BtVS: A Demon’s Curse


BtVS: A Demon’s CurseBuffy the Vampire Slayer: A Demon’s CurseBuffy came home and collapsed on the bed. “Not a great night for slaying,” she said to herself as she lay there in the dark room, feeling so tired she was almost sick and could throw up at any moment.This wasn’t the first night that had ended this way.Lately it seemed she was slower to vanquish the demons, and a couple of times she was dangerously close to being one dead Vampire Slayer herself. If it wasn’t for her quick thinking.’It was strange,’ she thought, ‘I can leave the house so full of energy, but as soon as I start to fight, it slowly drains away. What is wrong with me? Maybe I’m just coming down with something.’As she drifted off to sle*p, she assured herself this was nothing to worry about. But she made a mental note to call Giles about this tomorrow morning when, she was sure, he would be able to take her call.* * *The morning sun came streaming into Buffy’s room. She heard Dawn moving around downstairs as she sat up on her bed.Her s*ster had turned into quite the little cook lately. Her latest effort was a huge breakfast for everyone.Buffy felt good right now. Back to her normal self. It was strange how the weakness and sick feeling only happened during, and immediately after, her nights of slaying. She knew something had to be done about it… but now there was a heavenly smell coming up from the kitchen.Willow was already at the table about to start a large plate of pancakes with bacon and eggs when Buffy entered the room. Dawn was standing there in her cute little blue nightie, which Buffy noticed was getting to be a bit too small for her now, smiling and telling Willow about her plans for the day. Not taking into account the way Willow was looking at her.Buffy would have to speak to Willow soon enough.Buffy smiled as Dawn plunked down a huge plate of food in front of her.“Try my new blueberry pancakes and special sausage too, you’ll love them,” she exclaimed.Buffy nodded thanks to her, Dawn sat down to eat her food only seconds later and all three girls eagerly finished their plates with no hesitation in almost silence. The only noise being the chewing each girl produced while eating the pancakes.“We sure ate all that fast,” said Willow, with a huge grin and a full tummy.“Yep; must have been pretty hungry,” Buffy replied, as she wiped the crumbs off the small white t-shirt that clung to her body. “Thanks Dawnie.”When the plates were in the dishwasher the three girls all embraced each other in a group hug, not knowing exactly why they were hugging the other two but glad that they were, before starting their day.Buffy went back up to her room and placed a call over to Giles in England. She hated to bother him, but she was a bit worried about her current situation. If she was sick that was one thing, but she had a strange feeling there was more to this. In the back of her mind she could hear Giles voice warning her when they first began to work together; that a sudden unexplained weakness while slaying, and at no other time, was a dangerous sign of a demonic curse.She could hear his solemn voice now, as he told her to contact him at anytime, anywhere… if this occurred.Buffy chatted with Giles for a while.It was so nice to hear his voice again. They talked for a bit, but he soon broke off the conversation…“Ok, Buffy,” he interrupted, “what’s happened? I can tell by the tone of your voice something is wrong.”Buffy spilled out the details of nights of weakness, where no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t find enough energy to continue with the slaying.After asking her numerous questions, Giles warned her that she needed to stay in for the night while he did some research on this.“I don’t want to scare you, Buffy,” he said, “but this could be serious. It sounds like a type of demonic curse here. If this is true, you are in some danger. Stay in, try to rest, and I will get back to you with some type of solution. Oh, and it’s probably a good idea to keep this to yourself. This could possibly effect the others around you too, I don’t know why, and I have no idea what we are dealing with here, but it’s best to be cautious. I will work on this and find a solution.”“Thanks Giles,” Buffy murmured as she said goodbye.She sat there alone in her room wondering what this was all about, and what Giles had meant when he warned her not to tell anyone.She didn’t like the tone in his voice. Was this really serious after all?Buffy heard Dawn leaving for school, and suddenly had the urge to say goodbye to her overrode her entire being. She dashed down the stairs as quick as she could and gave her younger s*ster a big hug.