Book Store Stories No. 07


Candy was elated with the idea and asked me, “Daddy can we go? Please Daddy!”

We had just left Karl’s hotel room after a good romp with him. Candy had experienced a double penetration this time. Karl’s monster cock filled her pussy and I had once again entered her ass.

Candy and just turned on the street to head back to our house when she said to me, “Daddy, could you feel Karl’s cock touching yours? I don’t know about you but I was feeling everything. Maybe some day, a cock in the mouth would be fun while my pussy and ass are being fucked.”

Candy was correct; I did feel Karl’s cock sliding against mine. I didn’t last long in her ass either. With the sensation of my cock feeling Karl’s cock sliding in and out of Candy’s pussy, I blew my load rather quickly.

Afterwards, Karl invited us to join him at his island Villa during the upcoming Hedonism III. This would be a week long orgy with hundreds of people. It did sound like fun, but I had issues.

“Candy, I would like to go, really. But what would we tell your mother?”

“Daddy, I have a plan. I’ll tell her myself, that we are going on a backpacking trip. I’ll even invite her along. I know she will not join us, after all she hates the outdoors. Besides, you know how she likes to visit Grandma. I bet she’ll make a bee line to visit her.”

“I suppose that will work. But what if she wants to go along?”

Candy looked at me, “You have got to be kidding me!”

Candy did take care of my wife. She wouldn’t be going camping with us. Candy even emailed Karl, accepting his invitation.

It was a long two-week wait for the upcoming trip to roll around. Candy and I were both excited. Candy had told me in the hallway one night that she was masturbating every night just thinking about being on an island with a bunch of cocks chasing after her.

I on the other hand was going without sex. That is until Candy stopped by my office one day at lunchtime.

She entered the office and locked the door behind her.

Candy came over to my desk and knelt down on the floor swiveling my chair around to face her. She pulled down the spaghetti straps over her shoulders baring her breasts. Then she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my trousers and pulled my cock out.

As she sucked me off, I fondled her two breasts in my hands. My body wanted more of her, but my mind said I was taking enough of a chance with the blowjob. In a few minutes, I had cum in Candy’s mouth, which she quickly swallowed and then cleaned the end of my cock off with her tongue, catching those last few drops that are always present.

She left quickly. I sat there dumbfounded but relaxed for a few minutes before going back to work. Candy had often threatened me with sex in my office if I didn’t meet her at the adult bookstore, which we loved to fuck in. This time there was no threat; it was actually just what I needed. We had gotten away with it today.

The following Friday we flew out of town, leaving our tent and sleeping bags in the trunk of my car. Candy had bought us the proper attire for our island trip. Indeed, I was thinking we might not need any clothes, knowing Karl.

Candy fell asleep on my shoulder as we jetted across the blue water below us. A few times during her sleep I would have thoughts about our sex together. Each time these thoughts would cause me to become slightly erect. When I felt the additional pressure in my pants, I would simple think about the older gentleman sitting on the other side of me. My cock would soften immediately.

We couldn’t believe it. We landed on the beautiful island. Palm trees, flowers and bright colors everyplace you looked. Karl had his driver at the airport to greet us. The guy was young and jet black with broad shoulders and narrow at the hips. His hair was close cut and neat. He was dressed in tan linen trousers and a blue print shirt, very island like. He drove us to the Fatih Escort Villa. I figured I would drive around in the rental car for hours until I found Karl’s address. It was actually a short trip to the Villa. It was a sweet blessing to have a driver.

Karl met us at the front door of his Villa. He kissed my daughter on the lips and shook my hand. He introduced us to his driver, Bo, who was also the servant, and Bo took our luggage and we followed him to our room. Karl said mater of factually we could have separate rooms if we wished but figured that we wouldn’t. He was correct.

Our room had a king size bed with twin bedside tables. The room’s large glass door slid open to the patio and the view of the beach. Sheer white curtains on either side of the door, blew into the room giving me a calm feeling. An overhead fan turning slowly kept the room comfortable.

Karl gave us time to unpack our luggage and freshen up. He said that he would meet us at the pool and to wear our swimwear. I heard him order fruit snacks from Bo.

Candy and I took a quick shower to freshen our bodies. Even though we were in kind of a hurry to get to the pool I got a hard on by just being in the shower with my daughter. She laughed at my hard cock saying, “Am I that sexy?” I said nothing, but winked.

Candy and I walked hand in hand down the hall way to the great room. It was furnished with beautiful wood tables and comfortable looking sofas and chairs. To the right was a massive roll of glass doors leading out onto the patio. Bo came up behind us with a tray of fruit and invited us to follow him.

