Subject: Ben Storm Chapter 11 gay/adult-youth Ben Storm �St. Willie Your author lives in a land where many languages are used, the words and phrases are slightly different in this non-ageist, fictional tale of men and boys. I ask your patience with the English as you enjoy a story about innocence and love facing the machinations of greed. Your patience is requested along with an email containing your comments. Smokin[email protected] Forwarding a donation to Nifty is more than acceptable as fty/donate.html xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Loneliness, a relatively easy term to describe but yet one of the worst feelings to live with. Show me a man, women or child that have not experience that feeling and I will show you a lair. For most it a short term feeling but for some its a feeling that they need to live by for days, weeks, months or even years. A feeling that makes you feel pain deep inside of you that drives you to tears silently at night with your face burred in your pillow, that makes you live life as a robot day in and day out. One can be surrounded by millions, but without one loving you for who you are, the feeling of loneliness creeps like a thief in the night and hitting you over the head with a 4-pound hammer. Chapter 11 Steve woke with a soft knocking sound on the window, wondering if it was open and the wind picked up, he got up and went to close the window. Much to his surprise, and fright, there was 3 sets of eyes looking at him. He had to focus for a few seconds to realize it was Andrew Grant and his 2 boys. He told them softly to get him at the patio door, he did not want to wake Ben just yet. He dressed quickly in a pair of rugby shorts and a loose t-shirt before covering naked Ben with a blanket, it will take some getting used to with Ben sleeping with his butt in the air. He giggled as he closed the bedroom door behind him to go welcome their guest for the day, looking over to the wall clock, 6:05, he barely had an hour’s sleep. “Morning, sorry overslept a bit.” Steve apologized inviting them in. “Morning.” Andrew said, the little 5-year-old looking at Steve with droopy eyes. “This is our youngest, Carl.” “Hi there, little buddy.” Steve said and looked at Rick, who was standing with a guilty face “Morning there, Rick.” he gave Rick a wink as to telling him his secret is safe. Rick smiled and just nodded. “You must excuse Carl here, he a bit shy till he gets to know you, then you would wish he was shy again.” Andrew walked over to the couch pointing with his eyes to it. “May I?” “Yes. Please do, little chap needs some more sleep by the looks of things, I will get him a blanket in a sec.” Steve said while looking at Rick who seemed to be a bit unnerved. “I must go now, wife in the car and she is not the kind that likes waiting.” Andrew walked back to shake Steve’s hand, “Thank you very much for babysitting. If there is anything I can help you with just mention it.” Andrew left with a last quick order for Rick to behave and help keeping his brother in line. Steve waited till he heard the sound of Andrew’s car pulling away before asking whether the boys where hungry, Rick only nodded his head and Carl was back in dream land. He started breakfast but his mind was on Rick. “What’s wrong, buddy?” Steve asked. “I thought you might tell my dad what me and Cody have done here yesterday.” Rick said and looked down to his feet. “Did what?” Steve asked and Rick looked at him funny “Buddy, your secrets are safe with me.” Rick calmed down a bit and started helping with breakfast, or rather he started to take over and Steve ended up sitting and watched as his guest made an omelet with bacon cut into small squares. He was really handy in cooking. “Can we talk while the other 2 is asleep?” Steve asked as he started setting the table. “Am I in trouble?” Rick asked, folding the first omelet like a pro. “You are not. I promise.” Steve started “It’s your first time doing things with other boys?” “Yes.” Rick answered shyly. “Do you like it?” Steve looked at the boy “You don’t have to be shy; you saw what me and Ben did so no need to be shy in front of me.” “Yes I love it, even when Cody did me the way you did Ben.” Rick started with the second omelet. “Geez that boy is as horny as hell.” Steve could not help to giggle a bit looking at Rick’s face “And I want to talk with you about him as well, but first let’s start with the sex things, cool with you?” “I guess so.” Rick looked a bit concerned. “To experiment is good, most boys do it and most men did it when they were boys. It does not mean you gay or weird or something, just a normal healthy boy.” Steve was cut short by Rick. “My dad told me out of the blue last night the same thing, think it might have had something to do what you told him.” Rick