Subject: Blove Vic and Tony. Chapter 3 gay/adult-youth Blove Victor ad Tony � St. Willie This scribe still resides in another land which still uses a different dialect of English; the language in this story. You’ll understand and I hope you enjoy this “sorting out” and coming-of-age tale. Victor stumbles on the road to adulthood and finds his path clearly with an unlikely compass. St. Willie [email protected] Your donation to Nifty is for your pleasure: fty/donate.html CHAPTER 3 Vic stood there in the middle of the sidewalk, turning in all directions, the feeling of hopelessness filling inside of him fast. Cars whisked past, so did people, looking at him, he felt their stares burning into him. He closed his eyes, bowing down his head, wondering on what to do next, crying in the middle of the street is not the answer. He thought about Tony and why he let him be on his own like this? He could not cry, Tony felt he was old enough to be on his own. If Tony does not come to fetch him, at least Edward will be here at noon, he will know what to do. Victor lifted his head and took one last look around if he could spot Tony, but no luck. He looked at the coffee shop next to the pharmacy, and started to walk over. His thoughts were that he might as well have a cold thing to drink while he waited on either Tony or Edward, the feeling of loneliness still well-seated inside him. A brass bell rang over his head as he opened the door, all eyes on him in an instant. The familiar alien green eyes were there as well, sitting right back in the far corner. He walked over and placed his shopping bags on the floor next to the table. “I thought you left without me.” Vic looked at the old man, who was pushing a cold milkshake towards him. “Thank you.” “Now why would I leave you behind? Our transport only arrives at noon.” Tony said with a smile “Plus, I knew you could use your mind for other than stupid things. You’d try to figure out for yourself that crying in the street will not be helping yourself.” “So, you knew the whole time I will come here?” Vic looked into the green eyes. “You are your daddy’s son ain’t you?” Tony took a sip of his coffee, “I did order you a cheese burger and fries, is that okay?” “Am I that much alike to my father, that you even knew what burger I like?” Vic said sucking on the straw from his shake “You even knew I like banana flavor shake.” “My boy, an apple never falls far from the tree.” Tony looked at his coffee “I like your new look by the way. Santa?” “Yes, he said I must say hello to you.” Vic knew what the old man tried telling him but his mom always said she wished that he could be more like his father, “Some 5-year-old came asking if I was a girl.” “Now that’s funny.” Tony giggled, his small teeth showing for the first time “Now telling your mom will be even funnier. Here, I brought your phone so you can phone them to say you still alive.” Vic took the phone and switched it back on, waited for a few seconds, then the first message started popping up on his WhatsApp. He waited and waited and the messages was pilling up, 36 in total, 34 from his mom and 2 from Mike. He opened the ones from Mike. He read them silently, starting from last night. 22:10 Hey tight, lying in bed thinking of you. My dick stone hard. 08:24 I hear nothing of you, don’t you wanna be a dragon anymore? You still in trouble for the thing with the headmaster. You swore you will not tell anyone. Vic looked at the screen for a few seconds before answering. 11:32 Yea, big shit In Blove, wherever this is, can only use phone while in town. Yes, I wanna be a dragon, I promise I will tell no one. You promised that you will not tell anyone what we did as well. Thinking of you Vic started looking at the ones that his mom sends, all 34 in the last 36 minutes. It was clear that she was not happy with his ’emergency’ supplies he bought. The last one was funny to him. 11:30 Victor Anthony Johnson. One more stunt like this and I will cancel the card. Money does NOT grow on my back. For Pete’s sake, remember to brush your hair a 100 times every morning and before bed. Mom Vic touched his hair as he read the message, grinning to himself. He looked up and saw 7 missed calls as well from her. He decided to send a message fast and switch the phone of again before she calls again. 