“What are you up to this afternoon, Dawnie,” she said as she brushed a lock of hair out of her s*ster’s eyes.“Oh, I am off to the magic shop for a bit after school. I am helping Anya with this new shipment of potions that came in. They even sent me a book to read about them. It’s really interesting.”“That’s great then,” said Buffy smiling at her s*ster. “Have a fun day, oh and those tight beige pants look great on you, turn around, yep they fit perfectly… you have a nice ass little s*ster,” she said, as she gave it a playful little spank.“Thanks,” Dawn smiled back, happy that Buffy wasn’t scolding her over her chosen attire. “You look pretty good too, love the way that t-shirt fits, nice and tight,” the girls smiled and shared a hug before Dawn rushed out to school.* * *As evening rolled around, Buffy tried to keep her mind and body occupied.She watched TV, and then spent some time with Dawn in the kitchen helping her make yet another one of her great deserts.She didn’t really understand her s*ster’s current obsession with baking, and cooking. It seemed she spent all her free time in that kitchen making up some sort of concoction. Then, of course, Buffy and Willow, and Dawn too, would have to eat it all.The nice thing was, it was all delicious.Every morsel of food Dawn made was so good that once they started eating they couldn’t stop till it was all gone.Buffy was so happy that her s*ster was enjoying herself. She never seemed happier.The extra few pounds she was putting on was a small price to pay for seeing this.After finishing a huge plate of yummy brownies with big chunks of chocolate in them, Buffy and Dawn began to clean up the kitchen.They were laughing and talking and Buffy even gave Dawn a big hug. Dawn hugged her back, and they held each other for a long moment.They were so full of energy that they cleaned up the entire kitchen, and wandered back to the living room.Buffy felt so good now, just the way she always did before she left to be ‘Slayer Buffy’.She noticed how cute Dawn looked tonight too.As her s*ster walked in front of her, she couldn’t help checking out her little round ass in those tiny white shorts. The two s*sters were sitting as close as two people can be on the sofa when Willow walked in only moments after Buffy checked out Dawn’s ass.It was a warm night, and both had on tiny white shirts that came above their soft, but firm stomachs, and Buffy had on small shorts, much like Dawn’s.Their long tan legs were touching as they sat there oblivious of anything else until they heard Willows voice.“Hi guys, what’s up with you two?”“We’re just talking and doing absolutely nothing,” Dawn said, with a big smile on her face as she reached out and squeezed her s*sters thigh, Buffy turned and put her arm around Dawn and pulled her closer.“Yep, just another boring night at the Summers house.”“Hey, there’s brownies in the kitchen, go have some,” Dawn said excitedly as she remembered to keep some back for her close friend.“Sounds great,” said Willow and went in to get what was left.She came out a few minutes later with bits of chocolate all over her face.And running down her neck.“Yummy, şişli escort best brownies ever, I ate them all,” she exclaimed licking the chocolate off her fingers. “Umm, mind if I join you here?”“Sure thing,” said Dawn, smiling up at Willow. “Hey how about we put on some music and I can show you some new dance steps I learned.”“I’m up for the dancing thing,” said Buffy. “I need to do with some relaxing.”Willow smiled, “I’m thirsty. Is there any more of that great lemonade you make, Dawn?”“Ooh tons,” replied Dawn, “bring out the pitcher and we can all have some.”The three girls consumed about two large glasses of lemonade each as they took turns showing each other their favourite dance moves.Willow was dancing slowly moving her whole body to the loud music, she had on tight jeans and a tiny yellow shirt that barely covered her breasts.The two girls stood there staring at her now, as if they had never seen her this way before.“You’re so sexy when you dance,” said Dawn, with an intense look on her face.Buffy offered Dawn her hand.“Let’s dance, Dawnie,” she said pulling her towards her body.The two began to dance, with each song, they moved closer and closer. Soon their bodies were almost touching.Willow joined in, and the three continued to dance together, looking into each other’s eyes as they smiled.