turned and Steve saw that guilty face again. “I lied to him when he asked if Cody and I have experimented.” “I would have too, nothing wrong there.” Steve felt good that he was responsible for the father and son connection. “But how you feel about Cody?” “I like him but,” Rick said dishing up the second omelet, “But he is so bossy, wanting blowjobs all the time and if I say no he just goes ahead and suck me. We were almost caught twice already.” “I thought as much, will it be ok if I have a talk with him about it?” Steve saw the relief in Rick’s eyes. “Please do.” Rick said while sitting down to have breakfast with Steve. “I will do the rest soon as those two wakes up.” But Steve could see the boy had other things on his mind. “Ok buddy, out with it” Steve started eating and found it very deliciously “You’re a darn good cook.” “I like the sex thing, but not like Cody is doing it.” Rick filled their glasses with juice “How you like it then?” Steve asked. “Like you and Ben did it. With so much passion, not like Cody. He is like wham bam thank you ma’am.” Steve could not help but to laugh. The boy’s description of how Cody does it was funny but accurate. “Yea I know what you mean, maybe you must slow him down a bit.” Steve added but on how, he does not know. The two of them sat in silence, eating the rest of their supper, each in their own thoughts, so much so that they did not notice Carl going to the bathroom. “I want to do it with you.” Rick said softly, Steve sat back, looking at him. Did he just hear correctly or was his own lust letting him hear things? He wanted to ask that Rick repeat himself, but he could not as all hell broke loose. Ben came bursting out the bedroom, naked as the day he was born, holding his butt with two hands, Carl was not far behind him with a finger pointing toward Ben while saying “Butt-Hole” Out loud repeatedly. “What the fuck Rick, help me here.” Ben tried to hide away from his 5-year-old redhead attacker “He violated me.” “Carl!” Rick said with authority in his voice “Calm down and go wash your hands.” Rick started leading the boy to the bathroom. “What happened” Steve had an idea but not sure yet. “I woke up with someone saying `Butt-Hole.'” Ben sat down as to protect that area of himself. “Then I felt a something slipping into me. Steve that boy’s finger was in me.” Steve tried not to laugh, but short and funny noises slips from his lips from time to time. “It’s not funny.” Ben let it know from his side. That sent Steve and Rick into a fit of laughter. “Sorry Bro, he does the most random shit.” Rick saw the angry way that Ben was looking at him “Sorry can’t help to laugh, but wish you could see your face.” Carl did appear next to his brother a couple seconds later, butt-hole all forgotten, but now he looked under the table and saw Ben still sitting in the nude, too scared to move as he don’t want any more poking fingers near his rosebud. The next moment Carl stripped and was standing there in his full glory. Shouting “Nudie time” Ben and Steve looked on at the pint-sized redhead boy, slim build with a 1-inch penis, balls tucked in close to his body. The boy sprinted around to Ben and jumped on his lap, Ben sat there with eyes wide, not knowing in what the hell he must do now. “Carl,” It came from Rick, “What you doing!?” Rick walked over to Carl, wanting him to get off Ben. Carl hold on with both arms around Ben’s neck if his life depends on it, tucking his head to under Ben’s chin. “It’s ok, Rick” Ben said knowing that it will only set the boy in fits uşak escort of crying “As long as he don’t poke me again” Pulling a face of discomfort again. “Looks like you have a new friend there, Ben.” Steve laughed a little. Ben looked at Steve and smiled while arranging the boy not to sit so much on his groin. Carl turns around and gives Ben a quick kiss on the cheek before he turned to face the rest of the people. His legs hanging either side of Ben’s, squashing Ben’s privates a bit. “Will your mom will have a fit if she knows this?” Steve asked more in a statement. “Yea she will.” Rick said while starting the other two boys’ breakfast. “Why don’t you rather go shower and dress Ben.” Steve asked trying to resolve this little problem. Ben stood up and went to shower, Carl in hot pursuit. Nothing and nobody could say anything from stopping Carl to go with Ben. Ben showed them not to worry as he will handle this. Steve went closer to help Rick with the remaining omelets, unsure how to handle the last remark that was made before Carl playfully poked Ben in a real unpleasant way. He took the whisk from Rick’s hand, their hands touched and Rick froze. Rick turned to Steve. “I am not gay but why do I feel about you in this way?” Rick sounded as if he as confused. “Do you feel the same way