“BOY-SAN” is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don”t care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

BOY-SAN by Andrej Koymasky © 2020
by Andrej Koymasky © 2020
written on July 30, 1994
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Richard CHAPTER 2

When Kazuya was eighteen, there was a great festival at his village to mark the four hundredth anniversary of the local shrine foundation.

Kazuya was one of the young men selected to carry the mikoshi, the small portable shrine, in the procession. Wearing only the traditional light blue fundoshi that just covered his genitals and left his buttocks exposed, he took his place between two others and raised the heavy pole supporting the mikoshi. Then he and the others began to carry it through the village streets, shouting rhythmically with his fellow bearers, the classic “yah-sho, yah-sho” chant in a chorus. He could feel the pubes of his the youth behind him, brushing against him at every pace, and that aroused him, so that in a short space of time his erection was brushing against the ass of the fellow before him. He couldn”t help it – it was an exciting and simultaneously embarrassing sensation. Being almost naked, in front of all the villagers, with their bodies packed together and brushing against each other with each pace. Then he perceived that the boy behind him also had a remarkable erection. And yet that boy had a girlfriend, he was sure of that.

When the procession was over, they all went to have some sake in a tired but cheerful mood, and neither of his two mates, either the one who was before him or the other who was behind, showed the slightest reaction, as if nothing at all had happened. So Kazuya also behaved as if nothing had happened, too. Jiro, Saburo and Yukio approached him, excited and happy.

Jiro said him: “Mom went home for a moment with dad to see if grandpa is all right, but they will be back soon. Anyway, they said not to wait for them to start eating, but to save seats for them.”

“Can I sit near you?” Yukio, who adored his elder brother, asked. Kazuya too was very fond of him.

Kazuya caressed his little brother”s head affectionately, and said: “Sure, you”ll sit near me, little mouse! But now let”s go take our place, before the best ones are occupied.”

They went running and saved a line of seats at one of the central tables on the square in front of the main stairway of the shrine. Girls handed out the food, and everybody started to eat, in noisy and merry confusion.

Suddenly, everything seemed to stop. An unnatural silence fell over the village. Men, animals, and all of nature seemed to become silent all at once, and the earth shook violently while a rumbling roar rose from the earth”s bowels. An incredibly violent earthquake threw everybody into a panic.

Kazuya embraced Yukio tightly and shouted to his other two brothers, “Don”t move! Here it”s safe! Don”t move!”

And again an astonished silence fell over the village as soon as the earth was stilled; and from the half-collapsed houses arose clouds of dust and smoke signalling the beginning of fires. Everybody immediately hurled themselves at the areas to stop the fires, and to rescue the few people who were in them or who, being near the buildings, had been hit by the collapsing roofs or walls. Screams, yells, calls, orders and countermands of all sorts filled the air.

Kazuya shouted only one word: “Home!” and the four brothers ran despairingly toward their home. They saw from afar that the old house, built in the Taisho Period, was almost crumpled in on itself, reduced to a pile of rubble. They called out and hurled themselves and tried to dig, less unfortunate neighbours helping them in their effort.

After a time that seemed unending, they extracted from the rubble first their mother”s body, then that of the grandfather, and last that of their father: all three quite dead. Kazuya understood immediately what this meant: they had been left alone, and now he had to shoulder the responsibility for his other three brothers.

So, he called them around and said, “Jiro, Saburo, Yukio – we have been left all alone. We must swear to each other that we will never part, that we will always help each other. Swear it!” he gravely commanded. The three boys swore. “Because I am the oldest, I must take our father”s place, so you must always obey me.” he said determinedly.

“Of course, Kazuya.” Jiro answered seriously, “You”re the boss, now. Tell us what we have to do.”

“First thing, don”t separate. For any reason. Our strength is in being together; never forget it.”

“We have nothing; nobody”s left.” Saburo said thoughtfully, “What can we do, now?”

“I don”t know yet. We will do something.”

“Dad, mum, grandpa – all dead. Why?” Yukio asked, bravely trying to hold back his tears.

“I don”t know why. Just a few minutes earlier or a few minutes later and they might still be alive – at least dad and mom. But it didn”t go that way. No, I really don”t know why.” Kazuya said grimly.