11:36 Sorry Mom, it was an emergency. Had to get boots and shorts No reception at cabin, sorry – will send message when we back in town. Love Vic. Vic could not switch the phone off fast enough as the phone starting vibrating in his hand. He wanted to answer at first but decided not to. The vibrating stopped soon as he powered it off, giving the phone back to Tony. “Not going to answer?” Tony looked at him, “Your mom?” “Yip, it’s her.” Vic knew he was going to be in big trouble soon enough. “Whatever it is about, you know you will have to face it at some point, right?” Tony said to the boy as their lunch was placed in front of them by the friendly waitress, he looked up to her passing the phone to her “Be so kind as to charge it for a bit please, Maria.” “Sure thing Tony.” The waitress took the phoned and walked away. Vic looked at Tony, not knowing how to explain why he did not want to speak to his mother. Not only did he spend money without letting it be a real emergency, but he has cut his hair, her pride and joy. He started eating his burger, politely with a knife and fork. “Oh, you city people, take it in your hand.” Tony said lifting his burger from the plate, “You know boy, all of us have our own demons to face, we can try running away from them, but sooner we will have to turn around and face them.” Tony took his first bite of the burger, leaving Vic to do what he wanted with his statement. Vic placed the fork and knife in the plate and took the burger by hand. He was eating but did not taste anything, his mind was on the word “demon.” Yes, he had demons that he could not talk to anyone one about. How can he even think of telling this old man that he has done things, evil and naughty things with a boy, and the only reason he wanted to be part of the Dragonboys was to be with this boy. The stupid things he done was only so that Mike would like him more – is he gay for liking the boy? They finished up just in time to see Edwards parking the small truck. Tony paid the bill, taking Vic’s phone and helped Vic with his bags to the truck, while explaining that the supplies he bought was picked up by Edward before he came to fetch them, Tony always left his packages at Monty’s grocery store, Edward’s or Jack’s, depends on who is driving at the day, last stop to pick up supplies for the resort. “Look at what we have here, I did not even recognize you fella.” Edward said as Vic sat down next to him. “Talk about a do over!” “It’s too warm here for long hair.” Vic answered. “Thank you, my dear man.” Tony said while he got in and closed the door, “I would have been lost without you ankara türbanlı escort and Jack always helping me. “No problems, Tony.” Edward started the diesel truck and drove of “Church?” “Yes please.” Tony said looking out the window. “Did you get your things done?” “Yes indeed.” Edward took a ring box from his pocket, “I hope she likes it, gonna ask her on Saturday evening.” Vic looked on as Tony opened the box and saw a small diamond engagement ring, “I know she hates big rings, so I hope this is small enough, 2 carats all to together with the small diamonds scattered in that small heart shape.” “I think she will love it.” Tony closed the box and handed it back to excited man. “She is a good woman; you better take care of her.” “I will. She is my life.” Edward said as he stopped in front of the church. “Vic, stay here, I will be 5 minutes.” Tony said as he climbed out and walked to the back of the church. Victor looked on, wondering where the old man was going, church is closed, and looks like only a grave yard in the back. He looked at Edward. “Where he going?” Vic asked as Tony disappeared around the back. “Going to his son.” Edward said and the look he got from Vic asked for more explanation. “‘Round 20 years ago his son went out surfing after he and his boyfriend had a big fight, the sea took him. No one ever saw him again. Tony always come here when he is in town, there is a lock of his son’s hair behind the plague on the wall of remembrance, always says a prayer.” “What you mean boyfriend?” Vic was confused. “I think I said enough.” Edward look down at the boy, “The rest Tony will tell you if he wants to.” Vic sat back and his brain was working overtime, the mere thought that Tony had a gay son sent his thoughts in high drive. Did Tony mind having a gay son? Did he hate his son? Did not look like he hated him. “Why is Tony living where he does, with nothing not even a radio?” Vic asked. “I do not know.” Edward said, “All I know is that he used to live in Blove itself, he was a wrestling coach and what I have heard, one of the best. After his son’s death his family did fall apart, his wife died, some say she died of a broken heart, his daughter just packed up one morning and disappeared. He never heard of her again. He sold the house and bought that piece of land and is still living there.” “So, for 20 years he lived there alone?” Vic tried figuring out the old man. “Yea, you