Brad and Marsha Ch. 03


Note to the readers: If you like the Brad and Marsha story, I have another version of it, where I have inserted pictures to go along with the story. If you would like to see it, drop me an email, and I will share it with you.


The ditoro’s stayed for 3 complete weeks every year on their winter island resort. It was a chance for them to get away from the hustle & bustle of everyday life and enjoy quiet time together as a family. Marsha looked forward to these times a great deal. It was an opportunity to have her husband’s undivided attention and spend time with the two favorite men in her life (as she often said for the benefit of Dejuanne who beamed every time she said it) for a couple of weeks.

Only in the privacy of just her husband and son, in a remote beach resort, without the chance of any strangers approaching, would Marsha feel comfortable enough to wear the new two-piece bikini that Brad had purchased for her. In fact, she was a little reluctant to wear it around her son, and told her husband so as he was begging her to wear it for him.

“Oh nonsense,” replied Brad “you are DJ’s mom. He knows he has a beautiful mother, and isn’t ashamed or embarrassed by it. And I really really want to see you in it and you can get a really great tan in it.”

The final line is what pushed Marsha over the edge. She hated never getting any kind of a tan on her tummy. This vacation she would succumb to Brad’s persistent begging and wear the two-piece.

Though Brad had convinced her, she was still a bit uncomfortable running around in nearly nothing around her young and impressionable son.

On more than one occasion she noticed out of the corner of her eye her son looking a little too hard at her overly exposed areas. Whenever this happened, Marsha’s mind kept flashing back to the night when she showed DJ how to masturbate.

The look and feel of his huge member was something she had tried very hard to forget and put completely out of her mind. It was really frustrating having it repeatedly find it’s way back into her imagination!

That night she had made herself cum until she was so tired that she actually fell asleep. The next day she had literally been sore from her own self abuse — Marsha remembered, and was again a bit flushed from being ashamed.

With all this, Marsha kept hiding in her giant beach towel. Whenever she felt like DJ was watching her again, she would wrap herself up into her beach towel and hide for awhile, until she was sure his attention was elsewhere.

This went on for a couple of days, until finally, Marsha began to relax a little bit around her son. “I’ve seen him completely naked, and in all his glory — so what’s it going to hurt if he sees his old mom in a 2 piece bikini?” rationalized Marsha to herself. So in that way, she was finally able to stop hiding in her giant beach towels and get a decent tan.

As the first week progressed into the second, both Brad and Marsha were getting decent tans. DJ kept joking with them, asking if his tan was improving. Though he actually did get a bit darker from all the exposure to the sun.

At about the midpoint of the second week, they began hearing the weather people calling for the possibility of a great storm that could possibly hit near their island. This storm could posses up to hurricane-level winds, and could at anytime actually turn into a hurricane!

It was not certain if this storm would hit — or how severe it would even be. Regardless, Brad decided that they needed to watch very carefully for signs of storms. He was pretty confident that the underground bunker that had been constructed for just such an occasion would keep his family safe. He just had to make sure they made it there, in the event of any dangerous storms.

Unfortunately for the Ditoros, that Wednesday, the storm overtook them entirely by surprise. The day started out like any other that they were on the island. The three of them woke up around 7:30 am and had a light breakfast together.

They were planning to take in some light snorkeling in the clear lagoon that day when the heat of the day was upon them. As they had every other day, they were all wearing their swimwear as they went about getting ready to go snorkeling later.

DJ was getting the equipment down to the beach, and was headed up to use the outdoor port-a-potty. Marsha was taking a quick shower in the outdoor shower hut that was about 30 yards from the port-a-potty. Brad was still in the beach house trying to hear the forecast for the day.

The storm hit completely without warning. It was sunny and nice one moment and the next it had turned nearly pitch black out! DJ didn’t like the look of it, and was thinking that it didn’t look much like they’d be snorkeling that day.

As DJ approached the outdoor port-a-potty, a HUGE gust of wind hit. It pushed the outdoor structure over, and DJ looked up just in time to see it coming down on him.

He turned his back and tried to duck, but the large plastic Aksaray Escort enclosure hit his squarely in the back of the head and neck, knocking him hard to the ground, semi-unconscious!

