Subject: Billy Boy Part 5 Incest Billy Boy Part 5. Take a moment to donate to Nifty! Keep the stories cumming! 12. The next day we headed out early. It was wonderful to wake up with him right beside me. Naked as always, his erection stiff and full as always. We kissed and felt the other until Billy could not last any longer for his morning piss. We both headed into the shower and he peed that full bladder down my front. I emptied myself over him as well. A good shower, a good breakfast and we were ready to head out. First stop was the hardware store. We walked in and looked around a bit, I did have a few things to pick up. “I want to be naughty,” Billy whispered to me. “You do? Here?” I said patting his little pouch up front in his shorts. He smiled a small smile, nodded and looked away. “Okay. Be ready.” I got that stern look in my eye. “Do what I say when I say it.” Billy grinned that naughty grin at me. I walked him to the restrooms. The men’s had one of those little outer rooms before going into the main restroom. Once in the outer room, I pushed Billy against the wall with a little bit of force, my hands holding him there. “Take your clothes off – now.” “What?” he said slightly startled. “Boy. Take off your clothes. Now.” His surprise changed and he got that naughty gleam in his eye as he quickly stripped out of his clothes. He started to grab them up. “Leave them.” He blushed deep as we walked into the men’s room. Unfortunately, no one was in there. I led him about steps away from the urinal. “Stand there. Don’t piss. Don’t move.” He was glorious I had to admit, standing their bare, his slightly chubby belly, his great tits looking great under the florescent lighting. What a perfect nine-year-old boy. Eager to be naked, eager to be sexy, eager for a good orgasm. He stood there while I opened my pants and pissed into the nearest urinal. I stepped back leaving my cock out. It had a drop of urine still right at the hole. “Take a piss, baby,” I said to him. Billy peed several steps back from the urinal, jetting an arc of piss straight into the fixture. “Good boy, that’s enough,” I said patting him on the back then on his bare bottom. “Oh!” he whined, his pee dribbling over the floor, his fingers squeezing his little cock closed, but he got it to come to halt. I pulled his head down by a snatch of his hair. He licked the bit of urine off my dick head before he put his mouth on my cock. I jetted some piss into his mouth as he worked to get me hard. I loved seeing that face of his, his bright eyes, his mouth trying to smile around a mouthful of my cock. We heard the outer door open. I turned to the urinal, yanked my zipper up and walked Billy out, slowly, parading him. The man coming in did a double take at Billy’s naked chubby form as we walked out. I was surprised his little dinker wasn’t rock hard and pointing the way to the door. Out in the little room, Billy dressed quickly, and we got the stuff I needed and left. As we walked to the car, I grabbed his shirt and pulled him back. “Take your dick out.” He unzipped and fished out his dick which rapidly grew erect and proud. It led the way to our car. He pulled his balls out to hang as we walked. He got in the car and took the opportunity to push his pants down to his ankles. He played with his cock and balls as we drove on. He reached over and rubbed my pouch between my legs. “My pussy needs it daddy.” He was so sweet and earnest saying that. I looked at him with a smile. “You need a big dick up inside your bottom little boy?” “Yes, my pussy needs to cum…” “Daddy will take care of his boy’s pussy, believe me.” He smiled back at me and kept stroking his dick while rubbing my cock through my pants. We pulled into my local bookstore. A good sized independent, plenty of shelves and places to get naughty I thought. Billy dressed and we went in. To the back corner was the gay section of books. I thought there must be some gay owners or gay book buyers as this section was well stocked with often raunchy material back her in the far corner. Sexual stories to sexual photography, it was all here. I took Billy back there and showed him some of the picture books. He was all eyes focused in on artfully naked men. I never really asked him if he had a preference for women or men, but it was pretty obvious the way in nearly drooled over pictures of naked me or watching videos of naked men. After a while another man stepped into this back section. He side-eyed Billy and me, but he went ahead and picked out a nice photo collection of burly bear men to look at. I held my book out so Billy, but mostly so the other man could see clearly what it was. I flipped to find a big picture. There it was. Across two pages was an older bearish man laid back with his semi-hard cock on display laying back over his belly. His balls were prominently pushed forward in the picture. “Hey, Billy, do