Bret , Jeff


Bret disconnected the call from one of the nursing floors telling her she had a new patient. Bret was a registered nurse and a Captain in the Air Force stationed at a Midwest military rehab hospital. She copied his name and room number into her computer then got up from her office chair and took her long, white lab coat from the hook on the back of the door. She pulled the coat on and looked at herself in the mirror on the back of door. The metal hooks on both her prosthetic arms were all that protruded from the sleeves. She was dressed in blue scrub bottoms and a blue t-shirt. Under the lab coat her prosthetic arms were on over the outside of the t-shirt. It acted as the “stump” sock. Her right, dominate, arm was gone along with most of the shoulder joint. There was a mechanical shoulder joint in its place and a plastic piece attached to it came down her front chest wall and around her breast to act as a stabilizer so the arm did not rotate off her shoulder when she used it.

The left arm was gone just slightly more than half way between her elbow and shoulder. Both arms were attached to a synthetic material back piece that held them in place along with wires and straps. She had been injured in the first gulf war when the MASH unit she was in was shelled one night. She had learned quickly how to use her new arms and talked the Air Force into letting her stay in and work as the head of the prosthetics lab overseeing the manufacturing and training that service people received if they had missing limbs.

She left her office had headed to the elevator. She exchanged greetings with almost everyone she met as she had been there for some time and knew most of the people. She rode the elevator up to the patient’s floor and stopped at the nursing desk to look at his records. After a quick glance through them she headed to his room and using her left hook tapped lightly on the closed door. A voice said come in and she pushed the door open with her foot. She left the door ajar and walked over to the bed and introduced herself and explained why she was there.

Her patient, Jeff, just gave her a cold stare. Bret met his eyes and they sorta stared each other down. Jeff blinked first and turned his head away. Bret was not sure, but she did not think he had even noticed her hook hands yet. She quietly asked him if there was a problem. He sat up in bed and said look at me, no arms, how will I ever function, who would want me? I can’t even jack off!!

He still had bandages covering where his arms used to be and on other places on his body where shrapnel had hit him. Bret had been standing by his bedside table and she moved it out of the way with her foot revealing her prosthetic hooks to him. Bret made movements with her shoulders that moved the lower arms up and down and looking him in the eyes she said I have learned to jack off. Jeff stared at them then looked up to her eyes. She could tell that some of the fight had gone out of him.

Bret managed to shrug her left shoulder and get her white lab coat to slide down her arms revealing the whole set up to him. She knew her braless nipples were standing out and showing through the thin material of her t-shirt. The right one was especially prominent with the plastic ring holding the material down over her C cup breast with both large areola and nipple. Bret had become an amputee devotee and seeing Jeff had aroused her. She got him to slide over to the edge of the bed and sit with his legs hanging off.

She told him to look her arms over good and ask any questions he wanted too. These were the type of arms he was going to have. She was just a few inches from his face and she turned sideways letting him see her obviously missing shoulder side first. She explained why the plastic piece ran from the mechanical shoulder joint down her chest and around her breast. The breast, areola and nipple were perfectly printed by the thin material and she saw him swallow as he looked everything over. She had also noticed that a bulge had formed in his underwear boxers. After she answered all of his questions she turned the other side to him.

Very patiently she explained how everything worked with her left arm. She also made the point of telling him her right had been her dominate arm, so with it gone her left did almost all the work, and it took some time to get used to using it that way. She asked him which side was his dominate and he said right, the side with the stump. The bulge in his shorts had not gone away and if anything was bigger. She could also see a wet stain now.

They talked about how his stumps were healing and she went through with him the procedure of how they would get him fitted. They would also start him on PT right away getting the rest of his body back in shape. By the end of the session he thanked her for stopping by and apologized for being so rude. Bret said no problem, she understood. Any time he needed to talk, let her know. She picked up her lab coat, kartal kendi evi olan escort they said good bye and she headed back to her office. Bret pulled up his medical record for her unit and she made notes in it of what she had done that day. Her computer had a system on it that she could dictate into a microphone what she wanted written and the software would type it that way. She checked between her legs and was glad she had not leaked through her thong and scrub bottoms as aroused as she was.

