Subject: Brad – Chapter 4 This work is copyrighted by the author the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission in writing from the author. Personal or private copies are permitted only if they are complete and include the copyright notice. Placing this story on a website or reproducing this story for distribution without the author’s permission is a violation of that copyright. This is a story of a young male’s relationship with an older male. It will contain some sexual scenes, but it is not totally about sex. The series of chapters are completely fictional and are the result of the author’s fertile imagination. Any resemblance to any real person(s) is purely coincidental. The story contains consensual sexual behavior between a young male and an older male. It depicts unprotected sex and protected sex practices are the way to go if you plan to be around for years to come. May the flies of a thousand camels infest your armpits for not succumbing to the passions of your fertile imagination! If you are underage (below 18) or object to the subject matter, leave now as the door that let you in will also let you out. Also, don’t forget if this story or series of stories make you quake in your shorts, donate! fty/donate.html Keep this great venue of erotica free and on-line! From Chapter 3: He saw me wiggle a little and let out a quiet moan and our eyes met, my face buried in his pubes, his face in a state of ecstasy. His tall mountains of chest muscle and the matted protruding hair from its valley as well as the tightening and relaxing ab muscles framed his jaw. His mouth was open, and his eyes were drowsy, as he heaved oxygen into his body. I felt a jump in the heavy cock that was being held down only by my chin. I sort of knew what to do next. —————– When I say I sort of knew what to do next, I mean I watched a couple videos on my phone. I had never done this literally in the flesh. His hands were dangling at his sides, his body seemed ready to collapse, but his hard cock was pushing on my Adam’s apple. I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and licked my way down his shaft. I was still amazed that my brother was letting me do this. I liked down his what seemed like coke can thick seven inches until I was staring directly at his hard cock head on. I got up some spit in my mouth and opened it wide to take in the huge red head and engulfed it. I used my tongue to lick all around and under it to the pinched area of skin. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do a good job as he was huge. In comparison to my little dick, this was a monster, but it was my brother, and the wave a saltiness hit me from his sweat and I opened my mouth more and took more of him in my mouth. Trying to inch my way down his cock like a snake eating its prey. He let out a deep guttural moan as I inched my way to his scent forest, where I wanted my nose to be. I took my hands and felt up his hairy legs to the root of his balls and shaft and with one hand holding the base of his cock and the other playing with his balls, he let out another guttural moan. His hands were on the top of my head, and I took that as a sign to continue. I got to a point and choked, and his hands gently pushed me back. “Damn bro, I thought you said you never did this before?” He whispered down through the cleft of his chest and the valley of his abs. “I haven’t, I am guessing what to do.” I said with his heavy balls still in my hand, and his root in the other. “This is all weird for me, but damn it feels good.” He huffed, still heaving oxygen into his lungs. “Thanks, I guess. Do you want me to continue?” I said as his hands were still on my head giving me a light pressure backwards. “How about you use your tongue where you were doing it, and I will jerk off.” He huffed, looking at me through those heavy-lidded eyes. “Take off your pants and join me. That way it’s not so strange.” “I’ve already came in my pants.” I said looking up at him “Dude, you should have waited.” He huffed, taking one hand off my head and wrapping his fingers around his cock and starting to slowly jerk it towards my face. “Does my smell turn you on that much?” “Yes.” I said, pushing his remaining istanbul travesti hand off my head and I ducked under his cannon and buried my face in the soft, fuzzy area next to the base of his cock and balls. He shook and moaned, jerking his cock harder, almost punching me in the cheek as I licked and sucked. I wanted every sense of mine to be encased in the true man scent that I found there. Burying my face in his discarded shorts was nothing compared to smelling and licking the source. I turned my head down and started licking his balls, they were not as low as before, so I endured the punching in the face as his hand increased speed and I fought his body to take one of his nuts in my mouth. “You want my load?” he huffed, not stopping the pounding, but increasing it. I have always liked the taste of my own cum, and here is my brother, in ecstasy that I induced, asking me if I wanted his! Eagerly without a word I got some spit up in my mouth and got around his flailing knuckles and took his head in my mouth and started to suck hard. He let out a combination yell and growl and started cursing. His thumb and fore finger battering my lips and nose, he put his hand back on my head, this time that back of it, and shoved what seemed like a yard of him into me. I gagged a little and pulled back to where only his head was in my mouth when the first shot hit my tonsils. There were five other shots to the back of my throat and then several dribbles on my tongue before