Bohemia Pt. 06


Nothing had been said after the night in the pool. Not one single word uttered by any one of them. It was confusing and a little disappointing for Helen. If they wanted to fuck her, why didn’t they just fuck her? She thought, regarding the younger couple now living with her.

Her phone pinged and she knew what it was instantly but felt offended by it for reasons she still didn’t fully understand to herself. The dating app had produced a match. She couldn’t check it there and then. Sitting in front of her doctor, slightly flushed asking about going back on birth control at her age.

She would be fucking plenty of strangers soon, Charlie had assured her of that. She’d make her lovers wear protection of course, but she couldn’t be too careful. The thought of getting accidentally pregnant at her age was too much to bear. Then again, it did stimulate unconsciously, her maternal instinct. A half-acknowledged desire to let a man breed her, to carry a child again, aroused her matriarchal intuition.

Memories and feelings from when she was pregnant with Charlie, came back to her. She remembered how big her belly got and loving the sight of it when she stood naked in the mirror. She barely ever dressed when she was pregnant, especially toward the end.

She also remembered how invigorated it made her sexually. She was constantly horny. Constantly wanting to fuck and get fucked. Charlie’s dad could barely keep up with her. She fucked him night and day and let him shoot her full to the brim, with buckets of thick creamy semen. And in between, she sucked down his cock and drank everything he gave her. When she eventually became too big to fuck, she was averaging five blowjobs a day and became acutely aware of how much exercise her jaw was getting and how strong her jawline got.

She promised him her body as a fuck toy, a cum rag, to be used however he wanted while she felt so insatiably horny. If he could have filled a bath with his cum, she would have bathed in it and drank all of it. There was a toy up her pussy or asshole or both, constantly for the last six months of her pregnancy.

The doctor sat in front of her, explaining how normal it was for women in their fifties to ask for the pill. She hoped he didn’t notice her squirming from her panties getting so wet.

She left and when she was back in the privacy of her car, checked the app on her phone. She found a match from a couple she thought seemed interesting when she scrolled through their profile.

He was a mid-fifties executive, silver hair and good bone structure. He was slim and toned as far as Helen could judge based on the couple’s holiday snaps. His name was Simon.

She was another story altogether. Her name was Klara. She was twenty-five and Helen guessed from her appearance, Eastern European or Russian. She was stunning. A tall blonde with toned long legs and, posing topless in the holiday pics, had beautiful tits.

Since she had liked their profile and they had now matched with hers, she could now access their private photo gallery. They of course could do the same, which sent a jolt of arousal through Helen.

She flicked through the images and couldn’t believe how explicit some of the snapshots were. Her pussy got wet instantly and she tempted fate by reaching her hand into her jeans to stroke her clit. She looked around the car park to make sure no one could see her and jilled off to the sexy images of the couple.

Most were camera phone pics. Klara naked, then Simon naked, his cock looked admirable. Long and thin but attractive. Then pictures of them naked together, at what looked like a nudist resort in the Caribbean. The pictures got increasingly more graphic. In a hotel room, Klara sucking Simon’s cock and then, out and out penetrative fucking.

But then, Helen was surprised that some of the more recent looking photos, were quite professional. They had obviously hired a photographer to capture them mid-fuck. In various poses, and multiple angles.

Helen cried out and arched her back as her orgasm shot out across her body from her groin. She fell back in her seat, and slumped down in it, catching her breath. ‘This couple’s sexy as fuck’, she thought to herself. She caught sight of something out her side window and looked:

A young mother, holding her toddler was getting into her car and looking over at her. By the look in her eyes, she knew Helen had just rubbed one out. Her expression was one of shock but in that same look, was desire and envy. A look slowly morphing into yearning.

They held strong eye contact between them for a moment, Helen tempted to roll her window down and invite the young woman over, but the moment passed, and she put the child in its seat in the back of her car and got in the front.

She started the engine and just before pulling away, looked back over at Helen, and nodded, meekly. Helen laughed to herself. She’d just been caught masturbating and wasn’t in the slightest fazed by it. Moreover, she had come within escort tanıtımları a breath of inviting the woman over so they could… what? Eat each other’s pussies in the back seat? Helen laughed harder.

That night she told Charlie about the match, who then jumped for joy at the news.