“AAAAH!” DJ let out an anguished cry as it hit him.

Marsha had finished up her shower and just gotten into her bikini as she heard the wind pick up. As she was walking out of the shower she witnessed DJ’s accident.

“Oh my GOD!” she shouted and ran out of the shower toward Dejuanne. The wind actually picked up at that exact moment, knocking the beautiful blonde mother squarely on her back.

The wind was coming in off the ocean in strong, swooping gusts. The wind picked up the port-a-potty itself, lifting it into the air. Dejuanne was starting to come to a little bit, he heard his mother scream, and was trying to get up to see what was happening and instinctively he was trying to move toward her to help her.

As he was struggling to his knees, the port-a-potty dumped all over him, and struck him hard, again, on the top of his head, rendering him completely unconscious for the second time as well as covered — from head to toe- in vile, stench filled shit.

The wind howled on for another fifteen minutes. Throwing sand in Marsha’s face the entire time she struggled to get to her son. In the meantime, Brad had run out the door and was also trying in vain to get to his wife and son.

The hurricane-strength winds battered them hard though, preventing them from moving much at all. However, not a drop of rain ever fell, and as quickly as the storm came upon them, it was temporarily gone.

Marsha made it to her son first. He was still mostly unconscious, laying face down on the sand, moaning a bit. As she approached him, calling out his name, he raised his head up and stared at the blond woman approaching him.

Marsha did not realize that the blow to Dejuanne’s head had caused him a horrible case of temporary amnesia. He was very confused, and thought that he was still back in the orphanage and that the beautiful blonde woman approaching him was here to punish him again for playing outside too loudly.

He made up his mind as she approached that she would not make him go in and stand in the closet for hours again, he simply would not allow it.

As Marsha approached, she noticed a couple of things right away. First, his eyes looked extremely red and confused. Second, he was completely covered in the vilest smelling shit she had ever come in contact with!

About that time Brad came running up. “Are you guys OK?” he asked.

“I think Dejuanne was hurt! He was hit on the head a couple of times,” replied Marsha.

“Honey, are you OK?” the young mother asked, reaching out to try to grasp her son’s hands.

Dejuanne, jerked his hands away and started to try backing away from her. Brad also tried to reach out to him, and got similar results. Dejuanne sat squarely down and folded his arms as if to tell them that he was not about to go anywhere.

“We’ve got to get him cleaned up a bit and get him to a doctor,” Marsha said to Brad.

“Yeah, but we should probably try to get some of this stuff off of him out here. That stuff is really nasty,” replied Brad.

Brad and Marsha decided that they would get him in the outdoor beach shower and clean him up at least a little bit before they could take him inside and call for help.

As Brad tried to get Dejuanne to his feet, DJ began to struggle and Brad was having a very hard time keeping him under control as DJ was much bigger and in better physical condition than Brad had ever been in.

Sensing that there was no way on earth they were going to be able to get DJ moved 100 yards to the shower, Marsha said, “Maybe it would be better if I brought a bucket of soap and water over and we can wash him down a bit right here?”

“Definitely a good idea,” Brad nodded in agreement as he struggled simply to hold Dejuanne in one place.

Marsha went and got a bucket of warm soapy water and a washcloth. As she returned, she looked over her son. He was wearing only his swimming trunks, and the vile excrement was in his hair, on his chest, stomach, all over his swimming trunks and all down his legs.

In short, the kid was covered with shit. Marsha suddenly realized she was going to have to get the vile-covered trunks off of DJ and scrub him from head to toe before taking him inside, or the beautiful white carpet in their beach house would surely be ruined.

And she also knew that she would have to act quickly, as Brad would not be able to restrain their upset son for very long.

Marsha quickly grabbed Dejuanne’s swimming trunks on each side and pulled them down to the ground in one fast motion. A bit surprised by this, Dejuanne kicked the trunks into the air, and they flew roughly 10 yards, landing on the sandy beach. He looked at his mother with his confused, red eyes as if to say, “I’m still not going anywhere!”

As Marsha quickly surveyed her naked Aksaray Escort Bayan son, she couldn’t help but allow her eyes to be drawn again to his amazing equipment. As before, his flaccid cock hung midway down his powerful thighs, incredibly thick as ever.