As we rounded a half wall we saw another part of the pool that was not visible from the great room. Karl was there, standing near a table with a drink in his hand. Sitting in a lounge chair was a blonde woman and boy was she stunning. Not because she was topless, but because she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She stood up and Candy and I stepped closer. Karl introduced us to Anna.

Anna boobs jiggled as she shook Candy’s and my hands. Her body had the most beautiful tan one has ever seen. Even though she was wearing a white bikini bottom, some how I deducted that part of her would be tan too. She sat back down and swooped her long blonde hair back over to the side of her head.

Karl offered us chairs and drinks, which we immediately started sipping on. I felt we had some catching up to do. Karl outlined this weeks coming events. In other words, a party every night and sunning naked bodies during the day.

The four of us had dinner at the pool that evening, Bo serving every course in the best waiters tradition. When the table was cleared Bo came back with a cart full of juices and liquors, but he did leave.

Instead of leaving, Bo took off his shoes and sat down with us. He poured us all drinks and one for himself. We sipped and made casual conversation.

At around midnight, Anna stood and said she wanted to have a swim before going to bed. She walked out to the edge of the pool and walked down the steps into the water.

Watching Anna’s beautiful bikini ass stepping slowly down into the pool transfixed me into an erotic state. I wanted to follow her into the water, I wanted to feel her swollen breasts in my hands, and I wanted to fuck her. But before my fantasy was finished, Bo stood.

Bo’s shirt was unbuttoned and dropped onto his chair. Then Bo unclasped his trouser and let them fall to his feet. He wasn’t wearing underwear. He stepped out of his pants and lifted them onto his chair. He walked towards the pool with his cock dangling between his legs. Bo’s cock was not like Karl’s; it was about my size but longer. I looked over at Candy; she looked at me and winked while shaking her head in a positive way. We both wanted Bo’s cock.

We watched Bo’s black body swim under the surface of the water towards Anna. Anna stood Fatih Escort Bayan her place as Bo swam between her legs and came up behind her.

Bo’s hands reached around the front and grasp Anna’s boobs. Anna reached around with her hand and grabbed Bo’s cock. They fondled each other a few moments before Bo swiveled her around to face him.

Bo reached under water and removed Anna’s bikini bottoms. My eyes were fixated on Bo’s hand as he dropped her bottoms in the water to float half submerged beside them.

With a swirl in the water Anna’s feet and legs wrapped around Bo’s waist. He held onto her while she positioned his cock at her entrance. Bo thrust his hips forward in a powerful way, sending ripples of water back towards us. Anna cried out in pleasure from being so forcefully entered.

Anna held onto Bo’s neck and using her body to ride his cock up and down into her cunt.

My cock had enlarged fully and was uncomfortable in my swim trunks. I lifted the waistband away from my stomach allowing my cock to stretch out. I looked at Candy; she was covering her pussy with both of her hands. I’m sure she was digging the tips of her fingers though her bikini fabric onto her clit. Karl seemed as though he was lost in thought, watching Anna and Bo.

Finally, Karl stood. He said to us, “Are you ready to join them for a bedtime swim?”

Karl’s shirt and pants were left on the chair. I did the same. Candy’s two-piece bikini fell on top of my clothing. She took my hand and led me to the pool steps. We walked down into the water holding each other’s hands.

When we were waist deep, Candy turned towards me and flattened her breasts against my check. Our lips came together and our tongues danced a sexy dance together.

Candy drew back and whispered into my ear, ” I love you Daddy. I want you to fuck me first tonight. ” With that said, she grabbed my neck and jumped up onto me, wrapping her legs around my middle. Holding one hand on her ass, I used the other hand to guide my cock it to her. Just as I thought, Bo and gotten her pussy wet enough that I immediately slid in.

We fucked slowly. Candy was covering my face with her kisses of passion, but I wanted her mouth. Finally, our lips met again and our tongues bathed in each other mouth. The feeling of having your tongue and cock in your daughter is overwhelming.

I could hear and feel Candy orgasm beginning to climb out of her body. She held me tightly and bit down on my shoulder as she released. My cock twitched and spat its juices towards Candy’s cervix. I could sense my sperm swimming up inside of her cervix looking for an egg to impregnate. Quickly I pulled my cock from her and hoped the pool water would wash away that previous thought.

“May I have Candy now”, Karl said over my shoulder, where he must have been standing, watching me make love to my daughter.