One of the neighbours offered to let them sleep in his house that was largely intact. Kazuya accepted, gratefully, for the moment. The village was becoming organized, little by little. The dead were laid out for cremation in front of the village shrine. Happily, they were relatively few, because nearly everybody had been outdoors for the festival. There were also few injured, even though some very few had been seriously hurt. The wounded were transported with the available vehicles to the nearby town”s hospital. Funerals were organized. The homeless from the few completely destroyed or dangerously unserviceable houses were sheltered.

The assistance committee called Kazuya, who arrived with all of his brothers. After conveying them their deepest sympathies, the president said, “You have been left alone, and are without a home. We must look for your relatives, to see who can now take care of you.”

“I don”t believe that… Our aunts and uncles… I don”t think any of them can provide for four more people.”

“I see, but each family can host one of you, and…”

“No. We do not want to be separated, and nobody can host all four of us.”

“Well, exactly; therefore you have to part.”

“No. I”m old enough to provide for all myself and my three brothers.”

“But you have no home, and before you can rebuild it… Apart that you”ll need a great deal of money. And you”re still are a minor and have to finish your schooling, Kazuya.”

“Just give us some time to think about a solution, please. For the moment Kato-san is sheltering us.”

“He could possibly not do so for long.”

“It won”t be necessary. Tomorrow we will tell you what we intend to do, but don”t separate us.”

“I don”t know if it will be possible, but we can surely wait until tomorrow, or rather, until after the funerals.” the village mayor intervened, looking at the others of the committee for an agreement.

They all nodded gravely.

“What will we do, now, Kazuya?” Yukio asked as soon as they were on the street.

“I was thinking that we can sell the land. We can go to Tokyo. We can find a flat, even a very small one. I can find a job and you all shall continue to go to school. But we must remain together.”

“Why in Tokyo?” Saburo asked, frowning.

“Because it will be easier there for me to find work. And because you can attend better schools there than here.”

“I, too, can work.” Jiro said.

“No, you”ll study like the others.” tuzla eve gelen escort

“But it won”t be fair for you not to finish your studies,” Saburo said.

“If I can, I”ll finish them; if not, not. First I must take care of you all. It”s my responsibility.”

“But, Kazuya, why can”t we stay here at our village?” Jiro insisted.

“Here, even if I did find a job, I couldn”t earn as much money as I could in Tokyo. Moreover, what work can I do here? And in the meantime, where can we go to live? And where could we find the money to rebuild our house? I don”t think that dad had much savings. So, it is easier to go to Tokyo, right? At least to try it there.”

“Kazuya is right.” Yukio serious said.

“Anyway, if he has decided, we will do so.” Jiro said.

“I can go to Tokyo alone, at first, to find work and a home for us, then I”ll come to get you all.”

“But, didn”t you say that we mustn”t separate for any reason?” Saburo objected.

“I didn”t mean just for a few days. At the beginning it will be easier if I”m alone. And anyway I hope I can come to get you soon. While I”m not here, you all must obey Jiro, understood?”

“Yes, Kazuya. But you”ll come to fetch us very soon, right?” his littlest brother asked.

“Of course, Yukio, as soon as possible.”

Then they all went to the post office with their father”s savings book that they had retrieved from the ruins. To withdraw the money they needed to do some formalities, and together with the savings book they also fortunately found other papers, and one with their father”s seal declaring he bequeathed all to Kazuya, so that simplified the problem. There wasn”t much money, but Kazuya hoped it was enough for their initial expenses. Then they went to the neighbouring town to an estate agent, and asked him to put the land up for sale. The man had heard the four brothers” story, and he promised Kazuya that he would do his best to sell the land at a good price.

Then, the day after the funerals, Kazuya went to see the village mayor and the committee, always with his three brothers, and explained his project. They discussed it for a long while but at the end, the mayor and council saw the solid determination of the four brothers, and the committee accepted their proposal.

So, the boy left for Tokyo. The village people gave him addresses of relatives and acquaintances, and introduction letters. At the departure of the bus, half of the village was there to see him off, besides his three brothers. Everyone assured him that they would take care of his brothers, during his absence.

“You promise me you will study seriously, while I”m away?” Kazuya asked to the three boys.

“Of course, we promise,” they answered.

“And you Saburo, and you Yukio – you will obey to Jiro?”

