Subject: Brotherly Games, Chapter 3 Hey there! Please do not forget to make a donation to Nifty for the amazing platform they provide for both readers and writers. If you wish to contact me, you may do so by E-mail: [email protected] Or follow me on Instagram: @Despanien I would also like to thank Max Potter for the taking of his time to check my chapters as I am not a native speaker. You can read his stories on: fty//authors.htmlmaxpotter Brotherly Games Chapter 3 When I woke up the next day, Saturday morning, I was feeling slightly nauseous and groggy. It was already late, around 10am, so I quickly showered and dressed for the day to begin. I went downstairs to have breakfast and Dad was there. He was reading a book in the living room and smiled at me when he noticed I finally awoke. “Morning champion!” Dad said, closing his book and gently tossing it on the coffee table. “Hi Dad!” I answered, forcing a shy smile. “Isn’t Mom here?” I inquired. “No, it’s just you and I today.” He announced as I began plunging my spoon in the cereal bowl I just prepared in the kitchen. “Do you have anything planned today?” He questioned while rubbing my back with the palm of his hand. “I need to go to Timoth�e’s match tonight but apart from that no I don’t think so.” I managed to answer with a mouthful of milk and cereals. “Well, as a matter of fact I have some spare time today, and I was thinking we could, you know, go downtown together and get you some swimming gear?” Dad joyfully proposed. “Hm… I don’t know, we still have quite some time before I start my training anyway!” I retorted unenthusiastically. I was still clearly not thrilled about the swimming lessons my brother was forcing me to take. “Oh, I see. Yeah… I suppose you’re right. I guess you would like to go with George rather than me anyway.” Dad mumbled with a sad tone that broke my heart. I could tell he wanted to be the one to take me shopping for my gear. He seemed so happy that I was finally taking interest in sport, even though I really wasn’t. I couldn’t decently take that away from him. “What? No, please Daddy, I want to go with you!” I pleaded, mostly out of guilt. “But you know, you work so much, I just thought you would like to rest instead. I don’t want to inconvenience you and be a burden during your day off!” I explained. Dad’s smile grew wide and he seemed ecstatic. Phew, I should get an Oscar for best actor really! But at least it worked, and Dad bought my little `son of the year’ tirade. “You are so sweet Henri! I am truly lucky to have such a caring son. Do not worry though, I really wanted to take you downtown today!” He declared tenderly. “And then we can have lunch somewhere if you like.” He proposed. Okay, a dad and son outing seemed nice after all. I rarely got the chance to spend time alone with him, so I was actually getting excited. I quickly finished my breakfast and went back to my room to get ready to go out. We took the car and drove to `Jeanne d’Arc’ where we parked. Our first stop was the `Intersport’ shop. Dad was in a great mood. He never was the most caring father to George, but he took enough interest in his swimming to know what I needed. I, on the other hand, was ignorant. Each time Dad picked something from the shelves I gave him an interrogative look and he would briefly explain what purpose they served. Once he filled our cart with all kind of brand-new torture devices, we headed to the speedo section. I was not ashamed of my body, not in any way. But the prospect of wearing a tiny speedo in front of a whole audience including classmates, friends and family was truly dreadful. What if I got hard wearing it? Oh my god, I was becoming modest by the minute just looking at them on the shelf. And Dad was just scrutinizing me as I was making my decision. My face was flushed and I kind of wanted to run away from the store and hide, so I picked a plain black speedo of my size and thought we’d be done with it, but my father protested. “Wait! I think it’s best if you have more than one. You can pick a few actually, I think your brother has at least five or six.” Dad pointed out. He picked a bright white and blue speedo that was far more revealing than the one I already had in the cart. I frowned and gave him a look. “Dad! Look at these, they are far too… you know… inappropriate.” I complained. He laughed and looked at me condescendingly. “Henri! You have no reason to be prudish, you are a handsome teenager, and soon you will be a talented swimmer, just like George. Besides, I’m sure you won’t need to ask twice for your boyfriend to come to the races if you were these!” He exclaimed with a chuckle. “Dad!” I lamented. My face flushed; I was embarrassed beyond measure. He took more colourful and revealing speedos and threw them in the cart. I was truly mortified, but my father was having a blast. “Ok, I think we are good! Let’s go to the fitting room now!” He eventually said. I reluctantly followed him, he gave me the speedos and I pulled the curtains to have some privacy. I looked at my reflexion in the mirror as I undressed. Being naked in a public place kind of aroused me and I could feel my dick chubbing up. I looked for the black speedo I picked but I couldn’t find it. I tried a white and red instead, it was incredibly revealing, and the outline of my dick was clearly visible, even more now since I was half hard. However, the size was right. It was just meant to be that indecent. Out of the blue, I started picturing George wearing one of these. He was clearly not