Subject: Beneath My Protector 2 The following story is fiction and fantasy. This story is a continuing reimagination and new approach of a story I came across many years ago, that I couldn’t seem to find anywhere. If you are familiar with a similar story, I would be so incredibly grateful if you could share it. Having had the honor to serve Alphas and their feet, in the past and hoping to one day serve them again. Though it would be an honor to serve a local Alpha, it would be an honor to hear from Superior Alphas to know their thoughts or to be talked down to and reminded further of my place (fellow fags also welcome to message), just hope to be of use and given purpose by doing their chores, menial task like homework or just being underfoot. Always open to chatting! Please email me at ail Thank you for taking the time to read this story! Disclaimer: The following is an original story of fiction that contains a variety of consensual activities between adults. All characters depicted are above 18 years of age. If any of this content is offensive to you or is illegal to access in your area, please do not proceed. If this offends you, please move on. Please help support the work of Nifty and keep it a free site for all to enjoy. consider donating today. help keep Nifty free and accessible for everyone. ********************** Maybe out of instinct or admiration for my apparent savior, my wandering gaze locked onto the gym bag. “I never thought I would do anything like this, but out of curiosity..” I got up and walked over to it, kneeling down before it, face diving into the bag and the shoes. “Whew…that is ripe” My eyes teared up, but still felt hardening, as intense as this scent was, it was like I could feel his touch on my shoulders again, the warmth and care he has shown me. I couldn’t help but take a few more deeper breaths. *creak-creak-creak* The door began to open and here I was like a deer caught in headlights. ********************** Beneath my Protector Chapter Two — Training: A New Understanding ********************** As the door began to open, I stayed knelt there just staring at the door. “Yo Duncan! A little help bro?” “Sure man, what’s up? And just like that the door closed back up. I took a deep breath of the shoe I was holding, placed it back on the ground and rushed back to where I was sitting. I tried as hard as I could to calm down, it felt like my heart was beating so fast. I picked a point on the wall and next to that point was a picture of Duncan, shirtless. `He looks so incredibly ripped, almost unbelievable that any person could be so symmetrical and beautifully sculpted. It’s almost not fair.’ “He just seems so perfect,” I said aloud, just as the door began to open. “Who does?” as he matched my gaze at the picture. My face heated, it must have been as red as it could be, I sunk my head again. “Haha, no, I can assure you he is far from perfect, he is a bit rough around the edges.” He set down a shirt and some sweats on the coffee table. As I went to grab them, a faint aroma oozed from them, and there it was again stirring in my pants, driving me to want to just press my face against it. I slowly grabbed the clothing, it felt slightly damp. “Yeah, sorry about that boy, I couldn’t find any spare clothing around and didn’t have time to go back to my place to grab you something fresh. Instead I grabbed you my spare workout gear, I did wear it earlier, but I didn’t think you’d mind. If that makes you uncomfortable, you’re free to walk out there with the footprints.” “Yes, that should be fine, thanks and sorry again.” That smirk seems to have become plastered on his face, which made me feel weak but also a little confused. `But he is right, I can’t bring myself to show more and more people these footprints everyone keeps bringing up.’ I stood up and as I was about to start changing, I was reminded of being in the room of such a specimen of a man, his strong glare just focused on me, as he sat down in his office chair. “Go on then, class will start soon.” I stared at the clothing “Are you embarrassed?” My head sunk a little further “We’re both guys, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” `I guess I have to do this’ “Come on boy or would you prefer I dressed you? “No, I can do it.” As I started to take off my shirt. “That’s a good boy. You see, you are a cute boy after all, a preciou..” he stopped in mid-thought and came over, “a precious boy like you shouldn’t have these kinds of marks.” His big hand pressed against my back, “is this from the boys you mentioned from school?” I looked at him questioningly. His hand pressed against my back, the other pressed behind my head, pulling me in. My face tucked into his uniform, face pressed against his bare chest, breathing in nothing but musk and sweat from a long day, the smell of his pits. “Boy, I’m sorry you had to go through that, as long as you’re with me, no one will ever lay a hand on you ever again, not without my say so. They will no longer be allowed to put any gaziantep escort of these