Brenda’s Mature Feet Ch. 01


I was resting on my bed with my eyes closed, listening to my iPod with headphones on, when I felt something soft hit me on the forehead. When I opened my eyes, I saw my mother standing in the doorway holding a basket full of dirty clothes. With one hand, she was making a motion for me to remove my headphones, which I did.

“Brenda is having problems with her computer. She wants to know if you’re free to go over and check it out.”

“Yeah, alright,” I said.

“Try to be nice to her, okay? She’s going through a rough time right now with her divorce. If she asks you to hang out for a while, please do so. I’m sure she’s very lonely and she’d really appreciate your company.”


“And clean up your room, will ya? You’re eighteen now. You need to start living like an adult.” Then she closed my door, and I stared at the ceiling and thought about Brenda. When I was little, she used to baby sit me all the time. We had a lot of fun together and I really enjoyed her company. I always thought she was an attractive woman. She was in her late forties, but she acted like she was still in her twenties. She was fun to be around because she didn’t take life too seriously and she was really playful. But what I adored most about her were her feet. And often times I would imagine what it would be like to be under them.


When I arrived at Brenda’s house, I walked up to her porch and knocked on her door. I turned around and glanced at all the lawn gnomes she kept scattered across her yard. A few moments later her door opened. Standing before me was Brenda dressed in a blue top with white shorts and flip-flops on her gorgeous feet.

“It’s so good to see you, David,” she said with a smile. “Come in.” As I stepped inside, she said, “You look so handsome.”


“You must have a girlfriend by now.”

“Nope. I’m very much single.”

“Really? We’ll have to talk about that later…the computer is right this way.” I followed her down the hall, into a room, which had been converted into an office, with slate blue walls and wood flooring. My eyes were immediately drawn to the shelf in the corner that she was using for shoe storage. I walked over to her computer and inspected it briefly. On her desk was a copy of The Awakening by Kate Chopin. “You know, me and technology, we don’t seem to get along very well. I’m still trying to figure out what the hell cookies have to do with my computer.”

“What’s the problem you’re having?” I asked.

“Well, I can’t seem to get the Internet to work.”

“Okay.” I sat at her desk and checked her network connection.

“Do you want something to drink, sweetie?”

“No thanks. I’m good for now.”

“Okay. Just let me know if you happen to get thirsty…I have some clothes I have to put in the wash. Do you mind if I step out for a bit?”

“No, that’s fine.”

“Okay. I’ll just be down the hall. Give me a holler if you need anything.”

“I will.” As she left the room, the sound of her flip-flops slapping against her heels drove me crazy.

After assessing what was wrong with her computer, I glanced down at her tower and noticed that her wireless USB modem wasn’t lighting up. I checked to see if it was still being recognized under hardware, but it wasn’t. I then pulled the modem out and restarted her computer. As I waited for it to start up again, I glanced around her office. When her computer was finished launching, I plugged the modem back into one of the USB slots and it immediately began to light up. I checked the wireless signal and when everything looked fine, I opened up Firefox to make sure that her Internet was working, which it was. I glanced over at the door and listened for the sound of her flip-flops. When I didn’t hear anything, I made my way over to her shoe storage shelf in a rush of excitement. My eyes feasted esenyurt escort on the sight of her boots, high heels, and flats. I was nervous with anticipation as I reached for one of her high heels and held it up to my face. I took a deep whiff, but I was let down by the fact that they were still brand new and only smelled like leather. I set the shoe down and picked up one of her flats. As I gave them a closer look, I could see Brenda’s dirty toe prints left inside them and my cock started to rise a little. Without thinking, I held her flat up to my face, stuck my nose inside them, and took a deep whiff. They were much smellier than I anticipated, but I loved it. I continued to sniff while imagining all the hours Brenda’s feet spent inside them and I knew I had to have a taste. I stuck out my tongue and licked the inside of her flat. The taste of dirt and sweat mixed with my saliva as I continued gliding my tongue along the inside of it. I was afraid that at any moment, Brenda would walk inside the office and catch me licking her flat, so I set it back down and walked back over to her computer, and took a seat at her desk. At that moment, I heard the sound of her flip-flops coming down the hall.

When she stepped inside the office, she said, “Sorry I took so long.”

“No worries.”

“Did you figure out what’s wrong with my Internet?”

“Yes. It was your wireless USB modem. It just had to be removed and plugged back in again. Your Internet is working now.”

