Carmen, Calvin again pt 3

Carmen, Calvin again pt 3
We all settled down for a light snack and a few drinks and I could see Marci was relaxing a bit more. I sat down next to her on the lounge arm while Joe and Calvin sat on the sofa. I looked down at Marci,
“Ever watch two men have sex?” I asked her. Looking a bit timid at me,
“I saw it once in a movie” she replied, still a bit nervous about the days events.
I looked over at Joe, motioned to him,
“Kiss Calvin” I said aloud to Joe
“Make love to him” I added, knowing Joe would happily have sex with another man. Marci and I both watched as Joe leaned over next to Calvin and raising his hand to Calvin’s cheek, turned his head towards him and started kissing Calvin passionately. We could hear the smacking of their lips and see each others tongues exploring open mouths and I glanced down at Marci,
“Not bad” I said to her
“Looks like Calvin enjoys another man kissing him too” I added.
We watched as Joe and Calvin continued to kiss and soon move their hands down and finding each others cocks, ( they were still naked ) began to stroke them as Joe kissed Calvin around his neck and ears.
“Fuckin’ sexy isn’t it?” I asked Marci. I could see she was totally fascinated by watching two men kissing and fondling each others cock in real life as she stared at them intently. I slowly lowered my hand and finding her exposed tit, began to softly caress it as we watched the men.
“Suck his fuckin’ cock you fuckin’ whore” I yelled out to Joe and we watched as Joe slid down onto the floor, moved over in front of Calvin and spreading his legs apart, moved in and taking his cock in his hand, put it up to his mouth and began to suck on Calvin’s cock, slow and deliberate at first, then licking his cock from top to bottom, finally sucking on his balls before he finally took Calvin’s cock into his mouth and began to suck on it more earnestly. After a few minutes I said to Marci,
“Watch this” and I yelled over at Calvin,
“Slap the whores face” I ordered him. Calvin had placed his hands on Joe’s head and was helping him while he sucked his cock, looked up and over at me and then down at Joe,
“Suck that fuckin’ cock you fuckin’ piece of shit” he said as he slapped hard at Joe’s cheeks,
“Oh” I heard Marci cry out.
“You like that baby?” I asked her,
“You like watching your man slap my whore?” I then asked
“It’s so…”
Was all she could say when I suddenly grabbed hold of her hair, turned her head towards me and started slapping her face hard, back and forth several times.
“You like pain bitch?’ I said to her. Marci had tears staring to well up in her eyes as I slapped at her face. Moving a bit more forward, I stopped slapping at her face,
“Let’s see how you like this whore” I then said to her as I now turned my attention to her tits. The first slap across her tits made her cry out in pain and she tried to cover up her tits,
“Get those fuckin’ hands down” I demanded as I grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms down.
“Keep those fuckin’ hands down” I demanded and once again sent a hard slap across her tit. She again cried out in pain, but did as she was told and I sent several more slaps to her tits. Deciding to go a bit further, I now punched at her tit sending an even more painful shock through her. She grabbed at her tits again and once more I slapped her hard across her face,
“Get those fuckin’ hands down” I demanded and when she did, I let loose another blow to her other tit. She tried to cover up again, but the motion of my hand to her face made her keep her hands down. I punched her tits several more times before I glanced over and saw that Joe was still sucking Calvin’s cock,
“Suck Joe’s fuckin’ cock” I yelled at Calvin. With that Joe got up off his knees and standing a little off to one side, stood there as Calvin moved forward and taking Joe’s cock, took it in his mouth and began to suck on it hard and fast. Looking at Marci I could see the tears flowing down her cheeks,
“We like pain” I began
Marci and I watched for a few minutes more as Calvin sucked Joe’s cock while Joe slapped at Calvin’s face.
“Double suck” I soon yelled out and without so much as missing a beat, Calvin laid down on the sofa while Joe climbed over him, each others cocks positioned over each other’s mouths and soon both men were sucking each others cocks.
“Now that is a fuckin’ sight” I said to Marci. Looking at her,
“How about you and I get comfortable like that too” I said to her. We moved to the floor and while Marci laid down on her back, I climbed over her and lowering myself down, we both were soon licking and sucking at each others cunts, biting clits and cunts lips as we turned each other on and into a frenzy of lust. I could hear Marci moaning out with pleasure as I worked over her wet cunt and it wasn’t to much longer after that that I heard Calvin cry out he was coming into Joe’s mouth. Joe soon followed as the men took each others cum and swallowed it as best they could. Marci had reached a fever pitch and soon started to buck as I drove her to a full climax.
All four of us settled back down, the guys sitting back on the sofa while Marci sat back in the lounge chair. I stayed sitting on the floor. Finally, I looked up at Marci,
“Well honey” I began
“How have you liked things so far?” I asked
“It’s been unbelievable” she replied and I was hoping we could teach her a little more.

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