This was the first time Brad had ever seen the recently developed teen without any clothes on, and he was equally as impressed as his wife at the spectacle that hung before their eyes.

Suddenly, Brad was reminded of his own smaller than average penis, and felt ashamed and inferior as he looked up into his wife’s eyes which were drawn to the large black cock like a magnet.

Marsha looked up into her husband’s eyes, and they held each other’s gaze for just a moment. During that instant, a brief exchange occurred.

It was as though they were carrying on a mental conversation, saying,

“Do you see his incredible cock?”

“Yes, can you believe it?”


Brad could instantly read in Marsha’s eyes, “Yes, I know it is huge. Yes, I know your cock…or penis…is nothing compared to it. But yes, I still love you. I just wish your cock was bigger and I pretty much always have.”

This whole exchange happened in a fraction of a second. So much meaning was exchanged between the two, but Marsha also realized that now was a time for action, because her only son was hurting.

Standing there without a stitch of clothing on should make it easy to give him a good scrubbing, she thought, and he desperately needed it. Marsha started with his hands and face but was getting more water on herself because Dejuanne was still confused, frightened, and struggling.

When she tried to wash his hands, he would jerk them roughly away from her. She would attempt to grab them again, and he would pull them away again. By the time she started to wash his face, both Brad and Marsha were equally as wet as Dejuanne from the struggling and flailing around he was doing.

Marsha used one hand to try to help Brad hold DJ’s strong right hand back as she tried to wash his face and hair, and the jerking and pulling caused Marsha’s bikini top to keep slipping.

Though she continually kept pulling it back into place eventually, it slipped completely down below her impressive breasts. Marsha realized at this point that she didn’t have three hands. If she was ever going to get this done, she was going to have to put modesty on the back burner for the time being.

Besides, as soon as her massive tits came into view, DJ suddenly stopped fighting as hard, as he stared down at his mother’s impressive tits.

Brad couldn’t blame the kid either. It was rather exciting watching her large breasts bouncing around as she was washing him.

Dejuanne, on the other hand, was still very confused, and had no idea this woman was his mother. He imagined that he was in one of his sexy wet dreams, and this beautiful woman was a teacher of his who had finally gotten naked in front of him.

Marsha was now totally naked from the waist up in front of her son. She decided that it probably wasn’t all that important with the shape that Dejuanne was in. She imagined that he probably wouldn’t even remember seeing her tits after he recovered from all of this. He was obviously confused and having some sort of memory lapse.

Next Marsha started washing his hair, neck and back. The hair and neck went fine but when she reached around to start washing his back her bare tit came very close to his mouth. Dejuanne pulled one arm free, lunged forward, wrapped his arm around her waist and started sucking on his mother’s right tit.

This took Brad and Marsha so much by surprise that Dejuanne had almost half a minute to suck on her tit before either of them did much of anything.

Marsha couldn’t prevent some sounds from escaping her mouth, “Uhh… ohhh… ohhh… oh my God…” as his tongue kept licking her nipple and he sucked it into his mouth enthusiastically.

Marsha finally broke free from her son. As his mouth separated from her now swollen and erect nipple, there was a slight popping sound.

It was such an odd and surprising moment that both Brad and Marsha started laughing. Neither of them had expected him to react like that, and they really didn’t know what else to do besides laugh. At least they knew he wasn’t dead!

Marsha resumed washing his chest and stomach when suddenly he broke free again with both hands and grabbed her left tit and started sucking on it!

The confused mother looked down at him as he continued to suck on her tit while she tried to break him free. However, he was so much bigger and stronger than her that she realized she would not be able to accomplish both things – cleaning him up AND keeping him away from her tits.

“Mmmmmm…oh my…Brad, I’m going to …aaaahh… just try to get this done, see what you can do to get him …ooohhh…to stop doing that, and I’ll just try to get him clean so we can get him inside.” Marsha finally managed Escort Aksaray to say as she gave up trying to pull the eager young man from her rock hard nipple as she continued to wash Dejuanne, leaving the task of pulling him off her tit soley to Brad.

