BJ & Sex With My Music Teacher On The Beach

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BJ & Sex With My Music Teacher On The BeachHi guys so let me start with a HUGE apology for not posting this a while ago, I totally made a version of it that was pretty great but it deleted when my computer ran out of battery (chord must of unplugged), so without further due, here is the part 3 that I’ve gotten many many messages of starting it on 🙂 Plus this is the girl I had in mind for Emily except imagine her a little younger Enjoy!!!!Mr. Milks (Tyler) has changed my mind in ways I couldn’t of imagined- both my mind and body. He’s been making me feel like the greatest person in the world lately and I never wanted him to leave me. Every night I would dream about him and there were other nights where I was with him, us making love at his house mostly. My parents or brother haven’t suspected a thing, obviously my brother hasn’t since he’s pretty young and my parents couldn’t really give a crap since they are always so twisted around work. So today was a Friday and Mr. Milks and I were planning on going to the beach. It was perfected because the sun was shining an unbelievably hot temperature and the sky had no clouds in it, being a perfect matte blue. My friend drove me here because Mr. Milks said he had to go pick some stuff up and that he would meet me here. The beach we were going to was absolutely huge and was always busy. There were concession stands, smoothie and alcohol bars, and the most beautiful water you would ever see in your life, being a bright turquoise blue. It has been almost a year since Mr. Milks and I have hooked up so I’m 15 now, almost 16. Some people would say its bad that a fifteen year old and a teacher is really bad to be doing, but he is actually a pretty young teacher and looks around 18, as I’ve said before, so there was no problem with it. My friend drops me off near the entrance of the local busy beach and I can already hear the pumping bass of the music coming from the inside of the gates. A lot of people have already lined up outside of the gates in crowds so I knew it was going to be a hazard to get to the front. Okay… how would I do this? Mr. Milks (I preferred to call him that most of the time because weirdly it sounded better… maybe I should start calling him by his first name) would get here shortly and it wouldn’t be a problem for him to make it to the front so I had to do this quickly. I walk across the street toward the crowd with my beach bag over my shoulder. I’m dressed in a baby pink romper that has a nice frill outline near the breast area, a pair of white VANS and some white Alexander McQueen sunglasses. My bright blond long slightly wavy hair is let down casually and my nails are done in perfect manicures. As I reach the crowd, I can tell that its going to be a good day because there a lot of really hot guys around here. I might be with Mr. Milks and I wouldn’t cheat on him, but there were a lot of hot guys around here that I would do any day. Lets use that built guy over there for example. He was with a few of his buddies and he has a dark shade of brown hair, perfect biceps and is wearing a black and gray tank top shirt with shorts. That is the definition of hot. Everyone is smiling and laughing because its a nice day and as I’m approaching the crowd, I notice a bunch of guys are looking over at me and smiling. I smile back gently and notice a really cute guy beside the other guy i was mentioning before. He looked like he could tumble someone in seconds but also looked really friendly. Time to use that blond goddess magic. Taking a deep breathe and passing politely by some girls, the guy who was smiling at me before turns when his buddies gesture to me and I smile brightly at them all. “Hey there.” He says, his voice being low yet sexy. “Hi. I was wondering if you fellas could do me a favor.” I stand near them closely so no one else hears and they all look at each other and nod slowly. There had to be at least six of them, and they all looked utterly hot, but my heart was on Mr. Milks. “What can we do for you?” One of them says. “So, I’m supposed to gaziantep escort bayan meet my friend inside the gates in a few minutes, except that there are so many people here and I’m afraid I won’t meet her in time. Think you guys can get me over there really quickly?” I point to the entrance gates where there had to be at least a thousand people and in less than a second, they all smile. “Hell we can.” The tallest one says giving me a wink and I giggle, biting my lip and he reaches down, lifting me in the air and I inhale, laughing gently and in five seconds, they are all holding me in the air like I’m at a rock concert. I had to admit, this was over- doing it but if it got me over there, along with them, the hell with it- I was going to enjoy this. People turn, laughing at the scene, but laughing in a good way and the six boys under me start to head through the crowd, people willingly moving out of the way. I can’t help but laugh and cover my eyes slightly as we head to the front because this is horribly funny and I can actually almost see over the gates. Pumping my fist into the air and laughing, the hot guys under me are also laughing and grinning like fools and I flirtatiously pat their heads. Once we get to the front of the gates, they help me down and I brush off my romper and smile at all of them. “Omigod guys, thank you so much. That was really fun.” I laugh