Break up with girlfriend and more


Break up with girlfriend and moreI am french so please my english is not very good, but i will try.Since i came to England to live for some months it has been crazy for me, the women here are different.But different is not a bad thing,my english friends decided to take me out for a night out clubbing, so i went with them.When we got to the club i indulged myself into the music and atmosphere, i met this beautiful blonde girl and it happened to fast but we started to talk to each other like we knew one another for years.But that was not the case, the night was coming to a close so i walked her to a cab so she could get home, at this time she offered to fuck and suck me.I said to her this is moving to fast,and you do not know me long enough to decide on if we should sleep together or not.She then seem alittle distant i guess i make her feel very horny but, to have sex with her,that early into meeting of one another was not good.So i kissed her and she went home, after that we still spoke and went on dates until we became partners.Then everything changed i started to fuck her,and i love to have sex more than anyone but i am no perv or stupid boy.But if i know you for a while i can decide if we should fuck or not, anyway we where always sleeping together and it was great then it all came to an end two weeks ago.She said to me it is over,i said ok why? she replied because i am moving on, and that is all she fethiye escort said so i say to her ok then you go.Since i have been a loose cannon, i am very good at talking to women,this is not good lol because now being single it gets very crazy, i will tell you, so one day i decided to go to get some new clothes at a store.And i know that females will be there and very beautiful ones, so i have to remind myself that i cannot lust over these extravagant women.But as soon as i arrived the shit hits the fan, and this dark haired white women with soo much curves locks eyes with me as soon as my foot touches the shop floor.My penis at this time was happy but my mind was trying to control these sudden urges of wanting to rip her clothes off like a wolf from alaska haha, and destroy her and soon after i finish fucking her kiss her and make her feel like a diamond.So anyway she does not wait for me to talk to her she comes up and says hi can i help you, i say to her i am not to good with this shopping.I lie like a cheap piece of shit, i am king of buying new clothes but she believes me when i say to her i am not good at shopping,she smiles and asks me what isit that you are after? And excuse me but you’re accent is amazing.I say to her haha i know i am french!She smiles and decides to take the lead and lead me to the second floor of the store, i feel like this was done on purpose to show her figure, if not escort fethiye then who cares right? you must be gay not to watch her ass jiggle up those stairs.And that my friends the stallion is not!! So i start to think i really want to cum in her mouth too much talking, now my mind is getting out of hand and i cannot think for myself as my penis is doing what it was born to do.We arrive to the section of jeans and i say to her this is what i need, new jeans, and i pick a blue pair and she says to me those are lovely and at this time i was too busy looking down her top like a pervert.She now covers her breasts and notices that i was looking, so i reply with. . . its abit chilly in here,isnt it lol she says to me hmm, yeah kinda, at this point i wonder to myself why did she cover her huge tits if it was on display? then she smiles and asks if there any thing else you would like to buy?I said to her no not really,but thank you for helping me, even though i could of done it myself.She laughs and says maybe, but i made sure that you got exactly what you wanted.I pay and leave thinking fuck what happened, my penis was thinking you are stupid, let me lead, instead of the eyes because all they do is get noticed.But not me because i am hidden,i was upset by my penis taking control, i never used to have these problems why?So i got home and i looked around for a way to solve this new issue, and i found some masturbators fethiye escort bayan online, and one in particular it was called the fuck me silly so i ordered it because its an ass and i love to fuck women doggy and it looked amazing.So 3 days later it arrived, the pussy felt tight when i first put my penis inside, but then i lubed it up and immediately it felt like the real thing.I have fucked it 4times already, i don’t fuck it that often because i don’t want to always pull it out fuck it, and clean it,then put it away.The process is alittle too long for me, but the point is i thought it would solve my problem, but it has done the opposite.Now i can’t control myself from wanting to fuck when i am out, its all i want to do, but its funny because i stay focused when i need too.But if a women does something and it turns me on then i lose it.I don’t really like porno but it also has some how established it self into my life,i hate looking at women as fuck toys and women should not be treated like such shit, i hate being lustful women are amazing, yes sex is good but its not mean’t to be in charge of todays sociaty.I don’t watch TV because that now has become like porn, the people in adverts can hardly keep there clothes on.FIN!I will be posting one video on here and then i am not going to post again, the video is of my fucking my toy,i need to change my ways, its becoming harder but i can do this.And even if it takes me being the only man not enslaved by sex, because sex is what drives todays sociaty more than before.Please message me on you’re thoughts,and please leave a comment, sorry again for poor english.Thanks Stallion209

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