ashamed of his body, quite the contrary, and why would he? My cock was now getting fully hard and threatened to poke out of the fabric. “So? How is it?” Dad asked from the other side of the curtain. “Good, that’s the right size!” I quickly answered. “Come out and show me!” He asked insistently. That was out of the question, I would get arrested for indecent exposure the moment I would get out of this fitting room! “Uh… No, that’s fine really.” I declined shyly, unable to explain why I wouldn’t go out. Dad was having none of it, he pulled the curtain and walked in the fitting room. “Dad!” I complained loudly, blushing. “Oh, I see!” He laughed, catching a glimpse of my stretched bulge before I covered it with my hands. “Told you you’d like it!” Dad added before bursting into laugher. His laughter was contagious and eventually I giggled along with him. After a few minutes, we dried our tears and my erection was gone. “Well, get changed I’ll wait for you at the checkout.” He then announced. “How many do we purchase?” I wondered. “All of them.” He declared before walking out. I smiled like an idiot. Initially I was nervous but then Dad managed to make it alright. I was already feeling better and more confident about the speedo. I think I even liked it deep down. I shot one last glance at my reflexion in the mirror. Dad was right, Timoth�e would most likely be willing to come to my competitions if I were wearing them. They made me look kind of slutty. I took it off and quickly got dressed. After Dad paid, we walked out of the store and I thanked him profusely for coming with me and paying for everything. It was almost noon, and therefore we walked to the Capitole Square and ate at the `Bibent’ restaurant. My father and I had a great time. He was a fun and easy-going person to be around. After lunch we had a walk and enjoyed the sunny afternoon downtown. We went back home around 4pm and Mom was there too. I showed her all the gear Dad bought me and she seemed excited about my upcoming swimming training too. Jean-Baptiste arrived at 6pm at my house and I showed him my new speedos. We joked together about how revealing they would be. I told him about the fitting room incident, and we laughed some more. Soon enough, it was time for us to head to the Stadium for the rugby match. Throughout the afternoon, George was nowhere to be seen. He must have been wandering around somewhere downtown with some friend, or maybe with a girl. That last thought made me cringe. I was somehow relieved that I didn’t bump into him after what happened, but on the other hand I was also curious about what his behaviour would be around me. He swore he would not speak of it again, but I was having a hard time believing him. Maybe he would taunt me, or use it as blackmail leverage? No, I was definitely paranoid. He gave me his word, I had to give him the benefit of the doubt. The Rugby match was a triumphant victory for Timoth�e and his team. I was ecstatic, this was my first match and I was having the time of my life. The general overexcitement got me in the mood. Timoth�e was a beast on the field. Gosh, this boy’s got sex-appeal; he was focusing on nothing but the game. I couldn’t help but admire his muscled body, his aggressiveness as a player, his natural charisma and overall manliness. I was beaming with pride and, quite frankly, watching him play strengthened my determination to give him whatever he wanted. And yes, I mean sex. After the match, Timoth�e proposed to grab a beer with his team. Really, he meant a great deal of many beers. Jean-Baptiste wasn’t really a party animal, so he only stayed for a few drinks and took off. Now I was stuck with a bunch of drunken rugby men (I know, wet dream becoming reality), but Tim made me feel safe. At this point, the whole Lyceum already knew I was dating him, thanks to my brother’s magic punch. I was feeling like Princess Peach from Mario surrounded by Bowser’s buddies, they were so hunky, and I was so… average. They were super fun to be around though and I was having a great time. I was not able to follow their beer consumption pace, but I sure tried, and therefore at some point I was shitfaced, like for real. I’m sure it must have been a quite pathetic sight, but Tim was keeping his composure, he was taller and stronger, and obviously more used to drinking than I was. I was getting more and more aroused, helped by my drunken state, and became very tactile. “Let’s go home baby!” Tim suggested around midnight. “Already? But we are having so much fun!” I answered with difficulty. I was feeling so hot and my head was spinning, but I didn’t have so much fun since… Well, I don’t know I’m only fifteen after all. � “I’m a bit tired, and I wanted to spend some time with you before going to sleep!” He said with a smirk. “Oooh! You go Tim! Go get some!” One of his teammates shouted before everyone joined cheering him up and teasing him. If I were in a normal condition, I probably would have been a little uncomfortable that our sex life was displayed with so little modesty, but I wasn’t. I eagerly followed Tim with a shit eating smirk and, despite my father’s command, jumped behind him on the scooter. My intoxicated state helped me relax, but I was still nervous about riding a scooter. However, I trusted my boyfriend. I wrapped my arms around his stomach and firmly held on him. Who knew how beautiful Toulouse could be at night on a tiny scooter? The ride was short, and barely fifteen minutes later Tim parked istanbul travesti his scooter in