gently and they all fist pump each other, saying it was there pleasure and that I was really hot. “So, do you have a guy?” The tallest one asks, stepping a little closer to me, leaning on the gates and I bite my lip, blinking up at him. “Yes I do, and I warn you honey, if he’s around here and sees you flirting with me, he’ll munch your ass off.” I tap his nose and he goes a little red but smiles like a goof and I wink at all of them and head toward the silver gates. That was easy I had to admit. Brushing my hair behind my smooth tanned shoulders, I’m just behind a few people from the entrance of the gate, I breathe in the fresh water from the ocean and listen to the exciting music. “Next.” I hear someone say and I stop zoning out and walk into the pay booth and see a women looking at me kindly for the payment. I had her a twenty and tell her to keep the change and she gives me a wristband thing. Placing it on my wrist, I walk through the gates where a few cute body guards are and they smile at me kindly as I walk through and I smile, walking onto the beach and I look around at all the people. This had to be the biggest beach I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve been here a hundred times, but I can’t believe how busy it was today. Thousands of people were playing on the beach, soccer, volleyball, football, and most people were soaking in the sun on their towels and such. Then there were people in the water swimming around on floaties or playing sports in the water. I should probably find a spot for Mr. Milks and I- thats when I see him.Mr. Milks. He’s walking across the beach toward me, looking like the sexiest thing in the world. Holy. Jesus. I couldn’t get enough of him right now. His light brown hair was slightly messy, his abs looking like pure heaven and his biceps looked a little bigger than the last time I saw him. Must of been working out. He wears just a pair of white and blue swim shorts and his pecks were shiny and perfect- hell I was dieing just standing here like an idiot. Even though he was wearing those sexy black glasses, I could tell his eyes were in complete energy because his smile was perfect, his teeth shining a pearly white and when he reaches me, the first thing he does is wrap his arms around me. I hug him back, smiling against his warm smooth chest. “You couldn’t look any more hotter today Emily.” He says against the top of my head, giving me a kiss on my forehead and when I look up to say he looks completely like a fucking god, his lips go on mine and I kiss him back. Our lips move in synchronized movements, our lips and tongues entwining constantly. We both rest or foreheads together at the same time and I giggle. “I’m surprised someone hasn’t snatched you up yet.” I smile and he lets out a laugh that could kill an army. He wraps an arm around my shoulder and I wrap mine around his waist and we make our way across the beach. I can tell our destination is in one of the bets places, right near the water in the middle of the beach because I can see his back and shirt that he wore last week. As I set my bag down, he sits down, leaning back and I take in a good look at all of him. He has obviously gotten hotter every day this week because every time I see him, I want to make love to him and kiss him. He smiles, watching me and I get down into my bikini. Stripping off my romper, I stand in a light pink halter top bikini that rounds my breasts perfectly (I’m a C cup) and my curved hips stand out perfectly. Mr. Milks’ eyes are on me like a hawk, wanting to catch its prey and it seduces me completely about how he sits, his arms behind him and his legs spread out. “Amazing.” He exhales like he couldn’t breathe for a second and I bend over, reaching into my beach bag and pull out the sunscreen. “Need me to do this?” I say to him and a huge grin rises to his face and I motion for him to lay on his stomach and he does, laying down on his towel and I set mine down and he rests his hands under his chin and I stand over him and then lower myself so I’m sitting on his lower back and a low chuckle sends a vibration through his body, sending me crazy. The sun shines on our bodies making him look like a light bronze god and my long smooth tan legs lay on either side of him. Setting some sunscreen into my palm, I rub it onto his strong back and slowly move my hands around and I feel him shifting underneath me, eager to play with me. I know I’m sending him mad when I massage some sunscreen onto his shoulders and when he’s done, I pat his butt and he laughs, shifting over so that he’s sitting on his bottom and I’m sitting on his lap facing him. Our lips are inches apart and he’s smiling up at me. The music energizes everyone around us, putting everyone in a great mood and I run a hand down the front of his stomach. “Time to put sunscreen on you.” He says seductively and I smile. I move over so I’m beside him and I lay on my stomach with the top of my hands under my chin and I feel his hands already putting sunscreen on my back and massaging around. Now I know what he felt because his hands on my body is pure amazing and I so badly want his hands to be on different parts on me. As if he could read my mind, I feel his hands move lower to my hips and now he’s putting sunscreen there and then I feel his hands on the skin where my bikini doesn’t cover my ass and he’s putting sunscreen there, just to tease me and I let out a giggle. “Feel good?” He asks me and I nod my head, feeling