can say that.” Edward said, “He and Jack, the owner of the resort never saw eye to eye, then one day Jack came visiting Tony and ever since then he or me gives Tony a lift into town and back.” “What?” Vic was confused to say the least. “How did he get to town and back before that?” “Oh, God, I said too much.” Edward looked to see if Tony was coming back, “Swear you will not say a word?” “I swear.” Vic answered fast, his brain absorbing all the information. “He used to drive himself.” Edward started, “But then 2 years ago he became ill, so much so that he could not drive anymore. He started spending more time in hospitals than at home, now he refuses to go back to the hospital. At first it was the local priest that took the supplies to Tony, but then Jack came and here we are.” “So, they made peace, Tony and Jack?” Vic asked. “Looks like it.” Edward said looking at the back corner of the church, “Rumor has it that Tony’s son was the boyfriend of Jack’s son, but that’s only a rumor.” “So he been all alone for all that time?” Vic asked “Yes, he has always been alone, but at times there was boys living with him, starting rumors that Tony, just as his son Greg, likes the company of young boys, like yourself.” Edward said as Tony came around the corner of the church, “Now please keep that between us, here he comes.” Vic sat back; the last information almost felt like a hammer to his forehead. Tony likes boys? Is he indeed a pervert? But why will his dad send him here if he knew that Tony was a pervert? Tony got into the truck and Vic gave him a look, seeing that Tony and Edward exchanged looks, winking at each other. “Yes, he is a pervert,” he thought to himself, shifting a bit to his right toward Edward. The rest of the drive was filled with silence, just short conversations between the two men at times, leaving Vic to his own thoughts. He recalled a day he spent with Mike; a day he still feels guilty about. They were alone is Mike’s room and as normal, he was sucking on Mike’s pecker, when Mike’s dad came in. He thought all hell would break loose and that his secret is going to get to his mother’s ears. All hell did break loose, but not the way he thought. Mike’s dad did undress and joined them on the bed, calling his son his little slut, he remembered on how scared he was seeing the boy he liked being rammed by his father, he jumped up and started running, dressing as he did, arriving back home with just his shorts on. Mike was not far behind him and made his swear that he will never tell a soul or his dad will kill both of them. “Please, please, I beg you.” Mike said crying, “If you tell anyone he will kill both of us.” Vic felt scared and sorry for Mike, he gave him a hug and swore never to tell a living soul. The bond between them got tighter since that day, but every time he saw Mike’s dad, the man hid away. “Come on boy.” Tony said from outside the truck, “You a real day dreamer.” Vic did not notice that they stopped in front of the cabin, but he was scared. What if Tony was like Mike’s dad? He helped to unpack the truck and placed everything on the kitchen floor, all the time making sure that Tony did not get to close to him. Vic looked on as Tony greeted Edward and wished him luck for Saturday. Tony came in as Vic was placing his own emergency supplies into his part of the wardrobe. Tony did unpack the bags in the kitchen, making sure that everything was packed away neatly. He walked over to Vic and held out a present, the blue tennis racket. “Here.” Tony said softly, “Never let anyone tell you again you too small to play this game.” Vic looked at the racket, then at Tony. “Is this so you can get in my pants?” Vic let it out before he thought it over. “Aaaaah, the rumor.” Tony said. “So now you think I want to use you in such a way?” Vic looked at Tony as he walked over to the kitchen, retrieving a bottle of whiskey from the cupboard’s bottom shelf together with two glasses and a soda for Vic. He sat down at the dining table, pouring himself a stiff drink and inviting Vic to sit down across from him. Vic did sit down even though he wanted to run again, but where? He had nowhere to go. “What do you want?” Vic asked “Are you also going to kill me if I tell anyone?” Vic regretted his outburst, surely the old man will ask him why he would think that way. He looked at Tony as he swallowed a sip of his drink, his Adams apple moving up and down. Vic felt a cold sweat running down his forehead. “I respect tuzla escort you.” Tony started, “Just as you respected me by not looking at the album last night when you had your midnight smoke break.” “You saw that?” Vic looked