CD Rebeca Vegas Play Pt 7 (Binge Pt 5)


CD Rebeca Vegas Play Pt 7 (Binge Pt 5)CD Rebeca Vegas Play Pt 7 (Binge Pt 5)This story continues into the second day (Thursday) of my first major sex-binge in Vegas. At 19, I’m finding my way into hot sex on what one reader called and “industrial scale” – LOVE IT!! I encourage you to read all of my stories, but these Vegas Play stories are really hot and present a younger portion of my experiences. Message me if you want, and always comment- Thanks!!Vegas Sex Binge Pt 5I dropped about six condoms on the weathered vinyl porn theater seat to my left and felt one being snatched up by a guy who was now behind me and ready to fuck my creamy ass. I heard the tear of a condom wrapper and then the toss and landing of the wrapper on the porn theater floor. Then the familiar “thwack, thwack, snap” sounds of a condom on a cock. Then, as the nearly-dry condom covered cock went up my wet hole and stretched me a bit they all heard me moan with a mouthful of cock an ultra femme wanton gurlie-boi slut “Mmmmmmmmuuuuuuhhhhhhhmmmm!!!” Facing the rear of the theater, bent over in a perfect “fuck-me” “L” with my knees on the worn padding of the seats to my sides, I was spread wide in total submission, presenting my fuck-hole and eagerly swallowing the leader of the gangbang. He was a decent looking mid-aged Las Vegas gambler with a respectable meaty cock, probably about seven and a half inches, and cut with a wide squashed cock head. I stroked my own hard cock, pointing it down and toward the seat with every stroke. At the same time I pushed back into yet another non-decernable mixed race mostly white guy who looked to have escaped his wife for a while for some hot ass. I smiled in my mind as I sucked the cock thinking that the guy in my ass had probably told his wife he was hitting the casinos, but was instead getting dumping his jackpot in my hot little ass. I happily gave my well fucked and sweetly smooth and tight ass up to him. He was the first guy of this gangbang of strangers to step up and pump me. It was late now, really late. Like after three in the morning late. But, at nineteen years old, finally out on my own, I was full of the indescribable whore-high-rush of giving my ass up to strangers. I only barely aware that I was now on day two of wiping out my job-forced celibacy and doing, fucking, anyone and everyone. Actually, I was getting done by them. Now well past ten guys, and probably over twenty different guys had been up inside me. Less than a full day earlier I’d been fantasizing about a moment like this, but not nearly as vividly. My fantasy lacked the quivering leg muscles from bending to anonymous fuck-friends, the sore calves of strutting and then holding my body in place during sex, the cool wetness of a cocktail of used fluids oozing down my crotch and inner thighs, and the unmistakable swollen, almost fat-lip, from sucking cock and being face-fucked. I was in a delicious moment of total sex slavery and submission to wanton strangers. I was in my alter-ego’s perfect element- a gulie-boi whore wanted and used by nearly all who saw her. I took the first guy of this new gangbang up my ass for about two minutes and then he came deep in me, well, in the condom, with a really loud “Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh…UHHHHGGGGGGHHGHGHGH!!!” He pulled out swiftly. I imagined him probably rushing back to his hotel before his wife missed him, cock covered in condom lube, lube, and semen. Again I smiled inperceptively to anyone looking as the cock hit my throat, relishing the wonderful freedom of being used like a plaything. A sex object. A disposable secret fuck-toy.Another guy replaced the one who’d just cum in my hot little whore-hole after about a minute. I felt him stretch me nicely and was pleased to feel another decent cock hitting my sex-spot, my prostate g-spot. Bam-then over and past it and then a sensuous wonderful “bump” as he withdrew back over my spot. Unfortunately, like so many of the guys surrounding and enjoying the show this guy had also been jacking off and probably edging as he watched me. Like the first cock of this gangfuck, tyhis guy came in no time, pumping me fast, then slow for about ten or fifteen smooth fuck-thrusts, then a couple of really hard deep pumps that made me moan loud, then about three more hard but shallow pumps and then “UUUhhhhhahahahahhhgggghhhh!” He came in me. I wondered . Then the guy I was sucking off, the guy who was ad-hoc director of this gangbang, dressed like a gambler who’d run out of money for the night, urged the next guy to “Jump in dude, fuck this hot little bitch.”That guy stepped over toward my right shoulder and responded in a heavy Indian accent, “I just vont a bhee-jhaay.” The gambler accommodated him and pulled out of my mouth, stepped to the next seat over to my left and made a for the guy to get his desire. He invited the guy over saying, “Well, friend, be my guest.”He had just pimped me to another guy and I LOVED it! I ALWAYS love when the power over my sex is taken away. It is a powerful aphrodisiac. At