his hands run down the back of my legs. I don’t ever burn under the sun, so there was really no point in putting sunscreen on me, but I would never miss this. I would risk all the sunscreen in the world just to have this feeling every time I went to the beach. “Lets have some fun in the water.” Mr. Milks says after he’s made my body feel like its been touched by a sex god and I turn onto my back and see he’s extending a hand for me. I take his hand which is warm and smooth and he hoists me onto my feet easily and then hold my hand as we walk down the beach toward the sand. The hot sand tickles my toes and makes me smile uncontrollably and I notice around here there are a lot of guys who are scanning me and winking at me like crazy. I keep my eyes off them though to keep them hanging and it seems Tyler (HA used his name 🙂 ) has sensed their eyes on me because he walks in front of me for a moment. “Hop on my back spider monkey.” He says chuckling and I laugh, jumping up and clinging to his shoulders and his arms support my legs as I wrap my legs around his hips. Then he starts running and I laugh out loud, feeling the fresh air hit me and he makes his way toward the water with me on his back and right before we hit the water, I hear him laugh and the water hits my feet, then my legs and then my hips. He walks farther into the water and in a swift movement, he swings me around his body so he’s holding me like a bride and his grin mesmerizes me. His face is completely flawless and I can’t believe I have this guy all to myself. To claim my prize, I lift my head to kiss him and he kisses me back. The water engulfs us, making its way higher up my body as he kisses me more and more as we get deeper into the water. I nibble at his lip gently, wanting him in me since we haven’t had sex in over two weeks and I sense he feels the same way because he cups my ass, squeezing me gently, a moan escaping my lips and I go into his arms more comfortably so that I’m wrapping my legs around his hips. the upbeat music makes my veins bump and my nerves tingle and soon enough the water is up to our necks. Playing with him, I unravel in his arms and sink into the water so he can’t find me and I open my eyes in the water, objects around me blurry but I know where Tyler is because I can see the white and blue of his shorts. I can hear him laughing above the water and see that he’s making his way closer to me. Swimming backwards, he’s now swimming faster, making me smile and he catches my foot, pulling me toward him and I rise my head out of the water, my blond wet hair falling over my shoulders and he grins down at me. “Its gonna take a lot more than that to escape me, princess.” He smiles, tickling my ribs and a loud laugh bursts from my lips and I squirm around. He knows I’m uncontrollably ticklish there, shame on him for knowing my weakness 😉 “No- no- too ticklish-” I laugh swatting his hands under the water from my ribs and he laughs with me, pulling me closer and closer. When we are both panting from laughter, with our faces centimeters apart, I feel his eyes on me and I look up at him smiling. “Someone’s hard.” I whisper up at him, cupping him and I notice the parting of his lips as if he wants me too much and I wink at him, unzipping his shorts. “Are you sure?” He asks glancing around at all the people around us and I giggle, nodding at him. “I’m pretty sure a lot more people are doing this.” I bite my lip, smiling at him and he just chuckles, then nods and helps me unzip his shorts and I push the bottom of my bikini to the side and feel his shaft rest on the opening of my pussy and then he pushes inside, making me inhale and I hold my breath as he pushes his large load into my body. I cling to his shoulders, letting the tingling sparking sensation build up inside me and as soon as he starts thrusting his hips, I let the small pants escape my mouth and he holds my waist, thrusting harder into me. For every thrust sends a powerful tight feeling and Mr. Milks’ breathe on my shoulder turns me on even more. “I’ve missed this.” He says, his voice a little lower, making it all the more pleasuring and I smile, kissing his neck and kissing him up his jawline and around his neck. Thrusting into me even faster, I feel climax reaching me and I pant out harder now, noticing eyes on us but I just smile at them. I couldn’t care less if people were watching us, this was feeling too amazing to even consider stopping and Tyler’s finger rubs and teases my clit, making me gasp out and lean back so I can see his face. His tongue sticked out slightly between his pearly white teeth looks utterly adorable and as he looks as my face, he gives me a big smile and I feel climax hitting me. “Fuck- I’m gonna-” I choke out, tightening myself so that he reaches climax too and he pulls out of me, spasming in the water and I go a little limp in his arms. I lean forward, resting my cheek on his shoulder and I know he’s smiling, because he chuckles as if that was great. “Trust me honey, we aren’t done yet. Let’s get to the changing rooms.” Energy fills me when he says this and with a smile, he pulls up his shorts and we make our way back to the beach.I hope you guys enjoyed that and I’m sorry if that was short, but I wanted to make sure people were still interested in this story and I promise that if people are, I will make the next part longer. Please comment if you want me to go on! 🙂 -Sydney

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