Black Orgasms Ch. 01

Cum On

After the concert the adrenalin was still whipping through my veins. I had only been watching from the side of the stage but it made no difference, it was still incredible. To watch the band grace the stage and play their unique music affected me every time.

I was navigating my way through the maze of corridors backstage just hoping to find him before he locked himself away. I knew that whenever he had an intense performance Adrian liked to be alone in his room for a while afterwards. Finally I caught a glimpse of James, and I tapped him on the shoulder. “Hey, did you see where Adrian went?” He turned, smiled at me with that cheeky smile and pointed down the hall to his dressing room. I stared at the charismatic guitar player’s face for a moment, taking in his breathtaking looks, straggly hair and smudged eyeliner, before turning and making my way to Adrian.

I took a deep breath before softly knocking on his door. I gazed at the plain black door, waiting for a response, and then his voice, barely audible, came from within. “Is that you Juliet?” I almost shivered at the way he said my name. “Yeah it’s me, let me in Adrian.” I heard noises from inside the room and the door slowly opened and I walked in. He closed the door behind me and I finally looked at him properly. As usual after a show he was slightly dishevelled and jumpy. He wore a black kilt and had obviously just thrown off his shirt. He looked into my eyes and I found myself being lost in the dark brown of his own. “I saw you watching”, he said quietly, glancing down at the floor. “It was an awesome show Adrian, you and the guys were amazing.”

He was still looking at the floor. “Thanks. I’m so fucking tired.”

He laughed a little at himself and I laughed too. He stepped a bit closer to me and I suddenly felt nervous again. I looked up into his eyes and as I did he put his hands around my waist. I couldn’t help my body’s reaction to his touch, goose bumps rose, hairs stood on end and I trembled from head to toe. I took a rattling breath in, not only to settle myself but to smell him, his unique smell which drove my senses insane. I rested my head on his chest, listening to his heart beat and enjoying the way we held each other. I needed to feel him and he needed me when he was vulnerable.

“How tired are you?” I said, hoping to get a reaction from him. He pulled me back to look at his face again,

“Not too tired I don’t think.” He smiled and my knees went to jelly.

“Sit down baby girl; I’ll get you something to drink.” I went over and sat on his black, velvet covered couch while he poured us both a Sprite. Since Adrian had gone sober that was his favourite thing after a show. I watched him as he walked over; his shy manner, long black dreads, beautiful body and pale skin. I loved everything about him.

When he sat down, he sat very close to me, the whole side of his body touching mine. Another shiver went through me as I could feel his body’s warmth through my own clothes and I could smell him even stronger now. When we first met I remember how he told me that he liked my multiple personalities, sometimes shy and sometimes bold. It was a lot like him. He was so strong and commanding on stage but otherwise he was soft-spoken and introverted. “You look beautiful baby girl; I always love what you wear.” I smiled at him appreciating my gothic look. Tonight I was wearing a black shirt with a skull design, a short black mini skirt, striped stockings and knee-high boots. I had my hair tied up in two simple bunches which he was quick to unclip. My unruly black hair fell to my shoulders and he ran his fingers through it. “So what did you get up to today baby girl?” I had to concentrate on breathing to answer him as he continued to play with my hair.

“I got up late, cleaned a bit, mostly just had a lazy day without you baby. How was the interview?” He didn’t look into my eyes as he spoke; he concentrated on lightly touching my neck above my shirt.

“It was fine, same as any other day. I missed you today though.” I moaned a little, as I had no voice at this point. “What did you think of the show? Did we play okay?” His fingertips brushed up and down my neck as he searched for reassurance.

“It was so intense,” I began with a trembling voice, “I could feel the music, feel you baby.” I was telling the truth, their music was divine to me; it touched me in a way I couldn’t describe.

“Hmm, where exactly did you feel me baby?” I knew from his tone that this was turning him on so I spoke softly but confidently.

“When you sing soft it makes me shiver.” He nodded for me to continue. “When you growl low and rough, it turns me on so much.” With his other hand he worked his way under my shirt to my stomach. “All the sounds you make on stage are so; it just makes me think of sex.”

“Where do you feel it all the most? Show me baby girl.”

I put my hand over his and took it down over my skirt, up my leg and touched myself with his fingers and my own.