that moment I was into about my eighth hour of a pretty much non-stop pursuit of and then actual fucking hot sex as a gurlie-whore CD. I was totally cock crazed. I’d sucked or been fucked by probably around 25 or 30 guys, maybe more. I’d played in this same theater about three hours earlier with a kinky couple and a bunch of strangers. I’d sucked off the salesman from the boutique part of this sex shop in this adult theater. I’d gotten fucked by the ticket guy at another theater and several guys there also, and then a few other guys at another arcade. Now, technically speaking, I was on the second day of my first real sex binge in Las Fucking Vegas. My primal cock-crazed mind flashed through all these things as the Indian guy gladly traded places and fed me his ample un-cut dark cock. Using one hand, I stroked back his foreskin and sucked him deep. I thought, “Damn, too bad you just want a blowjob, this wold be the perfect cock to end the night with…huge, dark and heavy. Then, as I considered standing up and trying to force him to fuck me, and just like the other guys of this weird gangbang, he came. He came much quicker than I would have liked, but it was thick and coated my mouth really well. While I’d been sucking him off, my other hand was groping my own cock and holding me on the edge as I performed my whore duties. I in the moment, pure ecstasy, my cock on edge, my ass quivering and occasionally throbbing after all the ass-fucks, and my mouth full of cum and a hot cock. I was a very good gurl. After the Indian guy came he bent to me and caressed my face in an almost loving manner, then he backed off a bit, looking me in the eyes, he smiled at me and said in his wonderful heavy accent, “I will never forget you!” Then he stood, pulled his pants into place and walked away. This left a new looky-loo voyeur-masturbater and the gambler, who was now stepping back to his blowjob position in front of me. I was on edge and about to let my cum loose and end the night. I wanted his cock in my mouth when I did, but he was teasing me with it. He was just back and away from me and out of reach. He saw me reach my head toward him like a starved vampire but made no move to feed my hunger. Instead, he offered me to the other lookie-loo voyuer only to see the guy was both limp an unwilling to feed my need. The gambler smiled at him and then looked at me, but said to him, “Well, sorry your not ready, but your missing out.” Then he bent to me, caressed my wet slick ass, probing me a bit, ultimately teasing and denying my mouth his hard sleek cock. He caressed bingöl escort me deeply, penetrating my fuckhole and said, “Sexy, I know you like it here, but how ’bout we go to my hotel and do this the right way. I want to bury my cock in you all night long.”I slowed my stroke and my whore-haze and said, “Where are you staying?”Just down the road at the Luxor, about twenty-five minutes later his cock was fully hard and ready in my mouth. I was on my knees and sucking him off slowly and with a calm eroticism, looking up into his fifty-ish year old eyes. I was going slow and realizing that not only was this my first hotel room fuck in Vegas, the last few minutes had been a lot if firsts. It was the first time I drove myself to a nice hotel and followed a guy to the elevator bank on the main floor, coursing through the maze-like hotel in full view of the patrons and workers. I got a ton of looks and a couple of horny nods. I was, of course, HIGHLY passable when I was freshly made-up, but it’d been a long hard night. I had to look like a well fucked bitch-boy or a used whore of some sort, but maybe that was an attraction in its own way. In the elevator he’d stood behind me and fingered my ass and I’d reached back and groped his cock through his jeans. He’d gone out of his way to say that we didn’t have time for more in the elevator when I started to work his zipper. Then, along the way to his room there was a good looking smartly dressed hotel worker picking up breakfast orders from the hotel room doors and he smiled at us in a knowing way and wished us a good morning. I was cock drunk and smiled back and sashayed past him and then on a whim and with a giant wicked smile I said just loud enough for him to hear, “We’re going to have an amazing morning…”The man told me his name was Randy, and then added, “Yep, I am a gambler, but my first passion is sex. I am a sexual deviant.” He’d lived all over the place but was a Texan at heart and explained that he was a very independent person who cared little about anyone’s judgments of him. He was the first person, beyond the Mistress from my early years, who happily explained that he didn’t hold to sexual titles like gay, straight, or perverse. He just did “Whatever tickled his fancy when he was away from home.” And that night a cute slutty special gurl like me was. As we walked to his room Randy explained that he’d hoped to find a special gurl all night long and had even visited the most prominent tranny bar in Las Vegas, “The Lounge.” He explained, “I went to the tranny lounge and was really