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Chapter Thirteen  


Sweet Dreams


We hadn”t planned where to stay in Paris. Robbie found another St. Christopher”s Hostel on google and checked on availability. Due to a cancellation, they had a four-bed room available. We booked it sight-unseen. Now we just had to find the place; it said it was on the canal, Rue de Crim�e. We pulled it up on the phone and the directions said it was 2.2km (about a mile and a half) so we took off on foot. This one was way nicer than the one where we”d stayed in London with the exception of it had no ensuite bathroom. Also, we got discounts at the Belushi”s bar on the canal. We checked in and put our gear away and headed back out. We wanted to make the most of it since we only had a room for tonight and tomorrow night. We made our way to the Laumi�re metro station and began our winding trip to the Eiffel tower. Robbie, try as he might, was striking out with the Parisian girls. He just wasn”t impressive to them and he was getting very frustrated. Once we made it to the tower, we paid the student rate and climbed the stairs to the second floor and took in the view. Afterward, we took another hike to the Arc de Triomphe; due the price we satisfied ourselves with looking around the outside.

It was getting late in the afternoon and we still hadn”t eaten and we also had to find our way back to our hostel so we set out in search of food first. A quick search on the internet sent us to a place called Monte Carlo. It was kind of a buffet style restaurant and the prices were decent for Europe. At one of the food counters, Robbie spotted another target and tried to chat her up. She feigned not being able to speak English and sent him on his way. I couldn”t help but somewhat feel bad for him � no, not really, but it was fascinating to see that even though he thought he was hot shit it just didn”t work for him here. So, we ended up in the strange situation of our entire foursome going back to the hostel together for once.

Back `home”, I remembered we got a drink discount at the bar downstairs so we stopped in before heading to the room. Our cheapest option was a bottle of wine for �12, so we got that and a coke for JJ but I let him sip out of my glass on the sly so he wouldn”t be left out. By the time the bottle was done, so were we. We headed up and stopped off in the bathroom before bed; how funny to see urinals shaped like open mouths. We took care of business and went on to the room. Sleeping was pretty much like the last place, two sets of bunk beds. We took virtually the same places as last time; I was above James and JJ was over Robbie. After the wine it didn”t take us long and we were out for the night.

The next morning, we had the excitement of waiting to get in the showers and standing in line for brushing teeth and such. We had gotten up at a decent time, around 7:00 but by the time we were done with our hygiene it was getting into brunch time. Rather than eat a meal, we grabbed a pastry and moved on. Today”s plan was the Louvre; a place that even jaded Robbie was kind of excited to get to. Under 18 get in free, so JJ”s youth was actually a benefit for us for once. Our entry time was 12:00, so we only had about 5.5 hours; the museum closed at 6 but they said some of the rooms would begin closing around 17:30. Of course, the first place we headed was the Mona Lisa which turned out to be hard to get to due to the thousands of beautiful things between the entrance and the room in which she resided. The Caryatids, Venus de Milo, The Grand Galerie with hundreds of paintings we”d only seen on the internet; a virtual catalogue of the Italian renaissance. Then finally, there it was � the portrait of Lisa Gherardini, the Mona Lisa. Some art historians suspected it to be a self-portrait of Leonardo as a woman. We looked at it from all angles, took selfies and, after a while, we moved on. Next up was the marble statuary gallery; it was as impressive as the Mona Lisa or maybe more. Just as we were entering the pyramid, the announcement went out that the museum would be closing in 15 minutes. I looked at my phone in shock; it seemed like only a few minutes since we”d come in and we had only scratched the surface. It would take days to see all of it, days we didn”t have.

As we walked out, I realized that other than a pastry this morning, we”d not eaten all day. We looked around for a caf� and we spotted a food wagon with a man making sandwiches mezitli escort to order. We all got sandwiches and a drink and sat by a fountain to eat. Afterwards, we went back to our hostel and hit the bar again, another bottle of wine and a view of the lights of Paris twinkling on the water of the canal. After a long discussion, we decided to go toward Venice when we left in the morning. We all went up to bed and pulled the curtains on our pods. Just before I drifted off, I could hear familiar noises being made across the room, I couldn”t tell if it was JJ or Robbie but somebody was squeezing a load out.