* * *Whilst all this was going on at the Summers’ house, Giles was placing yet another call to Buffy.No answer again, where was she?He had to get in touch with her. He knew what was causing the weakness now. He actually had a potion to counteract it. But he had to discover how Buffy had been exposed to this.He had discovered that this was a very new and unusual type of curse.The books described her symptoms to a tee, but there was more to this. Other unknown symptoms could appear without a warning. There were not many documented cases of this yet, so he had no idea what these could be. The accounts he had managed to find told of symptoms which caused the victims to react in totally unexplained ways. They lost their inhibitions and behaved as they really wanted to, with no regard to the consequences. However, somewhat like a hypnotic trance, no one ever did anything they didn’t really want to do.These symptoms could affect anyone who had been exposed to this, and he must warn her.He hung up the phone. He would have to fly to Sunnydale immediately.As Giles rushed to the airport he worried about all the repercussions of this curse.He kept trying the house on his cell. Still no response.Something was wrong.He had no idea what he would find when he arrived. And he hoped he was not too late.What would happen, he had no idea.He envisioned all types of agonizing scenarios as the taxi sped to the airport.He ordered the driver to drive faster.* * *The living room was now clothed in darkness, except for the dim light from a small lamp in the corner. As the shadows from the street lights spilled over the walls, the girls continued to dance together. The music had become faster and more intense now, and their bodies seemed to have taken on the feel of the pulsating beat. The room was very warm, and soon they began to tire and each slowly dropped to the floor in exhaustion.“I am so hot,” exclaimed Willow as she lay spread out on the floor on her back.Buffy smiled as she crawled over and began stroking her soft bare arms.“You have too many clothes on,” she murmured softly to her friend. “Let’s take these hot jeans off you now.”Willow smiled up at her and Buffy proceeded to slowly unzip her jeans and pull them off.Dawn, seeing this, crawled over and joined her s*ster.Willow lay there now with just a tiny yellow top on, and a pair of white panties. Buffy crawled up to her face, and bending over, gently brushed her damp hair from her eyes. Willow looked at her, their eyes met, and Buffy suddenly began to kiss her friend.The taste of Buffy’s warm soft lips on hers was so arousing to Willow that she immediately put her arms around her and held her tight.The two girls lay there on top of each other. The warmth of their bodies touching excited them both more and more.They kissed slowly and deeply while Dawn sat and watched in silence. The more she watched her s*ster kiss her best friend, the more Dawn felt herself becoming very damp. She reached down between her legs and pulled her tiny white shorts aside. As she touched her pussy she realized that she was becoming very wet. She sat there, spread her legs wide, and continued to watch her s*ster and Willow kiss. She then pushed her two fingers up inside her pussy. This felt so good, she began to push farther, moving her fingers around inside, they were becoming very wet.Willow and Buffy now began to kiss more passionately, more intensely. Willow sat up and the two girls began to take turns undressing each other. Buffy kissed her softly as she pulled her tiny top up over her head. Then she began to softly kiss her friends soft creamy skin, slowly working her lips and tongue over her neck and down to her soft round breasts.Buffy had secretly wondered what it would feel like to touch her best friend’s breasts. She had seen her naked in gym class a few times, and had tried not to stare. But she had noticed that they were really very beautiful.As she slowly took each nipple in her mouth and ran the tip of her tongue over it, she could feel how hard they had become. She licked each nipple now and slowly ran her tongue over each of her breasts while she gently squeezed them in her warm eager hands.Willow was now breathing faster as she pulled Buffy’s head up and began to kiss her again. Then she slowly pulled off Buffy’s tight white t-shirt. It was