“Yes, of course.”

“And I won”t be ashamed of you when I return?”

“No, you won”t be,” the three boys said.

“But you”ll come very soon to fetch us, right Kazu?” Yukio asked barely restraining the tears that gathered in his eyes.

“I promise you, I”ll be back as soon as possible. Anyway I”ll write you very often, and I”ll tell you everything I do, all right?”

“Yes, Kazuya. Good luck. We will pray for you.” Jiro said, very seriously.

Kazuya left. He did all he could to show to his brothers that he was serene and confident, but as soon as the bus was out of the village, he held his head tightly between his hands, feeling a great desire to cry and, silently, he prayed to his father, his grandfather and all his other forefathers, “Help me, all of you. I hope I”m doing the right thing. But help me, please, all of you, please. I”m so frightened.”

He reached Tokyo in the afternoon. The metropolis” size fascinated and frightened him at the same time. He never saw – never dreamed – of anything like that. Even when they show Tokyo on TV, you couldn”t actually have the sensation of such a chaotic, delirious immensity. He went out at Shinjuku, his belongings in a sack on his shoulders, and looked at the addresses he had. How could he find those places, now? He didn”t know where to start. He saw a signpost pointing to the information bureau, and he followed it. Just Shinjuku station was as wide as his entire village! After wandering the long corridors for some time, climbing and descending stairways marked with numbers, after losing sight of, and finding again, the signpost, he finally found himself before the information bureau.

A nice girl in an elegant uniform smiled at him from behind the counter: “How can I help you?”

“Well, I have to go to these addresses, but I don”t know how to reach them,” he said putting the sheets that the villagers had given him on the counter in front of her.

The girl looked at them, somewhat perplexed, reading them rapidly, then said kindly, “You are not from Tokyo, sir, correct?”

That formal way to address him, made him feel uneasy: “No, I”m sorry, it”s the first time that…”

“I see. It will be not so easy. You”d better purchase a detailed Tokyo street map, where are marked also the transit routes, sir.”

“Do you sell that?”

“No, sir, I”m sorry. But you can find it in a book shop.”

“Is there a book shop nearby?”

“Not so far, sir. Here, look…” she said and explained him how to get to it, and wrote him the address on a piece of paper. Then, seeing Kazuya”s lost looking air, she said: “When you”ve bought the map, if you have some difficulties in consulting it, please don”t hesitate to come back here. This is my card; you can ask for me, if I”m not at the counter, sir.”

“Thank you so much. You are really kind.”

He had great difficulties finding the book shop. The map was a book of about two hundred pages, almost bigger than his school atlas! Difficult to consult, to understand – he had difficulty also in finding the information bureau again. But the girl welcomed him back with a wide gentle smile and explained to him patiently how to use the maps, marked some of the addresses on it, and asked him to find some more addresses to be sure he really did understand how to use it.

Then she said to Kazuya: “I cannot help you any more, I am really sorry. Good luck, anyway. And take care. But… you will see that you will manage to find all these places… Please, take care, sir, and… I”m sorry I couldn”t help you more.”

Kazuya tried to go to one of the addresses he had. He took the wrong way several times, asked for help several times, but al last he reached it. And so he started his tours. He got different receptions: some gentle, some diffident, some warm. He got advice about where to sleep for only a little money, how to look for a job, how to arrange for a bank account in order not to have to carry all his money with him. Someone also invited him to stop for a meal. Someone listened to him with kindness, nodding in understanding, but then didn”t lift a finger to really help him. Someone just kept him at the door and got rid of him as if he was an ordinary tiresome salesman.

Kazuya wrote all this to his brothers, a letter every other day. This was the least, and most welcome task he had to face. Everything was so expensive, even just commuting around the city. And the tides of people populating the great metropolis, seemed always to be running, with tense expressions, absorbed in god knows what thoughts.

Days elapsed, but it seemed that it was impossible to find a real work. Some of the people he went to see, said for him to telephone, to keep them informed, so, from time to time, he called these people, too.

And one evening, one of them, said: “Listen, Kazuya-san, I”m sorry but, would you accept work in a department store as a cleaner? I”m afraid it”s a night job, but the pay is rather good and they can also give you tuzla otele gelen escort a place to sleep, during the day. I”m afraid it”s with some other young people of the staff, I”m sorry, but…”

“Oh, yes, surely! When? And where?”