Time to go home and Kim Lee was probably waiting for her. She went outside and saw the van which pulled up to her. She got in the passenger side and managed to get the door closed and her seat belt fastened. She leaned over and she and Kim had a quick kiss. Kim and Bret lived together and Kim was her care giver. She had been a nurse in the same unit as Bret and they were both hurt at the same time. Kim lost both of her legs, the right above the knee joint and the left ended at the ankle area. The left calf was gone and only one bone was left, the tibia. The knee cap was also gone on the left side and lots of other damage was done to both the legs. Most of it did not matter because her spinal cord was severed about level with the top of her hips. So she was a complete paraplegic with no feeling or movements below that point. She is confined to her wheelchair. She was a small lady to begin with and not much left now.

She had been almost 5 feet tall and now weighed about 90 lbs soaking wet. The wheelchair she used was smaller than an adult chair so she did not have to move any extra weight around. It was also an amputee chair meaning it did not have a foot rest and the center of gravity was a little more forward. Her nice C cup breasts seemed even larger on her small frame. She and Bret had known each other for some time even before they went to Iraq. They also went to the same nursing school and had become lovers during that time. They both are bi-sexual.

While Bret had been working on Jeff’s medical record earlier she had decided she was going to come back over to the hospital after dinner and see him some more. She told Kim what her plan was and they stopped and got a bite to eat. Bret and Kim always had a shower together when she got home from work so they did so. Kim washed, trimmed and shaved the areas needing it for Bret. Basically she took care of all of her personal needs that Bret could not do. Bret had been declared 100% disabled needing a care giver to function in life.

After the shower she told Kim she was only going to wear one arm, the one that was a little more sophisticated. The wrist/hook on the left arm could be manipulated in several more directions that the simple arms she wore to work could. Kim had told her several times that she looked much sexier that way and Bret agreed. With nothing left on the right side, her left arm fitted differently with how the straps and wires ran. When they had the stump sock and arm on, Kim slipped a sleeveless, light weight blouse with no pockets over the prosthesis and then on. She turned to Bret who fastened the three Velcro patches that kept the blouse closed. She helped her into a short skirt and a pair of shoes that slipped off her feet easily so she could use her feet for hands if needed.

Kim did not miss the fact that there was no underwear involved and grinned at Bret as she looked her over. She had not put anything on after their shower and Bret could see her nipples were very hard. Kim said she would be awake when Bret got home so be sure and come and see her. Bret said absolutely, I’m sure I will need you by then. Kim slipped a top on which was long enough to cover everything and drove Bret to the hospital. I had been agreed that Bret would call their Uber friend for a ride home. Kim draped a sweater over Bret’s shoulders when they got to the hospital as it was fall and also made it easier for Bret to be seen in the hospital.

Bret tapped her hooks on Jeff’s door again and he said come in. He was very surprised to see her and said so. Bret told him she was off duty and wondered if he wanted to talk more. After a few seconds he said yes and invited her to have a seat. Bret put the do not disturb sign on the door and closed it. She let the sweater fall off on to the chair and asked Jeff if he wanted to look at her arm first since it was different from the earlier one. He said yes and moved to sit on the edge of the bed. Bret noticed the bandages were gone from his stump and some of the other ones were missing from his body. She remarked that she noticed them missing and was glad he was healing good. As he moved to the side of the bed she noticed he still had boxer shorts on.

She explained her arm to him and why she only had the one on tonight. He asked to look at her shoulder area on the right side and she started to turn for him. She then thought it was time for him to start some exercises. escort kartal bayanlar She asked him to lie back on the bed then to lift one of his feet up to her blouse near the top and that it was closed with a Velcro patch. She told him she wanted him to uses his toes to open the blouse, there were three patches all the way down. Jeff looked surprised and she said, keeping a straight face, yes, you need to start learning these things.