bruises on my precious boy. Sure you are a bit shy, but you seem to be obedient, you will allow me to guide you, won’t you boy?” Maybe it was the musk, maybe it was the skin contact, the way he held me, or maybe it was even just the sound of his voice and heartbeat, “mmm-hmm,” as I nodded my head. As he held on firmly, he rested his chin on top of my head, reminding me of how he towered over me, “yes you will, boy,” then his voice got quieter, “and then you will be mine.” I’m not sure what he said, but my body began to heat up, it felt like such a rush, all the times I have always felt offended, inferior, or just less than when someone would call me boy, but this time, this spectacular guy says my boy, it feels almost special. “Okay boy, time to get dressed.” “Okay, I will.” I grabbed the shirt and gingerly put it on. I slowly pulled it down, feeling the dampness, in the expected places, and the smell was even stronger. The shirt dropped all the way down to my lower thigh. “Well doesn’t my precious boy, look so pretty.” I blushed, “doesn’t it look like a dress on me.” “Haha, nah it’s like how girls wear their boyfriend’s clothes, and it looks good on you. You are my boy aren’t you?” I nodded, “would it be alright if I kept my jeans on? Just that I think these sweats are incredibly big and I worry they’ll drop. “Sure boy, that’s fine…for now,” patting me on the cheek. Then wrapping an arm around my shoulder, bringing me out to the hall. There were countless stares from the group of guys waiting for the class to begin, “boy, you can sit right there and watch the class, after all one of these days you’ll be joining in,,” as he pointed to a part of the wall. I sat myself down, on the ground, leaned against the wall, breathing in the slightly fresh musk from the shirt that was used to work out in. Even though he was across the room, it just felt like he was right next to me. His voice carries throughout the hall, it was like I can feel the vibration of his voice to every inch of my being. He demonstrated some blocks, attacks with his hands, and some self defense. Then came the foot work and kicks. He asked for another volunteer, for every other instance, they were quick to volunteer, `why isn’t anyone volunteering?’ I felt his gaze over me while he waited for someone. Eventually someone volunteered and he was made to stand still. So there was Duncan, right in front of an athletically inclined guy who was standing almost as tall as him. It all happened so fast, but it was like his body twisted, his leg and foot raised up further to the level of the guy’s head. Then it snapped back and there came the heel, pressing against the guy’s face. I believe he said, it was called a hook kick or something like that. Definitely did look like a hook. But while his huge foot was pressed there and holding its place like it was only natural for it to be there, he had a smirk and was holding eye contact with me from across the way, yet all I could think was how powerful this man was. I pressed a hand to my face, reminded of the foot that was pressed on my face just earlier today, but my imagination replaced the man in my memory with Duncan. The rest of the class continued with everyone practicing the moves that were demonstrated. Noticing the bare feet around me and the relatively attractive group of men that were building up a sweat. `I dont think I’m going to be able to do this, if my mind is getting distracted.’ The class wrapped up and people were going through small talk. Duncan was busy talking to people, as I stared at him, two towering beastly men moved closer to my little area. The guy who got forced into volunteering for the kick demo earlier and another guy were now really close to me. “Chase, man don’t you ever wash your feet, your feet are ripe, and it makes kick practice unbearable.” “Haha, mate, I do, I can’t help that my feet get sweaty and they work hard,” in that moment, he kicked his foot up to the sky and rested his heel on the other guy’s shoulder. “Dude, get off!” trying to push his leg off. “Just let me stretch man,” `Wheww, the guy isn’t joking, this guy’s feet really does have an aggressive scent, attacking my senses.’ The other guy, Brett, finally has a successful attempt at pushing off his leg from his shoulder, but I guess he needed to stretch too, I don’t know if they just don’t see me or what, but he does a near standing split foot pressed against the wall, to my left. The other matches the move to my right. I am fully overwhelmed by the aroma coming from their crotches as they are in my line of sight, so I lower my gaze. Trying my best to be as quiet as possible so as not to attract attention. Brett brought his leg down, turned around standing ready to head to the lockers. Chase looked over his shoulder, out of curiosity, I looked over that direction as Duncan was right there with his back turned to us. As Chase watched Brett, walk away, without suriyeli escort looking down, he brought his foot down, landing on my head and the sole brushing against the side