“Can you please be so kind as to come to my place tomorrow afternoon around six o”clock, if this is convenient for you? I will take you to meet the manager for an interview, and if he has a good impression of you, as I am sure he will, you could possibly start working tomorrow.”

So Kazuya finally found work. He was hired and prepared all the necessary documents. He had to share the room where he slept with three other boys, but, since they were shop assistants, when he was sleeping they were working, and when he was at work they were asleep; so they almost never met. He could have eaten very cheaply in the department store. It was sufficient for him to go there a little before closing time. At this point, he began to look for a small flat. He didn”t want to spend too much money, but at the same time he wanted it to be big enough for four people. He started to search and soon saw that the prices were high. So, little by little he reduced his demands. And he also discovered that he had to look for another job.

He had, by chance, found an apartment with two rooms, kitchen, toilet and bathroom in an old house, on the second floor. It was facing north, and was built against the wall of the neighbouring house, so there wasn”t very much light, but the price was affordable. He rented it. And the day afterward he also found another job as a workman in a small clothing firm. This work had the advantage that it was to be done sitting down, and after all night standing to clean the department store, this was a very positive thing.

To fetch his brothers, he now missed only two things: finding the way to move them to the Tokyo schools, and buying the futon, tables, and all they could need for minimal furnishing of the house and the kitchen. Somebody told him about a second-hand shop managed by the Salvation Army, where all was sold at very low prices. The shop worked only on Saturday mornings. So, he took some money from the bank, asked for a Saturday morning free, and went to make the needed purchases.

Thanks to some introductions, he also found the right schools for his brothers and, completed all the needed papers; finally, he could go back to his village to fetch them. Almost two months had elapsed from the day he left his village.

His brothers welcomed him with great joy, excited by the imminent adventure of their new life. They collected the few things they had recovered from the ruins of their home, and, after greeting and thanking everybody, they finally left their village. Kazuya also stopped in the near town at the estate agent”s office. Here he was informed that they were negotiating, to sell their land, with a supermarket chain that wanted to open a store in their village. If the negotiations were successful, Kazuya could gain good money from it.

When they were finally in Tokyo, the slightly disappointed faces of his brothers on seeing the new apartment, gave Kazuya a pang of pain. But he could understand them: he himself had got used to the idea of living in that place only after seeing dozens of others and having heard their prices. He assigned the six tatami room to Jiro and Saburo, and he took for himself and Yukio the four and a-half tatami room; anyway, he would sleep there only in the late afternoon, after his job in the clothing firm and before his night cleaning job at the department store.

His brothers started attending their new schools. Kazuya went to meet all their teachers to explain their situation and, on the average, found some understanding attitudes.

Kazuya then plunged into his two jobs. He would have liked to have more time to spend with his brothers, but he absolutely had to use the few hours he could spend at home to sleep. Moreover, while the clothing firm let him free on Saturday afternoon and the Sunday, the department store let him free only on Wednesday, so he never had a full free day to spend with them. But he did his best to try to follow them as much as he could.

Yukio and Saburo did get into their schools without any problems. But, on the other hand, from the very beginning, Jiro was mocked by the other students. That naive kid from country, so shy and reserved, soon became the target of all their jokes, often heavy, and at times even cruel. Jiro, not to make more worries for his elder brother who, he was well aware, was working to the limit of his strength for them, never told them at home about his problems, but always pretended all was well.

Jiro was sixteen when, one day, one of his class mates, for a joke, spread glue on the inside of his shoes. At the end of the lessons when Jiro put one on, he discovered the bad joke. He shouted in surprise and all his mates burst into mocking laughter at him. Jiro this time saw red: he jumped on his nearest schoolmate and started to beat him. Other students, drawn by the shouts, immediately separated them; some of the teachers arrived and all the boys said that it was Jiro who started the fight. The teachers, understanding the reason for the fight, were aware that the boy had been provoked. They sent the Jiro immediately to wash the glue from his shoes and socks before it had dried, and gave the boys a good telling-off.