when you with other men as well?” Steve asked but he wanted this boy next to him badly, but he feels like he will cheat on Ben. “Maybe, yes, no.” Rick tried to explain, ” I don’t feel this way when with Cody or even when I see Ben nude like he was now, but sometimes at church camps or even at school I feel like this when I see other men, not all of them, just some.” The boy tried to hide his red face from Steve. “May I ask when you play with yourself, what do you fantasize about?” Steve wondered. “I… I… I can’t say, too embarrassed.” Rick said while dishing up the 1st omelet. “Look, you have seen me in the most private and embarrassed way possible, so you can really tell me.” Steve stated. “Well I always think about men, and sometimes,” Rick paused for a second “My dad as well.” His face went even a shade darker red. “To fantasize of your dad is normal, I did as well.” Steve began, “And of other men. Look, buddy you at age when you’re finding yourself. Maybe you are gay maybe you are not. Only one way to find out is to experiment, do you fantasize about boys as well?” “No, not even about Cody and we are doing it.” Rick was still confused, “Promise me you will not tell my dad or mom?” “I promise you.” Steve could hear that there is something else the boy wanted to tell him. “I am not gay; I want to do what Cody does to me, to men. Is that normal?” Rick forgot the omelet and all his attention was on Steve. “I am not saying you are gay at all, only you can work that out for yourself” Steve looked the boy up and down while he took over the omelet “But why not try it. Some men like both men and boys, and some likes only boys or men. Think boys feel the same way. It’s clear you like older.” Rick stood there thinking, what Steve said made sense but how will he go around to do IT with a man, he wants Steve to do It with him but how? will Ben allow it? plus will Steve even think about doing it? Mean time in the bathroom. Ben had to adjust the shower temperature at least 10 times before Carl said perfect. Ben was in maiden waters here as he never had a 5-year-old shower with him, a 5-year-old that had a sugar rush of some kind it seemed, he was all over the place. It took Ben a couple of times and some hard talking as well to get the boy just to stand still. When that finally happened, Ben gave him a sponge and the bar of soap to wash himself, the stare he received back told a different story. Ben could see what the boy was thinking “is this guy an idiot, he must wash me.” Ben took the sponge and started washing the boy from head to toe, but when he came to the privates, he asked the boy if he would rather wash himself. “No, mommy always wash it there, saying I play too much with it.” Ben started giggling when Carl stood there proudly, hands on the hips and pushing his pecker forward. Ben started washing it, trying to ignore the erection that was growing under the sponge. When he pulled back the foreskin to wash underneath, Carl gave a grin towards Ben. Only when Ben has finished washing and rinsing the soap of did the boy tell a secret. “Mommy say it is evil to wash it like that.” Carl still had his grin, “But daddy say we must keep it a secret when he washes it like you do.” “But it must be washed like that.” Ben said wondering on why it would be evil. “Do you shower with Rick?” “We bathed together, till mommy walked in and saw Ricky made my pee-pee stiff like now, his pee-pee was stiff also.” Carl said with the grin still proudly showing. “What did she do then?” Ben asked. “She said he is evil and prayed for him.” Carl said while taking the sponge from Ben “I wash you now like I wash daddy.” Carl pulled on Ben till he was in a seated position on the floor of the shower and the little boy started with his face and hair at the same time, very roughly. When he reached the lower torso, he walked around Ben and washed his back before telling Ben to stand up and Ben was all too glad to do so. Carl came to the front again and started from the toes up to just below Ben’s hanging scrotum, he did the back of the legs in same way till just below the butt. Ben started to get worried when Carl dropped the sponge to the ground and taking his flaccid member roughly, and started washing it by hand, pulling the foreskin back till it hurt, Ben grabbed his hands and told him its clean enough. “Now your bum.” Carl said, pulling Ben’s upper body downwards. Ben stood there, bend forward, with his hand on his knees. Carl soaped up his hand again and started with the butt, one cheek at a time. Ben felt very awkward but even after he protested, he was fighting a losing battle. then he felt it, Carl was poking him again, this time with the bar of soap. Ben jumped up and look at the boy with anger. “What the hell?” Ben took the soap bar from