of my face leaving a new trail of sweat. But before he could start walking away, a hand appeared on his shoulder, “hey Chasey, good job being the example earlier, hows about you volunteer again for kick demos next class, huh,” playfully slapping his face, before pushing him away to head to the lockers. It was just us two in this corner, me now seated crossed legged. “Um, thanks.” As his foot rested on my thigh, “we are going to talk, what did I tell you earlier?” “I’m not sure what you mean?” “I said we will get you to the point to learn to help yourself.” I started trying to get up, but his foot went firm, leaving a damp mark on my jeans from his sweaty foot. “You didn’t bother to do anything and I don’t know if didnt know how to get out of the situation with Brett and Chase or if you welcomed it. It must have been rough though, they hardly ever wash their gear and you were up close. Then again I know I reek right about now. But boy, don’t you worry about these guys, they’re good guys. It’s just that Chase always feels the need to make sure everyone gets his foot when he has to be part of the demonstration.” His hand rested on the top of my head, “but I’m not too sure, I’m okay with someone marking you with their scent,” pulling my head to his thigh and leaned against him. The snake I saw earlier was mere inches from my face and this musk was so much stronger than from his gear bag. My eyes started misting from the odor, as he rubbed my head, my head got closer to his head until my nose made contact and he left me there. “Hey boss.” A latin guy, almost as tall as Duncan, came over, not paying any mind to the guy with a foot on his leg, a hand on his head, and his nose resting on his boss’ member. “What’s up Alejandro?” “Just wanted to check if you needed anything, I’m about to head out like we talked about. Sorry can’t help with the cleaning but I have an early class tomorrow.” “Nah I think we’ll be good,” patting me on the head. Only then did he look down, a grin growing on his face. “Sounds good boss. Well you guys have a good night,” he looked down once more before turning around. “Later” “So boy, that was the last class of the day, while we wait for people to clear out, what did you think of the class?” “It was very active, looks a bit hard and very challenging, b-bo.., I don’t know if I will be able to.” “Haha, don’t you worry boy, we’ll start you off slow. But you did good boy, you were paying close attention.” “I guess so, but everyone just towers like skyscrapers, S-s…” He bursts out into laughter, “yeah, I guess most of them are in this class, don’t worry other classes aren’t like this. But this class is the one I had in mind for you, it gives a lot of the foundation skills I’d like for you to have. Don’t let their height intimidate you. I’m only 6’4″ does my height make you uncomfortable?” Nodding my head no subconsciously, causing me to inadvertently rub his rod with my nose when I felt a twitch against my face. “Good boy. You should be comfortable around me, just put your trust in me and Boss Duncan will make sure you’re always safe and taken cared of.” We watched the last of the guys head out. He locked the door and came back my way, “okay boy, you’re gonna roll up some of these mats and tuck them over there. When you see wet marks, go ahead and use this matt spray and towel. Pick up any left out towels around the hall and locker room, then go ahead and toss them in the wash. Lastly, grab the glass cleaner over on the front counter and wipe down the windows and mirrors. I’m going to get some paperwork done, so when you’re done, let yourself into my office.” With that he patted my head and left. I sniffed at the shirt, thinking, normally if anyone asked me to do all this, I’d timidly say no or some sort of excuse. But the fact that he just said it so commandingly and the odor coming from his shirt just making me feel like he is right there watching. I ended up getting right to work. Working as diligently as possible. There were some drying up sole imprints on the mat, seeing that this was where Duncan was standing during his demo, out of instinct, I sniffed that footprint and kissed it. As I got to cleaning that mark off, I ended up licking my lips, just now noticing the saltiness and a slight tang to it. I did my best to make sure that all the cleaning was exceeding any expectation that everything had an imaginary sparkle. I stood next to his office door, wondering what was going on with me. But I took a deep breath, knocked on the door and walked in as instructed. “Umm i have finished the work, Si..” bowing my head. “That’s a good boy, I’m sure you did well, I can double check later. But for now come over here,” his finger ordering me to come. I stood next to him in his chair, noticing the stacks of paperwork that he was rus escort doing, which were too above my frame of reference. “Have a seat boy.” As there was no seat, instinctively found myself kneeling down before him. His hand rested on my head, rubbing it as you would a dog. Then pulling my head