After that, all seemed to be settled. But the boy who had been attacked by Jiro, instigated by the others, decided to take revenge. How dare that naive little provincial scum, that Johnny-come-lately, raise his hands to one of them? They had to give him a good lesson to put him back in his place. They held a war council. Several things were proposed, until one of them had an idea that immediately was accepted enthusiastically by them all. Yes, they had found the exemplary punishment. They organized it all very carefully. For some days all appeared to be quiet and Jiro thought that, at last, he could again start to breathe.

But one afternoon, Jiro and some other fellows, were on the shift to clean the schoolyard. Jiro was sweeping dead leaves in the lane among the azaleas bushes. Suddenly, he was surrounded by his fellows. He at once understood that they had plotted something against him and was on the defensive, holding his broom up like a weapon.

“What do you want?” he asked, defensively.

“Nothing, Jiro-kun. Just to make you understand who”s in command here.”

“Leave me in peace, once and for all!”

“Yes, surely. After we give you the lesson you deserve.” the boy he had beaten said, approaching him while the circle of others closed around him. Jiro noticed he still had an escape toward the school gym and, trying to avoid a clash he was clearly not prepared for, ran headlong in that direction. It was exactly what his classmates had carefully planned and wanted him to do. They all ran so that Jiro couldn”t go anywhere else, until the boy found himself trapped between the half circle of the other boys and a kind of blind alley between the gym and the laboratories, cut off at his end by the tall boundary wall.

Jiro suddenly stopped and, panting, turned to face his attackers. “Leave me alone! I never did anything to any of you! Leave me alone!”

“Sure, Jiro. Afterward.” one of them said with a wicked smile while they forced him into a corner.

“But, what do you want from me?” Jiro asked tensely.

“Just your ass, Jiro. Yes, just your ass. Pull down your trousers, if you don”t want us to tear them off you.”

“No; stop it!”

“Pull down your trousers, Jiro; don”t make us mad with you, or after fucking your ass we”ll break your bones as well…”

“Come on, enough! tuzla sınırsız escort This joke is in very bad taste!” Jiro exclaimed.

“No, pal; this is not at all a joke. You will not leave this spot with your asshole intact, I swear that to you. Lower your trousers and underpants, now!”


Then they flew at him. He struggled with all his means, but they were too many. They held him still, closed his mouth with one hand, and started to open his belt, his fly. Jiro wiggled and tried to scream for help, but all his efforts were useless. He was terrorized and the terror gave him strength, but not enough to win against so many. The biggest of his fellows kept his head pressed against his chest, both hands on his mouth to prevent him from screaming. And hands, hands, hands on his legs, on his arms, all over his body, keeping him rising from the floor, holding him almost flat, and hands pulling down his trousers, hands tearing off his underpants, hands spreading his legs, hands rudely playing with his genitals, beating, slapping, squeezing them, and one of the hands, he could feel it among all the others, spreading something slippery on his anus.

The one he had beat up was first to push his way between Jiro”s thighs; the boy opened his fly to unsheathe his already hard member and, incited by the other boys, shoved it inside Jiro”s hole with a series of frantic pushes from his hips. Jiro felt a sharp pang of pain, but above all, a burning humiliation. He closed his eyes so that he wouldn”t see the scoffing faces of his schoolmates, and he wished that he would have been able to shut his ears as well, so as not to hear their scornful taunts.

“He”s tight now, but he won”t be for much longer!”

“After you, it”s to my turn to fuck him, right?”

“Go on, it”s possible he even likes it!”

“He won”t like it so much when it”s my turn!”

“Surely he won”t; yours is the biggest in the class.”

“At the end, a train will be able to run through him!!”

“Go on, fuck him harder; make him want to die!”

“He”s crying, poor little thing!”

“Sure, he”s just a girlie.”

“We should also call some friends from the other classes!”

“Do you like this nice sperm enema, Jiro?”

“It will come out his mouth, we”ll fill him so full!”

“When is my turn, boys?”

Two of them had reached their orgasm inside him and a third boy was now fucking him with long, slow strokes.

“Hey, Akira, what are you doing? Are you enjoying him?”

“Go faster; we”re all waiting for our turn!”

“Go faster, and harder!”

“Let Akira enjoy it! It doesn”t happen every day that he gets to have easy an ass available, right?”

“Don”t tell me he likes it!”

“It”s always better than just jerking off, isn”t it?”

“Why, don”t you have a girlfriend?”

