We called her Bertha. Her name was Denise. There were 3 reasons we called her Bertha.

One, she had huge boobs. Knowing what I know now about boobs hers were GGs. Two, she had a large frame. Three, Denise was not blessed with a small waist. Knowing her she tried all sorts of diets. She did not drop weight or trim the figure.

Additonally, she was plain. Not ugly, not homely, just plain. She stood 5′ 8″, had a pleasant personality and a nice smile. That was Bertha. The bummer was her mom had a MILF quality face.

She did not like being called Bertha for obvious reasons, so us guys refrained from doing so in her presence.

In the Spring semester our senior year, just after our 18th birthday, a regional band contest was held at our high school. Our band played at noon. After that we were free for the day.

After the performance, I was heading out to my car. Bertha caught up with me.

“Hey Mike, do you want to come over to my house. We can hang around, watch TV, listen to music, whatever.”

“I don’t know.”

“My dad is at work, my little brother is at his Catholic high school. Only my mom will be there.”

Our mom’s were friends.

She added “My Mom won’t mind if we have a drink or two. I know she will keep it hush-hush with your mom. She’s cool about that.”

“Ok.” I replied.

We left for her place.

Bertha’s grandfather was CEO of the regional electric utility. Her dad was a VP at the utility. Their house was a 2,600 square foot ranch, modest for the kind of dough they had.

She opened the two-car garage door. One car was there. She parked in the empty spot. I parked in the driveway.

I went to the front door. Bertha was waiting to let me in.

Walking in I noticed her mom as not there.

Bertha spoke first. “I’m going to change out of this dress.” The band concert uniform for girls was a formal black dress. For girls not wanting to wear a formal dress and guys the school provided a black jacket, pants and bow tie. You had to come up with a white dress shirt to complete the outfit.

“Help bursa escort yourself to the refrigerator.”

Bertha disappeared into the house. I went to the refrigerator and grabbed a Coke.

A bottle opener was next to the refrigerator. I popped open the Coke and wandered around the living room.

After a couple of minutes, she returned to the living room while I was messing with the TV.

“What to try these out.” I heard her say.

I turned around.

There Berthe stood naked, with her hands holding up her enormous boobs. She had a hairy bush too.

My jaw fell. I must have blushed. My face felt warm. My cock got hard.

“I lied to you. My folks are at a conference in San Francisco. My brother’s school doesn’t get out until 3. We have 2 hours all to ourselves.”

My cock got harder.

“Come along.” She gestured me to follow her. I did so.

Along the way I took off my jacket.

I followed her into her room. She had a queen size bed. Lots of room for this afternoon’s tryst.

“Let me take your jacket. Go ahead and take off your clothes.” I obliged.

I fumbled around trying to take off my clothes as quickly as possible.

Midway through disrobing Bertha said “You’ve not done this before.”

“No, I have not.” I replied.

“Don’t worry. I’ll turn you into a great lover before the afternoon is over.”

I could not wait.

“First take this slow. Guys are always in a hurry. Girls like to take things slow. If you go too fast, I’ll tell you to slowdown. Deal?”

“Deal.” I said.

“Come her and give me a kiss. Remember, take it slow.”

We approached each other and began with a gentle kiss. The kissing became more intense. My hands moved down her back and grabbed her large butt cheeks.

Bertha broke off the kiss

“I want you to take your tongue and move slowly down my neck and circle your tongue around my left boob.”

I followed her instruction. When I got to her left boob my tongue circled her areola and nipple. Her areola was enormous too, 3 inches in diameter. escort bayan She started to moan softly. Both my hands cupped her left boob. The boob was so large my hands could not cover it. I started sucking her left nipple. Bertha’s moaning increased.

She said “Suck my right nipple. Have your right index finger gently flick my left nipple.”

Her moaning increased.

She then said “My hand is going to direct your right hand to my clit. The clit is like a button. Gently rub your index finger over my clit.”

Once on the clit her moaning increased more.

She took two steps away from me.

“I’m going to get on my knees and suck your cock twice. Tighten your gut. I want you to come in my slit, not in my mouth.”

She put my cock in her mouth and bounced up and down on it twice. My cock felt enormous. I never felt it could get that large.

Bertha stopped sucking my cock. She stood up.

“I’m going to sit on the edge of my bed. Get on your knees and lick my slit like an ice cream cone. I want you to get me wet so we can screw. A pussy has to be wet for a girl to screw in comfort.”

I started to lick her slit. Her bush hair got in the way, but it did not stop me. I took the initiative to lick her clit too. She liked that. Her moaning got a lot louder. Bertha leaned back on the bed braced by her hands. I could taste the sour wetness dripping from her slit.

“Now we’re ready, but first grab a rubber from the night stand. I love to fuck, but I don’t want to get pregnant and I don’t want a social disease either giving or receiving.”

I tried to put the rubber on a fast as I could. I fumbled around. Finally, I got it out of the wrapping and slid it up my cock, taking it to the base. It felt snug on my love muscle.

Bertha laid her head on a pillow below the headboard. A smile came on her face.

“Get up here and let’s make love.”

I crawled up on the bed like a spider.

My cock slid into her wet slit. It felt snug, not tight.

I went up and down on her. The fourth time I exploded in bursa escort the rubber. After four gushes my cum started to dribble out of my cock. I remained firm. I kept at it. Eventually Bertha came four times. I rolled off to her right.

“Wow, that was great!” I exclaimed.

“Let me take that off. Stand up.”

I dutifully got off the bed.

Bertha tugged the rubber off my cock, hardly spilling a drop of cum, went to her toilet and flushed.

She resumed her position on the bed.

“Come here and put you cock between my boobs.”

I hopped on the bed, sat on her mid-section and laid my cock between her massive boobs.

“Push my boobs around your cock and move back and forth, but don’t cum.”

I did so. My cock practically disappeared amongst her boobs. The back and forth sensation felt great. I sucked in my gut to keep from cuming.

“Hop off the bed. I’m gonna suck you dry.”

I did and she did. Bertha went at it vigorously. What her mouth did not cover her right hand massaged and squeezed. I came weakly 3 times. She sucked me dry.

Bertha looked at a clock on the night stand. “We’ve got one more thing to try before my brother gets out of school. Ever heard of the 69 position?”

“Yes.” I saw a picture in Playboy magazine.

“Get up here with your cock above my mouth and your mouth above my pussy. Lick my slit and clit.”

I still had enough to stay erect. I did not embarrass myself by going soft. I grabbed her butt cheeks with my hands. I licked and sucked her clit and slit.

We went at it a few minutes. I did not cum, but she did a couple of times.

After she came, I rolled to her left side.

“That’s enough for today. My brother will be getting home soon.”

We dressed in silence.

“I’m not looking for a boyfriend, but if you come with creative ideas let me know and we will see about another time, just you and me. Everything except for 69 was basic.”

“Understood,” I replied.

We walked hand in hand to the front door.

“It has been an unforgettable afternoon.” I said.

Bertha replied “It’s been fun. You’re pretty good for the first time.”

She gave me a wink and a kiss on the cheek.

I headed home not quite believing all that happened.

But it was real. I never forgot my first time with Bertha.

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