Carl, “Why you did that? Do you do it with your daddy?” Carl started crying and Ben felt that he might have been too harsh, so he knelt down next to the boy and comforted him. “No, not daddy. Ricky does. I see him doing it in the shower while he cleans his pee-pee.” The boy stopped crying, “Was I wrong?” He said in all his innocence. “No, not wrong, one just don’t wash others bums like that.” Ben said thinking he must have a good chat to Rick. “Okay.” Carl no longer had his grin. “Don’t tell mommy or she will say I am evil.” “I promise, but you must not tell her we showered together either.” Ben just knew that Carl’s mother may never know. Ben dried and dressed Carl before sending him to his brother and before he dried himself and draped a towel around his waist. He was thinking to be near this child naked can only be dangerous for one’s behind. Back in the kitchen. Carl walked in with a smile, taking a seat by the table. Rick placed an omelet in front of his brother, but he knew that they must pray first, so he held his brother’s hand while Carl prayed a short little kindergarten prayer that his mom taught him. Steve saw Ben slipping in to the bedroom to get dressed. After the prayer, Rick cut Carl’s omelet into small pieces before handing it back to Carl. “Hey, how did it go in there?” Steve asked Ben as he joined them at the table. Rick gave Ben an omelet as well. “Well put it this way, I am evil and can fart bubbles now.” Ben said and Steve and Rick gave him an odd look. “Bro, you really need to close the door when you wash your pee-pee and bum at the same time.” Rick blushed and looked down at the floor, “You know you are evil right?” Ben started laughing, Steve soon joined in as he realized what Ben meant. “I am sorry.” Rick said, still red in the face, looking at the floor. “You not evil, Ben was joking, what he is saying is that you must lock the door when you have private moments.” It took Rick a few seconds before he started laughing, but he still was embarrassed. As Ben and Carl ate their breakfast, Steve started cleaning up and Rick made some coffee. They started planning their morning. Ben and Rick will take Carl to the toddler pool while Steve had a few calls to make and to check some emails. Carl was not happy van escort because he said he is a big boy and will not swim in a kiddie pool, but Steve did not give an inch of slack. It was either the small pool or he can spend the day just in the bungalow and help cleaning it. Matter was settled in seconds, kiddie pool with sunblock on. So, after breakfast the kids all dressed in their swimwear, Ben in his speedo and the two brothers in swimwear that where touching their knee caps. The 3 boys set off to the pool area and Steve his own laptop and checked for mail. There was only one from SCE private investigators. There were a few facts that Steve knew already but more that he did not know. He read that Mr. Masters not only visited Ben’s mom for his sexual pleasures but he had other ladies that he visited on the other side of the city. By the looks of things, it was the same situation than it was at Ben’s mothers house, a drunken mother who is a hooker by trade, with a son that the same age as Ben. But according to the report, the boy was indeed rented out already to men. There were other facts as well, but that one drew his attention. He decided that a plan must be made as soon as possible. He decided to phone Jo again. With the longish conversation he had with Jo, a plan was set in motion. He asked Jo to get the paperwork ready as he will be arriving in town by tomorrow night. Jo said he will look at the drive and see what can be done on his side to make the plan work, he will phone him later with ideas to fine tune their plan. Steve decided to take a short nap while the boys where not there, he was tired and as soon as his head hit the pillow he was in dream land, but that only lasts an hour before a phone call from his dad woke him. Jack wanted to know why Shane had to leave so urgent and Steve explained that he needed him to take a drive to Jo and it was rather urgent. After the call ended Steve decided to take a shower to wake up fully as the boys will arrive shortly for food or something. Steve stepped in the warm water of the shower, when he heard the patio door opening, he listened and then called out, maybe it was his imagination and he carried on. “Steve?” Rick spoke standing right next to the shower, giving Steve a slight fright as he did not hear the boy came into the bathroom. “Ben said I may if you say its okay.” Steve looked over at him seeing that Rick eyes was fixed on his manhood. “Now come on in.” Steve said after watching the boy’s bulge grew in the long swim pants he had on. “Just remember that I love Ben and Ben loves me” Steve looked