“Oh, I can feel it makes you wet baby girl. Does the sound kadıköy escort of my voice turn you on that much?” I nodded; he pushed my hand away and began to softly stroke me through my underwear. I moaned and gasped, warmth emanating throughout my body, centring on where he was touching me.

“I want to kiss you Adrian, please.” Still with his hand under my skirt he leaned over and softly touched his lips to mine.

“Do you want more baby girl? Tell me.” His voice was starting to get husky. “I want more.” Suddenly, he used his body weight to push me back into the couch and bearing down on my lips, forcing his tongue inside. I opened my lips to him almost instantly, sharing breaths and kissing fiercely. His hand movements became more frantic and I moaned loud into his mouth. He took this as a sign and pushed me harder. I tore my mouth away from his, groaned and threw my head back against the couch.

“Oh god Adrian! Fuck!” He laughed and removed his hand. I looked at him then, all pale skin, scattered hair on his chest and the knowing grin on his face, knowing that he could break me, any time anywhere. I ran my hands down his chest, listening to his breathing, looking into his deep eyes.

“Hey, I took my shirt off; I think it’s only fair that you do the same baby girl.” He had an evil grin as I took off my shirt, revealing my black lace bra. Keeping my hand on his chest for support I lifted my leg, pulled myself over his lap and straddled him. Adrian looked at me for a moment, and then both his hands forcefully took their place on my ass. He took advantage of this and pushed me down slightly, making me feel his hardness through the kilt. I moaned and kissed him roughly. He used one hand to lightly slap my ass while the other expertly took care of my bra. I shook it off and buried my hands in the soft hair on his chest, I loved it. To the naked eye he looked so much like a boy but with clothes off he was definitely a man. I ran my nails over his nipples, knowing he liked a little pain. Before I even met him I knew he was notorious for being into kink, which was another interest we shared. His hands travelled up my back, lightly scratching now and then, skittering over ribs, earning my giggles and then my moans as he palmed my breasts. He played with my sensitive pierced nipples until I was about to scream, and then replaced his fingers with his soft lips and warm tongue. As he sucked and flicked I ground down on his erection, both of us breathing heavily. He got more and more into it, holding onto me, raking his nails down my back, even biting me a little, which he knew I loved.

Then a knock at the door interrupted us. “What the fuck is it?” Adrian yelled; he didn’t like being disturbed after a show, never mind while he was in the middle of something. “Hey Ad! It’s James, I just wanted to let you know the bus is gonna leave soon okay? Be ready in like ten minutes.” Adrian swore again but gripped my ass harder. “Okay, thanks man.” He leaned forward and took my bottom lip between his teeth. He bit me softly then licked into the kiss. We made out for what seemed like a long time until he pulled away. “I want you in my bus tonight okay baby girl? We can pick up where we left off.” And with that he bit my neck hard, gripped my hips and lifted me up. I found my footing on the floor, he handed me my shirt and bra, took a gulp of Sprite and put his Adidas shirt back on. He gathered up the last of his stuff, took my hand and we walked out to the bus.

What Adrian and I had was hard to define. I had first met him at a small show the guys had played at a club called ‘Equilibrium’, which I worked in at the time. It was a Goth/alternative club and that night I was so excited that they would be playing. I had been a loyal fan since their demo was released. They had just released their first album when I saw them play and it only made my love for their music stronger. After the show I stayed cleaning like every other night only the difference was I was being watched by one Adrian Davey. It took all my courage to approach him; I didn’t want to seem like a crazy fan. So we ended up talking, having a few drinks together and to my surprise I felt completely comfortable with him. He got his security man to drop me home after my shift and we kissed drunkenly outside my apartment. We hung out just as friends for a few months until he had to leave on tour. I was sad to see him go but so excited that they were making it big. A couple of years later I saw Kingdom live again and to my delight Adrian saw me in the crowd. Afterwards I waited around and we hugged tightly for a long time when he found me. I had missed him so much over that time, more than I realised. I was happy for his marriage but inside a little sad also.

When Adrian was going through his divorce he looked me up again and he confided in me. He asked me to join the guys on tour and I happily said yes. One night in the middle of the tour Adrian pulled me into his dressing room after a show and said he wanted to talk to me about something. That night we never did talk. taksim escort I smiled while I thought back over all those memories, how the shift in our relationship was one we never talked about, it just existed. So now I was on another tour, celebrating the newest album.