you kocaeli escort bayan think he’s cute?” The other stopped and looked at what I was showing. He stared at Billy looking at the very naked, very sensual figure in the picture. Billy was blushing. He looked at the picture, his eyes shot to the man and then to me and then back to the picture. “Um… yeah… He’s cute.” The man’s eyes were glued on Billy. “That’s a nice dick on him huh?” I said. Billy hesitated… “You think?” I said with encouraging eyes. “Yeah… yeah…” Billy said. “I like that dick. Good balls too… I like how big the head of his dick is.” “Good tits… Big tits…” “Yeah…” “Like yours!” Billy giggled. “Lift that shirt up!” Billy again hesitated, but with deeply red cheeks he pulled his shirt up. His pudgy belly and those beautiful tits popped out. “Oh yea, look at those… just like his… nice and full…” I reached over and squeezed at his boob. Billy flinched back with a giggle but kept his shirt up. The man was just staring incredulous. “Don’t you think?” I said to the man. “Um…” he stammered. “Uh, yeah. That boy has a good chest.” “You like the burly boys?” The man nodded. “Let’s compare that dick…” I said. Billy got that naughty earnest gleam in his eyes. He knew he could be really really naughty in this moment. “Let’s see. Take off your clothes.” “Can I daddy?” Billy said with a hand lightly clutching his privates. “Yeah, let’s take a look…” Billy started to undress. Off came his shoes. The man moved to get a better look. Off came the socks. Down came the shorts. I squatted down behind Billy and took a hold of the waistband of his underwear. “Want to see?” I asked the man. He nodded a quick nod and squatted down. “Ready to show that special thing between your legs son?” “Yeah, make me naked!” I slowly slid them down. His hard dick popped out and his balls swung a bit as I pulled them down and over his feet. He stood there completely naked. I stayed behind him and angled him toward the man. “That’s a great dick, huh?” “It certainly is…” the man whispered. I put my hand on Billy. I stroked that dick and cupped those balls. Billy moaned with his red, red cheeks. “It feels good. Try it…” I said letting go of Billy’s dick. The man bent down and took a hold of Billy’s cock for just a moment. Billy tried to take a hold of the man’s arm, but he backed off. I turned Billy to the side and sucked his dick. “Oh, so sweet…” the man whispered as I kissed Billy’s chunky nut sack. I turned Billy’s backside to the man, and I pulled his cheeks open. “Look at that!” I said. “Look at it good.” The man reached out and put his finger to Billy’s pucker. Billy’s legs trembled. The finger traced down the crack and over Billy’s balls hanging between his legs. The man put a hand flat on Billy’s ass. “Your boy is beautiful…” the man whispered and then quickly rose and left. I had Billy dress and we left pretty quick ourselves. In the car Billy got completely naked. We drove to our local Outback. He got dressed outside the car in the parking lot. We went in and got seated. “Something happened,” Billy said. “What happened,” I asked him. “At home…” “Was it bad? Did you get in trouble?” “No,” Billy said shaking his head. “What happened?” “My dad saw me.” “When?” “It was before supper. I thought it was all clear. I was on my bed, laying back, and I was fucking my pussy with my hairbrush handle.” I quickly looked around at him saying, `I was fucking my pussy…’ I don’t think he was overheard. “He was looking in the crack of the door. I guess I left it open a bit. I could tell it was him because he waits to come in. Mom doesn’t. He watched me. I kept doing it. He kept watching me. I pulled it out, and he left. He came back like five minutes later. He knocked on the door to tell me supper was ready.” “Wow, did he say anything to you?” “No, but the next day…” “The next day…” “Yeah, same time. He came up and stood there at the crack. I wasn’t doing anything, but he stayed there. I took off my clothes and showed my butt. I was leaned over the bed naked showing my butt… and my hole,” he whispered. “He stayed for a few minutes then left. I put on my clothes. He came back and got me for supper.” “Wow… that’s amazing. Maybe we need to have an all-boys pool party together?” Billy giggled at that. “With my dad?” “Hey, it might make him stop with the no naughty business stuff…” “Yeah… Maybe.” “You’d want to maybe get naked with me and your dad?” “Don’t make me do stuff around him…” “No, it would just be whatever happens happens…” “That might be fun,” he said with that naughty grin of his. It took a while with some real maneuvering to get it to happen, but about a month or so later we had a weekend where it was me, Billy’s dad Tony and Billy all at his house for a boy’s hangout session. His mom was not such kocaeli sınırsız escort a fan. She wanted to know exactly what I thought we’d be doing while she was on work’s long weekend. I just