disappointed by all the semi-pro’s. You know, the fully time gurlie boys who don’t really put the effort into slutting it up like they should. Well, you know, the way you do. You’re fucking hot” Then he told me that despite being propositioned and receiving two “free sample” blowjobs near The Lounge, he’d all but given up for the night until I strutted into the porn theater.Just as we reached his hotel room door Randy asked if I needed to use the restroom and I said no. Then, in a new serious voice that was low and firm, dominant and still sensual, Randy said, “Well darlin’ in that case why don’t you just step in, take off your panties and that cute skirt and and get down on your knees while I use the restroom. When I come back out I expect you to be offering my your hot little ass. Be a good gurl and be on your dirty lil’ knees and ready for your Master when I am done.”His directness and command over me sent a throbbing rush to me sex. I LOVED this kind of dominantion. It reminded me of my early years and the way I was conditined by my next door neighbor and the Mistress, and a few others. I always got a slutty rush when I knew I was about to submit to a Dominant. It was a kind of dominant assertion that both reinforced my submission and previewed how I would be performing. Without saying the words he communicated to me something like: ‘Hey bitch-gurl, YOU are my WHORE. You DO this for ME…now. Submit or get the fuck away from me.’My fuckhole quivered and my cum muscles tensed as a pre-fuck wanton ache washed over me. Fuck yes, I was going to have a really good time. Randy opened the door to a fairly simple and unremarkable hotel room. It was nice, but, was under impressed a bit. It was not a plush as I had imagined. I guess I’d been thinking it was going to be somehow more Egyptian and kinda fetish-like, but it was surprisingly normal. Nice, but, yawn.Randy put out the do not disturb sign and locked the door and stepped toward the restroom, cupping and then sliding his hand over my miniskirt-covered left ass cheek as he passed. He pointed to the space between the full length mirror, the bed, and the sofa and commanded “Kneel here, and I’ll be out in about two minutes. Lose your skirt and panties and be ready.”I complied and was panti-less, skirtless, and slick. I was ready to go and re-lubed in about twenty seconds. I placed my little lube bottle, almost gone at this point, next to my ankle. I collapsed my body as low as possible, spreading my thighs wide. I was low enough that my cool, slimy, loose nutsack d****d onto the thick carpet. I looked myself over in the long mirror. I wondered if the mirror was here for the purpose of seeing the sex you were having. It sure seemed to be. It was positioned so the center of the bed and any activities happening could be watched like a porn screen. I concluded that my analysis was probably right, the mirror was here to promote fucking. Not only that, it was pretty much directly past the small foot bench bed at the end of the king size bed and that was the only furniture nearby. The mirror had to have been considered for customer satisfaction, err-go, a fuck mirror like the ones in Mr. Carlton’s house next door to mine growing up. He’d been quite a Dominant Master to learn from as I started out. I quivered again with excitement and pre-fucking adrenaline. Though it was really late and I’d been up for nearly twenty-one hours and fucking with a few breaks for over twelve of those hours. I was excited and filled with an erotic combination of cock-drunk orgasmic euphoria and adrenaline. This was the same feeling I had when I edged in masturbation, but far more intense. My excitement was accented by dull aches in my ass and deep inside my crotch. Total aching wanton lust. My fully erect cock ached with excitement and I had a dull ache in my well fucked throat. I was in my whore-space and on some weird remote piloting. I saw that I was lightly stroking myself with out consciously deciding to. “Fucking slut,” I chided myself aloud in the mirror.I studied myself and was very pleased. My tested clothes and gurlie things had stood up to some serious punishment and were holding up well. I was proud of myself and wondered whatever happened to my Master, Mr. Carlton, and knew he’d be proud. He’d done a great deal of work and invested a small fortune in grooming me from the boy next door into be his private forbidden gurlie-slut. My heels looked amazing. My black stockings were holding up well, no runs so far, but there were cumstains on the thighs and ankles. My black garter belt looked fabulous and also had a few cum stains in odd places including a large wide teardrop shaped stain on my left hip. I guessed that some of the gang-bang guys had shot their wads on me without asking. I smiled and laughed a single ultra-femme chuckle. Probably the oddest part was that my black top seemed to be stain-less. The semi-sheer fabric made me wish I could use a black-light on my top and y upper bingöl escort bayan body to see what was really there. As kneeled and I stretched my thighs wide I also