his building’s underground garage. He couldn’t keep his hands off me in the elevator. He kissed my neck, my hair, my cheeks, but avoided my lips. Perhaps my breath smelled too much like alcohol, I thought. He held me in his arms and caressed my lower back and my butt. When we exited the elevator, he took his apartment-keys out of his pocket. He gestured to me to be silent and himself avoided any noise. His sister and parents must have been fast asleep. They probably had no idea I would be sleeping at their place; I felt a little shameful thinking about seeing them the next morning and risking them getting mad at me, especially since they haven’t even met me yet. The drunken boyfriend that secretly sleeps in their house uninvited. Tim led me to his bedroom walking on tip toes and I followed him up the stairs, doing my very best to keep my balance and being discreet. I guess I managed since we reached the bedroom without being intercepted, we even heard Tim’s stepdad snore when we passed by his parents’ room. My boyfriend closed the door behind him and undressed in no time. He then helped me and almost ripped my sweatshirt open before roughly pulling my jeans and briefs down to my ankles. He supported me while I stepped out of them, and finally I stood buck naked in front of him. Tim displayed a satisfied grin as he scrutinised my body. He lifted me from the floor, his arm just under my butt, and took me to his bed. I liked when he displayed his strength and, somehow, the fact that he could overpower me so easily was more turning me on than intimidating me. I guess that despite his roughness I trusted him and felt safe around him. He laid me on my back and came on top of me. Tim’s wet kisses on my neck quickly turned into licking, his tongue browsed my jawline and playfully bit my ears the way I did with his a few days earlier. I was still feeling tipsy but also terribly horny. I dug my fingertips in his shoulders as he drove me crazy with his tongue, his hot breath on my wet skin making me shiver. In a bold move, I pushed him aside and climbed on top of him. I placed his rock-hard cock against my ass and humped him, making his large shaft slid between my crack. I felt his manhood rubbing against my tight virgin hole and I moaned louder than I meant to. Tim placed his hand on my mouth to silence me and chuckled slightly. I blushed thinking about his parents overhearing us, but my cock was still fully erect. I leaned on him and plunged my tongue in his mouth. I bit his lower lip as my cock stabbed his developed abs. I wanted to give him as much pleasure as he was giving me, I wanted to surrender myself fully to him, I wanted him to own me. I dropped one last tender kiss on his lips and then slowly made my way to his crotch, licking and kissing his jaw, neck, nipples, and abs along the way. I grabbed his 23cm (9 inch) cock and aimed it at my mouth before swallowing half of it. His cockhead was painfully stretching the entrance of my throat and making me gag. I sucked and blew him as fast as I could, and Tim was covering his own mouth to suppress his groans. I fondled his ball-sack and suddenly I wanted to have them both in my mouth. They were massive, but I sure tried. I smelled the manly scent emanating from them and it drove me crazy with lust. Tim showered after his match earlier, but I could still recognise my boyfriend’s body odour, I loved it, he was mine. I licked his balls one by one and Tim ruffled my hair to encourage me. I took his hand and kissed the palm before resuming my ball-licking. I swallowed one whole and held it in my mouth, scrutinising Timoth�e’s reaction. I was fairly new to sex, but eager to learn. He seemed to enjoy the treatment, so I tried to fit the other one in my mouth. They were big, really, they were far bigger than mine. After several attempts, I gave up and put his dick back in my mouth. He gently pressed my head for me to keep going further. I tried to deepthroat him, but I was gagging and making too much noise to his taste. He pulled me off his cock and straightened up. His hand still grabbing a fistful of my hair, he kissed me, and we made out frantically. Tim was so passionate when he kissed my mouth, I was out of breath quickly. He broke the kiss and smiled at me tenderly. His hand reached for my cock and I felt a jolt of pleasure as his fingertips touched my hard shaft. His other hand covered my mouth to smother my moans. I was shaking, Timoth�e was driving me crazy. I wanted to please him, but he decided otherwise, he would be the one to give me pleasure now, and I had no say in the matter. I loved it. He wanked me, slowly first but increasing his pace steadily. He moved closer to me until his chest was pressed against mine. His hand was the only layer separating our two mouths, his eyes staring at mine. Fuck, I loved him. I grabbed his hand and took it off my mouth. “I love you.” I murmured to him. He smirked at me and his eyes were still locked on mine. He brought two of his fingers to my mouth and I licked them. I knew what he had in mind, so I wetted them meticulously. He took his fingers off my mouth and replaced them with his lips while his hand went behind my back, down to my butt. We made out as one of his hands was wanking my cock and the other was searching for my tight hole. He eventually found it and rubbed his lubricated fingers against my hole. Gently, he pressed it and made it slide in. I had a burst of surprise when his index penetrated me and my eyes grew wide. I was getting dangerously