so hot she had not bothered to wear a bra either. Willow was glad of that, as she softly touched Buffy’s smooth, tan skin.Gazing into her eyes, she slowly worked her fingers down over her breasts. She moved them slowly over the top of each breast making slow deliberate circles over each, up and around and then ending at each nipple. She then took her fingers and rubbed each of Buffy’s hard little nipples between her fingers.Buffy began to moan.Willow bent over and began to suck on each breast.Buffy pulled Willow’s head against her and began to moan even louder.Dawn, seeing all this, had now pulled off her t shirt and was sitting there legs spread wide with two fingers up her pussy just moving them in and out in a slow throbbing rhythm. She had the other hand on one breast, rubbing and squeezing it and pulling her nipple till it was very hard.Willow now pushed Buffy down on the floor gently and began to kiss her soft firm stomach. She then pulled off her tiny thong panties. Buffy was now naked, her soft tan skin shining and moist from the warmth of the night. She pulled off Willow’s panties and both were, at last, naked.Willow began to remember how much she had always wanted to touch Buffy’s pussy. She had dreamt of this many times. She would actually taste her friend’s soft wet pussy lips on her mouth when she woke up.Dawn began to feel warmer and wetter now, seeing the two girls completely naked in front of her. She let out a little moan.Buffy and Willow turned and saw her there.They reached over and pulled her too them.“Dawnie, we didn’t mean to forget you,” said Willow in a soft voice.Buffy looked at her s*ster now and she felt something she had not allowed herself to ever feel, before. Just how sexy Dawn was.She was a beautiful young girl now. Soft white skin, round firm breasts. She reached over and slowly kissed her sweet young mouth.Dawn responded urgently.She kissed her s*ster back with deep soft long kisses.Willow stroked each of her friend’s bodies as she watched them kiss.Buffy took Dawn’s face in her hands and gazed into her eyes now. She then began to kiss her eyes her nose and her soft full mouth. şişli escort bayan Dawn let out a sigh and held onto her s*ster hugging her so very tight.Buffy then pulled Dawn up and led her to the sofa. She still had on the tiny white shorts, which were soaking wet, so Buffy gently pulled them down and off.‘She looked so cute there, so innocent and sexy,’ Buffy thought, as she saw her s*ster standing there in just a pair of tiny pink bikini panties. She put her arms around her and softly kissed her again. Moving her tongue around inside her warm moist mouth. She then sat her s*ster down on the sofa and pulled off her panties.Buffy was on her knees in front of her s*ster now. She looked up at her and smiled. Dawn smiled back, and Buffy gently spread her legs wide.Seeing this, Willow came over and sat down beside Dawn. She pulled her long hair away from her face and kissed her mouth gently. Then stroking her hair, she sat and watched.Buffy began to work her mouth up inside each of Dawn’s firm thighs, kissing each slowly. She softly moved her tongue up over her smooth warm skin until she reached her pussy. She then slowly began to tease her by licking up and down her slit. She could taste her s*sters sweet warm pussy juices now, as she found her clit and began it suck on it.Dawn was now trembling, and Willow was sitting there with her fingers way up inside her pussy pushing so hard now she didn’t think she could stop.Buffy licked and sucked harder and faster now.Dawn was shaking harder, and had begun to let out long slow moans.Buffy felt so excited. The more she tasted her s*ster’s sweet warm pussy juices, the more she wanted to push up inside her now.She had to.She thrust her tongue inside Dawns pussy so far, so fast now that she felt she couldn’t stop.Dawn tasted so good.Buffy could taste her warm wet pussy juices all over her lips now, and she pushed faster and harder, and deeper and deeper, up, up into her s*ster. Dawn was gasping now and was pulling her s*ster’s head into her.