Block Party


I’m a successful young banker that recently bought his first home on the corner of the street. The neighbors were all friendly and decided to throw a party since I was the new guy that moved in. The block party was a success. There was good food, good music, and everyone seemed to have a great time. I was pretty buzzed when Rob, he lived 2 houses down, asked if I wanted to join a few of the people at his place for a late night pool party. It sounded fun so I agreed.

After I helped clean up a little, I headed over. There were a handful of people in the pool and a few more sitting around drinking beer and talking politics or sports. The beers were still coursing through me so I felt warm enough to go for a swim. I peeled off my shirt and shorts then dove in. The cool water felt nice. My fellow pool goers introduced themselves and we chatted a bit. I spotted Rob and he joined in also. Rob was at least 30 years my senior. He was distinguished looking like your typical TV dad.

So we talked and got to know each other a bit. He was a widower. His wife passed a few years back to cancer so he lived here alone. His kids were my age and lived across the country. As we talked about our hobbies and interests, the patrons of the party started to thin out a little. Only ones left were Rob and me in the pool and a handful of people scattered about. The lights that illuminated the pool suddenly shut off so the only light was the back porch light. Everyone else was just shadowy figures now.

“It’s OK everyone! The lights automatically shut off at this time to save energy. You guys can stay as long as you want,” Rob said aloud. I could barely see one of the couples to my left, I’m pretty sure they were making out now in the dark. Rob broke the quiet night by asking, “Is there an open beer over on the ledge? I left one there.” Indeed I spotted it. But it wasn’t that close to the ledge. I stretched out of the pool to grab it and then felt a stabbing pain in my right foot. It cramped. I instinctively recoiled because of the pain and felt myself sink.

I felt Rob grab me from behind and pulled me to him above water. He calmly said, “It’s OK. I got ya. Looked like you cramped somewhere. You OK?”

“Yeah, my foot,” I replied. I suddenly realized I was wrapped in Rob’s embrace. It felt nice. Real nice. He was strong and I felt at ease. I also realized Rob cock was hard and pushed against my butt. That realization made me instantly hard. I glanced around and couldn’t really see one, but I could hear faint whispers and that one couple still making out.

“Thanks for grabbing me. I don’t know what happened,” I tried to explain. I continued, “I owe you.” The pool felt infinitely warm. I don’t know what came over me, but I pressed my eskişehir escort bayan ass against his erection.

“Oh no, you were doing me a favor by trying to grab my beer,” Rob replied. I could feel him smiling behind me. His body was now irradiating heat to match mine. His arms went from being around me to now on my hips. I was now rubbing my ass up and down his erected cock. I felt so naughty. But I wanted to play a little so I said, “My foot is better. Let me grab that beer.” Before he could say anything, I pushed off to the other side. I reached the beer and could barely see the couple that was making out. The others must have left because I didn’t hear them whispering. I was about to turn around until Rob pinned me from behind.

“Thanks but it’s not the beer I’m thirsting for now,” He whispered in my ear before gently biting it. Once again his hard member was pressed against me. But it felt different, he shed the swim shorts. His hands were on my hips but then I felt them slide down with my shorts. They fell to the pool floor as his flesh pressed right between my cheeks. I still can’t explain what came over me. I was about to let out a moan until his hand covered my mouth.

“Shhhh. Quiet. No one knows I’m into men. I’d like to keep it that way.” He breathlessly said into my ear. And with that, he pulled me to the farthest corner of the pool. Rob spun us to once again pin me. I rested my arms on the corner ledge and he pressed himself on me. The heat from him felt good. His cock grinding against me felt better. Rob’s left hand slid up to pinch my nipple as his right reached around to feel my hard cock.

He growled in my ear, “Such a naughty boy. Slutty naughty boy.” My eyes rolled back in my head with the amazing sensations I was feeling. He let go of my cock and started to grope my ass. He complimented me how nice it was. Rob went from grabbing to then caressing. He proceeded to slide his fingers up and down between my cheeks. Every time he passed over my virgin hole, I felt electricity shoot through me. I wanted this. I wanted this badly. I’d never thought about having sex with another man but here I was; ready to be fucked like a whore.

I felt a finger start to circle it’s way in me. I shut my mouth as much as possible to not make a sound. I’ve always heard you should relax and push out a little. As I did, Rob coaxed,” That’s it baby. Just relax. Let go and let me in.” Little by little, his finger was going in and out of me. I couldn’t believe I was being finger fucked in a dark pool. I felt a second finger start to enter me. Slowly circling in and out of me. I could barely control my breathing. I still wanted more. I wanted his cock in me.

I reached eskişehir escort behind to grab his cock. My first cock I’ve held other than my own. It was veiny and curved. I couldn’t wait to have it in me. Rob slightly moved. He pressed his body against me and felt the tip at my entrance. This was it. I braced myself as I felt his thumbs pull open my awaiting hole. His hips slowly bucked as his cock tried to slide into me. I felt great pressure as he began to stretch and enter me. It felt good. I couldn’t believe it. I was getting fucked by another me. But then I felt something. I felt a slight sting.

