Subject: Black Owned – Part 6 Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction. It is not based on any real persons, living or dead. Please leave now if you are underage, or dislike vivid descriptions of sexual activity between black men and white teenage boys. Please send any comments to ook. And please consider donating to Nifty at fty/donate.html Gay / interracial: oral, anal, M+/t – – – – – Black Owned – Part 6 I woke up in a confused state, and felt rather uncomfortable. I tried to roll onto my right side, but could not. My befuddled mind was beginning to focus on my situation. I opened my eyes to check out what was happening. The space around me was in total darkness, so there was nothing to see. I moved my legs to try and get up, but could not. My mind was now evaluating my situation properly. My arms and legs were restrained, holding me in a spread-eagled position on my back. A blindfold was covering my eyes, so the room, if it was a room, wasn’t in total darkness after all. Panic began to set in, so what was going on? “How the hell did I end up here?” I asked myself, as I tested the restraints around my wrists and ankles. There was clearly no hope of freeing myself, and every effort to dislodge the blindfold had failed. All I knew was that I was lying on some sort of bed, or bed-like structure, and the last thing I could remember was talking to a black man in a van, who was asking for directions to Rayleigh. For several minutes I lay there, with lots of ominous thoughts racing through my mind. The black man had been friendly enough, and had even offered me a lift, but something… Yes, something had covered my nose and mouth. And there had been an odd, sweet smell… Then total blackness. “Who’s there?” I snapped, as the sound of a door opening suddenly brought me back to reality. “Who’s there?” The door closing was the only response I received from my abductor, or abductors. Then I felt someone sit on the bed beside me. My whole body shook with fear as the abductor on my left was joined by an abductor on my right. Nothing happened for a good long while. “Let me go!” I snapped, as my right shoe and sock were removed. Clearly there was more than two abductors in the room. More ominous kocaeli escort thoughts raced through my mind as my other shoe and sock were removed. “What are you doing?” I snapped. “What am I here for?” I then heard and felt the zipper on my jeans being pulled down, and then felt my shirt being unbuttoned. The abductors were undressing me. They were forcing me to twist and turn in my restraints as I called out for help. “Stop that!” I snapped. “Leave me alone! You can’t do this to me!” My head was held in a vice-like grip as a large rubbery object was pushed into my mouth, and kept there by straps fastened behind my head. I lay helpless, and now silent, on the bed. A pair of hands came down on my exposed chest, and after feeling my nipples, moved slowly down to my stomach and lower abdomen. In a state of total disbelief, I felt the hands exploring my eighteen-year-old body: touching my flanks and testing the firmness of my muscles. The next sensation I felt was cold metal against my left wrist. I heard and felt the scissors cut their way up my left arm to just below the collar. The other shirt sleeve was cut in the same way, and then the shirt was pulled away to leave my upper body completely bare. I hardly moved as the scissors moved to the left leg of my rather expensive jeans. The jeans were cut away in no time at all, leaving only my briefs to cover my cock and ball-sac. “Get off me, you fuckin’ perverts!” I shouted into my gag, as the scissors snipped away at my tight, white briefs. The feeling of embarrassment, and then total vulnerability, overwhelmed me. For several minutes nothing happened, and yet I knew that every part of my body was being assessed and scrutinised. Then three pairs of hands began to gently grope my naked body. Somehow, the hands on my legs felt more prominent. They began at my feet and slowly traced their way upwards. And when they reached my inner thighs, I knew what was going to happen next. Instinctively, but to no avail, I tried to move my groin away from those probing fingers. I felt my ball-sac being held and gently manipulated; then my cock was being squeezed and stretched. The hands left me for a moment or two, then returned with some sort of elastic ring. The darıca escort ring slipped over my genitals and came to rest around the base of my uncut cock. One hand took hold of my ball-sac, while the other played with my six-inch cock, stretching and squeezing it to the max. Despite my best efforts to keep it limp, I felt my cock begin to stiffen – the elastic ring seemed to be keeping it erect. Very quickly, I reached a state of strained rigidity, as the hands caressing my body zeroed in on my genitals. My cock was squeezed and held, and then another hand grabbed my pubic hair as scissors began snipping away again. In utter disbelief, I felt the hair around my groin being removed. A warm, wet sponge of some sort was then used to clean away the cut hair as soap was applied to the area. The elastic ring was removed and I felt the scrape of a steel blade against my tender skin. I held myself motionless while the razor removed every bit of hair from my genitals. I was then cleaned up with a wet sponge. My whole body shuddered as fingers traced their way over the newly shaven area, and then around the soft skin of my ball-sac. I felt my balls being gathered up as the elastic cock-ring was slipped back into place. Fingers began to play with the head of my cock, until I was fully rigid again. One of the abductors unfastened the gag straps and took the rubbery stopper out of my mouth. “What the fuck!” I yelled, as the scissors began to chatter away in my left ear. Clearly the sound was meant to be a threat of more cuts to come, if I continued to make a fuss. So I heeded the warning and fell silent. My abductors were clearly naked and most certainly male. I could feel their warm, powerful bodies pressing up against my bare flanks. They grunted and sighed as they played with my fully restrained body. Then, the third abductor came down on top of my body and lay there. He kissed me, and I felt his whiskers. I then felt something hard pressing into my groin – clearly it was the tip of his hard-standing cock. For several long minutes he kissed me and pretended to fuck me, as if I was a woman, in the missionary position. He ground his groin into mine as I squirmed beneath him. The man then stopped, gölcük escort probably hoping that I would ask him to continue. I didn’t want to encourage the bastard, although my cock was very keen on the idea. The men had snatched me off the street. They had drugged me, probably with chloroform, and tied me down. They had then cut off all my clothes and shaved off my pubic hair. Were they white slavers, hoping to ship me off to foreign parts, or were they horny perverts, simply after my arse? Either way, I was in real danger. “If you let me go now,” I said, “I won’t say or do anything about it. You have my word.” “We have your arse,” said the man on my left. “We have your cock, your balls, your mouth. In fact, we own your entire body, bitch. And guess what? There’s no early release for good behaviour from this prison.” I gulped as the man on top of me began humping me again, as if I was a woman. “If you play along, blondie,” said the man on my right, “you get to go free in a month or so. We’ll dump you right back in the place that we found you. We’ve done this lots of times, so we’re very good at avoiding the police and disappearing into the hinterland.” “Now! When we say ‘play along’,” said the man on my left. “We don’t want you to be all weak and willing. No. You must fight us all the way. You must earn all those lumps and bumps, and rape bites and bruises. You’re our bitch, our bum-boy, our nice piece of white arse. So remember, you fight your corner throughout every black-on-white session.” They had me by the balls, and there was no way out. I didn’t know where I was, so I had to ‘play along’ until I knew more about my abductors. The man on top of me stopped and clambered off the bed. Clearly the bonding was complete: the three black, powerful bodies against the white, weak body was either a fertility ritual or a domination ritual. Either way, I was going to play along, and my cock was only too happy for me to do so. Meanwhile, Stewart stood naked in a corner of the cellar-cum-dungeon and watched Andre, Boz and Leroy bond with their new blond pick up. Stewart was now standing upright, after spending some time hanging upside down from the ceiling joists. The three men had crammed him into the boot of a car and brought him across town for some training. He was tied up and waiting to be teamed up with the new blond. Apparently, the two blonds were going to spend a lot of time together in the cellar-cum-dungeon. To be continued…

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