While my mind wandered in the past, James noticed that I was somewhere else. “Hey what’s up with you?” he said, pulling me from my trip down memory lane.

“Nothing, I’m just thinking about when I first met Adrian and all of you.”

He smiled widely and nodded. “Yeah I remember. You could tell there was chemistry between you and Ad straight away.”

“Really? Cool.” We both laughed. “You guys are the best friends I’ve ever had.” I didn’t really mean for that to come out but James smiled more.

“Aww thanks. Now I’m all blushing. We love having you around Juliet, especially Ad. I don’t know how he could get through this tour without you. We all really love you.” Tears came to my eyes as he said this and we hugged for a while. James could always be counted on to give the best hugs ever. I was still enjoying the warmth of him when Adrian walked back in the room. “Hey dude, trying to get your hands on my girl now?”

James laughed, “I wouldn’t do that to you Ads but it’s pretty tempting right now.” I looked up at him and then at Adrian. They both laughed it off but I admit that I was intrigued with what James had said. Was he attracted to me? I forced myself not to think about it as Adrian yawned and announced that he was fucking tired.

“Do you want to go to bed now baby girl?” I nodded and thought immediately that Adrian had no intention of going to bed to sleep. I said a quick goodnight to James but he stopped us before we left the room.

“Hey can you guys do me a favour? Can you try and keep the noise level down tonight? Like I don’t mind sleeping in the next bunk but some of the others were complaining.” My mind raced as I remembered that everyone else was in the second tour bus. Then another thought crossed my brain, James didn’t mind?

“You don’t mind?!?”

He broke out into a grin and to my surprise so did Adrian. “Oh you didn’t know yet baby girl? James has a thing for voyeurism. He likes to watch, and listen.” I forced myself to laugh along with them but on the inside I was very preoccupied with the thought of him listening to us every night. Then again, I had always wondered why he always took the same tour bus or the next hotel room to us.

Adrian took my hand and led me into our little bunk space. Since we were a ‘couple’ we got given a double bunk, which he said reminded him of a really big coffin. While I got into bed next to Adrian in the back of my mind I had a vision of James doing the same in the next single bunk over. Only a very thin wall separated us. But to my surprise, instead of horrifying me, it sent a little thrill through me. And then I was pulled out of my daze by Adrian’s dark eyes staring down into mine, his body spreading warmth almost on top of my own.

Minutes later he and I were kissing passionately, his hands drifting down over my t-shirt, (the only thing I had on), taking it off and touching my body exactly the way I loved. I stretched my hands above my head, and not one to miss an opportunity Adrian clipped both my hands into his handcuffs and I found myself locked to the bed frame, helpless to him and loving it. He pressed himself down onto me, making me feel every inch of his body. I smiled at the fact he was wearing bright purple boxers. He kissed me deeply and passionately, then licked and sucked his way down my neck to my already tender nipples. At first he kissed and softly licked and I moaned quietly. Then he bit down hard, pulling at the small silver rings and sucking with his warm mouth. “Ahh shit Adrian!”

I kept moaning. He kissed me again before moving down between my breasts and licking a path down my stomach. His tongue flicked at my clit and his dreadlocks softly brushed my thighs. I was completely helpless so all I could do was gasp and moan at his expert movements. The tension in my body was building up quickly and Adrian noticed. After a few more mind-blowing strokes of his tongue, bringing me perilously close to the edge, he moved away, tracing a path up my body with his lips and tongue. “Do you want me to fuck you baby girl? You’re so wet for me, are you going to beg for me?” I pulled slightly at my restraints.

“Please fuck me. Please Adrian?” I knew this wasn’t enough for him; he was going to make me beg. He reached his hand down again and pushed one long slender finger into me. It felt so good but I wanted more.

“More Adrian, please!” He had an evil smile on his face again and slowly stroked in and out of me, making me feel every movement. After about a minute I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Please Adrian? Just fuck me! I need it now!”

He laughed. “What exactly do you need baby girl?”

“I need you to fuck me baby.”

And with that he shed his purple boxers, revealing his perfect dick. I don’t başakşehir escort bayan know what it was about it but to me, it was perfect. He put his hands next to my shoulders and with one long deep stroke he was inside me. I cried out and put my legs around his waist. He started off slow, fucking me deep; it was so intense with his dark eyes bearing into mine the whole time. Then he picked up the pace.

