Big Step for Roommate’s Dad

Double Penetration

Big Step for Roommate’s DadBig Step for Roommate’s DadDevin, my college roommate, and his family invited me on a weekend trip to Six Flags Over Texas. We arrived on Friday night and checked into a hotel; Don and Betty in a room; Devin, Cindy, and I each had our own rooms.On Saturday, we arrived at Six Flags before they opened and waited in line. One of the first rides we chose was a roller coaster with a water feature. As Don came off the ride, his wet shirt clung to his tight, hairy body. I could barely take my eyes off of him! We pretty much stayed together as a group, shopping and eating and riding together. I relished following Don around the park and gazing at his bubble butt in his snug OP corduroy shorts, watching the muscles in his legs work as he walked, and enjoying the sight of the hair rambling down his arms and peeking out of the top and arms of his tank top. I had a semi most of the day, but managed to keep from sprouting a full on erection. We did not leave until after sundown.Sunday afternoon, Betty and Cindy wanted to go shopping, and Devin went along, too. As soon as they had left, Don was knocking on my door. After watching him all day at Six Flags, I was horny as hell for him.”Holy shit,” he said as he entered my room, ‘you got a helluva lot of sun. Looks painful.””Yea,” I replied, “it’s burning a little.” My neck, arms, and legs were lobster red.”You have any lotion?” he asked. “You need to get something on that.”I went to my bag and pulled out a bottle of lotion. As I handed it to him, I said, “I was hoping to use this for something else…””Oh, we will,” he grinned, “but let’s get some on that burn first.”Don guided me to the bed and directed to lay down on my back. He then applied the lotion to my arms, the fronts of my legs and neck, and to my face. Then, he gingerly rolled me on to my stomach and coated my neck and legs. As he rubbed the lotion into my legs, he would blow cool air onto my excited hole, making it wink at him.After my legs were coated, he began to run his fingers up and down the crack of my ass and around my hole. Occasionally, he would let his fingers trail across my taint, slightly grazing my ball sack. I quietly moaned şişli escort at his electrifying touch.Silently, he played with my ass and hole. Then, he used both hands to spread checks, exposing my hole. He leaned in and blew on my ass hole, again, causing it to spasm and wink. He did this several times. Suddenly, he bent further and firmly licked from my taint to the top of my crack.”Oh, fuck,” I moaned, surprised. I had not expected that! He had never gone this far before.He quickly returned to my taint, repeating the action. For several minutes, he continued to lick my ass, driving me wild and making me even hornier. He sat up, spread my cheeks even further, and then planted his tongue squarely on my hole. He soaked my hole with spit and spread it with his firm tongue. Then, he pushed his tongue into my asshole.”Oh my gawd; oh, fuck,” I groaned.”Mmmmm,” he responded, his tongue still fucking my ass. He continued to tongue fuck my hole as I moaned and squirmed beneath him. After quite a while of rimming, he removed his tongue and quickly slid a finger into me.”Yes,” I hissed. “Yes.”Again, he responded, “Mmmmm.”After a few thrusts, he added another finger, then another.He had never done anything like all of this, and it was making so hot! I wanted him in me so badly.”Fuck me, Don,” I begged. “Please, I want you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me.”Gingerly, he pulled his fingers from my hole. He adjusted himself on the bed, bringing his cock to my ass. He placed the head of his dick at my hole and teased me. He would put enough pressure on my ass that i could feel the hot, hard head, but he did not penetrate.I moaned with pleasure. I raised my ass from the bed, trying to force his cock into my hole, but he would pull away. Still, he kept the pressure against my hole.”Please,” I begged, “Give it to me. I need you cock in my ass; it’s been way to long.””Yes, it has,” he whispered in my ear. He lay down solidly on top of me, the hair on his chest and stomach grinding into my back. He slowly slid his cock into me, all the way, until his nuts rested against me. He held it there, deep, and rocked back and forth. Not thrusting, not fucking, just rocking.I wiggled my şişli escort bayan ass under him. I felt his cock moving inside me. I pushed my ass up