“You’ve messaged them, right? Please tell me you’ve messaged them?” Charlie asked, standing on tenterhooks.

“Well, no. Not yet, I wanted to get some advice on that front from you, first.” Charlie sighed and held her hand out for her mother’s phone. Helen handed it over without question and Charlie started typing.

Helen, having felt nervous about the whole thing, suddenly felt quite giddy at the prospects of meeting the couple. She stood over Charlie’s shoulder watching her type.

“What are you typing about me?” She asked.

“The truth, that you’re a sexy Milf and a slut to boot.” She cackled. Helen’s pussy tinged with moisture. She suddenly felt wanton, like a sex object to be admired and used for others sexual gratifications, it reminded her of her youth and made her feel free and open to a world of possibilities.

“Now there should be no doubt in whoever reads this that you’re very liberal about casual sex and are looking for a good time,” Charlie said as she started looking through Helen’s settings page of her profile. She clicked into the profile pictures area and started looking through her mother’s explicit photos that she herself had taken.

They were extremely sexy and daring and made even Helen’s pussy glisten. She imagined Charlie’s to be pretty damn wet too. The pics were erotic to an almost hardcore level, Helen looking more like a porn queen than a middle-aged woman.

“The pictures have the desired effect if you ask me, they say you’re sensual, but needing to get fucked. They say you have strong femininity but are ready and willing to be a sex slave and cum dumpster.” Charlie said, the explicit words about her own mother to her face, sent shockwaves of arousal through Helen.

And then, just like that, the phone binged. Charlie smiled at Helen, knowing straight away who it was. She looked at the screen and brought Helen close to her to be able to see the message.

‘Hi there, so lovely of you to reach out and make contact.’ It read. The avatar beside it was Klara’s. Another ping and a new message appeared. ‘So, we don’t like to waste too much time on this here, we much rather meet up and get to know people in person, how does that sound?’

‘Sounds great!’ Charlie typed back a little too quickly.

“Don’t worry about them thinking you’re too eager… eager to fuck usually makes for a date ASAP,” Charlie told her mother.

“Dating has changed a lot.” Helen opined.

“You have no idea,” Charlie said, sending back another message with details of her mothers’ availability. By the end of the messaging blitz, it had been arranged that Helen would meet the couple in town on Friday, in what she knew to be an exceptionally sophisticated hotel. The whole episode was a wild rush, leaving her excited, both mentally as well as sexually.

A few minutes later, Eden arrived for dinner having been at it again in the garden all day. He was musky and sweaty, and Helen thought a raw specimen of masculinity that she wanted to have balled up and living inside her pussy. God what it must be like to fuck him, she speculated.

Charlie threw herself into her lovers’ arms as he entered, wrapping her limps around him, bringing him in for a sensual embrace, lots of heavy petting and soul kisses. No worries of Helen’s innocence, she’d been there and seen that only a few days before in the pool, as she watched and admired and stroked her clit to the couple fucking, within feet from her.

“Good news baby, mums going to get her brains fucked out on Friday night.” Helen felt herself moisten and when she looked at Eden’s crotch, his cock was swelling.

Perhaps, Helen thought, Charlie uses her as a sexual device for arousing Eden, like the thought of her own mother getting fucked into next week was a stimulant for her boyfriend. Helen felt flattered if a little embarrassed.

Eden looked over to regard Helen, Charlie still in his arms licking and biting his neck. He smiled at the older woman, sharing an intimate detail of her sex life. It didn’t offend Helen like she thought it might.

“Great news. Here or their place?” He asked.

“A hotel in town.” He nodded, seemingly happy that Helen was meeting people.

“Try and lure them back here mum, we can have a fivesome.” Charlie teased and laughed rambunctiously.


The week passed in a whirl and before she knew it, Helen was walking up the steps into the hotel restaurant. She was wearing a classy but simple wrap dress. Charlie had called it slutty-elegant.

She was nervous and could feel the anxiety knot in her stomach as she made her way. The waiter asked for her booking, and she gave Simon’s gaziantep escort telefonları name. With a sly smile the waiter led her to the discreet corner booth, where they sat.

She made eye contact with Klara first and they shared a smile of familiarity. Then Simon, an equally disarming smile and benevolent air. They both got up to greet her. Simon wore a straightforward suit and open collar.

