Before We Met Part 2 – more background

Before We Met Part 2 – more background
My wife of almost 40 years began telling me how she had two distinct and totally different sex lives for the first ten years of our marriage. One with me where she was the prime and proper housewife and the other where she was a total HOT WIFE – which is what I always wanted. She’s telling me these stories – which she said are 90 plus percent true with only some minor details that she can’t remember missing. My wife, SunniDee (SD), began telling me these stories during one of our clean her out sessions with her sitting in one of our oversized living room chairs after just getting home from a date and me kneeling on the floor between her spread legs cleaning her use pussy and ass. She asked me if I wanted to know how she became a HOT WIFE which I immediately answered yes – and she began with the stories and her telling the stories is now part of our routine. Another one of the stories is a follows – a little more background before we met:

Wednesday (December 4, 1974) she (my future wife SD) and Dee W got up when the alarm went off at 5:00 AM – barracks wake up time. SD hadn’t heard Dee W come in last night and was surprised that she was already dressed for the day and just walking out of the Jack and Jill bathroom– standard WAVE attire – skirt, blouse, etc. – stockings. As SD rolled out of bed and stood up Dee W came over and hugged her telling her that she’ll take her out to meet some friends after work, gave her a peck on the cheek and told her to have a good day.

SD, my future wife, said that she felt really embarrassed by what happened last night as she was getting ready for getting logged in administratively to the base. After breakfast at the mess hall, packed and moving as usual, she went to the admin building and provided her papers, etc. and found out the she had been reassigned to a different school than what she was supposed to have been guaranteed by her recruiter (typical government BS at the time). She said that she was mad, tried to get her “guaranteed” training back and was told that she was assigned to the WAVE barracks until mid-February and to report over there after lunch. She said that she was really pissed off and went to the WAVE barracks after lunch to talk to the Chief WAVE to complain.

SD said that she had lunch at the mess hall, crowded and lousy food, and went over to the WAVE barracks to talk to the Chief WAVE. She said that she was surprised to see Dee W at the main desk for the Chief WAVE. Dee W asked her how her check in was going and SD said that she told Dee W that she had to see the Chief WAVE. After a short conversation with Dee W she got to see the Chief WAVE – which didn’t’ go the way she thought it should have gone. She finally realized that it didn’t matter what the recruiter guaranteed her – even if it was in writing – she was Navy property and the Navy would do what they wanted.

She spent the rest of the day talking with Dee W who was now her trainer for the next few months until she received her training assignment. During the rest of the afternoon SD said that Dee W constantly made comments about her training, during the day and night, etc. SD said that she almost told Dee W where to get off but decided not to because she made the decision to come into the Navy and had to stick with it – no matter what. At 4:30 the Chief WAVE left for the day, said good night to everyone and then gave Dee W a look and told her to make sure that she (SD) got trained and trained well and then left the building.

After the Chief WAVE left for the day, Dee W became more dominant with SD which she (my future wife) said that she found very pleasing and comforting. My wife said that Dee W, sitting behind her desk in the front office, told her to remove her panties – right there in the front office and give them to her. SD said that she looked at Dee W, who just smiled at her, and dropped her head down slightly and started to walk to the bathroom. Dee W told her to stop and take them off right there. SD said that she stopped with her back to Dee W, pulled up her skirt and took off her panties and then dropped her skirt down again and then walked over to Dee W and handed Dee W her panties. Dee W took the panties and put them into her purse and told SD not to wear panties anymore – period – no questions. SD asked about what the Chief would say if she found out and Dee W responded, to SD’s dismay, that the Chief told her to train her – didn’t you hear her say that and smiled at SD and told to relax – time for supper.

Dee W got up and told SD to follow her and went down the main hallway to their room. Dee W had SD change her clothes from her WAVE uniform to a shirt and blouse without a bra, panties or pantyhose. Dee W did the same. Here were two young women (Dee W was 22 and SD was 23) in the Navy dressed for whatever Dee W had planned. Both were in good shape, about 125 pounds each, short blondish hair, perky tits (Dee W’s were two sizes larger than SD’s), and with names that were only one letter different in their last names. WEIRD. SD said to Dee W that they couldn’t go to the mess hall this way and Dee W agreed and went over to her and gave her a hug and told her that they weren’t going to eat in the mess hall. That they were going to go to the base bowling alley for some snacks and beer and then go out off base. Dee W called it WEDNESDAY night fun AND your (SD’s) intro to the club.

Dee W and SD walked out of the WAVE barracks and started walking over to the bowling alley. During the walk over (about 20 minutes) they talked about everything under the sun except what was going to happen that night – even though SD asked a few times. When they got there they ordered a medium cheese pizza (which the man running the shop gave them for free along with two pitchers of beer). Dee W and SD each took a pitcher and two glasses and went to a table in the far corner of the common area. Dee W went over to the wall and turned the lights off for that area and came back to the table and sat next to SD and poured each a beer.

They each downed a beer before the pizza was brought to the table and they each finished a slice with another glass of beer. SD said that she had three more beers to Dee W’s one and he pizza was finished. She excused herself and went to the bathroom to relieve herself and when she finished Dee W entered the bathroom and told her to hurry up that their dates for the night were here and they were going to leave. SD told Dee W that she was going to go back to the barracks and catchup on some sleep. My future wife told me that Dee W got a mean look on her face and slapped her and told her that she (SD) didn’t decide when to go back to the barracks that she did, slapped her again and asked her if she understood. SD told me that she felt like a little girl again being smacked by her mother and told Dee W yes as she bowed her head and began to whimper. Dee W stepped closer and hugged SD and began running her hands over her buttocks and pulling her closer. SD just went limp and let Dee W do whatever she wanted when the door to the bathroom opened and SD tried to pull back but Dee W kept her close and pulled up her skirt to reveal her to the WAVE that came in. SD looked at the other women and then closed her eyes as the other WAVE said hi to Dee W (obviously knowing her) and asked her who her (Dee W’s) new “trainee” was as she stepped into one of the toilets, sat down and held the door open to watch. Dee W brought my future wife in front of the open stall and to her (SD) to hold up her skirt and open her blouse, when SD hesitated Dee W slapped her again and she pulled up her skirt and opened her blouse for the women on the toilet seat could see her clearly. SD told me that she kept her eyes closed but could feel her body flush as Dee W reached in her blouse and pulled her left breast out to show the other women her super hard nipple which became harder as Dee W pinched it. The women on the toilet finished, flushed and told SD that if she didn’t like Dee W. as a roommate (how did she know SD was Dee w’s roommate) she could be hers. Another women came in and both Dee W and the other women walked out talking and left SD there. The new women asked SD if she was OK and SD stepped into the toilet and closed the door and relieved herself again and pulled herself together. The other women asked if she was OK and SD told her she was and the other women left the bathroom. SD got up and left the bathroom and saw Dee W standing by the exit with two men. Dee W waived her over and introduced her as her new roommate. The two men (SD doesn’t remember their names) said hi and then escorted Dee W and her to their van (motel on wheels is what SD told me it was).

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