He got his foot up and after a few tries, got the edge between his toes and pulled it open. He got the second one done quickly then his leg gave out from holding it up so long. He dropped it and let it rest while she talked to him about what she had meant about getting the rest of his body in shape. He got the last one done down by her skirt and she told him to pull the shirt tails out of the skirt and he managed to do so.

Bret asked if he still wanted to look at her shoulder and he said yes. She told him to remove her blouse and help her get it down her prosthetic arm. He looked surprised and said are you sure? She said yes, no problem. Just more exercise for you. Using both feet he helped her out of her blouse and she moved up to the bed and had him sit back up. It was a struggle for him and again she pointed out the work he needed to do. When he was sitting up his face came right to her breasts. She gave him a few seconds, saw him swallow and turned so he could look at her empty shoulder area. It was quite scared as was her chest wall and the side of her breast. Looking up at Bret he said he wished he had a hand to touch it with. She told him after he got some more strength in his legs he could use his feet to touch and examine her. He asked if it was painful to wear her prosthetics and she said no, they are just on the heavy side. Why I like to wear just one sometimes, not as much weight.

Bret turned to face him again and took a step back. She could see his eyes darting between her breasts, empty shoulder and hook arm. After a few seconds she asked if he was repulsed by what he saw. His eyes jerked up to hers and he said no way! Bret continued, is it just my breasts you like or do you like seeing me with no arms. Jeff looked down for several seconds and then quietly said all of it. Bret said look at my face; Jeff looked up into her eyes and she said earlier today you said no one would want you or that you could not do anything. Looks like you are doing ok to me, you got me almost naked-I don’t have anything on under this skirt! You should know something about me. I like being seen without arms and seeing people and being around people that are amputees; yes it is a turn on for me. Do you understand more now? Jeff said yes, thanks.

Bret then asked if she could look at his stump to see how it was healing so she could judge when to have it fitted. He held it up for her and said that they were going to wrap it in an elastic bandage later. She had been touching it with her hooks and she asked if it was hurting him and Jeff said no, it feels good. I never thought anyone would want to touch it. After a few seconds Bret said Jeff there is something more you should know about me; I enjoy not having any arms very much. I think my right side with nothing there is very sexy but tonight I wish I had one hand for just a few minutes to be able to hold your stump and feel your missing arm side.

They were looking into each other’s faces when she said this and Jeff was very quiet after. Bret asked if she had embarrassed him or hurt his feelings. He shook his head no. Do you understand what I just told you and he said yes, he was beginning to. He looked away and Bret asked him what was wrong. He said just before you came in I was going to turn my light on because I have to go to the bathroom to pee and I can’t do it by myself. I really need to go now. Bret said then let’s go do it; I do not mind helping you. Besides I am going to be teaching you how to use you new arm for that function later anyway. She thought she saw a slight flicker of a smile on his face as he looked back up at her.

Bret asked if he could walk ok and if it was ok for him to be out of bed. He said yes and she said lets go into the bathroom, it will be easier for both of us. The bathrooms were spacious with a roll in shower, wheelchair accessible sink and both a john and wall mounted urinal. She asked him to stand by the urinal and if it was ok for her to let his boxers drop. It was easier than trying to get his penis through the slit in the boxers. Jeff turned red and said ok but that he was hard and embarrassed. Bret turned his head towards hers and said for him to not be embarrassed; she understood and had been in this position before. OK? He finally said yes.

He watched as she used her arm and hooks to take hold of the waist band and gently pulled them down so they dropped to his ankles. Bret saw that yes, Jeff had a very large, long, hard showing. He was also uncut kartal olgun escort and the foreskin was still covering his head. He had a lot of body hair and the areas around his shoulders and stump had been shaved for his amputations. He also had a lot of curly pubic hair.