“Oh Buffy… push it in deeper, oh faster,” she kept moaning.Buffy worked her tongue expertly over and around, and in and out, faster and deeper with every thrust.Dawn was now about to cum, Buffy could feel this, and she was more than excited at the thought that she was making her own s*ster cum for the very first time. She pushed harder and deeper. Dawn let out a soft, low scream, and she began to cum in long spasms.Buffy thought she would never stop.She was so excited now. She felt as if she would cum any minute too.Finally Dawn stopped and Buffy moved up and kissed her s*ster’s soft lips. Dawn held onto her very tight and they both hugged for a very long time like that. Then Dawn settled back and smiled as she watched Willow take her fingers out of her soaking wet pussy and bend over and kiss Buffy.She pulled Buffy over to her and turned her around. Pushing her down on the sofa. Buffy was so excited now that she complied eagerly. Willow got down on her knees behind Buffy and began to caress her soft, firm, round ass.’Oh that felt amazing,’ Buffy thought, as Willow began to kiss and lick all over her ass cheeks.Willow knew this was what she had always dreamed of, she was licking her best friend’s ass at last. She moved her mouth over her soft skin, and licked slowly, so slowly. Then she gently moved her fingers all around, very close to Buffy’s ass hole. Buffy let out a low moan.“Oh, that feels so good,” Buffy said.Willow then reached down and found her friends slit. She moved her head in and began to lick up and down with her hot eager tongue.Buffy was now screaming, “Oh, Willow, oh, oh.”She continued to lick her, and taste her dripping wet pussy juices for what seemed like ages. Buffy was shaking now, and Willow had to hold her steady. She then plunged her two fingers up, up inside Buffy. She pulled them in and out, moving them around inside her dripping wet pussy. She pushed her fingers in and out faster and faster now as she continued to lick all over Buffy’s ass.Buffy was now shuddering, her body losing control.Willow was about to cum herself, and Dawn was watching all this with a look of total amazement and contentment.Willow thrust her fingers in very deep one more time, and Buffy let go, cumming, and shaking and screaming, Willow began to cum from the sheer excitement of this all.* * *Giles’s taxi pulled up outside the house.He quickly paid the driver and rushed to the door.The drap*s were open and he saw a light on inside, but the house seemed quiet and deserted.He reached the door.A feeling of dread filled his body.He tried the doorknob.The door was unlocked.He quickly pushed open the door, not knowing what he might find inside.Nothing he had ever imagined, prepared him for what he was about to see.There bathed in the soft light of the lamp, were the three girls naked before him.Dawn lying back on the sofa legs spread wide, beside her Buffy bent over the sofa, her beautiful naked ass in the air, and Willow bend over Buffy collapsed on top of her friend’s ass.Giles stood in the doorway in total disbelief.The girls still did not see him.“What in heaven’s name is going on here?” he shouted in his loud English voice.The girls turned, and seeing him.Froze in shock.Giles stood there with his mouth open unable to find words, the girls sat there their mouths open not knowing what to say.Finally Giles broke the silence.”Are you alright?” he stammered, almost as if he was embarrassed at seeing what he had walked in on.”We’re just fine,” said Buffy as she stood up totally naked in front of Giles. “What are you doing here anyway?”Giles looked at her more closely, his eyes tried to avoid her amazing naked body.He stepped over and turned on another light.As he approached her again he realized that something was not quite right about her.She seemed disoriented, happy enough, well of course after this, he thought.But her pupils were large and…Of course… it was the curse.As he walked closer he noticed the other two girls casually sitting there totally naked with no visible sense of embarrassment.Obviously they were affected by this thing too.Giles knew that he couldn’t do anything here until he administered the potion to counteract all this.He hoped that he brought enough.Now to get the girls to drink this and then find out how all this happened.He walked into the dark kitchen and turned on the light.He would pour this in some kind of drink and make them drink it.He quickly returned with a couple of glasses of cold water containing the antidote.“It’s hot in here, so drink this,” he said as he offered the water to each girl.Luckily they all were so thirsty from their hours of fun that they gulped down the water immediately.Giles sat down in a chair and watched them now.They sat back totally relaxed and then, lying there naked on the sofa holding onto each other, they all fell right to sle*p.Giles sat there and watched them sle*p.What an image this was.He doubted he would ever forget this.They looked so happy there holding each other.He could see that they had genuine feelings for each other.This was going to be very difficult.