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Caregiver with benefitsI was appointed as caregiver for a friends aging uncle, my duties included cleaning house and doing laundry and assisting in bathing him because he had trouble getting in and out of shower. Anyways one afternoon after tidying up his home, i laid out fresh clothes for him and helped him to the shower. I had to strip him and help into the shower. I adjusted the temperature and soaped up my hands to wash him. Now this man although older still had a large cock even soft, nevertheless I continued washing his back and cleaning his asscrack. My hand strayed against the underside of his balls, he made no notice and I took the showerhead and rinsed his back off. I moved around and washed his legs and then soaped his balls and cock up real good. He grew in my hand as I ran the soap over his cock. He looked at me and smiled and said, “I’m sorry i’m getting an erection, I haven’t had my cock stroked ever since my wife died, and I’m straight I don’t understand why this is effecting me in this way.” I reply, “It’s normal for a man regardless if it’s a man or woman stroking it, to get hard from the sensation.” ankara escort I continue to soap his cock and gently caress his balls with my other hand. His cock grew to easily 8 hard inches of throbbing old man cock, I marveled at the thick veins on the shaft. I asked if he wanted me to stop or would he like to have me help him release years of built up orgasm. He looked nervously at me and at the same time he’d occasionally half close his eyes from the feeling of my soapy handjob i was giving him. I take the showerhead and rinse his lovely gray haired cock off. He asks if letting me do this will make him gay, I assure him that I’m bisexual and I love pussy as much as cock, and no your cock can’t tell the difference if it’s in a woman’s or a man’s mouth. He agrees that it has been too long since he’s felt the pleasure of cumming like he did in his younger years, but thinks that at this age he might not be able to ejaculate anymore. I tell him to close his eyes and imagine that your a young man and a hot young girl is sucking your cock like it’s her last supper. He smiles and relaxes on the shower ankara escort bayan chair and closes his eyes. I quickly take advantage of his rock hard cock and begin to suck on his balls and lick the shaft from base to tip, stopping to lick the piss slit and gently suck the head. He moans and grabs my hair to push my lips down on his cock, I relax myself and let him ease his throbbing manhood deeper into my mouth, making me gag as the head tickled the entrance to my throat. I tongued the underside of his cock as I started to work my head up and down on his cock. He moaned like a cat in heat as sucked the hell out of his dick. I relaxed more and deepthroated this thick throbbing cock, he held my head down a few times to make me gag, and as i looked up, eyes still closed, I seen him smiling. I was so hot now at the taboo nature of the situation, and his big cock, I dearly needed to see if he could still shoot a load. I increased my speed sucking harder and gagging and drooling on his cock and massaging his balls with my hands. He is moaning loudly now, I can feel his body tensing for climax. I slow escort ankara down until he is somewhat calmed down, and then I tease his cock a little more. He grabs my head and makes me take every inch, pushing hard to get it all in my mouth. I come to rest, nose in his pubic hair and his cock buried down my throat, I lather his balls with my tongue and then I hear him say aloud, “Oh God!! I think I’m cumming!!!” I removed his shaft from my throat and made a strong suction with my lips around his cock and took over half the length in my mouth and stroking the rest with my hands. He tightens up and I taste the first shot of cum blast my mouth, he yells as the cum shot out. I keep sucking as a seemingly endless supply of cum oozed out from his cock. I take the cock out of my mouth and squeeze the shaft, I see a small gob of cum drip from the head, I lean close to lick it off and lovingly clean his cock up. He sighs in satisfaction and opens his eyes and looks at me. “Wow with my eyes closed, I really didn’t know that a man was servicing me instead of a woman, and that felt wonderful.. I never had anyone swallow my cum before.” I smiled and offered this special treatment to him whenever he needed it as long as it remained a secret. He agreed and now I weekly service his nice cock and get my craving for hot cum satisfied now, a win-win situation for us both

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