close; my body was jolting, and I was sweating. Tim increased his pace, both wanking my cock and finger-fucking my hole. He pushed a second finger inside of me and I was instantly sent over the edge. My whole body spasmed and my cock erupted in his hand. I send ropes of cum directly on his stomach, dripping on his crotch and on his thighs. I tried my best to suppress my moans, but I was still louder than I should have. Tim didn’t mind and he was displaying a triumphant smile. “Please fuck me.” I begged, catching up my breath. Timoth�e chuckled and gave me an amazed look. “No, baby, you won’t enjoy it as much now that you came.” He told me. “Besides, you are a little drunk. You should sleep!” He added with a tender smile. “But, you haven’t cum!” I protested, louder than planned. “Quiet baby!” He pleaded with a worried face. “That’s okay, I had a great time, trust me. Did you like it?” He asked with a concerned expression. I leaned and placed my mouth millimetres from his left ear. “Yes, I did. That’s why you are going to let your boyfriend thank you the way he knows best!” I whispered authoritatively. Timoth�e turned to face me and smirked widely. He put his hand behind his head and fell back on the mattress, lying on his back expectantly. First things first, I began lapping my own cum from his stomach. It tasted salty, but less strong than George’s cum. What the fuck did I just think? Oh my god, I was a lost cause. I chased the thought from my head and refocused on my boyfriend, the only man I was allowed to fantasize about. No! The only man I fantasized about, period! Dutifully, I cleaned his stomach, and then his thighs. I then proceeded to clean up his cock from my cum. I browsed my tongue along the thick shaft, and when I was pleased enough with the result, I resumed sucking his dick. This time, I took my time. I rolled my tongue around his cockhead and inside his urethra. I nursed the tip like a bottle, for I wanted milk! My hands were wanking the base and caressing his balls. I relaxed my jaw and swallowed half of his dick until his cock was reaching the back of my throat, then I slowly pushed further and managed to get his head in my throat. I couldn’t breathe anymore but I didn’t panic and went down on his cock. Slowly, I reached the bottom and my nose was pressing against his pubes. I was running out of air, so I pulled back and took a deep breath. Timoth�e was glancing at me, he was amazed. I made it; I swallowed his 23cm meat. I smiled like an idiot and went back to work on his dick. I wanted to make him proud to have me in his life. I wanted to prove I was worthy of being such a man’s boyfriend. Fuck! I wanted him to fuck me senseless. I sucked his cock and my eagerness must have exhilarated him for he was having more and more difficulties to suppress his groans. After ten minutes of this treatment, I increased my pace and felt that Tim was about to cum. I looked at him dead in the eye and eventually he noticed and locked his eyes on mine too. His face was twisted by pleasure and suddenly, my palate was plastered with cum. My boyfriend shot a huge quantity and I dutifully swallowed it all. I kept sucking until he grabbed my hair and pulled me off his cock. I smiled at him and crawled to his side on the bed. He opened his left arm and I snuggled against his upper chest as he kissed my hair. I was not as drunk anymore, but I was exhausted. I fell asleep in no time, safe and sound in my boyfriend’s arms. The next morning, when I woke up, Timoth�e was spooning me and kissing my neck. His hand was caressing my stomach and I stirred slightly. “Good morning baby!” He whispered in my ear. I grunted as sole response and turned my face to encourage him to kiss my pretty lips. He got the message and obliged. I supposed my hangover breath wasn’t the most pleasant, so I gave him shy pecks and smiled. “My head is going to explode!” I lamented with a hoarse voice. He giggled and got off the bed. He slipped in some black briefs and I admired his half naked body in total awe. “I’m going to grab you a Doliprane.” He announced with a teasing smirk. I straightened up and sat on the edge of the bed. Then I wrapped my hands around his back and pulled him closer. “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you yesterday baby, I’m not used to drinking that much!” I apologised before kissing his abs tenderly. “What on earth are you talking about?” He inquired with a chuckle. “You know what? Why don’t you get dressed so we can have breakfast downstairs?” He suggested. I nodded, not entirely convinced that I didn’t make a poor impression on his teammates, and nervous about meeting his family so hungover. I stood up and got dressed in my previous evening clothes that smelled like cigarettes and alcohol. I was so fucking ashamed! I understood why Tim didn’t want to take the risk of bringing me back to my place last night, intoxicated and riding a scooter furthermore. My parents would certainly not have been amused. I asked Tim to borrow one of his jumpers to put over my sweatshirt and smother the cigarette smell. I rinsed my face in the bathroom and fixed my hair. When I reached what I deemed to be an acceptable level of appropriateness for a Sunday morning I exited the bathroom and Tim scrutinised me. “You look like the perfect son in law Babe!” He said before laughing, imitating some famous makeover Television star. I gave him a look and he laughed some kadıköy travesti more. “Stop it! Asshole!” I shot back half-jokingly. He gestured to me to follow