Klara was dressed a little more daringly, in high heels and a red cocktail dress with a deep revealing vee neckline and a slit up the side as far as her thigh, that not only allowed everyone looking at her intimate knowledge that she wasn’t wearing underwear, but also, made people actively wish the dress might fall away at a moment’s notice.

She kissed them both on the cheek, Klara, insisting on the European style went for the second cheek and as Helen was in range turned and met her on the lips, causing laughs among everyone.

When everyone was seated, Simon immediately poured Helen a glass of champagne, there was a pause of hesitation, and an awkward moment, before Simon casually began asking obvious questions, ‘Did you find the place okay?’ ‘Are you originally from Bristol?’… the usual ‘Getting to know you’ stuff.

Everyone was cordial and Helen slipped into comfortable ease with the couple. Stealing glances here and there she took them in. They were gorgeous, Klara especially, she was like a high-end fashion model in the mode of Victoria secrets. And then the thought crossed her mind, she was turned on by the girl, who was the same age as her daughter.

“If you don’t mind me asking,” Simon leaned in. “What brought you to using the app?” He asked with a cheeky grin. Helen smiled back.

“I’ve been meaning to get back on the dating scene for a while now and my daughter recommended the app to me.” Klara raised an eyebrow at that disclosure.

“Your daughter uses the app? How fabulous.” The younger woman chimed in.

“Well yes, she technically met her boyfriend through it,” She revealed, then cringed thinking she’d let too much information about Charlie’s privacy.

“Well, I can assume the young man is an open-minded type from that bit of information.” Simon opined.

“They both are.” Helen smiled.

“And you are too I hope, Helen?” Klara piped in. A slutty little grin lining her face, barely concealing how ravenous she was for the older woman.

“We were so glad when we matched with you. You know.” Simon added, running his hand up and down Klara’s folded legs. She took a sip of champagne and then spread her legs, showing Helen her bald smooth pussy. Before refolding them, catching Simon’s hand between her thighs in the process.

Helen admired the couples daring, wanting to perform for them as well, she opened herself up to them, arching her back, pushing her breasts out toward them, lifting her head, and opening her throat up to them, provocatively licking her lips. All her actions said: ‘I know what you want, and I want it to, the only thing you have to figure out, is how you want to fuck me.’

The evening progressed, the waiter took their order, the food arrived, they ate, teasing one another here and there, their plates were taken away, Simon settled the bill after ordering a round of grand Marnier’s, and sipped as they watched other couples come and go from the restraint.

“Our waiter was very handsome, wouldn’t you agree, Helen?” Klara asked the table.

“Yes, he was… very handsome.” Helen agreed, watching the young waiter across the room attending to another table. She was getting exceptionally hot with all the sex talk going back and forth over dinner and was now in a boiling hot state. She thought of herself like a bitch in heat, anxious to get upstairs to their room she was in no doubt they had ordered, to get her brains fucked out.

“Really? You would let him fuck you?” Simon asked Helen point-blank. She shattered ever so slightly at the sexually charged question, feeling her pussy gush at his frank attitude. She smiled back at him.

“Maybe, some time.”

“Hmmm, I didn’t notice. I was too busy checking out the waitress in the other section. The redhead, she’d get her brains fucked out if I had my way with her.” He said outright to his girlfriend. Klara smiled.

“Yeah, she is pretty fuckable isn’t she.” She agreed. “Helen, what do you think?”

“Definitely.” She replied. The sexual yearning, unmistakable in her voice. The couple looked at her, then at each other, and smiled.

“Tell you what, we booked a room, just in case we happened to get on famously tonight. Why don’t you two head upstairs and I’ll follow you up? I have something I have to attend to first.” Klara held out her hand to Helen.

“Shall we?” She asked, a coy little mischievous grin up her cheek. Helen took her hand. She led the way to the banks of elevators and got in one. They were alone and as soon as the doors were closed and they began gaziantep escort bayan telefonları climbing the floors, Klara had her hands on Helen’s ass and hips.

She kissed Helen vigorously, like an animal. Almost aggressively, submerging her in passionate deep French kisses. Her tongue running wild in Helen’s mouth, her lips locked hard on the older woman’s.

