Subject: Bustin’ Justin – Ch 2 Bustin’ Justin – Chapter 2 by TheRealCOG he had a vague memory of there being a good reason that he just plain forgot. None of what Justin had found out so far about his boy body was obviously enough. Older and wiser Uncle Erik knew how to get with girls. Since Justin had left elementary school behind, he needed to be in the know so that he could also brag in the locker room about getting to third base, which he thought maybe was just past touching titties and getting to that sweet pussy. şişli travesti “Where’s Uncle Erik?” asked Justin to his dad a few hours after dinner. “Who?” “I mean… Uncle Erik, whatever.” “UNCLE Erik?” “Yessssssssssss, hello, you deaf, I said-” “I see my son IS back. Erik’s in his room. Presumably to avoid you, I imagine. I swear, if I hear you’ve done anything to make him-” “It’s all cool, okay? Geez. I just wanna hang out with him.” Rolling his eyes (inwardly, of course, or that would’ve resulted in another beylikdüzü travesti lecture), Justin headed upstairs and entered his uncle’s room. Erik was just about to put aside his comic book and get his dick out when the door opened. The teen was horny as hell, a constant condition he suffered from these days, and he’d started thinking he’d have to get a head start since the tween was hanging out with the folks. “Hey, nephew,” Erik said, hoping he sounded as indifferent as possible. “Hey, unc,” the younger istanbul travesti boy said, fidgeting. “Um… I, uh…. I was, um… I thought maybe…” The tween gulped. “Wouldyouteachmehowtogetgirls?” Erik abandoned his comic and looked down from the top bunk at his cute, sexy and incredibly awkward nephew. “So I guess that means you want me to be your new sensei?” The tween nodded, eyes on the floor. “Okay, well, if we do this, no more backtalk from you. No questioning me and definitely no calling me gay for helping you out. You do what you’re told and no complaining. Got it?” “Sure. Yeah.” Justin noticed the teen giving him the stink-eye. “I’ll listen to everything you say and will do whatever you tell me, Uncle Erik.” “Good. Now close the door and we’ll get started.”

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