She told him to step forward closer to the urinal and she stood by his left side, slightly behind him, and reached towards his penis with her left hooks. She said don’t worry, I will be gentle. Kim had put a much lighter rubber band on her hooks before she left the house. Bret grasp him close to the head and did not let the hooks close all the way. She pulled the skin back and uncovered his head and he immediately started to pee. His bladder must have been full as it took some time. After the flow stopped and Bret had moved her torso for her arm to shake him a couple of times, then Jeff asked if she would finish him. They looked each other in the eye and she said you mean you want me to get you off. Jeff said yes.

Bret nodded her head a couple of times and said let me know if this is too much pressure and relaxed the hook tension fully letting them close a little harder. He grinned and said feels great. Bret had the elbow locked and started moving her upper body back and forth which caused the hooks to slide up and down his hard cock. It quickly turned purple and grew a little longer and it only took about six strokes for Jeff to ejaculate his cum into the urinal. He shot cum 5 or 6 times and each one looked like it held a lot of jism. By the time he was done he was leaning against her and Bret asked him if he was ok. He smiled back saying more than ok, thank you. It has been a while since anyone did that for me. Bret knew that there were some nurses that would help their patient out from time to time.

She told him to stand still and got a wash rag and wet it good then cleaned Jeff up. He watched closely how she used her arm to do so. After she was done she pulled his boxers back up and before they left he asked if there was anything he could do for her. Bret looked at him for several seconds then said not this time, but thanks for the offer.

They moved out of the bathroom and she asked if he had any more questions and he said no and thanks for stopping by tonight. Bret said you are welcome, now please help me get my blouse back on. Jeff got back on the bed and she got her hook arm through the arm hole on the blouse. She was able to lift her arm up and it slid on to her left shoulder. She then had Jeff grab it with his toes and was able to turn and get it up on her right shoulder stump and Jeff was able to pull it around to her front. After resting his legs he was able to get the Velcro patches to hold and she did not bother getting it tucked into her skirt. They got her sweater on the same way and Jeff told her he had learned a lot today, thanks again. Bret told him she was looking forward to working with him more and left.

Her friend the Uber driver was available right away and she was soon home. Kim was still up and anxious to hear all the details. Bret shared everything with her and asked her to go to bed with her right now and get her off. Kim laughed and said you bet, are you nice and wet? Bret said yeah do you want me to rinse off and Kim said no, she wanted all of it. Kim helped Bret get her clothes off and her arm. She was still naked and had no trouble getting from her wheelchair on to the bed. Her floppy stumps followed her with no problem. As Bret got on the bed she asked how Kim wanted her. Sit on my face she answered and Bret wasted no time getting her cunt over her mouth.

As she lowered herself down she felt Kim’s long tongue slide up her very wet slit and into her hole. It only took a few seconds and she exploded in orgasm. Kim turned her head aside and laughing said that might be a record! Bret said yes, she was hot and had to try very hard tonight to not let Jeff fuck her with his big cock. I hope you get to see it sometime. They returned to the task at hand and Kim got Bret off three more times before they fell asleep in her arms.

Two weeks have passed and Bret is on her way up to Jeff’s room with his new right prosthetic arm with hooks. The technician that made the arm is with her. His door is open and Bret asks if it is ok to come in. Jeff sees what they have and eagerly invites them in. Bret introduces them and has Jeff move to a chair. The tech slips a stump sock over the stump and slips the arm on. Because there is no arm at all on the left side the hook up is different. The tech finally gets all the wires and straps adjusted and Bret then has Jeff try some things that will test to see if any of them need adjusting. A couple do and then Bret is satisfied for now that they can begin learning. She thanks the tech who leaves.

She starts going through several different things the arm will do using hers to show him then telling him what he has to do to accomplish it. Bret had taken her white coat off after the tech left and she noticed that Jeff kept looking at her nipple sticking her t-shirt out. Grinning she told him to pay attention to what her arm was doing and not her nipple. Jeff turned red and said sorry. She reminded him she was probably as aroused as he was and he looked down and saw his sweat pants were tented. They both had a good laugh.

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