surprised, “I thought you were asleep.” “Victor, I am 70.” Tony gave the soda to Vic who refused it. “Every stir wakes me up. When you started stirring, I knew you needed the bathroom, the tent you had was a dead giveaway as well. When you did not look at that album, I knew your dad raised you right, with respect.” “You looked at my boner? Why?” Vic was upset, “Only perverts look at boy’s boners.” “I did not look at it that way.” Tony sit the soda down in front of Vic, “I gave you a slight shake on the chest and yes, I could see it. If I was looking at it in that way, do you think for one moment I would have woke you up?” “Yes, you would have woke me, or I would have pissed in your bed.” Vic said. “And I would have ended washing your nude body at that time of night? Think about it for a minute.” Tony said and for a long few seconds Vic was in thought, what the old man was saying made sense. His mom would wash him when he wet the bed because he was too sleepy to help himself. “Can we make a deal?” Vic said pouring himself a new drink, “I will tell you about the rumor and you tell me what it is that is bothering you?” “Only if you tell me as well why you live alone like this, no electricity – no nothing.” Vic thought that it will scare the old man of and give him time to plan his escape. “Drive a hard bargain, just like your father did.” Tony looked at the boy, “Only if you tell me as well why you said that I will kill you… Deal?” Vic did not expect that the old man to agree. “How do I know you will tell the truth?” Vic tried getting out of it. “Same as I have to trust that you will tell the truth.” Tony answered, “And you can decide if I tell the truth or not.” Vic was confused on what to do next, if he agrees he must tell his darkest secret to an old man with no hair and green alien eyes. He decided that he will lie about his demons as the old man refer to it at the coffee shop. “I agree.” Vic said taking the soda, opening it. He took a cigarette as well and lit it. “Over the years I met lots of boys, your dad as well.” Tony began, “If your dad thought that I would molest you he would never had send you to me. Most of the boys that came to me had inner demons to confront, ones that they could not handle on their own. Just like you do not know how to handle what is bothering you, causing you to act out and getting you in deep trouble.” “What kind of demons?” Vic said listening to what the old man was saying. “Well most of them were about their own sexuality.” Tony continued, “They were all at an age where they did not know why they had thoughts of being gay, some even practicing it at that time. I just helped them to sort out their own mind, to find themselves. There were those that had other problems, problems that in the end needed more help than I could help with. But yes, the rumors are sort of true. I do like boys’ company and yes, I did found love with some of them. Three to be exact, and only with those 3 boys did our relationship grow into a sexual love affair. You met the one today, Santa, the other one went on to get married with his high school sweetheart. The 3rd one, well, I made a promise that I will never tell about us. Other than those 3 there was none other who shared my love.” Vic looked at the man, some of what he said struck a chord with him, he could not wonder if his dad was here for the same demons he was here for. He was thinking that it was only him that ever struggled wondering why he liked boys – the thought that others of being the same as him never crossed his mind. But he was not acting out, he only did what he was dared to do. Why was his dad here, did he as well struggled with his sexuality or was it the other problems the old man mentioned? But the rumor was true, the old man was a pervert “So, you are a pervert then?” Vic stated, “You have sex with boys.” Vic did not wait on an answer and walked over to the wardrobe, starting to pack his clothes into his sports bag. Tony said nothing at first, just looked at him. “Now what makes me any different than you are?” Tony said and Vic gave him a look. “I told you my story, now it’s your turn, as you can see, I did not lie to you.” Vic looked at the old man, knowing that he was truthful. “So, come back here and tell me why you are any different than I am.” “How, let me tell you how” Vic said lividly “I did not have sex with a small boy, only with Mike.” Vic sat down on the bed, holding his mouth closed with both his hands, he could not believe he outed himself as he did now. He looked at Tony, not knowing what to do, wanting to run, but where? He wished he could die, but never the less, his secret was