Carrie from Ayr part 2


Carrie from Ayr part 2Carrie had decided that college was not for her so she dropped out. She was living in a farm with her boyfriend away out in a little place in Argyll and Bute called Colintraive. She phoned me and asked if she could stay with me for a couple of days while she looked for work in Glasgow.I had just put my car in the garage to get some work done for its MOT. I knew that one of the guys there had the hots for Carrie; he was always asking me to hook them up. He joked one night that he would give me my car MOT for free if I set him up with her. When Carrie got a drink in her she would get very horny and when she got horny she would do anything. I poured her a good glass of vodka and coke and before I knew it she was flirting with me and reaching for my cock. I got her to suck me off as I fingered her pussy. She was so wet I thought at first she had gaziantep escort wet herself. After sucking me for a while she went to get on top of me and fuck me but I told her to get her mouth back on my cock and suck me till I gave her my cum in her mouth. She did as she was told and I shot my load into her mouth and watched as she smiled and swallowed it. Now that she was horny and wanting a fuck I told her to come with me to get the car. So we walked to the garage which was only round the corner from me under some old railway arches.My friend Sam looked at me when we walked in and had a great big grin on his face because Carrie was with me. As we stood talking I put my hand up the back of Carrie’s skirt and started to feel her ass and pussy. I asked Sam to show me what he had done to the car and as we were looking at the engine and he was telling me a part he had replaced I stood behind Carrie and started fingering her from behind again. She moved her legs a little apart and when she did that I pulled her skirt right up and said to Sam. “Don’t you think she has a nice bum?” Carrie never said anything she was standing there shaking a little, it wasn’t nerves she was just so fucking horny, I said that not only was her ass great but I thought Carrie might be wanting some attention to her pussy as it was dripping. Sam grabbed a handful of ass and I moved my hands to her tits.I pulled Carries hand to my cock and she started to unzip me and pull it out. She bent over and started sucking on my cock. She was sucking me like she had been starved she was so turned on. As she was sucking me Sam started to fuck her. She loved it. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and bent her over the car and Sam started pounding into her hard and fast. I happened to look round and seen his work mate coming back from his lunch break. I motioned him over without Carrie seeing him he got his cock out as he was walking towards us and grabbed Carrie by the hair and said to her “suck this bitch” and stuck his cock in her mouth. We all fucked her and she was filthy by the end of it she was covered in oil hand prints and cum in her hair. Carrie just kind of fell into the back set of the car with a very satisfied look on her face. As I got in the car to drive out of the garage Sam said “thanks mate if you need any more work done just bring her round” Later when Carrie was in the bath getting cleaned up I said to her that I could use her to make some good money. So she decided to tell her boyfriend that she had found work in Glasgow but it meant that she would have to stay there 3 nights a week.So I started to plan what I could do for the 3 nights she was going to be here every week.

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