him and we both went downstairs. When we walked in the kitchen, everyone was already sitting around the dining table. Tim’s mom, stepdad, and sister. “Oh my god! Is that Henri the Great?” Tim’s sister exclaimed dramatically. “Lou! I already told you not to call him like that!” Their mother scolded. “You know your brother wants us to call him `Henri the Magnificent'” She added before everyone around the table started giggling frantically. “Henri the Terrible!” The stepdad eventually added, intensifying their laugher to the point they were almost crying. Well, that was embarrassing. And I thought Tim’s encounters with my parents were weird, this was something else. His face flushed, and he looked genuinely sorry. “Don’t pay attention to us Henri! It’s just that Timy wouldn’t shut up about you for the past two months now!” His mother explained, slowly regaining her composure, and drying up her tears. “Mom!” Tim lamented. We both sat along the table and had a copious breakfast. Tim’s family was great, they were all super kind and laid back. Teasing was the national sport in this home, they all made fun of one another at some point. Tim kept shooting me anxious glances periodically, but I was having a blast. I wish my family were like this instead of being so distant and uptight. After being presented with a best-of of my boyfriend’s most embarrassing life anecdotes by his whole family, in front of an abashed Tim, I announced I had to go back to my house. Tim’s parents wanted me to stay for lunch, but I was still rather hungover and had no intention to puke all over their dining table. Anyway, it would probably give Tim a chance to put some lotion on, after being roasted for two straight hours. “I will drive you to your place Baby!” Tim proposed. “No, don’t worry, I will take the subway.” I declined with a smile. He nodded defeatedly and brought me back to the main door. He was uncommonly silent and seemed a bit down. I stood on tiptoes and kissed him tenderly on the lips. “Thank you so much for last night. I really loved it!” I said softly. “I love you Henri!” He answered before wrapping his arms around my back and holding me tight against him. He kissed my forehead and I let out a deep sigh, feeling safe and secured. “I’m sorry about my family” He then added with a concerned expression. I chuckled and Tim shot a confused glance at me. “Well, you know my brother, I can’t really say shit about your family!” I shot back, trying to cheer him up. “True!” He conceded with a laugher. “When am I seeing your cute face again?” I asked sheepishly as Tim broke the embrace. “Wednesday, at Vianney’s Halloween party.” He answered. I frowned and gave him a look. “I mean, you are coming with me, right?” He anxiously added. “Baby! After what he did?” I exclaimed, irritated that he was actually considering it. “I don’t know, your brother is the one who would have the best reason to hate him and he is still coming!” Tim told me, trying to convince me but instead fuelling my anger. “Uh? My brother is the one who’s been the most wronged according to you?” I snapped. “As far as I remember it was me who’s been outed and exposed to a family member!” “Baby, I…” Tim began. “I’m not coming, period.” I concluded authoritatively. My boyfriend was looking back at me with pleading eyes but didn’t argue further. I sighed and closed my eyes, I hated being a drama queen, but I had to stand firm from time to time. If Vianney wanted me to forgive him he would have to be a man enough to apologise. Still, I had an amazing time with Tim the previous evening, and I had no intention to ruin it. I guess I also wanted to keep my mind off what happened with my brother on Friday night. I was desperate to get rid of every inappropriate thought when it came to George, and Tim made that possible, to an extent. I opened my eyes and my boyfriend was still staring at me, looking like a kid that had just been scolded. I grabbed his flank and pulled him to me, I leaned and kissed him all over the neck and jawline. “I love you Tim.” I declared softly. “I can’t wait for you to take my cherry!” I boldly confessed. Tim’s eyes widened and a large grin spread on his face. “You should go, before I fuck your ass here and now!” He jokingly threatened. I chuckled and kissed his lips one more time before leaving. It was almost noon when I arrived home. Lunch was almost ready, but I desperately needed to shower and get changed. I fucking stank! I threw my cigarette-smelling clothes in the hamper and grabbed a clean towel before getting in the shower. It felt so nice, the warm water eliminating all the incriminating evidence of unreasonable behaviour. My parents were not strict per se, they mostly didn’t care. But getting shit-faced, considering I was only 15 years old, was a big fucking no. Also, weirdly, this time I wasn’t just worried about what my parents would think. George had been taking some initiatives recently, and he hated my boyfriend’s guts. I had no intention to give him more reasons to blame him for `perverting’ me and putting me in dangerous situations. I chuckled like an idiot, alone in the shower, thinking about that; George playing the big brother concerned about my safety, even though he barely acknowledged my existence a few weeks earlier. And yet, what have I done to stop him from claiming that I was “rightfully his”? Yeah, nothing at all, I was such a moron… Showered, teeth brushed, and clothes changed I went back upstairs just in time for lunch to be served. My parents and my brother