he ripped his cock from my mouth. I didn’t swallow at first, I swirled his cum around my mouth, letting all four areas of my tongue get a taste. It was thick and salty, and I wanted more! The taste was so much better than my own. I saw that there were a couple droplets and a long stringy drip forming on his head, and I leaned forward and lapped it up like a dog, once I sucked it off of him, I sat back on my heels. He was covered in a sheen of fresh sweat and breathing so hard I thought he was going to pass out. I wanted some of that fresh sweat, so I knelt up, and licked his glistening hip line. He shirked away from me at first, but then stood still. I licked my way up, following the sheen to his now again dripping wet pit. I stood and pushed his arm above his head and buried my face in his pit, feeling the scorching heat and fresh wetness on my face, and with my tongue I felt his heartbeat as rapid as it was. I took a brave step and put my arms around him as my face was buried in his pit and felt that his back, and lower back were wet as well. He pushed my arms down, and gently pushed me away from his hairy pit, though I wanted to bite his hand for doing so, and said, “Damn little bro, I never knew how much you do like my stink. But I have to stop you, as I am feeling weird.” He huffed as he looked at me in the eye, his hands cupping my face, and his hard breaths slamming me in the face head on. I nodded, as best I could since his strong hands were holding my head and forcing me from diving back into his skin. I wiggled out of his hands and knelt down, since he was still wearing his socks, and started to take them off one by one. I tossed them into the hamper and now my Adonis was standing in front of me catching his breath, I felt like a priest supplicated in prayer before a Greek god statue. “Shower time.” He huffed as he walked past me and into the bathroom. I grabbed the pile of stinky shirts that were not his and a couple things from his bag and the hamper and took them to the laundry. I licked my swollen lip, and could still taste my brother, his sweat and his cum. I quickly went back to our room and I found his still kinda wet shirt and wrapped it around my pillow as a second pillowcase, and buried my face into it. I reached around the top of my bed and there were his white compression shorts, and I inhaled deeply through the crotch. His smell was there, as strong as normal, but nothing compared to what I got from the source. He returned to the room with a towel wrapped around his waist and turned away from me as he dropped the towel and found a pair of boxer briefs, shorts and a shirt. He put them all on and left the room. ‘What have I done?’ I asked myself in the roiling kadıköy travesti cauldron in my mind. He never wears all those clothes in the house. I got up and walked into the kitchen to see him throwing something into the microwave and standing there back towards me staring out the window. Even when the timer went off, he seemed to either ignore it or didn’t hear it and just kept staring. He finally broke his thought and turned towards the microwave and took out what was in it, meatloaf, and dumped two portions on two plates and simply said, “dinner”, then turned and walked past me making no eye contact. He sat at the table and started eating, I grabbed my plate and joined him at the table as he inhaled his meal. “Brad, what’s wrong?” I quietly said as I sat in the chair. He looked away, and said, “I just let my little brother get me off”, then returned to his meal, face down. When he was finished, he pushed his plate away from him, “I can’t believe I just did what we did. I let you suck on my dick, and I came in your mouth, and you swallowed it.” “Bro, it was a dream of mine. I do not know how to say thank you.” I quietly said, not making eye contact, and took another bite of my meatloaf. “I have never done that before and never thought I would. I like girls, but I let you lick me and suck my dick. I’m not gay, and I do not know what I was thinking when I started it, it is all my fault.” He quietly said, staring away, trying not to look at me. “After you finish dinner, you need to do your homework, and take a shower, you smell.” “Brad, why did you bring home all those shirts? Then have me smell to find yours? You know I would find yours easily. Please do not be ashamed and shy away from me. I know you’re not gay, and never will be, you just fulfilled a fantasy of mine and I know I did not do a good job sucking you, I have never done it before all I have done is seen it, and fantasized about it.” I said, not realizing I was rambling on. “Nothing has changed, you are still my big bro and I love you.” “Love… Love like as in a brotherly way, or in a sexual way.” He said meeting my gaze but with eyes that were not normal, I saw anger there. “I can’t handle it if you say sexual.” “Brad, my love for you is brotherly. What happened in the room was sexual, yes, but you allowed me to please you and make you feel good did I not?” I sheepishly said, quietly, staring at those eyes that had not color because of his mood. “Ray, I need to think.” He said using my name, which was weird, got up from the table and went to our room. Minutes later he came out wearing a pair of Nikes and left the house. I heard his truck start and then leave down the street. I didn’t finish my meatloaf. I gathered up both of our dishes and washed and put them in the rack. I started to tear up as I cleaned up the kitchen and turned to head to our room. As I walked in, the heady aroma of him was still there, and I grabbed my backpack by my bed. Looking at my bed, I saw that