out in the open, same as the old man’s. “Why don’t you come sit down here and tell your story.” Tony waved the boy over, “Now that me and you are honest with each other, we might as well talk about it. I know who and what I am, it’s you that I am worried about.” Vic looked at his clothes, then and Tony. He did not know what to do, all he knew is that that Tony did get him to speak of things he kept locked away for months now. Things that made him do stupid stuff just to impress Mike. He walked over to the table, sat down and poured him and Tony a drink. He did not care anymore, the man knew what he was, so what will he do if he drinks, he lit himself a new cigarette. “That’s serious, drinking.” Tony said accepting the glass, “Tell me about this Mike, I guess he’s the reason why you did all those stupid things.” Vic took a sip and his faced pulled, “it’s not beer” was his first thought. “When we moved to the new city, I met Mike Smith.” Victor started, looking down at the glass as he took a pull from the cigarette. “He was in my class and the instant I saw him, I liked him, but he was part of the cool group and I was part of the bin-boys.” “Bin-boys?” Tony asked. “You know that group of boys that must sit by the dirt bins during breaks, not allowed to mingle with the others” Vic said and with a nod from Tony that he understood, he carried on. “Well, at first I wanted him as a friend, but it soon became something different, I was thinking of him day and night. When Mom said one day that she is wondering who the girl is that I am in love with, I realized that I fell in love with Mike. I still do not understand why, at times I really want to just kill myself as I do not want to be gay!” Vic started crying and Tony put his hand on his shoulder, Vic did not care, thinking that the man can have him, what’s the use? He told a pervert that he thinks he is gay. He cried uncontrollably, Tony’s hand on his shoulder. “Victor,” Tony started as the boy’s crying subsided a bit, “we cannot choose who we avrupa yakası ucuz escort fall in love with, our own hearts are organs that we cannot control. It does not mean you are gay, tomorrow you might fall in love with a girl, you are 12, your hormones are running away with you.” “What you mean?” Vic looked at Tony, who had tears in his eyes as well. “I might not be gay?” “Yes, you might not be gay.” Tony looked at the boy with tears running down his cheeks “When your hormones start to settle you might like girls in the end, or boys, even both. But currently you are being eaten up from the inside by what you believe is wrong. Love can never be wrong.” “My dad, he had the same problem?” Vic asked. “Yes, your dad was in love with a boy 3 years older than he was.” Tony looked down at the boy’s face “But in the end he married your mother and he loves her with all of his heart.” “So, I might not be gay?” Vic asked with a pleading face, “I am so confused.” “That, only you will know.” Tony said, “Things like these take time.” “So, you don’t know either?” Vic asked looking down at the glass of drink, taking a second sip. “Only you will know that in the end.” Tony took a deep draw on his pipe, sending a huge column of blue smoke in the air. “But tell me what does Mike have to do with all these stupid things your dad wrote me about, and the things he does not know about?” Vic sat back in the chair; his heart broken. He so wished that the old man would tell him he is not gay. “He saw during swimming practice that I could not take my eyes from him.” Vic started, “At first he made fun of me, but soon he started to invite me to meeting of the Dragonboys club. He started daring me to do things, then I would be in the club, that’s all I wanted, to be close to him. It started with the dare to cut my sister’s hair, and ended with me taking a crap on the headmaster’s desk.” “Every time he promised you that you will be in the Dragonboys, but it never did happen.” Tony shook his head “What happened in between you and Mike that your parents do not know about?” “Promise you will not tell them?” Vic asked. “I promise.” Tony said. “We had sex,” Vic blurted out, “first it was just feeling each other, then we stared sucking each other. One time his dad walked in while we were sucking each other, and I thought that his dad will beat us and tell my mom. But he didn’t. He wanted Mike to suck me while he was busy fucking his own son in the butt. I ran home and Mike came after me, making me to swear to never tell anyone, or his dad will kill us both. After that we ended up meeting each other in the toilets of the school, doing stuff with each other, but if the rest of the