said I thought it would be good watching the big game, not knowing what that would actually be, and that we’d get some BBQ or steaks. She thought we were being sneaky or something. Well, we were, but in the end his dad kind of warmed up to having a little get together while she was away. We did watch some TV and had some BBQ. It was nice to see Billy having a good time with his dad making jokes and talking about his usual stuff. Tony was a good dad and he let Billy have a little bit of a free run. He was often putting in the strict hand and admonishing Billy for his goofy boy stuff, but today he wasn’t, and it was a pleasant visit. I got them to walk out down to the pool. He showed us what he was doing to work on it and build it up and keep it clean but had to chuckle that it was often just Billy using it. “Why don’t we go for a swim?” I said. “Cool!” Billy chimed in. “Well, maybe… but… did you bring a suit?” Tony asked me. “No, but that’s okay… I mean… what about a skinny dip? It’s a boys only weekend for us! You know?” “The three of us?” Tony asked with a chuckle and a blush looking at Billy. “Sure. No one can see. It’s just us. Let’s have some real man time.” “That’s awfully manly,” Tony said with that nervous laugh, “maybe too manly.” “Hey it’ll be fun… You won’t mind would you Billy?” Billy looked at the ground with a deep blush. “No…” he said. “It would be fun to try… Only if daddy says I can be naked. I mean… I’d like naked time.” “How about that?” “Well of course you wouldn’t mind naked time,” Tony said with a bit of a laugh. “We all could use some naked time… Outside… beautiful day for it…” I said lifting my shirt. Tony stepped back with another nervous chuckle. Billy pulled off his shirt standing there exposing his glorious puffy tits. “I’m his dad…” “So? You can be naked with him. Naked dad, naked son… you’ve seen it all before right? You’re both boys…” I say with a chuckle. “Let’s swim, dad…” Billy said tentatively stepping out of his shoes. “Well…” Tony said looking around. “I guess we could… Just for us to know about…” There was no one to see. The pool was built with a cover and in the dip of the backyard, no houses were close enough to have anyone ogle what was going on. “Sure… it’s a boy’s day, not for anyone else!” I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks. I unbuttoned my shorts and let them slip down. I stood there in my jock. Tony was hesitantly unbuttoning his shirt. Billy slipped his shorts down along with his underwear. He stood there beaming, just behind his dad, his cock not hard, just poking out there over his chunky sack of balls. His tits were wonderful with those wide tan nipples. He had that big sunny smile of his. He lit up the whole place with it. He was so happy to be naked here with me and his dad. To finally be able to say he was having a real naked time. “Look at your boy there,” I said. “He’s got it!” Tony turned and gawked at his naked son standing there. Billy smiled at him, his hands rubbed up and down his belly, then opening in front of him. A kind of `well this is me’ look on his face. I pulled my jock down and off and stood there. I fluffed my dick with my hand to get it to hang a little better and walked over to Tony. He eyed me pretty good before turning his eyes away. Billy walked around to my side and we watched his dad strip. Off came his shirt, with similar tan nipples on his defined chest. Off came the shoes and socks, down came the shorts. He wore a bikini brief that was nicely filled out in the front. He looked up at us with a blush. “His mother likes this style on me…” he said with a blush. Then he pulled those briefs down. A hairy groin for sure, a nice dick hanging over similar chunky balls — probably what Billy was going to grow into. He tugged at it quickly and looked at us. “Well, that’s me…” Tony said. Billy stared at the man with bright red cheeks. He walked a few steps forward to get see all of his dad naked and exposed. “Wonderful, Tony,” I said patting his arm. “Let’s have a swim!” Billy jumped in with a cannonball and a whoop. That naked ass flashing quickly before falling away into the water. I jumped down to stand at the edge. Tony sat himself down and eased into the water. “Oh,” he said, “I thought it would be colder.” “Whoosh!” I said ducking down into the water. “Feels good right down there!” I said with a laugh. “Yeah,” Tony chuckled. Billy swam up, his plump body wet and shiny in the water. He eased over to his dad and bobbed in the water close to him. I gave him a discreet nod. Billy put his arm out around his dad shoulder. His dad smiled at him. “You want a hug or something?” izmit anal yapan escort Tony asked him. Billy nodded with that sideways grin. Tony wrapped his arms around his boy. Billy gripped him around his back with his arms. It was a tight hug like the ones I was so familiar with. Billy stepped even closer