James and I woke up early, around 5am, and took advantage of an empty bathroom to get our showers done. When we got back to the room, we woke the other two up and they stumbled out to get ready too. We packed up, checked out and said our goodbyes to Paris. We boarded our train (courtesy of the Ballards) and left for Interlaken, Switzerland. We”d decided to see a little of the Alps before heading to Venice. We boarded the train at 8:30 and got to Interlaken a little after 2pm. The hostels here were as expensive as Paris. We”d found a less expensive one called Happy Inn Lodge, but the reviews didn”t look too promising so we decided on a mid-range place � Balmers Hostel; it had better reviews. We were only staying for the night here, there really wasn”t that much to do. We had dinner at a Swiss bierhaus and then we went out and toured the town until around 10pm or so. We decided to head back to the hostel as our next leg of the journey began at 10:40 tomorrow morning with a nearly 9-hour bus ride. Unlike the other places we”d stayed all four beds here were on the floor, so James and I pushed ours together and made a big bed we could cuddle in all night. That had its good and bad points; I loved being able to lay with my lover, but it was hard to sleep with my erection nestled between his cheeks and being unable to do anything else due to company in the room.

In the morning, James and I woke up majorly early so we decided to take a run since we were both getting lazy. After a circuit through the town getting us both hot and sweaty, we went back and shared a shower and managed to make it last long enough to jack each other off. Back in the room, Robbie was excited.

“I just talked to mom and dad” he said.

“Okay?” James said.

“Do you remember those friends of theirs from New York, Dan and Janet Revis?” he asked.

“Yeah, I think so. Isn”t he the guy who had the Bentley?” James asked.

“Yeah, that”s them. Anyway, I told dad we were headed to Venice, and he said to let him make a call and he”d call me right back” he said, “Then he called back and said the Revises were going to let us crash at their condo in Venice!”

“Did they say where it is? In Venice, I mean…” James asked.

“Close to the Piazza San Marco is all dad knew. Mr. Revis is supposed to text me later with details” Robbie said.

Robbie and JJ went to get a shower and we got packed up and trudged to the bus station to catch our ride to Venice. We sat and watched the alpine scenery as we went down the road. The first rest break came about 3 hours into the trip. We jumped off and used the bathroom and found a place to get a quick bite to eat. After lunch we got back on the bus and it didn”t take long for us to be asleep. At some point between the first break and the second, Robbie had received the text from Mr. Revis, so we were set as soon as we could get into Venice.

It was right at 8pm when we finally got off the bus. Mr. Revis had arranged for the key to be left with the property manager. We just had to drop by and pick it up. We had the place until Thursday, we had to check out Friday morning. I don”t know exactly what we were expecting, but this place was gorgeous! We were on the top floor of a three-story building with balconies looking over a canal and, maybe best of all, it was three bedrooms! Privacy! We couldn”t tell much about the surroundings by night. We were all so exhausted from the full day bus ride we found a caf� and got dinner, then went back and crashed. When I came out of the bathroom after brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, James was standing bare-assed naked in the Juliet balcony of our bedroom. I tiptoed up behind him and grinded my semi-hard cock into his ass crack causing him to grab the railing. He turned his head back to me and we shared a kiss while looking at the sparking highlights of light dancing on the water of the canal below. James kind of bent a little and it caused his cheeks to part just enough that my dick settled right across his pucker, which in turn caused Little Teddy to try his best to stand straight up even though he was caught in a fiery hot crevice. I gave him the one finger `hold on a minute” sign and walked over to rummage in my backpack for the lube.

I went back to him and dropped to my knees, burying my face between his cheeks and my tongue darted into his ass. I could feel him will himself to open up. His hole pozcu escort expanded and took in more of my tongue. I added a finger and tugged on the rim a little: James let out a kind of sighing moan. I added another finger; now I had both index fingers pulling and stretching his hole. It hardly seemed to need any extra warm-up. James dropped his head and in a raspy whisper said “Just fuck me already!”