were already sitting around the table and I took place beside my brother. Mom had prepared us duck breast with apple chutney and caramelised onions. I don’t know if that was because I was hungover, but I thought it was delicious beyond measure. I was smiling and moaning the whole lunch through, and everyone shot me judgmental glances from time to time, to say I didn’t give a shit would be an understatement. “Henri, honey, I washed your new speedos yesterday, they are folded in the laundry room.” Mom declared casually as we finished our Tarte Tatin. My brother frowned and shot confused stares at mom and me. “You have been shopping for Speedos, uh?” George asked me with a smirk. “I knew you were as excited as I am that your training begins!” He pointed out sarcastically, even though my parents wouldn’t pick the sarcastic part, of course. “Oh yeah! I took him yesterday!” Dad explained with a wide smile. “Henri, why don’t you show your coach what we bought!” He added enthusiastically. My `Coach’? Gosh, what did I just walk into? I was fucked. “Sure!” I accepted, displaying my most convincing fake smile. George followed me upstairs and forestalled me in the laundry room to grab my speedos. He then took them to my bedroom and closed the door after me with an evil smirk. Great, what other devilish plan had he came up with this time? “Where’s the rest of your gear?” George asked. I opened my drawer and threw everything dad bought me over my bed. My brother sat on the edge of the bed and started gauging them. “George, I…” I began saying. “Why don’t you call me `coach’ instead, I like it. You never called me any nicknames!” He interrupted me with a grin. “Well, you probably would have beaten me senseless if I had!” I pointed out, chuckling. George frowned and got up. He stood right in front of me and looked at me dead in the eye with a stern face. “The punch I gave you last week was the first and the last you will ever receive from me!” He declared with a serious tone. “I never meant to punch you in the first place, and you know it!” He continued. “Anyone who would raise his hand on you would have to deal with me, and I mean anyone! Boyfriend, friends, family, random guy, I don’t give a shit, if any guy ever hurts you, he is the one that I would beat senseless!” He concluded with a threatening tone. I gulped, slowly drifting in the zone where I know I’m losing control and inhibition, the zone only George manages to take me. “I’m sorry George, I was just joking.” I apologised with a soft tone after a moment of silence during which my brother never broke the intense stare he was giving me. “Well, that wasn’t funny.” He said calmly. “I don’t care that half the school believes that I’m the kind of asshole that would do that. However, you, my own brother, thinking I would do such a thing, it seriously hurts.” “George, that’s not what I think of you at all.” I reassured him with a barely audible whisper. “Really? Then why are you pressed against the wall like a cornered prey?” He pointed out, making me realise I had backed off from him. “I… It’s just… Well, I guess I’m just a little intimidated.” I stuttered confusedly. “You’re so close, and so strong.” “Maybe I just like being close to you.” He suggested, slightly smiling. George slipped his arm between the wall and my lower back and pulled me to him in a swift move. I was now totally pressed against his chest, breathing heavily, and my heart was beating frantically. “What if you just trusted me for a change?” He murmured in my right ear before kissing my temple. “I trust you.” I declared weakly. “Then you might just get what you want after all.” My brother said with a smirk. I stared back at him with utter confusion and he leaned to kiss my cheek. When his lips almost touched the corner of mine, I suddenly had goosebumps. I felt a jolt of warmness browsing me and I deeply sighed. “My sweet Baby Henri.” George murmured softly. Someone knocked at my bedroom door, getting me out of my stupor. I broke the embrace and pushed George off me. He displayed a satisfied smile, as every time he successfully unsettles me. “Yes?” I answered with a low pitch voice before clearing up my throat. The door opened and Dad walked in the room. “So, George, what do you think about your brother’s gear?” He inquired joyfully. “Maybe he’ll need better swimming goggles once he starts the competitions, but I guess they’ll do the trick for the training.” George casually declared. “He’ll be a champion in no time!” He added before ruffling my hair playfully and winking at me. “Well, with a coach like you I’m not really worried!” Dad said with a tender smile. “Thanks dad!” My brother answered with a wide smile. I could tell he was proud and that he wasn’t faking it. Our father gave him so little credit and encouragement, he obviously treasured them when it happened. Later in the afternoon, our parents announced my brother and I that they would go back to Japan for the week, in order to finish their aborted business trip. I was a little anxious to be left alone with George to be frank. So much had changed since he punched me in school. What frightened me the most was the possibility that everything went back to normal since George wouldn’t have any reason to play pretend in front of the parents. I’m not sure I could bear to be ignored bakırköy travesti by my brother any longer, not since he gave me a taste of what his love could feel like. And god knows it felt amazing. George seemed unphased by their upcoming departure, it was very much