I realized he wasn’t really in me. His hand covered my mouth as his other arm wrapped around me. With a thrust, we pushed fully into me. Pain shot through me and stars flashed.

“Shhhhh. Just relax. The worst part is over,” He calmly whispered. He began to kiss my neck and pinch my nipples. I didn’t know what was going on. All I could think of was the burning in my ass as he slowly worked in and out of me. His hand went back to stroking my cock. I started to relax and the pain was started to fade. Replacing it was a sensation I couldn’t explain. Pleasure was now washing over me. Feeling Rob’s cock sliding in and out of my ass was now giving me ecstasy. While fucking me, he whispered so much erotic things in my ear.

“That’s it slut. Take my cock. You like my cock in you don’t you. You can have Daddy’s cock whenever you like. This ass belongs to Daddy now. That’s it. Such a tight ass. Feels so good. Look how hungry your ass is for Daddy’s cock. Take it all in. Daddy’s whore loves this cock. Look how easily you’re taking it.” I couldn’t hold it in anymore I breathlessly whimpered, “Yes. Fuck me. Keep fucking me. I’m your slut. I’m your whore. Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me harder. Cum in me.”

It was unbearable. I started to cum. I couldn’t stop it. I reached over and behind me to grab onto his head. He bit into my neck and started to suck on it. Again and again, he rammed his cock in me while still in the water. We were making minor splashes but didn’t care anymore. I pushed back with every thrust, taking in every inch of his cock as it would hit my prostate again and again. Rob started to rough grope my chest as if I had tits. He said, “I’m going to cum.” Within a couple more thrusts I felt his cock spasm and a warmth fill my anal canal. I came again also. Shuddering intensely as he began to stroke my cock again.

Our bodies felt electricity shoot through us over and over again with the climaxes. Rob held me tight and kissed me on my neck as I said, “Thanks Daddy.” His cock, no longer erect, withdrew from me. I felt a little empty. Realizing what happened, I tried to see if anyone was escort eskişehir watching. The last couple were nowhere to be seen or heard. We fished around and found our shorts. Rob and I got out of the pool. I thanked him for a great pool party.

“You’re more than welcome to come over anytime,” He said with a smile.

“Thanks, but maybe next time you can come over to my place. I’m having a hot tub put in and may need help testing it.” I shot back

We said our goodnights and I walked towards my house. I wasn’t even out of his backyard when I felt him rush and grab me from behind again. Laughing he said, “You have the most amazing ass I’ve ever felt.” Rob reached down and I felt his middle finger slide in my ass. He swirled around, coating his finger with the mixture of my own juices and his cum.

“Why don’t you come in and let Daddy give you a proper fucking,” He offered. How could I resist. I withdrew his hand from my shorts and lead into his house and then his bedroom. As I walked to the bed, I kicked off my short. I got on the bed and positioned myself on all fours. I felt like a bitch in heat. I could feel a little of his cum seep out of me and run down my inner thigh. A now naked Rob got on the bed and positioned behind me.

“Tell Daddy what you want,” He softly commanded. So I replied, “I want Daddy’s cock in me.” Rob slapped his cock against my awaiting hole. He continued, “I don’t believe you.”

“Please…please fuck me Da…,” I begged as he entered me. It felt so good. I was still very much lubed. I felt Rob pull out slowly and then slam into me. Forcing the air out of me. He began to do it over and over again. I gripped the bed sheets and clenched my teeth while he fucked me.

“That’s it. Take it baby. Take it more. You like that don’t you. Fucking slut! Daddy is gonna teach you real good,” He yelled. I loved hearing his crotch smack into me. The sound of flesh on flesh. I can feel his balls slap against me as he continued to ram his manhood in my ass.

“Yes! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me! Please! Don’t stop! Oh my god my ass…my ass feel so good with you in it!” I screamed. Again, I couldn’t hold back. I threw my ass back at him as he proceeded to attack my as with his delicious cock. Rob slapped my ass as he pounded away. I was in sexual bliss. My cock erupted with strings of cum. I moaned loudly as he completely pressed me flat against his bed. I felt the moisture of my own cum rub between my stomach and the sheets.

I felt his hands grip my shoulders as he sped up. His yells of passion and lust filled the room. And then he yelled, “I’m going to cu…” He didn’t even finish what he said before he filled me with his hot semen. He collapsed on me, spent from fucking me like a wild animal. I didn’t want that moment to end. I felt that I had given him the ultimate pleasure. I felt satisfied that I had satisfied him. He kissed me shoulder and then rolled off.

He started to lightly stroke my back as I lay there. I was tired and whispered, “Thanks Dadddy.” He kissed me on my cheek and then we feel asleep.

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