Dragonboys was around, he always made fun of me, pointing out my boner to other people. But I knew he was trying to hide his secret, just as I wanted to. I loved what we were doing, loved having him hold me and kissing me, but at the same time I hated it because it meant I was gay.” “So, are you?” Tony asked. “Gay, I mean, sounds like you have worked that out already.” “I do not know, really, I swear.” Vic answered. “But I think I might be.” “I understand.” Tony said, “But what do you think of Mike, do you think he does it to the other boys in the club as well?” “I know he does.” Vic said. “He told me so, they do it with him and his dad, but he said with me it was different, he really loved me.” “So, he loves you but sends you out to be made fun of in the worst possible way he could?” Tony frowned. “He said he was sorry.” Vic looked at the old man. “He said he did not want them to know he loved me and that he was gay. They all just doing it because it was fun, not because they are gay.” “Let me tell you one thing my boy,” Tony said, “He was just using you, like his dad used him and his friends. Let me guess, all he wanted all the time was anal sex, and did you give it to him?” “Never, he tried so many times, but I refused.” Vic said, “I was too scared it will hurt.” “Good.” Tony smiled, “All he wanted to do is get you in that way, same as he did with the other boys in the club. In the end you would have only been his sex toy as he is to his dad. They have no clue about love and what love is about.” “So, you say he was lying to me?” Vic asked. “Yes, I am.” Tony looked out the window, “If he knew what love meant, he would have protected you from anything, even of his friends making fun of you.” “But why did I fall for him then?” Vic said drinking the last bit of his drink, starting to feel tipsy. “Same can be asked by me.” Tony looked over to Vic, “I never wanted to fall in love with a boy, but I did. So please do understand that we cannot tell our hearts what to do. Same as you with Mike, same for me and Rupert, or Santa like you know him.” “So, you do not want to molest me then?” Vic asked, but it felt to him that he can trust the old man. “You see me nude and all, don’t you want to molest me then?” “My dear boy,” Tony laughed a bit, “I like you but I am not in love with you, nor are you in love with me, so sex will not happen between us. And seeing each other nude has nothing to do with sex at all. You saw me nude, did you had the urge to jump me?” “No.” Vic said, “But I did stare though.” “I would have done the same.” Tony said grinning, “It’s not every day one sees a naked, hairless old man with balls hanging to the ground and a 3-inch dick covered with age spots. Looking at that is as normal as breathing.” Vic looked at the man, surprised in the strong words he was using referring to his groin. He started laughing, laughing so much that tears started forming in his eyes. “So, you cool with me now.” Vic said smiling at the man sitting opposite him, “I trust you, same as my dad did, but if you try anything, I will walk to town and call the cops.” “Deal.” Tony said holding his hand so they can shake on it, and they did “Now that you have openly spoke about what was bothering you, the road in finding yourself will be much easier.” Vic looked at the man, realizing why his dad trusted the man so much and send him here. For what man will admit to what Tony admitted to, just to help him overcome his inner demons? It felt to him that he can be himself, without the fear of being judged or being made fun of. Why did he start looking forward on the rest of his stay? He did not know but he rather liked the idea of the new adventure that is waiting for him with an old man to share a bed. “This may sound stupid,” Tony said looking at the boy, “but that one drink does have you a bit tipsy, maybe you must lay down before Willie gets here. I will keep him busy in the meantime.” Vic wanted to protest, but soon he stood up it felt like someone was pushing him from behind. He walked over to the bed and fell on it. “Think you must just get rid of your shoes and jeans.” Tony said while putting away the whiskey, “You know jeans get very uncomfortable when they’re wet.” “True.” Vic said and removed his clothes, feeling real drunk now. He ended up on the bed with only his Bob the Builder undies and his white hidden socks. He still wanted to say something but he fell asleep looking at a smiling Tony. To Be Continued. Please email me with comments, good or bad, or just to say ail Thank you V for who I wrote the story, a great friend indeed.

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