business as usual after all. They were more often away than not in the first place. “Henri, I was wondering with your father; do you think Timoth�e would be available for dinner tonight or lunch tomorrow?” Mom inquired with a shy tone. “It’s just, you know, we would be reassured if we met him before we leave.” She specified. George raised his eyebrow and his eyes grew wide. He shook his head disapprovingly but kept silent. “I can ask him if you want.” I submissively answered. I shot an anxious glance at George, but he avoided eye contact. Fuck it, I had every right to present my boyfriend to my family anyway! George would get over it, I don’t remember ever having a word to say in any of his girlfriend choices in the past either. And god knows I hated them with passion. I went back to my bedroom and immediately texted Tim to know if he was up to it. He thought I was pranking him at first, and he asked if George would be here, which made me chuckle I must say, but eventually accepted to be there for lunch tomorrow. I announced Mom and she immediately asked me for a list of his allergies and dislikes. After several back and forth texts with Tim I told her anything she needed to know and went back to my bedroom. During dinner George announced that he wouldn’t be here for lunch because he had to work on a school project with our classmates. Dad laughed condescendingly and kindly reminded him that this was a holiday week and that he’d had plenty of time to work on his project. Request denied. He was fuming but knew there was no point in arguing. After dinner we watched some television together with our parents and George. After a while though, the parents went back upstairs to pack for their trip and get a good rest. I prepared myself some tea before walking back upstairs in my bedroom and call it a day. When I walked past the living room though, my brother was playing some video games. I hesitated for a few seconds and eventually I decided to sit on the couch next to him. I liked watching him play video games, it was somehow relaxing me. It was like watching a movie, but he was the hero. I peacefully sipped on my tea, with a comfy blanket over me, enjoying Sunday night’s mood. “You want to play?” George eventually asked me after he died in the game. “No, I like watching you better.” I stated, matter-of-factly. “Whatever.” He chuckled, amused by my answer. We were quite different in that matter. My brother was a natural leader, charismatic and self-confident. I was a follower; I sought someone else’s authority to thrive and feel safe. And I sought my brother’s authority above all. George and I stayed up rather late actually, therefore, when I woke up the next morning, it was already 10am. As usual, I showered, brushed my teeth, got dressed and went downstairs. “Too late for breakfast!” Mom warned with a smirk. “The kitchen is busy now.” She added. She was already preparing lunch and when I saw the kitchen I gasped in shock. Mom definitely had a habit of being over the top, but this was reaching a whole different level now. There was enough food for at least ten people. I wasn’t going to complain though since she prepared my favourite meal. “Can I help you?” I offered enthusiastically, I liked to cook, and Mom was a real chef. “Actually, you can!” She chuckled. “Can you wake your brother up? It’s almost 11am for goodness sake!” “Uh… yeah, ok.” I shyly answered before going back upstairs. I gently knocked on George’s door, but nothing happened. After a few seconds I pulled on the door handle and slowly walked in his bedroom. The whole room was impregnated with my brother’s scent. There was no doubt that a teenager had slept in here, but I honestly didn’t mind. I sat on the edge of his bed and took a moment to observe my sleeping brother. He looked so peaceful, so serene, so bloody handsome too! I delicately put my hand on his shoulder and shook it slightly. “George?” I called softly. “George, it’s time to wake up!” I whispered. He groaned, disgruntled, and stirred. His sleepy eyes opened slowly and met mine. I smiled tenderly at him and he stretched loudly. “What’s up Baby Henri?” He asked with a hoarse voice. “You want me to be ready for your loser boyfriend’s arrival?” He added with a smirk. “What must I do for you to like him?” I asked with a faint smile. “Just dump his ass already.” He shot back playfully. I rolled my eyes and was about to stand up, but he grabbed my hand. “You won’t even give me a morning kiss?” He pleaded with a fake sad voice. I sighed, pretending I was irritated, which both George and I knew wasn’t the case, and leaned to kiss his right cheek. He roughly pulled my arm and made me fall over him. He flipped me over and he was now on top of me. George kissed me all over the face, on my cheeks, forehead, nose, and jawline while tickling me. Because of the tickling, I laughed and fought to get him off me, but he was much stronger. “You smell so nice!” He commented after sniffing my neck. “And you stink!” I shot back playfully. He kissed me one more time on the nose and slipped out of bed. I got up too and his eyes immediately went down on my crotch. My cock was rock-hard and indecently bulging my jeans. My face flushed and a wide smile spread on his face. “See, you don’t even need a boyfriend anyway!” He sneered. I rushed outside of his bedroom, ashamed and confused. “Hey baby!” Timoth�e greeted me as I opened the main door. It was noon, and my boyfriend was right on time. I displayed a broad smile and we kissed. I brought him to