from the mattress and into his groin.With his hands, he pushed me back into the mattress. Slowly, ever so slowly, he started to pull his cock from my ass. When only the head remained, his withdrawal slowed even more.My hole spasms as I struggled to keep his cock in my ass, I felt my ass stretch around his head as he pulled it from me. I groaned.As my hole tried to close, he gingerly slid his cock back in, completely, seating it deep in my bowels. He fucked me slowly and sensuously like this for some time. As he fucked, he reached beneath me to squeeze and pinch my nipples.I wanted to scream, but, instead, I moaned quietly into the mattress.He raised himself from my back, but kept his cock planted in my ass. Carefully, he lifted my leg and began to roll me onto my back. As he rolled me, he lifted his knees over my other leg, successfully positioning me on my back, my legs on his shoulders, and his cock still buried in my ass.”This way, I can see your eyes, your face. Watch you enjoy it,” he said huskily.”You make me feel so good,” I breathed.”God, your ass is beautiful stuffed full of my dick. The way it caves in when I fuck in, and the way it stretches out as I fuck out,” he huskily whispered.I stretched my arms so that my hands could roam his hairy thighs and butt. I pulled him to me, and me to him.He lowered my legs from his shoulders, and placed my feet on his chest, just above his nipples. He pushed himself further atop me, giving him even more access to my hungry hole. He reached beneath me and pulled my cheeks apart with his strong hands. His thrusts became faster and even deeper.Again, I moaned.”Mmmmm,” he responded. He fucked me solidly and steadily, quick and deep.My ass became more relaxed as he fucked in and out of me. I continued to moan in pleasure.As he held my cheeks apart with the palms of his hands, his thumbs crept towards my hole. With his thumbs, he spread my hole wider. He rubbed his thumbs around my ass where his cock disappeared into it. Then, slowly, he pried his thumbs into my hole, mecidiyeköy escort bayan on either side of his cock.”Oh, gawd,” I moaned as his thumbs stretched my ass. “Fuck me, Don. Fuck me,” I groaned through clenched teeth.He obliged. He fucked me faster and harder. I wrapped my arms around my knees and pulled my legs tighter against my torso, giving him even more access. “Fuck me. Cum in my ass,” I begged frantically.”I want to see you cum first,” he said.I grabbed my cock and began to jack off. Furiously, I jacked my cock.Don fucked me at the same pace that I jacked off. His nuts crashed against my ass as he pummeled my hole. As my jacking became faster, Don’s fucking became faster and harder.”I’m gonna cum,” I hissed. “I’m gonna cum.””Do it,” he panted, “Let me see you shoot.””Ah, fuck,” I groan. “Oh, fuck, here it cums.” My ass clenches around his cock as I shoot me load onto my stomach and chest. My ab muscles and my legs jerk with each volley. I can barely breathe. Cum shoots onto my stomach and chest, filling my belly button.”Yes, Yes,” he cheers. “Shoot that load. Shoot that load all over you.”As I shoot my load, Don fucks me furiously, pounding his cock in and out of my ass. He scoops the cum from my belly and chest, and lets it drip onto cock and the one thumb remaining in my ass. He fucks my own cum into me, using it for additional lube. He plows into me relentlessly.Suddenly, he pulls his cock from my ass, but his thumb remains. His first shot of cum hits squarely on my hole.”Cum in my ass,’ I beg frantically, “I want you to cum in my ass.”He quickly rams his cock back into my ass, deep, along side his thumb. He holds his dick deep in my ass as he continues to cum. With each shot, his hips shoot forward, pushing as much of his cock into me as he can. When his orgasm subsides, he pulls his cock from my ass, then, quickly pushes it back in. He continues to fuck me, slower, but just a deep. After a few minutes, he stops thrusting.Gently, he lifts my feet from his chest and carefully moves me back onto my stomach. When I am again flat on my stomach, he lays down solidly on my back. He runs his hands up my sides, to my shoulders, then down my arms to my hands. He laces his fingers into mine and squeezes. His head rests on my shoulders; his breath blows against my neck. I am exhausted; I am happy; I am completely satisfied. We doze off, his cock still in my ass, as my cum on his chest dries to my back.

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