Mike’s cum and you act so casual about it. Fuck, you are the man bro cause I could never do that. Big respect here dude.” I looked at him and couldn’t speak for a moment. I suddenly felt a touch of pride. Nate said he was proud of me. I was surprised and suddenly felt speechless. I smiled. He looked down at me and smiled back and then he pointed to his foot before going back to his computer. “Lucky that shit on your face is dry cause you know how I feel about cum bro.” He said, “that’s nasty.” After a few minutes, he lifted his foot toward my face. “They don’t smell to bad tonight, right?” He asked, knowing I should smell his feet. I did. “No,” I lied as I smelled his stinky foot, “they don’t smell bad Nate.” He just looked at me, held his foot in front of my face, and lifted his eyebrows at me. He was waiting for me to lick his sweaty smelly foot. I did. After some licking, Nate lifted his other foot. Before switching feet, he looked at me. “Is there something you want to say Josh?” Before starting on the other foot I said, “Yes.” “Yes SIR,” Nate corrected me. “You need to know your place now Josh. You know how the coach feels about the real athletes on the team. We are superior and should be treated with respect. So, while you are servicing me, you need to use SIR, from now on. “Yes Sir,” I replied. For some reason, it seemed natural to me to call him sir. He was the alpha male and showed his dominance over me from the beginning. “Go ahead boy,” Nate said, “you can speak as long as you lick at the same time.” I hesitated because that seemed so strange to me but, knowing we were private, I did as I was told. “Sir,” I said as I continued licking his foot, “I just don’t understand why I have to do this. It just doesn’t seem fair and its humiliating for me to drink the other athletes cum. Coach said that everyone can be milked except me. Why am I not allowed to be milked?” I started talking too fast so Nick pushed his big toe into my mouth. “Woah, woah , calm down bitch.” Nate said, “The coach thinks you need to drink cum, simple as that.” “THir,” I tried to continue with his toe in my mouth, “Hi’m ot gaugh.” “Hold up,” Nate said as he wiggled his toe in my mouth. ” Now what did you say?” “Hi’m ot gauh Thir” I tried to repeat it again. “You’re not gay?” Nate said, “is that what you’re trying to say?” “Yeth thir,” I tried to confirm it. “Josh,” Nate said loudly as he pulled his toe out of my mouth, “I know you’re not gay.” He slapped me across the face hard. It totally shocked me. “The whole team knows you’re not gay.” I stared at him rubbing my cheek. “If you were gay, you would never be our team coxswain, and I would ask for a transfer roommate.” He grabbed my chin and pulled my face close to his. “You better not be gay.” I shook my head sideways. “Good,” Nate said as he pulled my face into his crotch. “I would never let you near my dick if you were gay bro.” I smelled his musky odor and how masculine he was. He continued, “Listen Joshy, I’m your buddy and I’m here to help you out. You’re pissed that you can’t cum and you won’t be milked like the rest of us. Well, that’s part of knowing your place Josh. The coach and doctor know that you need to build your testosterone levels be a true contributor to the team. Not only should you hold your cum back inside your balls, but now you have to drink male cum as often as possible to increase your levels.” My face was in his crotch the entire time. The smell is such an aphrodisiac that it was difficult to focus on his words. Then he said this. “I can help you get an orgasm Josh, without really cumming, so you don’t break the rules.” I wanted whatever he was selling. “There are other ways of getting an orgasm without using your cock.” Nate continued, “It’s called an anal orgasm.” I was very interested in any type of orgasm and became very interested. “You can get an orgasm from your ass Josh” Nate continued, “If I massage your prostate, it can trigger something in your balls and you can have an orgasm that way. I know lots of guys do it when they masturbate too. The coach won’t have to know about it because you are not touching your cock and you wont have the same discharge as usual, so no evidence.” “How does it work Nate?” I asked him. “Nate?” he said, “excuse me?” “Sir,” I corrected myself, “How does it work Sir?” “Let me explain while you pull my jock off and lick my balls.” He lifted his ass and I pulled his sweaty jock off. I stared at the damp pouch. “You wanna smell it boy?” Nate read my mind. I brought the jock to my nose and inhaled unashamedly. I seemed to be addicted to that smell and I needed a fix. Nate gently pulled my hair so my face was against his balls. “Smell the source boy,” Nate said, “Isn’t that nice?” I took a deep breath in his balls and started to lick them as instructed. “Your prostate is in your ass, your boy pussy. Just like a girl has a g-spot in her girl pussy. Have you ever rubbed a girl’s g-spot boy?” I did not reply and continued licking his balls. “I didn’t think so,” he laughed. “The girl goes fuckin crazy when you finger her g-spot. I have made lots of girls have orgasms by fucking against her g-spot. I’ll just treat you the same and fuck against your g-spot so you can get a nice anal orgasm.” I became excited and wondered why I had never heard of that before. I started licking higher and got to the