noticed several areas of cum-dried skin on my ass and backside. I felt a sudden dry-skin-like stretching that disappeared as fast as I noticed. I smiled wickedly and mouthed in a whisper to myself in the mirror, “Fucking whore!”Randy came out wearing shiny black cowboy boots and a smile. His meaty Texan sausage swayed like a pinata and drew my gaze. For the first time I really examined it. Randy had a nice cock. I mean really nice. It was an almost eight-inch hard mature veiny cock with a golf-ball sized corona and a wide thick satisfying rib on the rear of the fire-helmet-shaped back – the part of his cock that, if he fucked me on my back, would almost certainly make me cum…more than once. His heavy cock bounced as he walked, but only a little, showing it to be totally hard. It distracted me, or rather caused me to focus on the hot sex about to happen and not the person I was about to submit to. Instinctually, I opened my mouth and preened like a starved whore, though I was far from being starved. This would put me close to twenty fucks I imagined…maybe a few more than twenty… His cock danced as he walked to me. He stroked it a couple of times and as he reached me it was already hard and slick with a thin coat of precum. Randy said, “What a good little whore. I want you to know how special you are. I am using my last Viagra on you darlin’. Are you ready slut?” His body only a cock-length away from my whorish mouth and his hands on both sides of the rear of my dark red wig. I should have been a little scared. Viagra was a game changer. Some of these older guys liked to take it so they could fuck for hours and hours as if I was going to respond like a woman and cum endlessly. For me it was different, but over-fucking would make me cum multiple times but then would result in a dull but intense ache later, essentially taking me off the market. But I didn’t care, I was in full mindless tranny-bimbo-lust. I was his. Despite any fuck-aches or personal discomforts, I was his plaything, his whore. “Yes Daddy, I am ready,” I uttered in my ultra-femme voice. “Call me Master,” he said as he rapidly stepped to me. “Yes Mast-” was all I could stammer out as he pushed his cock to the rear of my mouth and hit my gag button, a button turned completely off through conditioning over the course of the night. His cock shut off my breath and was filling. He wouldn’t be able to fuck my throat, his head was too wide, but I would easily make up for any disappointment in other ways.Master’s voice boomed loud enough that I wondered if others would hear him, “Look at me whore!” I looked up, a deep blowjob-penetration tear welling up in my left eye.”Good gurl. Always look at Master, understand? I wanna to see what’s going on in you when I fuck you. Blink yer’ pretty eyes if you understand gurlie-boi.”I blinked and then swirled my tongue all over the veiny underside of his hot cock. “Good…oh!” he felt my magical tongue. “Fuck yes, that’s a good gurl.”His hands controlled me and he began slow fucking my mouth. Innnnnnnnnnnn to my throat wall. Pause. Hold. Ouuuuuuuuut to my lips. I met his movements with tongue swirls and soon into the play deep whore-cocksucker moans. I noticed I was rubbing myself to the edge again and slowed my personal stroke.I sucked him, or probably was his BJ fuck mouth for a few minutes and long enough to receive a slimy pre-cum deposit. He paused deep in my mouth and said, “Get up, turn around, bend over, and put your hands on both sides of the mirror. But keep your eyes on me.” He pulled his cock from my mouth and I breathed deeply and did as told, taking up the frisk or fuck position and bent in a perfect slavish surrender, in a perfect, slutty, “fuck me” ‘L.’Master Randy stepped to me and caressed my wanton ass cheeks and rough-stroked my cock and groped my low balls. Then his hands slid up my body to my falsie-tits and then to my shoulders and as he arched himself over my bent body, his hands clasped my neck, controlling both of my carotid arteries and my throat. He squeezed and sent a rush into my mental sex organ. He adjusted his stance and lowered himself a bit and offset his cock just below my fuck hole and then skillfully maneuvered himself into my boy-cunt without using his hands. His cock opened me and, though I’d had a lot of fucking that night, his cock was wider and fuller than most. He stretched me wide and then pushed over my prostate g-spot and into my deep ass, making my lower colon to adjust to his big cock. I knew it was impossible, but it felt like he was pushing four inches or so beyond my g-spot. In reality it was probably only one, but it felt massive. I was not going to last long. I would get the orgasm I’d been denying myself for the last couple of hours whether I wanted it or not. I steeled myself to “keep going until the guy is done” as my first Master, Mr. Carlton, had instructed me soon after he’d taken my virginity not so long ago. Then I flashed to the Mistress he’d had come in to supplement his grooming of me as his plaything. She’d said, “Enjoy your orgasm, but don’t you dare let yourself