* * *The morning sun streamed into the room.Giles woke up with a start.He looked over and the girls were still asle*p.‘That antidote was pretty powerful,’ he thought to himself. ‘I better let them sle*p this off.’He walked into the kitchen, and tried to find some tea.”Darn Americans, never had much tea in the house,” he muttered to himself.He started rummaging through the cabinets and finally found a box of some sort of herbal tea that looked about 2 years old. “Well, this would have to do.”As he was about to close the cabinet, he noticed a large bottle in the corner, almost hidden. It had some sort of red liquid in it.Probably food colouring, but the bottle was rather mecidiyeköy escort bayan large for that.Curious, as only Giles could be, he pulled it out and read the label.He immediately knew there was something unusual about this.The name of the company on the label was so familiar.Posslar, Inc.Who was that?Where had he herd that name before?He kept staring at the label, running the name over and over in his mind.There was no indication on the bottle as to what this was, or what it was used for.This was very strange indeed.‘Well it will come to me,’ he thought and decided to take the bottle with him until it did.He wandered back into the living room still holding the bottle of red liquid, and thinking of nothing else but this strange name on it.The girls were still out cold.He wondered how long it would be before they woke up from this.He went over and put a light cover over them.Seeing them naked like this was now a bit too much for him. He glanced out the window and noticed a car pulling up outside.The door opened and out stepped Anya.He knew that he had to make sure she didn’t come in here and see the girls like this, so he went to the door and met her as she came up the front walk.“Oh Giles, What are you doing here?” she gushed as she ran up and gave him a big hug.“Oh, just visiting for a few days,” he replied. “Umm, the girls are all still asle*p now, so you might want to come back later.”Anya smiled up at Giles, totally oblivious of anything but herself, as usual.“Well, I brought Dawn her book, she left it at the shop last night. I know she was really into it so I thought I would drop it off on my way to work today.”“Well, that was very nice of you, Anya,” Giles replied almost grabbing the book from Anya’s hands. “I will give it to her when she gets up.”“Ok,” Anya said in happy voice. “Bye then, see you later when you come to the shop, I know you want to check out all the new potions were getting now from this new company.”“What company?” Giles said, not really listening to Anya.“Posslar, Inc.,” she said. “They sent tons of bottles of… Well that is one there in your hand isn’t it?”Giles looked down at the bottle, and now realized where he had seen this name.It was the name of an old demon curse they put on a Slayer.It had been named by the Watchers ages ago.Actually it was quite simple and rather stupid to name it this way.He had thought it was a joke of sorts.Possess Slayer.Posslar.Now this company, obviously a group of demons, was flooding the magic store with bottles of something to possess a Slayer… Buffy.But how?“Oh Giles,” Anya shouted as she started to get into her car. “That book, it was sent to the store with the shipment and addressed to Dawn. I didn’t know she was so good with the customers, bye Giles. See ya,” Anya then jumped into her car and sped off.Giles stood there on the walkway trying to process all this information at once.He walked towards the house slowly and sat down on the porch steps.He looked at the bottle in his hand.He then looked at the book that Dawn must be reading.It was called “Magic Tips for Daily Life” and in small print at the bottom of the book jacket was the name Posslar, Inc. in small red letters.Giles put down the bottle and began to thumb through the book.It was full of chapters on how to use the bottle of red liquid.Dawn had put a piece of paper in the beginning of one chapter called Cooking Secrets.Giles read the first part and noted it was the beginning of a series of instructions on how to cook and bake with the red liquid.So now he knew Dawn was probably cooking with the liquid, as he found the bottle in the kitchen, and