“Sure I have. But you”d never say no to a good fuck!”

“And at least with him there”s no risk of making him pregnant.” And they laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

But eventually a senior boy came by. He saw the crowd, and shouted, “Hey, what”s happening here? What are you all doing?”

“It”s our business, go away!”

“What are you… Hey, leave him alone! What are you doing? Have you all gone crazy?”

“Go away! We are just giving him the punishment he deserved.”

“Or perhaps you want to queue up with us for a turn at his ass?”

“Let him go immediately!” the boy shouted and pounced on the group.

The fight was short. That senior knew jujitsu very well, and in a short time all the boys were running away, leaving Jiro half naked and trembling, on the pavement. Then the senior boy approached him, picked up Jiro”s shorts and put them on the boy and then also his trousers. Jiro was trembling violently, his eyes still shut. The senior enfolded him in his arms protectively.

“It”s over; it”s over. They”ve all gone away.” he whispered.

Jiro burst into sobs, unable any longer to hold them back.

“It”s all right; cry as much as you need to, you have earned the right to. What beasts they are! I”ll report them to the school headmaster!”

“No!” Jiro pleaded mournfully.

“Why not? They shouldn”t get off scot-free!”

“I don”t want my brother know about it… moreover… they”ll take revenge even worst that that…”

“That”s not possible, now. I”m here now, and I will protect you. But why don”t you want your brother to know about it? Or your father?”

“My father is dead. And my brother is killing himself working for me, and for my other brothers. He mustn”t know about all this, he would believe it was all his fault.”

“His fault? I don”t understand…”

“He wanted to come here in Tokyo, he chose this school. He would never forgive himself, never. I know him too well. No, please, don”t tell anything to anybody, please, please.” Jiro said crying and clutching at his rescuer”s body.

The boy held him tight, trying to calm him. “Shush, shush… You”re so upset. Listen, can we talk about it calmly?” he asked gently.

“I… just don”t tell anybody, please.”

“Do you think you can walk, now?”

“I think so.” Jiro said trying to stand up. The other boy held him up.

They went a few steps, then the boy said: “Now you come home, with me. You have to take a good hot bath and put yourself in order if you really want your family not to know what happened. You look quite frightful. Can you ride with me my bike?”

“Yes, thank you.” Jiro said, still shaken, but grateful for the interest and gentleness of the other. He understood that that boy was right and anyway he felt safe near him. He didn”t see how, but that boy, alone, had made all eleven of his attackers flee.

The other boy took him out of the schoolyard, got on his bike, and helped Jiro sit behind him. He started the engine and before putting on his helmet, said, “Oh, by the way, I”m Nishida Hiroshi. And you?”

“Omura Jiro…”

“Good, Jiro. Hold onto me really tight.” he said and started off.

They arrived at Hiroshi”s home, a nice single-family house with a garden. After parking his bike, Hiroshi said: “There isn”t nobody in, at the moment, so don”t worry. Come, first I”ll prepare you a bath. Then you come to my room and pull off all your clothes, so I can give them a good brushing and fix them. Does walking hurt too much for you?”

“A little.” Jiro said shy for the implication of that question and answer.

“Hey, aren”t you ashamed with me, hu?”

“Well… a little.”

“Well, don”t be silly! You”ve absolutely noting to be ashamed of! It”s them, in any rate, who ought to be ashamed of themselves.”

Jiro undressed, keeping on just his t-shirt and underpants. Hiroshi made him sit down, and carefully brushed his school uniform.

Then, folding it with care, he said: “The bath must be ready. Come on.”

They entered the bathroom and Hiroshi started to undress himself also.

Jiro asked him: “You”re bathing too?”

“Does it bother you?”


“Well, then I can wash you; you have to be aching all over. Poor Jiro. Do you feel like telling me about you?”

“About what happened?”

“If you want. But also about you and your brothers. Don”t you have parents, relatives? Why not? Do you feel like telling me?”

“Yes, of course…” Jiro began to say while Hiroshi, now naked, washed him.

Jiro told him everything, from the village festival to all that happened a little before. Hiroshi listened carefully, occasionally asking some questions to better understand the story, while continuing to wash Jiro gently while washing himself and then rinsing both. They then entered the hot tub together to relax, while Jiro told the rest of his story.


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