Casey’s Recovery Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 – A Warm Spring Day

Casey Thompson was 11 days into her 18th year when her world came to an abrupt stop. She is a pretty girl, 5’3″ tall, just about 105 pounds of muscle, gristle, bone and attitude. Taffy blond hair, bright brown eyes and a really infectious smile; in short, she is as hot as a pistol.

Mother described her as all boy in a girl’s body. And it was a very nice body at that, sweet breasts the size of summer peaches, probably a full B cup, but on her small frame they looked much bigger, small waist and dancer’s legs. Not that she was a dancer, not a chance when she could be running track or being one of her school’s better gymnasts. Like Mom said, all boy in a girl’s body.

As spring turned into summer in early June, she and several friends decided to head down to the bay and try sail boarding for the very first time. It was a beautiful day in the mid-60’s with lots of wind; so when it came her turn she jumped right on the board and off she went. After 20 minutes of fun, a freak gust of wind picked her up and threw her some 40 feet into the air. Down she came, directly into a rolling wave; it was like being slammed into concrete. Were it not for her friends she would have drown right then. After they fished her out and got her on the beach it was clear she was in real trouble.

At the hospital they discovered that she’d cracked both hips, broken her pelvis and two ribs plus two bones in her right leg. After 2 hours of surgery the doctors had wired, plated and patched her back together. Then they slapped on a cast that went from the Bahçelievler Escort bottom of her breasts to just above her left knee, all the way down to her ankle on the right leg and then placed a fixed brace from mid-calf on the right to mid-thigh on the left. She looked very odd in this large horseshoe shaped cast.

When the doctor finished he met with Mother, explaining what they’d done and described the cast before he took her in to see her daughter. After the initial shock, Mother noticed that the cast was cut out leaving her vagina and rectum fully exposed.

The doctor told her, “I could have placed a catheter in her, however they almost always cause a bladder infection and I think the last thing this girl needs is another opportunity for infection. So we decided to leave a fairly large opening allowing for good access to her vagina and rectum which will make it very easy for her to pass water and solid waste into a bed pan or urine pitcher. It will also allow those of you caring for her at home to easily clean her.” To assure her modesty when you get her home, you’ll want to drape a sheet or large towel over her just like we’re doing here in the hospital.”

Mom thought it over and agreed. Of course, she told me none of this then.

When Mother telephoned me, she said, “It looks like we can only move her on a gurney or sort of laying down on a wheelchair, but that won’t happen for a while.”

As she told me all this I was sitting in my Grandfather’s kitchen stunned, I could not imagine my baby sister in this sort Bahçelievler Escort Bayan of shape, I immediately asked, “What can I do?”

“Son, she said, don’t worry right now, Casey is doing really well. The doctors said she is in such great physical shape that they expect she will recover pretty quickly; maybe get to come home in a few weeks and be ready to come out of her cast in as few as 3 months. You finish up at Granddads’ and come home when you’re ready, we’ll be fine till then.”

I finished up the work at Granddad’s over the next couple of weeks, getting regular reports from Mom, and then headed home. From the farm back to our home in Prospect Bay is a good 6 hour drive and it gave me time to think how I could help Mom and Casey.

Mother and Dad divorced 4 years ago while he was involved in a hot and heavy affair with one of his young assistants. A pretty girl with big tits, long legs and a mouth that appeared to be made specifically for sucking cock, at least that was my opinion. After a year they married and he relocated south to San Diego at least 4 hours away. Clearly, Dad would be of no help.

Mother is a CPA and makes a good living, but there is not a lot of money to spare. It took me five years, but I’d graduated from college with a degree in Business in January; with the job market for new grads being slow I opted to help Gramps on the farm for a while before looking for work. I figured Mom would recruit her oldest friend Lillian to help with Casey and put the arm on me for extra help as well. What the hell, Escort Bahçelievler I thought, why not. After all Casey was my sister and although I am 6 years older we got along pretty well, generally.

Once home, Mom gathered me up and off we went to the hospital. When I looked her over, her face and upper body looked fine but what I could see of her legs were still pretty bruised; even so, Mom pointed out that she was healing nicely.

She was lying on her back with the bed slightly elevated and the top sheet carefully drawn up between her legs and spread out to cover her almost up to her neck. It was an image of lots of cast and sheets with her little head on one end and her toes sticking out the other. Her pretty taffy colored hair was scattered over the pillow.

Casey was pretty much her usual self, sassy and generally full of crap. “Hey brother, I’m blaming this on you.”

“Kiss my butt, I said, you got yourself in this mess and now it’s up to all of us to get you better!”

“Yep, your fault; but I am really, truly glad to see you. So far everybody here at the hospital has been great, they are very nice. Now that you’re here, the trouble can start.” About that time the doctor walked-in and seemed very pleased to see us.

“Good news, he said, you can get ready to take this girl home in a couple of days. She’s doing great and we need the bed for the really sick people.” Everybody laughed and he said, “Seriously, she is doing well, at least a month ahead of where I originally thought she’d be. Before you go, I want you to meet with the outpatient coordinator and start planning for her to come home in a couple of days.”

Mom was excited to be getting her daughter back and turned to me saying, “I sure hope you can help me manage her at home? Can I count on you?”

“Of course, I said, whatever you or Casey need, I am there to help, no problem.”

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