Brainy to Barbie: Sandra Ch. 04


As had become her habit, Sandra rode Jenny’s cock aggressively on the couch, pressing her tits into her lover’s face. Jenny coaxed her friend further and further into bliss. It wouldn’t be long before Sandra was so used to being horny that not being horny would be too uncomfortable, thought Jenny. Sandra loved putting on a show for her love, expressing how Jenny took such good care of her and always made her feel good. To Jenny, the work was becoming a chore, but she was curious to see how Sandra would respond to further training.

Jenny had diligently taught Sandra how to dress, how to put on make-up, how to do her nails, how to deepthroat, how to let go during sex, what to say and how to take care of herself and her apartment while she was out. As Sandra tried to bring herself to a cascade of orgasms, Jenny nonchalantly glanced at her phone to check the time.

“Baby,” she said, “I have a special surprise for you. You’re going to need to put on some lipstick though.”

“A surprise?”

“Somebody wants to meet you.”

“Oh, exciting,” she said without slowing her efforts to come.

“Yep, he should be here soon. Come on.”

“Awww but I want hatay escort to keep playing.”

“Don’t worry sweetie, there’s going to be lots of playing.”


Shortly after Sandra applied the lipstick of Jenny’s choosing, the women heard a knock at the door.

“That’s him, sit on the bed. Good girl,” said Jenny.

Jenny guided a tall, muscular man into her bedroom by the hand and said, “This is Brian, he’s really excited to meet you.”

“Wow, she’s even hotter in person.”

“I know, she looks great.”


“Yep, we’ve really been working on her blowjobs. Go ahead she won’t bite.”


“Oh, baby do it for me will you? It would make me so so happy. Don’t worry I’ll be here the whole time,” she said before turning to Brian and asking, “if that’s alright with you. I want to make her feel comfortable.”

“Definitely,” said Brian as he undressed.

Jenny grabbed pillows for herself and Sandra as Brian got into a sitting position on the bed. Sandra turned to Jenny, holding in laughter. She expected Brian’s cock to be as big as the dildo Jenny had been training her with. Jenny seemed escort hatay to assure her that it was still quite large and that she should get to sucking. The second Sandra’s lips touched Brian, Sandra began to feel his pleasure through the subtle contractions of his cock. Unlike the dildo, she could receive immediate feedback about the pleasure she was giving.

“Just imagine it’s me you’re giving all that pleasure to,” said Jenny.

Sandra easily throated the man’s cock. Jenny caressed her hair and ass in turns, lightly grazing Sandra’s wet pussy. Sandra fell into a trance and devoted herself to her task. Realizing that Sandra knew what she was doing, Jenny climbed onto the bed behind Brian to reach around him and touch his body. Brian succumbed to the ecstasy. It wasn’t long before he burst into Sandra’s mouth. Though she tried to stomach it all, she coughed loudly and tears streamed down her eyes.

“Oh, honey I forgot to tell you! I’m so sorry.”

“It’s ok,” she coughed.

“Hey, sorry I meant to say something,” offered Brian.

“It’s fine. Next time,” assured Sandra.

As Brain got dressed, Jenny offered to walk him to hatay escort bayan the bus station, leaving Sandra alone at home. When she returned, she caught Sandra alone in her room playing with herself.

“Have you been doing this the whole time?”

“Yes…” slipped out Sandra.

“You look so hot can I take a picture?”

“Mhm,” moaned Sandra.

After a series of pictures, Jenny decided to let the camera record. She figured the recording could make some money.

“I left you some water, sweetie. I’m going to go out for a bit,” said Jenny through the moans.

“Ok, love you.”

When Jenny came home, Sandra rushed to the door saying how much she missed her. The house was much cleaner than before.

“Did you clean everything?

“Yeah, I just didn’t know what to do with myself.”

For a split second, Jenny worried that she might have gone too far with Sandra until Sandra started kissing her neck. Jenny felt that Sandra had come to understand pleasure so much that her kisses had become more potent by several orders of magnitude. Her touch was so purposefully pleasurable that Jenny almost felt fear at how immediately Sandra’s seduction took over before backing away.

“Slow down, cow-girl. I think it’s time to put you to bed.”

“But I’m not tired.”

“Let’s go out dancing then,” suggested Jenny.

That night Sandra danced away, attracting more attention than Jenny. Jenny didn’t mind.

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