I stood up and started feeding my dick into him, he was so primed it went in with no problem whatsoever. He gripped the rail as I railed his ass; we were both entranced by the scenery outside the window. I just happened to look up and across the canal I could see a man standing on the balcony opposite ours. I knew it was a man because he was slowly jacking his cock while watching us. There was just enough light to see his frantic tugging as I pounded James”s ass. I bent over and pointed it out to James, who started putting on a show. He pushed back on me and made little animal sounds and we watched as the man”s arm went into overdrive. James was pushing back toward me as if trying to get more of me into him, so I countered by slam-fucking him as hard as I could; sending slapping noises across the canal to the voyeur who finally lost it and started shooting gobs of cum into the canal below. That triggered me and I popped, filling up James” ass. He suddenly stood up causing me to fall out and then jerked his own load into the water three stories down. He turned around and we kissed before closing the window and crawling into the bed where we fell asleep in each other”s arms.

We woke up famished. I did a quick search on the phone and located a place called Rosa Salva somewhat nearby that had good reviews on their breakfast. JJ was still snoring and Robbie was in the kitchen; he”d discovered an espresso machine and was busy getting caffeinated. We told him our plan for breakfast and he was all-in, so I went and woke poor JJ up and insisted that he get dressed so we could go eat. I couldn”t help but notice the crusty sock laying by the bed; apparently, we weren”t the only ones turned on by Venice.

The waitress at Rosa Salva was early twenties and had a pretty face and a few `outstanding features”; immediately, James was on his game.

“You have the most beautiful brown eyes” he cooed at her. She kind of blushed a little which only encouraged him.

“What time do you get off work?” he asked.

“I leave after I help get the dishes clean for the lunch crowd” she told him, followed by “my name is Nina, by the way.”

“Robbie” he said with that honey-dripping smile he had. I could tell we were about to be the three musketeers again today.

We had four days, so we decided to just play it by ear and get lost in Venice. (Well, kinda, we had a map.) As I figured, Robbie hung with us until about 11:30, then he headed back to the caf�. We started walking through the tight streets, between hundreds-of-years-old buildings, winding our way by shops, small courtyards, churches and finally everything suddenly opened up into a giant open space; the Piazza San Marco. We followed the signs and bought our tickets, then went to stand in the long line.

Even while standing the line, we were able to admire the beautiful mosaics over the arches; the Last Judgement with Christ sitting on his throne, the transportation of San Marco, finally we began to enter the basilica itself and it was as if the entire world turned to gold. There was truly a feeling of the divine here, we walked quietly and I spied the church workers walking outside the tourist area; busily going about their daily duties. We paid a small fee and went to the Loggia dei Cavalli, the balcony where the four (replica) horses reside. From here you can see out across the piazza to the lagoon.

“We”ve got to go up there” JJ said, pointing at the Campanile; St. Mark”s bell tower. As soon as we left the cathedral, we started across the plaza to get tickets for the bell tower. We were about to go in, when we ran into Robbie and Nina coming out.

“Everything good with you guys?” he asked.

“Yeah, all good here” James told him.

“Cool” Robbie said taking Nina”s hand and heading toward the cathedral. I guess as much as he liked the pussy, he still wanted to see Venice.

From the tower you could see the rooftops of Venice, it was a beautiful view. By now, it was getting on toward lunch time and we went back down and into the piazza. James”s phone dinged and it was a text from Robbie telling us to wait for them to meet us because Nina knew a good place for lunch. We waited around in front of the tower for about 20 minutes. We were about to leave when they finally showed up. When Robbie had texted, they were only about halfway through their tour. He could have told us that.

Our little group followed Nina through some really off-the-beaten-path paths and came to a pretty modern place called Rossopomodoro. Nina had a friend who worked there and she got us our food at half-price. We got two pizzas; escort bayan one called Vesuvio with ricotta, mozzarella, Neopolitan salami and tomato sauce, and the other was called Cafuncella, apparently Nina”s favorite, it had smoked provolone, bacon, baked potatoes and basil. When they food came out, we ate like a school of piranhas.

