I went over to my buddies house for the night while is girl was out. We hadn’t spent much time together lately so we had a lot of catching up to do which took a lot of beers as well. We talked a lot about our mutual friends. Most of whom had moved away. Some of whom had k**s. All of whom had a hot wife or girlfriend. We got online to check them out mostly. They dressed in skimpy outfits and took slutty selfies for the attention of their man or whoever was around. Conversation kept going back to women. I pulled out my phone and showed him a couple nude pics of my girl. His eyes lit up with excitement and my cock grew hard. I secretly hoped he would get a boner from looking at her and a kept eyeing his pants as he took my phone and began to flip through it. After a few minutes his cock began to grow. I saw the outline in his pants and he used his free hand to cover it up. He came across a pic of her licking my cock.
“Nice dick dude.” he said, trying not to be awkward that he stared at my shaft for nearly a minute.
“Thanks, do you have any to share?” I asked, hoping I could finally see his sexy girl.
“yeah.” he said as he started to pull out his phone. I noticed he tucked his boner up while he did this.
His opened his pics and showed me the tight sexy nude body of his girl. I was instantly hard. It was incredible. My heart was racing as he let me scroll through her pics. Her tits were large for her frame with nipples to match. Her pussy was tight and wet with small lips. Her ass stuck out with the intentions of being smacked or licked. Without thinking I began to rub my hard cock.
“You like them?” he asked as he noticed me rubbing myself.
“yeah dude she is so fucking hot.” I told him with no shame. “I’d love to fuck her.”
“well she would love your cock from what you’ve shown me.”
“haha,” I laughed. Unsure where he was going with this. “i bet she loves your cock.”
“well it’s long but it doesn’t have your girth.” he admitted.
“well i’d love to have some length.” I told him. “how long is it, I didnt see any pics.”
At this point we were both drunk and horny and I dared him to pull his cock out. And he did with no shame and all shaft.
“Wow.” I exclaimed. “That is pretty long.” He was nearly 8 inches long.
“Well I’d like to see how thick yours is in real life.” he told me. So I followed suit and pulled my boner out. For a moment we both just stood their, looking at eachothers cock. They pointed at eachother like a couple of jousts ready to dual. Then they seemed to move closer to eachother until the tips touched. He reached out and grabbed my cock. “damn I can’t get my hand all the way around it.” my heart was racing at this point. I didn’t know how to respond. I grabbed his cock and pointed it straight at me and let the head touch my pelvis. My cock was nearly 2 inches shorter than his but my girth dwarfed his circumference.
He told me to hold on as he walked over to his computer and opened it up. He started playing a video of him and his girl fucking. It was great. I sat down and he sat next to me. He squirted some lotion in my hand and we started jerking eachother off. I pleaded with him to slow down a few times because I almost blew my load. I wanted this to last all night.
“Who else do you have pics of?” I asked him. He listed a few girls we both knew and began to scroll through them. Most were the girls of our buddies. He had them all sorted into folders and he kept scrolling past one titled ‘Dani’ which was the name of his hot sister.
“who is in that one?” I asked. He hesistated.
“Swear you will never tell” he demanded.
“i’m pretty sure we reached that point already.” I replied.
He smiled and opened the folder. My eyes lit up as I saw an array of nude pics and vids of his s*s. I couldn’t believe it. I grabbed for the computer and started playing some of them. He told me that he had stolen most from her computer. Some he had recorded himself. My cock was throbbing and he seamed to be jerking it faster as I watched some of the videos.
His s*s’ body was much different than his girl. Her build was a little thicker. Her tits were big and a little saggy for her young age. Her nipples, however, were very small relative to her breast size. Her pussy had a triangle of pubic hair above it. Her ass was a little flat but still looked great in her thongs. I asked him how long he had been jerking to her. He said it had been a long time. The last file he had was a video. I opened it up to see a couple pics of his s*s printed out and laying on his bed. His cock came into view of the screen and he started jerking it. It was amazing. He stroked his cock with such aggression it looked like he would pull it off. The video was just over a minute and about half way through his breathing increased. I turned up the volume to hear him come to climax and blow his load all over the pics of his s*s.
“dude that was so fucking hot.” I told him. My own cock was nearly ready to burst.
“i jerk off to her almost every day.” he admitted to me.
“i don’t blame you. I jerk to mine nearly every day.” I finally admitted. Telling him my escapades with her.
My cock was leaking precum at this point and I knew I wouldn’t last long.
“How are we going to cum?” I asked him. He put on a video of his s*s getting fucked by her bf.
“Stand up and face me.” He said and I obeyed. We jerked each other feverishly. Then he turned towards me and I followed. Our cocks nearly touching as we stroked each others cock. His breathing began to increase and I knew what was about to happen.
“Keep going, keep going.” he commanded. “Jerk it onto your cock. Oh god here I cum.” he called out as he blew his load all over my cock and belly. It felt great. His warm cum dripping down my body and helping to lube my cock.
The voice of his s*s called out on the video “cum on my face baby” as she jerked her bf’s cock onto her face. That did it for me. Without warning my cock erupted with cum. The biggest load I have ever shot was gushing out of me. My hips thrust forward as though I were penetrating a pussy. Every ounce shot out and covered his cock and belly. We both sat back into our seats. Unsure what to do next.
Suddenly in the hallway we heard some sort of water spill on the ground. He got up and opened the door to find his girl. She was standing there with her skirt pulled up and panties pulled down. She had been watching us and masturbating to climax in the hallway. She squirted all over the hardwood floor after seeing us cum on eachother.
I was stunned and began to put on my clothes. She looked a little embarrassed. “Next time i’ll join in.” she said as she pulled her panties back on.

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