base of Nate’s cock. It was already rock hard. “I think I would like to try that Sir.” I said between licks. I didn’t want to suck his cock unless I was told to do so. He looked down at me and smiled again. “Well,” Nate said, “you’re gonna have to obey me and do everything I say or you might not get your orgasm girl.” “Girl Sir?” I noticed Nate just called me a girl. “Yeah, I don’t do this shit with boys, so I need to imagine that you are a girl now, get it?” He didn’t wait for a reply, “Now suck my cock bitch and bring your girl ass over here.” He pulled me around so my ass was within arms reach while I started to suck him. “We are going to pull down your uniform so I can get to your pussy.” He said as he pulled down the back to expose my ass. “We’ll have to keep your girl clit covered but I need to see that pussy.” He pulled down enough to expose my hole ass and I felt a finger rubbed against my hole. I have never had anything inside there and, suddenly, I got nervous and pulled away. He slapped my ass hard. “I know you have a virgin ass bitch,” he said, “don’t’ worry, I’ll be gentle with you. The first time is always harder but you’ll be begging me for this in the future, I promise.” He pushed my mouth back down on his cock and he started to rub my hole with one finger. He gently pushed it into my ass opening. I felt like I had to take a shit so I squeezed my hole tight. He slapped the back of my head. “Don’t squeeze your ass bitch,” He said, “Just relax your rus escort ass cheeks for me.” The finger went in easily and I moaned as I kept my mouth on his cock and he pushed deeper. He was feeling around the inside of my ass. “I know you’re a virgin so I’ll try to go easy on you,” Nate said, “but I can’t find your g-spot honey.” Honey was a new word. “I think I have to go deeper.” He pushed my mouth off his cock and quickly turned me around so my ass was directly facing him now and I faced his feet.. “Spread your knees baby,” he ordered, “and put your face down and lick my feet with your ass up.” He slowly twisted his finger inside me until it sank all the way in. I groaned from the pain mixed with pleasure. “Do you want this or not?” He slapped my ass. He was rough with me but I still followed his orders cause I felt like he was trying to help me. “I asked you a question bitch,” Nate said as he reached out and pulled my hair back, “Do you want this or not?” I was now second guessing my decision to do this. I wasn’t sure if I wanted this now. “I — I don’t know Sir,” I answered ashamed. “Do you want me to stop then?” He asked, “You need to be sure so tell me.” I didn’t reply. He continued to punch his finger into my ass. He spit on my hole, making it slick as he pulled it all the way out and back in. “No,” I moaned. It started to feel so erotic to me and wanted that anal orgasm. “No what boy?” He asked smiling now because he could tell by my moaning that I was enjoying it now. “No Sir, don’t stop” I begged him now. “Very good boy” Nate said, “I am proud of you honey.” There was the “honey” again. “Now spread your legs wider and use your hands to pull open your ass cheeks for me. I did. Nate pushed his finger deeper now. I felt something slippery on my hole and it started to feel good. I think he was rubbing two fingers at my hole now. I moaned. I wanted them inside my hole and arched my back to encourage him. “There you go bitch,” Nate said, “Im gonna have to use two fingers to find your g-spot boy. Now, hold still.” He dug his two fingers into my ass as far as he could push and started to rotate them. “I can feel something,” I said excitedly, “Ohhhh, it hurts but it still feels so good Nate.” Suddenly, he pulled his fingers out and slapped my ass hard. “That’s it bitch.” He said angrily, “I told you to call me Sir and you fucked up again.” I was so shocked that he became so angry so quickly. He turned me around and pulled me back across his legs and started spanking me. “What are you doing Nate?” I yelled. “Don’t … fuckin… call me … Nate…. Bitch” He was slapping me as he spoke. Nate was bigger and stronger than me and, even though I struggled to get away, I was no match for him. “You (slap) will (slap) call (slap) SIR (slap)” He yelled. Suddenly, he shoved two fingers back into my hole and fucked me with them. Then he pulled them out and continued to slap me harder. “I’m trying to help you here,” Nate said, “and you can’t even remember one fuckin rule.” He alternated slapping me or finger fucking me as he spoke. “If you want me to help you, then you do it my way or NO way, understand?” “Yes Sir” I yelled immediately. “I know you’re right sir.” I was trying to block from hitting me anymore. “I will do it your way SIR, whatever you say.” I started to cry because he was hitting me so hard. “Good,” Nate said as he suddenly stopped spanking me. “Are you gonna be a good girl now and obey me?” I nodded as I cried. “That’s OK baby,” Nate softly said, “You’ll be a good little girl now right?” I nodded without caring that he called me a girl. “Cause now, if you really want this orgasm, I’m gonna have to use something bigger.” “Bigger,” I was still sobbing, “Why Sir?” “Your prostate is deeper inside you than most girls g-spot. If you want an orgasm, I gotta go deeper inside to put more pressure against it your spot. Do you want me to go deeper now girl?” I nodded as he rubbed my ass