the living room where my parents greeted him warmly, and my brother greeted him not so warmly. Lunch went smoothly. My parents harassed Tim with questions, but he managed to answer every single one of them without too much difficulty. George was mostly silent and at least I guess I was happy he wasn’t too obvious about his irritation. Overall, it was a great success. And we had leftovers of my favourite meals for tonight too! What more could I ask for? After lunch we settled in the couches and had some coffee until it was time for my parents to leave for the airport. George went back upstairs to his room and I stayed in the living room with Tim. “How was it?” I inquired anxiously. “Great! Your parents are really nice!” Tim declared with a smile. “And your brother was nicer than usual.” He added with a laugher. “Sorry.” I lamented with a deep sigh. “He is still mad at you about the sextape.” I explained. “Well, I understand, really.” Tim answered. “I just don’t know what to do to make things better.” “Maybe you should apologise?” I suggested shyly, not wanting to start another argument. Tim looked back at me with a baffled expression. “You think so?” He wondered, looking a bit anxious. “Uh… you don’t have to. But maybe he would appreciate it?” I continued, knowing quite well that George would love the power trip of Timoth�e apologising. Still, I also knew that my brother didn’t hate Tim just because of the sextape, but also for the mere fact of being my boyfriend. It revealed his possessive and jealous side. Fuck, I am ashamed to confess it, but I loved it! “Now?” Tim asked with a hint of stress in his voice. I nodded and stood up. “Follow me, I’ll walk you to his bedroom and I’ll stay outside.” I said, a little more excited than I probably should about the whole idea. Reluctantly, Tim followed me upstairs and we stopped in front of my brother’s bedroom. I stood on the side so I wouldn’t be seen from inside the bedroom and encouraged Tim to knock. “Yeah?” George answered from the other side. Tim sighed and opened the door. “Hey dude.” Timoth�e said nervously. “Something’s wrong with Henri?” My brother immediately inquired worriedly. “No, no, everything’s fine.” Tim promptly answered. “Listen, about what happened last week. I wanted to apologise. I understand why you reacted the way you did, and you were right.” He apologised. “Henri asked you to apologise?” George questioned. “Yes.” Tim confessed after a long silence. Shit, he should have lied! “Tim, I have nothing against you. But I swear to god that if you ever disrespect my brother again…” My brother threatened. “I won’t. I swear.” Timoth�e promised. “Fine.” George said. “I’ll join you guys downstair in a few.” He concluded. Several seconds later, my boyfriend walked out of his room and closed the door behind him. I smiled like an idiot and as soon as the door closed, I kissed him tenderly. I was so happy this drama was eventually coming to an end. “Thank you so much baby!” I told Tim when we reached the living room. “That means so much to me!” We turned the television on and browsed through Netflix to find something to watch. We just launched a movie when George joined us downstairs. My brother sat next to me and I was between Timoth�e and George, split between the two men of my life. I fell asleep somewhere during the movie and when I woke up, I was snuggled against Tim and he was caressing my hair. Not long before 8pm, Tim announced he had to go back home since his parents awaited him for dinner. I goofily got off him and rubbed my eyes after the sound nap I just had. “See you Wednesday I suppose?” George asked my boyfriend casually. “Uh… no, Henri wasn’t really up to it.” Tim answered shyly. “Oh, ok, well see you soon anyway.” George simply said with a faint smile. I walked my boyfriend to the door, and I kissed him goodbye before giving him a short hug. “You are coming to Vianney’s party Wednesday.” My brother declared when I came back into the living room. “What? No, I’m not! He is an asshole!” I shot back angrily. “If you were that mad at Timoth�e you should be even more at Vianney!” I pointed out. George laughed and looked at me like I was an absolute idiot. I stared back at him with utter confusion. “Baby Henri, you are so sweet.” He said condescendingly. “Now, if I remember well, you said you would obey me, right?” He asked. “Right?” He insisted after a moment of silence. “Yes.” I admitted in a whisper. “Good, then text your stupid boyfriend that you changed your mind and that you’re going to Vianney’s party.” My brother commanded calmly. I gulped and took my phone out of my pocket before obeying George and texting Tim. “Is it done?” George questioned. “Yes.” I answered submissively. “You know why I didn’t want a brother in the first place?” He asked me provocatively. Ouch, that hurt, I didn’t like where this was going. “Because I don’t like to share.” My brother explained. “And I hate that I have to share you with another guy.” He added with a smirk. “I took you for granted for too long Henri, but those days are gone. I won’t lower my guard any longer.” He warned. “Does it bother you that I want you to be mine only?” He asked. I remained silent and he raised up my chin with his finger to force me to look at him. “Does it?” He insisted. “No.” I confessed. “I thought so. Timoth�e isn’t the man of your life, I am.” My brother declared before walking out of the living room, leaving me stunned and confused, catching up my breath.

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