stop or even think of making the man stop. Wait it out. After a minute more of being fucked like the good gurl you are, your sexual desire for more will recharge and you will be ready for more. You will want more and this will make you a better, no, a more perfect gurl.” Then she made me experience seventy-five minutes, she timed it, of almost non-stop anal masturbation, dildo-fucking and multiple orgasms. That first time she used her fingers and three toys, a thin vibrator, a proctal stimulator, and a seven inch chocolate brown “real skyn” molded dildo- as close to a real cock as possible. Mistress shackled my hands in front of my tummy and hooked them to a black leather female body harness, just out of reach from my own cock until the last few minutes. She started using her toys and hands to make me have six anal-only orgasms before holding pressure on my g-spot with the vibe and sucking me off. I blew in her mouth. She kissed me, feeding me my own cum and forced me to keep taking it, and it worked each time. The first two times I was surprised and would have stopped if I could have. The last few minutes before she sucked me I pounded myself into whatever was used on my teeny ass fuck-hole. After Mistress sucked me off, made me cum in her mouth and kissed me and fed me my own cum load, she relented the pace for 60 seconds and then made me cum anal-only two more times. Then she opened the black leather shackles and made me stroke myself as she pounded my ass to a final massive combined orgasm. She made a fearless orgasmic slut out of me. Later, well after my time in Vegas, I learned how unusual she was as a Female Dom. She actually got off on making me cum. She enjoyed directly having sex with me and curving her dominance in both a highly cerebral and highly invasive physical manner.On my high heels, bent, preening like the whore into the Luxor’s full mirror I saw myself being pumped and retruning the pump into my new Master. I was his fuck hole, his whore. And, I was about to cum. Wham! My body jerked forward like a water-filled rag-doll as he pumped deep up my asshole. Then, he slowly pulled outward to my rim. Then, WHAM! Deep up into me again, and again, and…again. Over and over. Then I felt it start. My ass throbbed and my prostate spasmed, and then rippled escort bingöl like a pebble hitting a placid pond. Three pumps more and the pebble ripple became a rock ripple, then a boulder wave, then a fucking atom bomb! I felt my cock, somewhat limped by Master’s sizable cock, but swelled and spasming. Hands free, my cockhead felt heavy in a wonderful and familiar way. I glanced back and forth between my own cock and my Master. I moaned as he fucked me. “Uhhhhhhhh…haaaaa…..Ohhhhhhhh!!!” A deep breath, then, “UuuuhhhOOOOOOhhhhhhh!!! I’mmmm cummmming!!! Ohhhhhhh!!! I saw my cock swing like a wrecking ball and then felt the cum-throb. Up, then down, throb. Then up…and then a the wonderful deep contraction and…squirt, squirrrrt… My gaze met my Master who also saw the cum fly and met my eyes just as they rolled back in ecstasy. I came hard as my eyes rolled back. I forced my eyes open to see the spectacle and watch my cum fly out in a long school-glue flow. Lines went everywhere, especially into the full length mirror and the thick carpet.Master said in Primal tone with a Texan drawl, “Fuuuckin’ hot lil’bitch…Yahhhh, come on honey, come on baby boy…dump that fuck load. I fucking love making bitches like you cum…yesssss…cum bitch boi”He pumped me and my deep inner orgasm, like many anal cums, was enormously enjoyable, but short lived and then, over. I was fuck drunk and euphoric as I felt a wicked grin extend across my face, flexing my blushed cheeks and causing a low-eyelid dazed look that turned me on to see in the mirror. I thought to myself, that is what an amazing fuck looks like, and then I u*********sly let out a deep primal moan, less femme than usual, but I was in the moment, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”…and then ending in a loud “Haaaaauuuuaahahahhh” from a violent fuck-pump into my sex as I returned to sexual servitude and erotic perfection. Master knew what he was doing. He watched my orgasm and that got him off. That was highly prioritized in a primitive guttural, simple way, like air or food. He wanted to make me cum, and he had. So now he focused on dominating me and making me take him as he came. Master doubled his grip strength and control over me and made me keep taking it up my orgasmic ass until any hazy desire to quit or even just pause passed. As a slight desire to pause was overridden by near systematic conditioning, or grooming, as the Mistress of my early teens had called it, and a raw carnal desire, I tilted my head up and we exchanged a deeply sexual connective gaze between our eyes.Master, his face in a sexual grimace and eyes squinting a bit, winked as if to say “Good to have you back sleepyhead.” Master fucked me hard for about another long minute. The pleasure-pain of the penetration was delicious. He was popping past my cum-button and into the roots of my cock each