Helen felt totally overcome by the barrage. Klara’s hands were running amok over Helen’s body, rubbing and caressing her tits and ass and back, holding the back of her head while she assaulted Helen’s mouth with her tongue. Soon she snaked a hand up Helen’s dress, between her legs and was messaging her crotch.

She didn’t hesitate. Didn’t seek permission, and when she suddenly and rather abruptly penetrated Helen with her middle digits and fingered her pussy, Helen lost control and whined out a highly sexed moan.

Her eyes rolled around her head, drunk from the passionate assault this beautiful younger woman was bestowing on her body, it wasn’t long before Helen was cumming on the fingers blasting away at her hot cunt.

The doors opened on their floor, but Klara didn’t stop. Her arm wrapped around Helen, keeping her from collapsing in pleasure. Her head like a swivel on her neck, she looked over to the open elevator door and saw a young couple looking at her, watching the open sex act being performed, in shock, but also, in awe.

Klara started pulling her out of the lift. Down the corridor, passed the couple unable to pull their eyes away. Klara walked her, like minding a drunkard. Her arms around her waist keeping her upright, her fingers no longer pumping her twat, instead, they here in Klara’s mouth, she was licking them clean.

Helen looked down at herself and notice a strap of her dress was down off her arm, her tit hanging out. She made no effort to adjust the wardrobe malfunction.

“Are you going to fuck me some more?” Helen asked in her cum-drunk stupor.

“What the fuck do you think?” Klara answered back, curtly. “You’re our cum-slut for the night.” They came to a room and stopped. Klara turned Helen towards her and grabbed her head and kissed her aggressively hard on the lips. And when she pulled away, she gently caressed her face, smoothing out her cheek. “We are going to fuck you really good tonight baby. Simon is going to shoot you full of steaming hot semen and I’m going to drink it all out of you. Do you want that?”

“Yes, please,” Helen answered meekly, a pleading, whiny little voice. Klara smiled then grabbed the hem of Helen’s dress and pulled it up over her head and off. She stood in the corridor where anyone could have been watching, completely naked and in plain sight.

Helen again made no effort to cover herself up, Klara stood a moment and admired the older woman’s naked body.

“Simon is going to love fucking you.” She said, then turned to the door and put in the key card, opening it. She walked in leaving Helen out in the hallway, to follow her. Klara turned on some lamps and low lights, setting a sexual mood. Then pulled away the straps of her own dress, letting it fall to the floor. She stood in her heels allowing Helen to admire her.

She was stunning, Helen started feeling intimidated by her and self-conscious about her own body. That lasted as long as it took Klara to pounce on her and start intensely kissing her again. Her fingers found Helen’s clit and began violently stroking it. Helen howled out her bliss, cumming quickly again and filling the room with her sex vocals.

Klara’s mouth found her breast and began sucking hard on her nipple, producing a surge of pleasure that ran all across Helen’s body and landed squarely at her twat. Her fingers alternating between probing and fucking into her pussy and circling her swollen clit.

It wasn’t sensual or loving. It was a wild sex act, an energetic, robust fucking. There was something assaulting in Klara’s approach to sex. She wasn’t a shrinking violet when it came to fucking. She was physical and assertive. She turned Helen toward the full-length mirror on the wall and grabbed her in a lock, managing to get her arms around her waist, both hands down at her pussy, left-hand fingers determinedly messaging her clit. Right-hand fingers pushing and fucking up inside her.

Standing behind her, holding her, making her watch herself in the mirror, Klara started to whisper into her ear as she played her pussy.

“Look at you, look at what a hot cunt you are. Look at how turned on you are, my fingers are sopping wet, you’re gushing so much, you filthy fucking bitch. Your mine and my boyfriend’s tonight, do you hear me, we’re going to use you however we want. You’re going to do whatever we say, do you understand? And do you know what you’re going to get in return? Lots of orgasms, isn’t that what you want you fucking dirty whore? Now cum for me, right now, all over my fingers, now bitch.”

Helen squirted out her pussy juice at the instigation of the aggressive dirty talk and came so fucking hard. She wailed out another long groan of climax bliss. Her pussy juice pissing out of her and landing on the carpet. Klara brought her hands up to Helen’s face, wet with her own pussy juices, and started feeding her, her own juices that gathered on them.

Klara forced her down onto her knees then and brought her beautiful, shaved cunt to her mouth.

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