on as the slightly chubby redheaded dropped his stupid looking swimwear to the ground, exposing a rock hard 4-inch uncut cock with the round patch of pubic red pubic hair just above the base. Steve felt his own erection growing as the boy stepped into the shower and he started wondering if this is the right thing to do. Rick just stood there, looking at Steve’s growing member, his eyes growing with it. “May I suck that?” Rick asked not looking up towards Steve’s eyes, nor did he wait for an answer. Steve wanted to say not yet, but it was too late, Rick latched on to his dick as a baby with a dummy looking for comfort, one hand around the bottom part of the base the other came around to grab hold of Steve’s ass. Steve moan but had to stop the boy, his teeth does hurt a bit. “Let’s rather do this in the room, you have much to learn.” Steve explain why he getting out the shower. Steve dried Rick before he dried himself, he could not help as to taste the pre cum that was dripping slightly from the foreskin of Rick. He lead Rick by hand to the bedroom, making sure that all doors were closed and the bedroom door locked, He really don’t want the pastor and his wife walking in, not to mention Carl. He sat Rick down on the bed, sitting next to him. He started kissing Rick’s maiden lips and at times he had to tell him on what to do when while kissing. It was not long before Rick got the hang of it and the kissing become more intense. Steve started kissing the boy’s neck, then the left nipple then the right. Rick started moaning softly and when Steve gave him a slight nibble on the nipple did the moan changed to a soft growling. “Stop.” Rick sat up, pushing Steve away, ” I am going to cum.” “That’s okay, we will take it slower.” Steve suggested. “No, please fuck me.” Rick said and Steve could see the lust in the boy’s eyes “You still new at this, it will hurt too much.” Steve tried to explaining. “Yes, I am new but I have found my mom’s dildo a year ago.” Rick did not need to explain more. Steve took the tube of lube where Ben placed it last time and Rick switch to standing on hand and knees on the bed. Steve made sure his hole was well lubed up, every time Steve slipped a finger in the boy moaned. He could feel that this boy ass was used to have things inside of it. Steve positioned himself behind the boy, in between the legs, lubing himself before he started playing with his 7-inch monster in between the crack of the boy. Steve stopped and placed some pressure on the hole feeling how Rick relaxed the muscles, pushing back on his dick. Steve felt as his head slip in, surprised was a understatement. Here he has a boy that was only done by the not even 4-inch cock of Cody. Rick could read Steve’s mind. “I cleaned myself with the silicone meat injector and use the dildo to ready myself.” Rick said pushing back on Steve. “How did you know?” Steve wondered while felling himself going in deeper. “Internet. Now, please fuck me.” Rick said feeling Steve’s balls touching his butt. Steve said no more and started slowly fucking Rick. With each thrust forward the boy moaned, his pleasure point has never been stimulated like this, a real-life cock feels way better than a stainless-steel hard dildo. Steve thrust became faster and faster and yet again Rick stopped him. “Can I look at you” the boy said while turning over his back. Steve did not say anything but it was strange to play follow the lead, it was a pleasant change. The two of them looked deep into each other’s eyes as Steve entered the boy again, this time the loud moaning began at the same time. Steve was hitting the prostate hard with every thrust he gave, pushing the legs upwards so he can go deeper and deeper. Rick’s knees were now next to his ears on the pillow, Steve moaning very hard as the slapping sound of balls meeting ass was deafening, the bed hitting the wall with each thrust. Rick let go of his orgasm with a loud moan, spraying both him and Steve with his juice, Steve heard nothing, his own orgasm building to a climax, a few more really deep thrusts and he shot load after load, deep into Rick. He let go of Ricks legs and with a thud sound it ended back on the bed, Steve flopping down on the boy. “Wow, that was awesome.” Rick said and Steve struggling to gain his breath. “But please let me breathe.” He pushed Steve from his slightly. Steve laid down next to the boy. “Sorry if that was too hard, did I hurt you?” Steve asked, his breath still racing. “Hurt me?” Rick had a smile “You fucked me so hard that I could feel you in my throat, I loved every second of it.” “I would love to that again.” Steve said. “Me too.” Rick said while standing up, his legs a bit unsteady below him. “Think I must go shower; told Ben I will join them again.” He walked to the door and