time, punching my insides and in an almost indescribably way keeping a dull version of my orgasm going on and on. Master controlled himself, or maybe not, and lasted a long minute, or possibly two. The lube in my well fucked cunt-ass had absorbed into my body and the friction of his cock in my hole was wonderful, but had the effect of making me tighter on his cock. On top of that factor, I know the when I came I had squeezed his cock with my ass-spasms and my own body angle had come up a bit, adding torques and touches to his cock that were now taking him past the point of return or control. Without really trying, I was making him cum nearly as much as his fuck-thrusts were. I saw it begin. Master’s eyes shut tight and then were forced open to watch me and not miss anything. There was the telltale petite-mort, or little death, self-denial expression that flashed over his face and was gone. The delicious little moment I relished seeing in men that fucked me who wanted it to last longer than it was going to. It was that brief moment where the there was one thrust too good and too many where the fucker thought “My orgasm might not happen yet if I can just hold back,” in a split second but and then the realization that it was going to happen swept the wonderful expression aside.All of a sudden, Master let his grip on my ass relax as if to let go of me and he said, “Oh fuck, yes you…you…you whore, get on your knees…Too late!!” He ended the inner argument he was having in his mind between pulling out of my ass and cumming in my mouth, ass-to-mouth style, which I fucking love and actually wanted badly, by simply pumping his naked cock deep up my wanton ass-cunt. He cock-punched up and into me with two deep thrusts and then he held himself in me pumping my ass full of his cum. I reflected as he did that a condom was never even mentioned, then focused on both watching him in the mirror and stroking myself as he fulled me. I took myself to the stratosphere of orgasmic bliss. Still pulsing from the hands-free cock-in-my-ass-stimulated cum I’d just had, I reached down with my left hand and stroked myself over the edge and felt the largest orgasm of the last two weeks flow from my sex. Cum blasted forward and into the mirror and onto the floor. My cock swelled and popped over and over. My own eyes shifted from watching my Master, to watching the amazing whore in the mirror that was me. I drank it all in, forcing my squinting eyes to see everything I could. Master saw I was cumming somehow and enjoyed the show as he pumped me a few more times. That intensified my own orgasmic contractions and I slowed my stroke. His cock punched my insides in just the right places to cause my explosive pops of semen to be pinched off and instead drain from my cock like a drunk drooling fool. My cock remained hard and fully erect, about the wonderful, but rare length of about seven and a half full inches. Master’s dominant seed filled my whorifice and lubed the last few of his cum-pumps. Finally he drove himself into me and held hard throbbing the last of his cum into my ass. Then, he let go of my hips and said in the same primal Texan twang he ordered, “Git on your fuckin’ knees and suck me fuckin’ dry bitch.”I loosened my stroke grip and complied. I went forward off his cock, pivoted around, dropped to my knees, eagerly opened my mouth and as I began sucking him off the rest of the way met his delicious gaze. I sucked my Master’s cock all the way to his pubic bones with full tight down and up movements. I strained to keep my eyes on his as I rammed my mouth onto his cock and punched my own throat with the Viagra-hard nasty daddy dick. Some more cum flowed, or was it just off the outside of his cock and from my ass? Whatever it was, he tasted damn good and cum was all over the inside of my mouth. His hands came back down on my expensive fiery wig and pulled me into his cock, fucking my mouth. Then, he said, looking up and breaking our gaze, and in a commanding tone reminiscent of Mistress herself, “Keep sucking me off you fucking cunt. Yessss…do it…” He slowed his mouth fuck a bit and then, in a less dominant, post orgasmic tone, he said, “Keep going you whore, I will be ready in a minute or two to fuck your brains out.”I felt a silent cum-fart pop from my ass and then felt his slimy cum drain down my right inner leg toward my stockings and registered somewhere in an obscure part of my cock-crazed mind. My otherwise undivided attention was on sucking him exactly as he’d told me to. He was wrong. His cock never went down – yay Viagra! But it took three minutes instead of the promised two before he told me, “Now whore, lay down with your purty legs and ass on the edge of the bed and put your fuckin’ legs on my shoulders. I’m gunna make you cum again…cum fuckin’ hard.” As I stood to do as my Master told me to more of his cum flowed out of my soft wonderfully stretched asshole and lid down my creamy legs. I wondered, in a still fuck-drunk orgasmic haze if I was really up to a hard cum and this point.

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