Caught in the Act Ch. 03

Huge Cock

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


This story is fictional. All persons depicted are over the age of 18. All names have been changed to protect identities.

This is a sequel to my two previous stories. If you haven’t already read them, you may want to.


This story DOES contain instances of shit, piss, and vomit. If you’re not into that, DO NOT read this story. If you are into that, please continue reading, my delightfully filthy friend.



I tell Arielle to light another of her black and mild cigars. She takes a long drag, and I plant my mouth on hers before she can exhale the smoke. I inhale all the thick smoke, and then start licking the puke out of her mouth. Tasting her disgusting vomit makes me puke again. I retch all over her perky shit-smeared boobs. The sight and sound of me puking makes her puke again, and her puke lands right on my hard shit-covered cock.

I stand up, let Arielle take another long drag of her cigar, and then I shove my dick in her mouth and release a torrent of hot yellow piss. She immediately begins to swallow my urine, relishing the taste as it fills her smoky mouth.

I tell her to lie on her back in the tub. When she’s done so, I squat over her with my ass positioned right over her shitty cunt. I grunt as I push a load of fresh shit from my bowels. afyon escort It’s mostly soft to begin with, but then solid turds start falling out of my ass. While I’m forming a fresh pile of nasty shit on her pussy, I’m massaging her tits that are completely covered with shit and puke.

When I’m done shitting, I tell Arielle to get on her hands and knees. After she’s set, I get behind her and smear my smelly poop from her pussy, up her ass crack, and all over her sexy ass.

Once her ass is completely covered, I lean down and start licking her filthy shit box. I shove a couple fingers into her soaking wet pussy while I lick her shitty asshole. Arielle starts moaning and bucking her ass back onto my tongue. She wants me to use my dick to fuck her asshole, instead of my tongue. I’m more than happy to do so.

I lean up, grasp my rock hard dick in one hand, spread her ass cheeks with the other, and slide my cock right into her dirty asshole. She moans as my dick fills her shit box. Once I get all the way in, I pull right back out, then I ram my dick back in as hard as I can. She screams loudly as her body is racked with ecstasy.

I pound her shit box like this for several minutes. She exclaims that she’s about to cum. I pull my cock out of her asshole, lie down beneath her, and begin licking her shitty cunt while finger fucking her asshole. When I feel her start to cum, I clamp my agrı escort mouth around her wet pussy and bury my tongue deep inside.

Arielle’s knees buckle as she starts squirting cum into my waiting mouth. She sits up and rides my face as her orgasm subsides. With her full weight on me, and her sexy thighs squeezing my head, I feel like I’m about to suffocate. Which only makes my dick that much harder. She notices that my dick is painfully hard.

She stands up, turns around, and sits right back down on my face. My nose is buried in her dirty asshole while my tongue is right back inside her soaking wet pussy. I’m licking Arielle’s disgustingly delicious shitty pussy while she gags herself on my rock hard shitty cock.

Arielle continues to gag herself on my dick. I’m unsure why, but it feels too good for me to object. After a couple more minutes filled with sounds of her gagging, I hear what she’s been trying to do. She pukes all over my dick. Then she rubs her vomit all over my cock and balls. She then stands up, turns back around, and she lowers her wet cunt right onto my shit and vomit covered dick.

Feeling her tight wet pussy around my disgusting cock gets me close to cumming once again. But I hold it off by slowing down our rhythm. Arielle then grabs another of her black and mild cigars, and lights it. She takes a painfully long drag.

While still riding my dick, she leans akdere escort down and kisses me. As our mouths open and tongues meet, she blows the thick smoke into my mouth. The taste of the smoke is too much for me, and I flood her tight pussy with my thick hot cum. She uses her cunt muscles to milk every single ounce of cum from my balls.

When I start going soft, she gets up and sits her ass right back on my face, with her pussy right at my mouth. I hungrily begin licking my warm jizz from deep within her cunt. She’s still smoking her cigar, and blowing the smoke down into my face after each sensual drag.

After slurping all my cum from her shitty pussy, she takes a final drag of her cigar, and kisses me. When our mouths open, she blows the smoke into my mouth while licking the cum off my tongue.

We finish our sharing kiss, and just lie there in the tub. We’re covered in each other’s piss, shit, and vomit. I motion for us to stand and start cleaning everything. It takes a long time to clean the tub and each other, but we finally get it looking as good as it did.

Once the tub is clean, we decide to take a shower together, so that we could be sure we were clean. The shower starts normally, but after seeing the soapy water cascading over her perfect boobs, down her belly, and over her bald pussy, my cock is once again at full attention.

I bend her over once more, and slide my dick into her wet pussy. It doesn’t take long for me to unload more cum into her tight cunt. After that, we finish our shower. After we towel dry, she tells me she has an idea. Something fun and sexy she wants to do for me.


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