towards his leg. “I’m almost done and then we can head up. But in the meantime, go ahead and rest your head on my leg,” as he laid my head on his thigh and growing member. Patting my cheek occasionally, no words were said, then he rested his forearm over the side of my face as he was writing something. I couldn’t bring myself to move so as not to disturb him or break his concentration. As it was starting to get uncomfortable, feeling that strong arm resting on me and a slithering twitch on the other side of my face, his arm finally raised and I heard the sound of paper being collected together. He looked down at me, the grin reappearing, his hand gripping my chin turning it so that I was staring up at him, contorting my body. “I know it’s uncomfortable, but you are such a good boy to allow yourself to be molded by me.” He was absolutely right, it was considerably uncomfortable, but seeing that pearly white smile and those glistening eyes, every breath being reminded of his sheer power and masculinity, comforted me. He then bent over, kissing me. I was left with shock, but felt him turning a gentle kiss to more and more power. His tongue wrestled with mine, dominating my mouth, his tongue gliding around feeling my teeth. As he started to pull away a glob of spit was filtering from his mouth into mine. A sweet, saltiness coating my tongue and sliding down my throat. “That’s my boy!” He looked so pleased and I couldn’t help but look up at him with what felt like a confused look. Yet still comforted by the feeling of having made such a superior man happy. He tapped my face, “now get up, boy.” I slowly brought myself upward, but before I could get up from my kneeling position, a hand firmly held my shoulder, “boy before you do, go grab my slip ons beneath the desk and put them on me.” Crawling under the desk a wall of foot sweat hit me like a brick. Inadvertently, coughing as it took my breath. A foot firmly pressed against my back, holding me in place preventing me from getting out. Without any hesitation, I just continued to breathe in deeply. When his foot disappeared, I crawled back out and put his shoes on. “Good job! How’d you like it in there? It could be your hiding place in the future when you need to get away.” I looked away and then back down to my feet, wondering do I put shoes on, now? “No worries, no need to answer, I’m sure you’ll feel fully comfortable soon enough,” grinning. He stood up and in one swoop, he picked me up and slumped me over his shoulder, “haha, boy are you light, this might be a good workout,” patting me on the ass. He walked out of the office. Feeling like a towel draped over his shoulder. He stopped taking a look over the hall and the lockers. *Slap* `Oh no’ *Slap* `Did I do’ *Slap* `That badly?’ “Good work out there, boy. I knew you could do it, maybe that could be one of your responsibilities,” feeling his strong shoulder pressing into my lower stomach. Up some stairs, I heard the sound of keys followed by the door opening. The sound of his shoes being kicked off and slamming against the wall. Walking through a hallway and up another flight of stairs, then being tossed onto the bed. Not knowing what to do, I sat there and just stared at the god of a man and how his lights were hitting his beautifully tanned skin. Looking around slightly, it was a considerably large room, high windows, and a two paned door that appeared to lead out to a balcony. When I looked back at him, he had begun removing his uniform, leaving only his boxers on, the shape beneath the fabric ever so clear. Watching every muscle slightly flex as he stripped down and stretched. As my breath got deeper, his scent came targeting my senses. “Normally I’d shower before bed, but it’s been a long day, and I’m about ready to knock out. Besides something tells me that you might like this, if not its a great way of getting to know each other huh.” As he finished saying that, he came over, he grabbed my ankles, pulling at them. Losing balance, I fell over laying on my back, and then my jeans came off with one solid pull. “So cute, seeing my shirt on you and how large it is compared to you, it’s almost dress-like,” smirking, “go and get under the covers.” The moment my skin felt the cool silky fabric covering his bed, I slightly shivered, “is my boy cold,” climbing into bed himself. “I’ll keep you warm, for tonight you’ll be my little spoon.” Pushing me to face the other way and pulling me, pressed against his muscular body. His breath, on my neck. His arm holding me tight. “Good night boy.” “Good night, Sir,” before I could realize it, the word had slipped right on out, and with that he pulled me in as tight as he could and a hard rod slithered between my cheeks. “Mmmm, that’s a good boy.” ___________________ P.S. Still rather new to writing, feel free to send any feedback, good, bad, neutral. Is it too much detail? Though thanks for reading this and as always please keep in mind your donations help keep this site running 🙂

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