unlocked it, looking at a spent Steve laying in his own sweat. “You know what Rick?” Steve said while looking at the boy opening the door “Yes, I know, I am gay” Rick walked to the bathroom, opening the water as he got in Steve laid there and could not help as to think he wish Ben and him can have sex like that. He felt his heart slowing down and his breathing returning back to normal, his balls a bit sore after the hard pounding it took against those full, rounded bubble butt of Rick. He just laid there, relaxing for a bit, waiting for Rick to finish up. He heard Rick leaving and decided that he will get up in 5 minutes, falling into a sleep. Ben is having a busy day to say the least, he knows Rick asked if he could be with Steve and he had no problem with it, he was more hoping that the boy’s parents gould get back and took control of Carl. He had his hands full, first it was guiding him from the high diving board, Carl only founded out he hates heights once he was up yalova escort there. Then Carl decided it was a good idea to pee in the pool, turning the water around him bright blue. Eventually he got Carl to sit down long enough so he could catch his breath, the only way to achieve this was buying a ice cream for Carl, with extra topping of chocolate fudge. No one ever told him that Carl would get a sugar rush after a second ice cream. Carl started running, in the pool, out the pool, then around the pool, losing his pants on the other side of the pool. Ben running after him like a boy possessed of some sort, picking up the pants and trying to get Carl’s naked ass back into them. As far as they ran people laughed, either for the naked 5-year-old redhead that shouted he is evil or for the boy running after him, holding pants with out-stretched arms and begging him to get dressed again. Carl ran into the game room, ducking and diving Ben’s hands behind him, then he got on top of a pool table, kicking the balls into the pockets with two 12-year-old boys looking and cursing at him, they were busy with a serious game of who will do the dishes tonight. Just as Ben though he had him now, Carl jumped from the table with a loud scream of just how evil he was and out the door he went, leaving a crowd of people laughing behind him. Ben chased after him, thinking that if he could catch this evil 5 year old, he will take him back to the bungalow and tie him down to a bed till he sleeps. Somewhere in the crowd he lost Carl and had no idea where he went to, he looked everywhere, asking people but no sign of Carl. Panic started setting in. what will he tell Rick, how will he tell Steve that he lost a naked 5-year-old, the thought of telling the parents crossed his mind and that escalated panic even more. He once more checked in and around the pool, but nothing, he sat down there in the middle of the grass next to the pool, tears close of overflowing. “Sorry, boy.” An older lady sat down next to Ben, “Do those shorts perhaps belong to a redheaded boy about this high.” She showed with her one hand the height of Carl “Yes ma’am.” Steve looked up at her “Where can I find him?” He sounded relieved. “I was quite entertained by the two of you, had a good laugh.” She said with a giggle, “He did hide from you and fell asleep under my patio chair.” She pointed to her bungalow; the red hair was the only sign that he was there. “Just remember, never give a young one like that so much ice cream again.” “Thank you, ma’am.” Ben said politely but thinking on why she waited to tell him when he gave up. Ben ran to the sleeping Carl under the porch chair, using words that can’t be ever written down, not even on Nifty. He tried waking up the boy but in vain, he was out cold. So, he picked the boy up and tried getting the shorts on him. Nope a useless exercise. He ended carrying Carl back to the bungalow, head on his shoulder, arms and legs dangling downwards. The walked as fast he could, but having a limp body hanging from him was no easy task, shifting he boy from one hip to the other every 10 steps or so, his arms starting to lose feeling. Right on top of the hill he saw Rick coming from the bungalow and he just stood and waited thinking Rick can carry him the rest of the way. He changed hips just one more time, looking down. “Now that’s all I need, a naked boy on my hip with an erection” He said, looked at Rick “Come fetch your horny little brother.” He told Rick as soon as he was in earshot. “He is not horny, he wants to…” Rick could only look on. Ben felt at first a wet spot against his speedo, thinking that maybe it was the boy drooling on him, then a hot stream of water flowing down his leg. Carl was peeing. Ben just stood there, to shocked at first to do anything. He wanted to put the boy down afterwards but Rick was in range and he just