“Thank you so much,” Brenda said. “I really appreciate you coming over here.”

“I’m happy to help. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“No, I think that should do it.”

“I better get going,” I said.

“So soon?”


“Okay. But I was thinking about putting on a movie if you care to join me.”

“What movie?”

“Star Wars.”

“Classic. Sure, I’ll stay and watch it with you.”

“Great. I’ll get the popcorn ready. Why don’t you head on into the living room and make yourself comfortable,” Brenda said.

“Okay.” We both walked out of the office and I watched her make her way into the kitchen. I made my way into the living room and sat down on her black leather sofa and waited for her to bring the popcorn.

About five minutes later, she walked into the living room with a large bowl of popcorn in her hands, which she set down on top of the glass coffee table in front of the sofa. She put on Star Wars and sat down next to me on the couch.

“Isn’t this fun?” she asked stuffing popcorn in her mouth as the famous opening credits scrolled on the screen.

“It is,” I said.

At that moment, Brenda slipped out of her flip-flops and rubbed her feet together. I started to get excited as I stared at her pale legs and worked my eyes down to her tempting toes, that were painted a deep shade of blue. I licked my lips, and I could still taste the dirt and sweat from her smelly flat. She continued to rub her feet together and the sound drove me crazy.

“…Now, if only this chair came with a foot massager. I’d be in heaven,” Brenda said at one point during the movie to my surprise. Now’s my chance, I thought.

“I’ll rub your feet if you want me to,” I said with nervousness in my tone not knowing how she would react.

“You would?”

“Of course,” I said. “You deserve it.”

“That’s just the sweetest thing. But I can’t take you up on that offer. I was running errands earlier and I don’t want you to get too close to them.”

“I don’t mind.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m positive.”

“Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn ya.” As she put her feet in my lap, my heart began racing faster. I rubbed my thumbs along her sole and pressed firmly on her arch. Her skin was beautifully smooth and soft to the touch. “That feels wonderful sweetie.” I continued rubbing for a solid zeytinburnu escort five minutes or so until she said, “My other foot is starting to get lonely, dear.” I watched as she wiggled her toes almost begging for my touch. I grabbed her other foot and got to work with my thumbs. “Are you sure my feet aren’t too stinky?”

“I can’t smell them at all,” I said.

“How about now?” she said with a giggle as she shoved her foot in my face. And I sniffed her wrinkled sole and tried not to moan. But the strong vinegary scent drove me wild. “It seems the force is strong with you,” she said with a laugh. “Normally, when I stick my smelly foot in a man’s face, he’s not too happy about it. You seem like you’re enjoying this.” I was too intoxicated by her scent to speak. I was finally getting the chance to experience her mature feet in the flesh and not just inside the walls of my imagination. At that moment, I couldn’t help sticking my nose between her toes as she wiggled them for me and I couldn’t believe what was happening. She smiled seeing my enjoyment and I felt like my cock was going to rip through my jeans. “I know you have a fetish for feet. I saw you earlier licking one of my filthy flats.”

“You did?” I could feel my face reddening.

“Yeah. I took off my flip-flops and walked barefoot down the hall to my office. I was going to change into a pair of my flats and that’s when I saw you enjoying yourself.”

“I’m sorry Brenda. I’ll never do it again. Please don’t tell my mother.”

“Don’t worry. Your little secret is safe with me,” she said. “So, if my toes smell cheesy, does that mean I have Cheetos?” she said with a laugh.

“They smell amazing,” I said taking in her aroma.

“Awww, thank you sweetie. But you’re just being polite,” she said. She moved her foot and rested it on my thigh, and glanced down at my bulge. She then picked up one of her flip-flops, held it up to her face and took a whiff. “Pee-yew, those stink,” she said as she grimaced from the smell. She set her flip-flop back down and wrinkled up her nose. “Since you enjoyed licking my flats so much, how about a taste of the real thing?” She lifted up her foot, wiggled her toes in front of my face and with her other foot, she rubbed my thigh gently.

“Oh yes,” I said completely mesmerized and I was prepared to beg to worship her feet. There was nothing more I wanted in the world.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, please.”

“That’s better. Now open wide.” At that moment, I felt her big toe slide into my mouth and I sucked it like a Popsicle. I twirled my tongue around it and the taste was incredible. “Good boy.”