It quickly became apparent that the young mother was having a hard time concentrating, as she would stop washing him to regain her composure and then try to resume washing him again.

At last she was able to complete washing his chest and Brad was finally able to get enough control over Dejuanne to get him release Marsha’s tit.

Again As he let go, there was a bit of a popping sound, and Marsha’s long, hard, pointed nipple came back into view.

Again, Brad and Marsha exchanged mental telepathy: “Man Marsha, your nipples look like you are really aroused!”

“Well, what do you expect with me having to stare a that huge cock, then have a young stud suck on my ultra-sensitive nipples? The ones that you know very well can cause me to have an orgasm simply by being sucked?!?”

Marsha next started washing his feet and legs and working her way up. Dejuanne’s cock was getting bigger and bigger and now was sticking straight up as he had gotten as hard as a rock.

Brad realized that his adopted son’s cock had to be at least a foot long and as big around as Marsha’s wrist. Marsha would steal little looks at it as she continued to wash his legs.

Though she had seen it before, being this close to it again just reminded her of how amazingly large it truly was. And, there was no getting around it, when she took his trunks off, as he was moving around, the excrement got all over his cock & in his pubic hair.

She was going to have to wash that as well! “Mmmmm…” thought Marsha, I wonder if he will shoot as soon as I wash it?” she wondered, remembering when she tried to show him how to masturbate.

As she worked her way up his legs she got to the point where she had to wash his cock and balls. Marsha took a deep breath as she started rubbing between his legs and cupped his huge balls. Last time she had seem him, she had not noticed how truly large his testicles were as well (probably because I had been so entranced by his huge dick, she thought).

She then took his cock in her hand with the washcloth as she started to work her way up to the head. She gasped as she remembered that she could not get all the way around it with her hand.

She slowly worked the cloth up and down his cock to get all of it clean. She seemed to take an extra amount of time on his cock to make sure that it was clean. The whole time she could not take her eyes off of it as she worked her hand up and down.

Her hand seemed to be trembling, as she made sure that it was good and clean. Dejuanne was not saying a word though it seemed like he did not like the bath at all. He was fighting Brad for all he was worth and he was having a very hard time keeping him under control.

As Marsha was finishing up washing his legs, Dejuanne broke free from Brad and made Marsha fall backward. Marsha was on her knees and as she landed on her back her legs went straight up into the air.

That was the opening that Dejuanne needed as he was able to get his head in between Marsha’s legs, pull the thin bikini crotch to one side, and put his tongue right on her cunt.

Marsha tried to move away, but Dejuanne held her in an iron grip. He started licking her slot up and down and pushing as much of his tongue into her as he could. As Marsha tried to right herself she realized that the more she moved the more she was pushing her cunt into his face. Dejuanne’s tongue was going deeper and deeper as he was thoroughly licking her out.

With his head between her legs it was impossible for her to break free from him. Brad could see that Marsha was having a hard time fighting and the longer that Dejuanne was between her legs the more she seemed to be losing her will to fight.

Brad could hear little whimpers coming out of Marsha’s mouth as Dejuanne continued to lick and suck on her pussy. He had found her clit and was flicking it with his tongue and then taking big long licks the length of her slit.

Marsha started sighing and saying “DJ, pleeeease -stooooooop honey.”

She then raised her butt up and Brad knew that she was cumming and cumming hard. Though Brad was trying to pull Dejuanne off, he was having no luck at all.

Dejuanne took his right arm and swung it around and hit Brad right in the middle of the chest. This knocked him backwards, causing him to land directly on his butt.

Dejuanne used this time to raise up with Marsha’s legs on his shoulders and start pushing his rather large cock into her. This really upset Marsha, and she redoubled her efforts to try to pull away from her son.

Dejuanne held firmly onto her though, not letting her get away. However, due to her struggling, he was only able to penetrate her with the large head of his penis.

As the head went in, Marsha was in mid-sentence, “DJ, Pleee…Oh my God honey, you are so big! Please baby, you shouldn’t be doing this to me. Honey, I’m your mother. You aren’t allowed to make love to your mother,” pleaded Marsha to the excited youth who was on top of her, trying desperately to mount her.

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