After lunch, Nina insisted that we come over to her house, technically her parent”s house. I could tell her and Robbie were scheming but not sure about what. When we got there, she introduced us to her parents, their English was almost as good as hers. She asked them where Andrea was. Mama Natalia went over and called up the stairs for Andrea. In a minute, this slightly younger version of Nina came down the stairs. I watched JJ”s eyes as he took it all in. Nina asked her sister if she would like to join us, she wanted us all to go out with her and meet her friends. Andrea said she just had to change clothes.

“Are your pants getting tight?” I whispered in JJ”s ear. He turned red and told me to mind my own business.

“What”s wrong?” Nina asked when she saw the transaction between us.

“Nothing!” we answered in unison.

We headed out again through the winding streets and ended up at the Rialto bridge. It was like a combination bridge and shopping mall. On the far side she ducked into a coffee shop; there were a bunch of young people sitting at a couple of the tables in the back. Once again, due to friends, our drinks were half-priced. James and I left the socializing to the brothers and we took a two-top in the corner. I couldn”t help but keep an eye on JJ, who now had Andrea sitting on his lap since there was only one seat available. It didn”t seem to be hurting his feelings any.

We had a latte and went back and cruised around the Rialto for a while. I was getting weary, I can”t take crowds for long periods of time, so James and I bowed out and I asked Robbie to keep an eye on JJ for me. He said sure. James and I walked back through the dark streets trying to remember which way we needed to go. It took about an hour and a half but we finally made it back. What surprised me was the lights were on. That meant that Robbie and JJ had already come back. We went in and up the stairs and heard some serious moaning going on. Robbie”s door was open and he and Nina were in very nearly the same pose that James and I had been in last night. Out of courtesy, James quietly pulled the door closed. That left JJ. Although I still thought of JJ as my little brother, he was only two years younger than me. I should have seen it coming when we passed his door and heard the slapping of the headboard against the wall and a quiet `uh uh uh” from whom I assumed was Andrea. His door was closed and we left it that way.

Not to be left out, we went to our bedroom and I quickly got undressed and climbed on the bed on my knees. I was clear on what I wanted tonight. It didn”t take James long to figure it out and in seconds he was naked and had his face in my ass. I wanted it rough tonight. I turned my head and said “Just fuck me!” He squirted some lube on my hole and slammed in, knocking the breath out of me. My aching hole spasmed around his invader. He asked if I was okay. Once again, I said a little louder, “Fuck me, damn it!” This time he took me at my word and began an assault on my poor ass. I wiggled around until I had him hitting my prostate on every stroke. I felt like I was about to have some kind of fit, my whole body was vibrating. I looked around and found my tee shirt from yesterday and grabbed it and put it under me just in time as I emptied every drop of cum I had in my body onto it before collapsing making James pop out of my ass and shoot his massive load right up my spine. He lost his balance and fell on top of me and we were both covered in sticky cum. I had on both sides. He got off me and pulled me up and led me into the bathroom to wash away the evidence of our debauchery.

We threw on some shorts and went back downstairs to the kitchen where we were joined by four other disheveled but very satisfied looking people. The only thing we had here was a bottle of wine we”d picked up last night. I rummaged around and found a variety of mixed types of glasses and we split the wine. Andrea got up to use the bathroom and I almost laughed out loud when I saw the dried cum just above her pants line on her back. Kinky little brother must have taken her from behind; apparently he pulled out. Maybe I need to find some place to get him some condoms. We finished off the wine and the girls said it was late and they needed to get home before they got in trouble. Nina kissed Robbie, and JJ tried to get his tongue all the way down Andrea”s throat (well, not really, but he was pretty aggressive). After they left, I looked at JJ and he raised an eyebrow. I lost it and guffawed until I snorted.

“You two aren”t going to be the only ones getting laid this trip!” he said.

“You two probably need a shower as much and me and James did earlier” I said laughing.

Robbie raised his arm and took a whiff and made a face. What was funnier was when JJ smelled his fingers and made his own face. The two went off to get their showers and we cleaned up and went to bed.


Lambodara ail

Venezia � per gli innamorati!



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