I was screaming and moaning so loud I didn’t hear any movements outside our little space. Before I could even register what was happening, Adrian had taken the handcuffs off and was now pulling my hips against him.

“Turn around, ass up high baby girl.” I smiled; I knew this was his favourite position. I did as he asked and as he began to fuck me again, he started to smack my ass in time with his thrusts. It drove me crazy, I couldn’t hold in my moans. Before long he was growling as well, swearing and muttering my name over and over. A wave of absolute pleasure overtook me as I came and Adrian followed straight after me, swearing and growling.

We lay on each other for a long time afterwards. It gave us time to catch our breath and obviously, it gave Adrian a chance to want me a second time. He sat up against the wall and headboard and beckoned me over to him. He grabbed my hips and slammed me down on his cock. I struggled a little against his hands and he shook his head. “No way baby girl, you aren’t going anywhere.” He clipped my hands together behind my back with the handcuffs and I was just protesting to get this reaction anyway. Adrian moved underneath me, hitting the right spot every single time. My whole body trembled and once again I couldn’t hold in the sounds I was making. For some reason I turned my head towards the door and to my absolute shock James was standing there. He was watching us intently, with intense eyes but no real expression. Adrian saw him too but kept on fucking me. His thumb moved down my body, flicking hard at my clit over and over making my orgasm build out of my control. I screamed out as my body tensed and the room blacked out for a moment, the pleasure was so powerful. I was leaning on Adrian’s body as James came over and sat next to us on the bed. He ran his fingers through my hair, looking at us both.

“Is she a good fuck Adrian?”

“Hell yes.” he replied, still breathing hard and fast, but James continued his questions.

“I bet she gets so wet for us Ad, don’t you? All day I can smell how wet you are, just waiting, almost begging to be fucked by either one of us. Isn’t that right?”

His questions took me by surprise but I couldn’t deny it. I felt like a schoolgirl with a crush but as much as I tried to reason with myself I couldn’t help wanting both of them. I nodded.

They both seemed satisfied with this answer, smiling, Adrian kissed my lips and James traced his tongue down my neck. It was an incredible feeling to have both of these extremely sexy men wanting me, touching me and turning me on more than I ever have been. Adrian changed my position, once again locking me handcuffed to the bed. Staring up at both of these men, breathing hard, and trembling from my experience. Slowly my other senses started to pay attention. Music was playing in the background, I could smell them both, a deep scent of man and spiciness of aftershave. I could taste Adrian as well, as I licked my lips, a musky but metallic taste, it reminded me of blood. It was slightly cold in the room but I didn’t care, my body was warm enough, getting warmer as he and James came closer to me on the bed.

Adrian’s face was centimetres from mine, his dark eyes melting me all over again. He had his hands on either side of me and he bent to press a hot, open-mouthed kiss on my neck. I moaned. He bit down, soft at first but then he scraped and bit roughly, eliciting loud moans and struggling against the restraints from me. All the while I stared in the deep brown eyes of James, waiting for him to speak, waiting for him to touch me.

“Oh, Adrian, please!” I pleaded, the sharp pain always sending shivers down my body. He stopped biting and swiping with his tongue, he soothed the pain.

“I know you like vampires baby girl; I know it turns you on.” I nodded. “I know you and I like blood.” I agreed again. With that answer, Adrian got up and left the room.

I was left alone with James and his silence made me want him so badly I ached. I moaned his name, beckoning him. He spoke then, his voice slightly rough, quiet but very seductive.

“Adrian wants to taste your blood but I want to taste you. But you’re not allowed to come until we say, alright?” I nodded but the way I was feeling I doubted my control. “Bend your legs,” he said and I complied. He knelt between my thighs and feeling his breath on my wet cunt I could already feel my body tightening. His stubble grazed my inner thighs; he began to hum along to the music, pressing his lips to my clit, sending me screaming, and racing towards an orgasm. He traced his tongue along my lips slowly, patiently building the tension, bringing his finger up to flick at my throbbing clit. When he slipped his tongue inside me I clenched my thighs around his head, fisting my hands into each other and moaning helplessly. Adrian returned, licking his lips at the sight of me at his band mate’s mercy.

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