his shirt and compression shorts were not on my bed and pillow. The tears flowed at the sight. I threw my backpack down the hall and ripped off my clothes and started a shower. I scrubbed myself red, especially my face, unhappily scrubbing his scent and taste off. When I was done, I toweled off, tried to dry my tears that were still flowing like a river, and went to our room and put on some house clothes and dragged myself to the kitchen table. I opened my backpack, but through the tears I couldn’t see my books. I just sat there, alone, sobbing hard. Through my tears and sobbing, I didn’t hear Brad pull back up, my arms were crossed on the table and my head buried in them. “Ray, we need to talk.” He said as he came in the door not even noticing me. When he saw my face, he froze, “What’s wrong?” He asked. “I’ve made you mad and destroyed our brotherhood.” I said, tears still flowing. “Little bro, come here.” He said, arms stretched out wide. I nearly leaped over the table to get to that embrace, where his strong arms held me tight. “You did nothing, I just let things go a little too far. Stop your crying, your big bro is back.” He said into the hair at the top of my head as he tightly held bakırköy travesti me and rocked back and forth a little. “Stop the crying, there is no need. Why is your shoulders and neck so red?” he asked as he released me and cupped my face and pulled my shirt off. “What the hell bro, why is your skin all red, and your lip so puffy? What did you do?” His concern was truly sincere as I saw color in his eyes. “I got scared at how you looked, how angry you were so I scrubbed myself clean. My lips are puffy from when you were, well you know.” I said, no longer able to look him in the eyes. “I was upset, more at myself than ever with you.” He said bringing my chin up, so I had to look him in the eyes. “I was just scared, I haven’t seen you so angry in a long time and then I went back to our room and you pulled your shirt off my pillow and threw it in the hamper. So, I didn’t know what to think, so I just scrubbed and scrubbed and started crying because I thought I made you angry and you left in your truck and I dunno…” I rambled. “Don’t be scared, you have not lost your big bro, I just had to process things in my head. Did I really hit you with my fist to make your lips puffy?” He said in a calm voice. “Yeah, but that’s okay.” I said back “No, it’s not, I did not know I was hitting you.” He said, with an ever so slight quiver in his voice. “I’m sorry for making you do what you did.” I simply stated. “Dude, I was in that room with you, allowing you to do things that I would never allow anyone else to do, ever. I haven’t even let a girl do those things to me, though I doubt a girl would want a stinking man.” He said with a little laugh, it was enough to give me a chuckle. “So, you don’t hate me for wanting to do what I did, even though I have never done it before?” I asked. “Ray, bro, little bro, I love you, I could never hate you. We are family, and that stops me from ever hating you.” He said with passion in his voice. “I’ll leave your clothes alone from now on, it was… Well a fantasy, and I have lived it, and it’s over.” I said with finality. “Uh, as long as it stays between us, I will get used to it. The whole sucking my cock, well you need to be told what to do. You about took my skin off with your teeth.” He said rolling his eyes, “Besides, if this is going to happen again, and I am sure it will, you will need to know what to do.” “Really? Okay, I have a dumb question.” “Shoot.” Brad said as he released me and started to walk towards our room. “Why did you bring home those other guy’s shirts in your gear bag and have me find yours? And, can I have your shirt back for my pillow?” I rapidly asked. “I wanted to see if you could pick mine out, and yes, if you want to sleep on my smelly shirt, go ahead.” He said as he kicked his shoes off and grabbed his shirt from the laundry and tossed it to me. “I don’t know exactly how to think about this, but you knowing my scent from others, kinda made me feel… well… special.” He said as he pulled off his shirt, and shorts and tossed them in the hamper. He stood there in his boxer briefs, hanging to the left. “Can we watch some movie together, I would like to cuddle up next to you. I like it when you hold me tight, makes me feel safe.” I said, trying not to ogle him from head to toe. “Sure bro, is your homework done?” He asked, I let my head drop and shook my head. “Get that done, and your wish is my command.” He said in a goofy voice like a genie and did an opulent bow. I scrambled out of the room to the kitchen table and did my quadratic equations from my algebra class, all the time asking myself why I am always hunting for the value of ‘x’. I finally got them done, tossed everything back into my bag, and turned to Brad who was on the couch already finding a moving on Netflix for us to watch. I came around the couch and his legs were open, and he was lying on his back. He lifted a leg to the back of the couch and motioned for me to come and I crawled in-between his legs and rested my head on his stomach. I did not hesitate this time, I put one arm under his leg, and another on his cock and balls. He did nothing but lower his leg from the back of the couch to rest it on my side. I was content. Remember that sprayed semen does not work really well with electronics, so be careful reading my stories that you don’t ruin a keyboard, phone, tablet or another vulnerable device. Email me anytime, as I respond to all emails that are legitimate. mbl/

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