“I,,I,,guess it is your turn Karl”, I managed to stutter out, not really ready to give my loved one up, just yet.

Karl came over to Candy and took her in his arms. They kissed deeply as I stood close by watching. For some reason I felt weird just standing there watching and started to move away when Candy said, “Don’t go away Daddy, come here please.”

The three of us, Candy, Karl and I began kissing each other’s face all at the same time in a close net group. I felt Karl’s hand on my cock. Candy was rubbing my nipple that was closest to her. As my lips went from Candy’s back to Karl’s their individual tastes disappeared and we all started tasting the same. Our smells and body fluids are now one.

The three-way kiss broke up when Karl lifted Candy’s onto his frame. With my gizz inside of Candy, Karl had no trouble entering Candy’s tight pussy. There rhythm was slow and deliberate. Karl pulled my cock towards his ass and rubbed my cock head on his ass cheek. He and I had never talked about this before, Escort Fatih but I took it as a sign I was to enter him.

I fingered Karl’s hole, it was obvious he had lubricated his ass prior to this encounter. I moved my hips in closer to his body. Karl’s legs spread open and he squatted down while still balancing Candy in his arms. I took my cock in my hand and wiggled my self around his rose bud spreading him lube onto my cock head. I pushed slightly, but felt resistance. I pushed harder and found my cock head passing through his ring and into his channel.

I held onto Karl’s hips and looked down at Candy’s feet locked behind his back. I began thrusting as Karl was backing from Candy’s cunt. The timing was not perfect; never the less we were all interlocked in sex.

Candy exploded with her orgasm, repeatedly saying, “I’m cuming, I’m cuming.”

The three of us were having difficulties standing in the water as we forcefully banged our bodies together. Karl said, “Lets move towards the steps.” He sat Candy down on the middle step, where just her breasts where out of the water. Karl knelt down in front of her, leaned over and reinserted himself into her pussy. Karl reached back and slapped his ass indicating to me to fuck him more.

I moved in behind Karl again and plugged him. I felt high and felt exhaustion from the long day. I pounded Karl’s ass, as hard and as fast as I could. I wanted to cum and then rest. Karl started tightening his sphincter muscles milking my cock. My thrusts stopped as I stood there keeping my balance by holding onto Karl’s hip bones while my cock leaked cum into his dark hot hole.

I stepped back and popped my cock from Karl’s hole, then I made my way to the steps beside my daughter. I sat next to Candy while she was being pleasured by Karl’s massive, monster cock. Candy’s eyes were closed but she was breathing heavily. I knew she was enjoying the fuck with Karl.

Both Candy’s and Karl’s breathing changed. Their humping rhythm slowed also. Candy started sucking air with short shallow breaths. Karl held completely still. I knew what he was doing by holding still, he was allowing his cock to twitch and squirt into Candy’s cunt where she might feel his cum splashing onto her inter vaginal walls. Then the two of them held each other tightly enjoying the post orgasm feelings.

I looked to my right, there sitting on the edge of the pool with their legs dangling in the water was Anna and Bo, watching us.

They stood up and as they did Anna clasp her hand over the bottom of her pussy as they walked to the end of the pool.

Anna walked right over to Candy and stood above her saying, “Karl can make a girl feel good uh?”

Candy opened her eyes and looked up and smiled. She just shook her head, yes.

Then I noticed Candy lick her lips repeatedly while looking up at Anna.

Anna step over Candy’s head and removed her hand from under her pussy. For a second, nothing happened. Then, ever so slowly the cum from Bo’s cock started to run from Anna’s pussy and drip down onto Candy’s face.

I was amazed as I watched Candy position her open mouth under Anna’s cunt trying to catch the streaming cum flowing out of it.

I glanced around and noticed Bo and Karl were watching also. I yawned. Karl looked at me and yawned. I told everyone goodnight and then looked at Candy. Candy was quick saying; “I’ll be there soon Daddy.”

I stated for the great room doors when Karl cut me off. “Please follow me, I know the short cut.” He led me down a short path to another door, it was to my room.

The two of us entered, Karl turned on a light for me. “Don’t worry about your swim trunks”, Karl reminded me, then added, “We don’t wear much around here once we know each other.”

Karl leaned into me and placed a kiss on my lips and said, “Good night, we’ll have more fun tomorrow, uh?” and left my bedroom.

I drank a glass of water and waiting for Candy. When she didn’t show up I went to the patio door and looked towards the pool. Bo, Anna and Candy were still sitting on the pool steps talking. Guess I was not missing out on anything, so I lay on the bed and quickly fell asleep.

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