cheeks. “Good girl,” Nate said, “you know you have to be my girl now right? I’m going to have to use something much bigger and thicker in your pussy now girl.” He stood up from under me and pushed me down so my face was on the floor and my ass was up in the air. I saw him rubbing his hard cock and moving behind me. I got scared again and pulled away. “Sir,” Josh said softly, “I’m not gay.” Without warning, Nate grabbed me by the hair and slapped me again. “That’s it.” He yelled, “I’m done here you fucking asshole.” He spit in my face and slapped me again. I was so shocked that I started crying again. “Ouch Nate,” I cried, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry”. I don’t know what I was sorry about but it seemed like the right thing to say at this moment. “Shut the fuck up bitch.” Nate pushed me over to my bed with such force that I slammed against the wall. “I’m trying to help you and you think its gay? You are one fucked up dude.” I started to say something but nothing came out of my mouth. For some strange reason, I felt ashamed of myself. Why did I say that? Nate was right. He was just trying to help me and I opened my stupid mouth and, indirectly, accused him of being gay. What the fuck did I do? “Don’t say another work faggot.” Nate said, “maybe you are gay. Im trying to help you and you think all this fuckin gay shit. I’m trying to help you and that’s all. You have this gay shit in your head because maybe you are queer.” ” No Nate,” I corrected myself, “NO SIR. I am not gay. I just thought about your cock near my ass and…” “See?” Nate interrupted, “You did think gay shit. I need something to go deeper into you hole to get to your g-spot. Well, I don’t have a dildo handy so I was trying to HELP YOU OUT with the next best thing that wouldn’t hurt you. Just forget it. FUCK YOU.” “No please Sir,” I was panicking, “Please, that’s not what I meant…” “I said shut up.” Nate said as he turned away to sleep. “I will tell the coach tomorrow that I think you are gay, and he’ll kick you off the team. You pissed the hell out of me asshole. Go to sleep.” “Please Sir,” I begged, “Please, I will do anything you say and I promise to never question you again.” He looked back at me. “Fuck you,” he said. “NO seriously SIR,” I said, “I promise to listen to you and obey you. I am sorry that I said that. I will never say it again Sir. I know you are trying to help me and I won’t complain again.” I actually knelt down on the floor in front of Nate. “Please SIR,” I begged, “Don’t tell the coach. Please let me show you how obedient I am Sir.” I knelt there and stared into his eyes. He simply looked back at me with a blank face. “You know I’m just trying to help you Josh.” He was softer now. I said nothing and simply nodded. I think I am better off just not speaking because he always gets upset with me. “Come here bitch,” Nate said as he sat up on the edge of his bed and pulled me in between his legs again. This was a very familiar spot for me and I actually felt relieved. “You’re gonna have to prove how obedient you claim to be now bitch.” Nate said as he pulled me to his crotch. “I want you to lick my balls and listen to me. There are going to have to be more rules from now on girl”. “yes SIR,” I licked, “thank you sir.” “Good,” he continued, “Rule 1 is that you will always call me Sir when we are alone. I will refer to you as my girl or bitch. I have a cock, you have a pussy. Got it?” I nodded as I sucked one ball into my mouth. “Good,” he went on, “Rule 2 is you will never wear underwear again. Once the season is over, you will wear girl panties. It will remind you of your place. Got it?” “Panties?” I said with my tongue still on his balls. He slapped me. “Rule 3,” he said, “You will never question me again. You will do as you’re told and don’t answer back.” I groaned into his balls. “You will thank me every time I give you my precious cum. You will understand that testosterone from a superior male is a privilege to take, and you will thank any male that gives you his cum.” Nate didn’t wait for a reply. “Now, apologize for being so rude girl” I have to think for a moment. “I was out of line and I apologize for being rude. I promise to be better from now on.” “You gonna obey the new rules and be a good bitch now? Tell me.” Nate orderd as he played with his cock while I licked his balls. “Yes Sir,” I confirmed, …. Then I said it…. “I will be a good bitch for you SIR.” There. I said it. I sealed my fate. I just promised to be my roommate’s obedient bitch. What have I done? —–TO BE CONTINUED —- READERS: I will try to post once a month as I have the story in my head and just need the time to get it onto paper. Thank you to all the emails I have received with comments and ideas. I have tried, in the past, to incorporate some of your perverted ideas into my story too. Keep the thoughts coming. Also, please look for my other stories here on NIFTY. Go to the AUTHOR search feature here in the menu and click BUSTERMUSCLE….or just search the word “Bustermuscle”. Most of my stories involved the dominant/submissive power struggle because I believe that sexual control of one man over another is a huge turn on for me. No, all men are NOT created equal. LOL. Please email me at hoo with any comments. I will answer ALL emails. Thanks guys. TONY

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