the girls were taking in large amounts of this, as it was almost gone.This was what the Demons had cursed Buffy with.They had put a curse on the substance, and then found a way to have her drink it.Shipping the liquid to the shop, and then sending Dawn the book was a perfect plan to make sure Buffy was too weak to slay.Obviously the side effects here were loss of sexual inhibitions.It appeared that the girls took full advantage of their true feelings, and had a pretty good night of it here.There was probably more to this. Perhaps a master plan of some sort. Well, he would get to the bottom of this later, Giles told himself.Right now he had given the girls the antidote, and they should all be back to normal soon.The next step was to tell them what happened, destroy the shipment of liquid, and the check with the other Watchers as to whether this was being distributed to other slayers too.Well, this was quite a challenge.Right now, for the present, Buffy was safe and things would be back to normal here.That antidote was so powerful that she, and the other two, were protected against this type of curse for life.Giles went back into the house.The girls were awake now, and sitting there in the living room wrapped in the cover.He sat down on the coffee table in front of them and tried to explain all this to them, slowly and patiently.They sat there listening to him and seemed to be very calm.Too calm, Giles thought, but he was relieved that there was no crying or bad feelings here.Dawn did blame herself for the cooking but he explained that this was not her fault, and that the demons had used her.If it had not been her, it would have been someone else who did this to Buffy.He then told them that he would be leaving for a while to go down to the magic shop and get rid of the entire shipment of the red liquid.He told them that he would be back later on.He got up and waved goodbye as he closed the door.Buffy pulled off the covers and stood up stretching her naked body.“Well guys,” she said, turning to face the other two. “What’s your take on all this?”Dawn got up and stood next to her, rubbing her hands over her firm young breasts.“I think Giles gave us the yucky antidote and now we’re safe, right?”“Yes, Dawnie,” Buffy said turning to her s*ster and stroking her long brown hair. “I am back to Normal-Slayer-Woman.”“Good,” said Dawn giving her s*ster a hug, as she gently grabbed her s*sters round, firm ass.Willow had been silent through most of this.She stretched her arms in the air, yawned, and stood up with the other two.“So now, you guys heard the part about how we couldn’t do anything we don’t really want to do even if we’re under this possession, curse thingy, didn’t you?”“Yep,” said Buffy, smiling. “Sure heard that coming from Giles’s mouth, so it must be true.”“Well then,” said Willow. “What do you guys think of last night then?”Buffy reached out and took Willow’s hand, she pulled her to her and softly kissed her warm sweet mouth.“I think Giles was exactly right, don’t you?” she murmured in a low, sexy tone of voice, as she playfully tugged on Willow’s nipple.Willow smiled, Dawn smiled, Buffy smiled, as they all took turns kissing each other softly one by one, and caressing each other’s warm naked bodies.“So why did the antidote cure the possession but not this part?” said Dawn to the other two.“Because, Dawnie, what we feel here for each other is real, not a bad reaction to something,” said Buffy.“Yes,” said Willow, “and it just took this demon thing to bring it all out of us, don’t you think?”“Yep, I think,” said Buffy putting her arms around the other two.“So what are we going to do?” said Dawn looking at her s*ster with a worried look on her face.“Nothing, Dawnie,” she said. “We will be the same as before but we will have our little secret.”“Yes,” said Willow, “I love secrets.”Willow kissed Buffy on the lips now, Buffy responded with a long deep passionate kiss.“I love you two,” said Dawn in a happy little voice.“Me back,” said Buffy.“Me back,” said Willow.The three girls looked at each other and smiled.Then they all began to walk up the stairs to the bedroom.Buffy cupped Dawn’s round naked ass as she walked in front of her.Dawn turned and smiled, and said, “Race you two to the bed,” running up the stairs two at a time.“Yep, last one there has to lick two pussies at once,” shouted Buffy.“Wow,” said Willow as she took her time, “I love curses!”THE END

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