handed him over. Rick wanted to say something, but with a hand gesture from Ben he was silenced. Rick could only giggle as Ben walk towards the bungalow while saying, “The evil little shit.” As he walked, he kept on shaking his right leg. Rick waited till Ben was halfway before he started walking, maybe Ben will be calmed down when he reached the bungalow. Ben stormed in the shower, not bothering to close any doors, stripping naked and in the shower, he scrubbed himself, especially the right side. Rick came in, placing his brother on the couch before he started picking up the discarded clothes of Ben and put it into the washer for a quick wash. He dressed his brother with the shorts that Ben threw down at the door, but wondered on where the shirt was. Ben came from the bathroom laughing not bothering to dry or to cover up. “I always wondered what a golden shower will be like.” Ben started in between fits of laughter “Now I know, they can keep that, thank you.” Rick joined in the laughter. Steve never woke. once. Ben started looking for Steve, finding his cum-smeared body on the bed, fast asleep, he closed the door and looked at the time, 11am. He remembered that Rick said his parents will pick them up round 2, no need to dress for some time still. He offered Rick a soda and sat down at the table. “I see the two of you were at it then?” Ben asked. “Yea, thank you.” Rick looked at him “Don’t you mind sharing your boyfriend?” “Yes and no.” Ben said before adding, ” He likes boys, if I stop him to have sex with other boys he will grow tired of me, and I really really love him, don’t want to lose him over something he can’t help” Rick looked at him, and it took him a few moments to work out what Ben was telling him. Ben could see the gears running in Rick’s head. “Look, I love him enough to know that he has needs that he can’t help. I rather have him doing it with those I know, than him prowling the streets.” Ben said trying to explain in to Rick, “I know how men are and if you don’t take care of their needs they will go look for it at cheap whores like my mother.” Rick could see the pain in his friend’s eyes, with a soft squeeze to the hand he sympathized with him. “I know he loves you very much.” Rick said, “While he was banging the living shits out of me, he kept saying your name over and over, when he cummed he shouted out ‘Ben I love you’ before collapsing on me” “Thank you.” Ben said softly while taking another sip of his soda. “Are all men like that?” Rick asked. “Yes, all the men I know and the ones visiting my mother.” Ben looked at Rick, “Why?” “Because I like men, not boys, just men. I know after today that I am gay.” Rick explained. The two boys sat there as grownups talking, Ben explained to him how he finally founded out he is gay and about his past. Rick told him on how he always was checking out men, till he discovered his mom’s dildo and how he pleased himself in the shower while his mom was at the church ladies meeting. That explained to Ben on why Carl wanted the soap bar in side him. Both boys laughed about it. Cody came in and joined the two at the table after he collected some soda from the fridge “Where is Pete?” Ben asked. “He said he will come in half an hour; he needs a shit badly.” Cody tried summing up that one boy is naked and the other not, “Did you two?” he asked. “No we did not.” Rick said “Look bro, I like what we were doing, but I want to do it when I want and not all the time like you want to, we are friends not boyfriends.” Rick had a stern look in his eyes. “Sorry, sorry.” Cody said not really knowing what happened. “Did I do something wrong?” “No you did not do anything wrong.” Ben started, “Rick likes men and not so much boys, that’s all, just like, mmm, can’t remember his name now.” “Thomas.” Cody reminded him, “But we still did it from time to time” He added. “Yes, and I will still do it from time to time with you as well, just not all the time. Life is more than just sex.” Rick explained. “Fuck, I have joined the grown-up table?” Cody said and all 3 started laughing. While they were having their sodas, both Ben and Rick explained to Cody that even though sex is wonderful and fun, he just had to slow down and enjoy life as a whole. Poor Cody felt as if he is getting a lecture at school again, but what his friends told him made sense and he was willing to listen, up to a point. “You telling me all this while sitting there naked, teasing me with that big cock of yours?” Cody said pointing at Ben’s groin area. “O for fuck sake, Cody. Grow up, you 13 and not 12 anymore.” Ben said walking to get dressed in the room. To Be Continued. Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts, good or bad ail Thank you V. You know why.

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