I sucked on the rest of her toes one by one and licked in between them, savoring the taste. But just as I was getting started, her cell phone began to ring. Brenda picked it and said, “It’s your mom. I have to answer this.” Shit, I thought. But I continued sucking her toes anyway. Then I licked her sole from the bottom of her heel to the top of her big toe. “Hi, Martha…everything is fine. David is so good at what he does. It’s unbelievable…he says he’ll be finished soon…what was that? Oh, you forgot to give David a bottle of apple cider vinegar to bring over to give me, haha…well, if it worked on your feet, maybe it’ll work on mine. But I don’t think it’ll be necessary. I’ve found my own method of getting rid of the smell…do you really want to know? Okay, you find a cute guy with a foot fetish and get him to lick the smell away, haha…I know I’m bad. Anyway, thank you for sending David over. He’s such a sweetheart,” Brenda said as she glanced down at me as I licked her soles like a devoted puppy. “He really is…as soon as he’s finished, I’ll let you know. Bye.” She put down her phone and leaned her head back. “That was close. I thought I was gonna let out a moan over the phone. That taksim escort bayan would’ve been embarrassing.” I continued worshiping her feet as I slipped into a trance. “You’re really in the zone now.” I explored every inch of her feet as I massaged them and bathed them with my tongue. “My feet are gonna be nice and clean when you’re done with them. Thank you for licking the stink away.” I lost track of time as she held her feet up to my face so I could glide my tongue up and down her wrinkled soles as she giggled and smiled. I licked the tops of her feet and caressed her ankles. She seemed to enjoy stuffing her toes in my mouth with one foot and caressing my chest with her other foot. “You’ve been working out, haven’t you? I bet you get a lot of looks from the girls at school. You must see a lot of pretty feet walking around the halls.”

“But none as pretty as yours.”

“Awww, you know just what to say to make a woman feel special.” I was in heaven servicing her feet. I licked, sucked, and nibbled on them until the movie was over. She turned off the TV and pulled her feet away from my face. Then she rubbed my bulge with her foot and said, “Your mom will be expecting you home soon. But I want to give you a special treat in my bedroom before you go since you’ve been such a good boy today. What do you say?” I nodded and she planted her feet on the floor. Then she put her flip-flops back on and I followed her into her bedroom. “Go ahead and lie down on the bed sweetie,” she said and that’s exactly what I did. She kicked off her flip-flops as I stared into her alluring eyes. She took off her top and tossed it on the floor. Then she unhooked her bra and tossed it aside also. She walked over to her nightstand and grabbed some lube. And her large breasts jiggled as she climbed into bed. She caressed my leg and started rubbing her hands over my crotch. After a few moments, she unzipped my jeans and pulled my erect cock out of my boxers, which were stained with precum. She tugged on it and stroked it a few times. Then she cupped her breasts and rubbed them on my cock. She smiled at me before she leaned back and started stroking my cock with her bare feet. “How does that feel?”


She continued stroking for a couple of minutes when she stopped abruptly. She reached for the lube, positioned her feet in my face and squeezed lube into her hand. As she started stroking my cock, I sniffed in between her toes and let out a series of loud moans. I inhaled her soles as she rubbed them all over my face. I stuck out my tongue and licked her wrinkles until I felt like I was going to erupt. Then she placed one foot against the back of my head and stuffed the toes from her other foot into my mouth. She stroked my cock harder and pushed my head down as I came, with a mouthful of toes, spewing cum all over my abdomen.

Brenda helped clean me up and afterwards, we gathered ourselves and she walked me to the door.

“I had a wonderful time today,” she said with a warm smile.

“I did too.”

“Maybe we can try this again some time.”

“I’d love that.” She leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then she giggled and put her hand up to her mouth. “What’s so funny?”

“You stink like my feet. Go get washed up and rinse your mouth out with mouthwash before you do home,” she said.

“But I want the smell to stay with me like a sweet perfume,” I said.

“It may be perfume to you, but your mother won’t be too happy with you coming home smelling like my feet, dear.”

“It’s alright. I’ll just make sure she doesn’t get too close to me,” I said.

“You silly boy,” she said with a laugh. “Too bad I just did laundry. Or I could’ve given you a pair of my dirty socks to take with you.”

“Maybe next time. I should get going.”

“Let me know ahead of time when you plan on coming over again so I can make sure that my feet are nice and stinky for you.”

“I will.”

“Take care, my special footboy. And don’t keep me waiting too long.”

“I won’t,” I said as I walked out into the calm evening, licking my lips, and savoring the taste of Brenda’s mature feet.

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