into the man. He really wanted that hug. His dad let it happen. His eyes gave me a `well…whatever’ kind of roll, but he hugged his boy. Billy whispered something to him. “Hey, that’s ok, you’re a good kid, I love you very much.” Eventually, Billy pulled back. His dad kissed his cheek. Billy looked away with a deep blush. “Sorry… it just happens.” “It’s okay. It happens to all of us…” Tony said with a chuckle. “Go swim! Have fun…” Billy climbed out onto the side of the pool. That winking hole had his dad’s attention. When he turned about to jump back in, that dick was stiff and at full staff. What a beautiful sight — Billy wet and happy and shiny and hard as he can be. Tony laughed as the boy jumped back into the water. “He’s a cute kid,” I said. “Yeah… he does love his naked time.” “Obviously…” I said with a wink. “It could be catching…” “Yeah, I know…” he said turning to me with a semi puffed up between his legs, giving me a sheepish smile and then turning back to face the wall. “Don’t worry… it won’t matter if he sees… we’re just having fun. You can see he’s hard as a rock.” “Now…” I called to Billy, “watch me…” I climbed out onto the pool edge and grabbed the big beach ball. My cock was hard, and I let it bob clearly in front of the two of them. “Yours is always hard!” Billy shouted with a laugh. I wasn’t sure if his dad caught that, but I tossed the ball quickly to Billy who had his hands out for it. It over shot to the shallow end. He chased it, climbed out of the pool with his hard dinker leading the way and tossed it back to me as he jumped in. I pitched it over to his dad. “Yeah! Dad go for it!” Billy called. The man hesitantly turned about, then with a look back at his naked son, he hoisted himself up and out of the pool. Billy stared up at him. A beaming smile for his dad standing up there naked with a steel stiff dick hanging in front of him. “Nice!” I cheered for him. Tony smiled and blushed, tossing the ball back to Billy with a running jump into the water. We splashed and swam. We grabbed at each other and wrestled about. As we rested, Billy swam up to his dad on the steps in the shallow end. He stood up, naked, wet and hard and went back in for another hug. Tony stood up and wrapped his arms around his son and pulled him in close. Those dicks were hard as a rock between them. Billy snuggled into his neck. Tony rubbed his hands over his boy, scratched through his wet air and kissed his cheek. “Naked time is pretty cool, huh?” I said. Tony looked up at me with his big eyes and smiled. “He’s so much like me sometimes…” he said, his voice trailing off. “He’s so beautiful.” Billy smiled and wiggled in closer. His dad’s hand ran down over Billy shiny’s wet rump. It was all could do to not start stroking. Billy’s hand found its way to his dad’s bottom. “You like my fat ass?” his dad said with a chuckle. Billy nodded and whispered to his dad. His dad kissed his cheek. “If you want, just with me, it’s okay. Not all the time. You know your mom,” Tony said to Billy. Billy smiled. They pulled apart. Billy and his dad looked down at their hard-on’s poking out at the other. We spent a while talking and joking on the loungers letting ourselves dry. Our cocks were soon soft and less eager, but I know I needed to blow a load. I bet Billy needed a good orgasm as well. Tony probably did too. We gathered our clothes eventually and walked naked back to the house. “You guys can use the shower down here, I’ll go upstairs,” Tony said. Billy raised his eyes at me and shrugged. We went into the shower and it didn’t take long before Billy was bent over and my big hard cock was inside him. I pounded into his pudgy bottom. He was moaning and crying through a good long cum as I stroked in and out of him. I was lost in the moment and I startled when I looked up and saw his naked dad standing there with a stack of towels in hand. “I thought you could use a few more…” Tony said. Billy startled. I held him in place. Tony walked up and put a hand on his boy’s wet ass. I moved and spread Billy’s cheeks so he could see where my cock was inside his boy. He smiled at me. I smiled at him. “Sounds like he got what he needed…” Tony said with a wink. “He sure did. Maybe later you two could… talk about that…” “Yeah, maybe… Maybe time for me to be honest about me and my dad with him…” He smiled at his boy and patted that bare rump. “When you guys are finished, let’s do some pizza and a movie? Sound good?” Tony said. “Sounds great!” Billy said from his bent over position. Tony turned and walked out. I gave Billy another orgasm before squirting all over his back and hole. We cleaned up and had a great night with his father in front of the TV. The End. Also check out Felix Boy in this same section for more M/b action like this. Feel free to ail On Telegram @ChubbyB On Wickr chubbyhank

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