Cheating Done Right


Cheating Done RightMy friend and her boyfriend were staying in my flat while her parents had their house remodelled. I’d given them my bedroom and I had the couch.I got in at 8am exhausted from work, normally they were having breakfast right now but nothing. I went to my bedroom door and knocked, no answer, I opened the door to find the bed made so I got out of my work clothes, put them in the laundry basket, had a shower and changed into my joggers. I came out of my room, sat on the couch and turned the tv on “Morning tv is shit” I said to myself. I laid down, closed my eyes and hoped to drift off to sleep. Not long after I got woken and heard someone put a key in the door. I didn’t sit up, I just kept my eyes closed “Keep it down, he’s probably asleep by now” Gemma said to her boyfriend, I heard the door open and close. They walked past me and put something on the table “We should really give him some money for letting us stay here.” “He’s got enough money so fuck him” John answered “I’m going out, be back about 6ish” walking back past me and going through the door. Gemma sighed as she put something else on the table and went into my room.About an hour had passed and I still wasn’t asleep, Gemma came out of my room, sat on the couch and put her head in her hands “You alright?” I asked looking at her with one eye open .”No” she got the laptop off the coffee table “Press play on that” I sat up, put the laptop on my legs and watched a crappy 5 minute porn vid “So John’s got porn on his laptop…” “It’s John and our old fucking neighbour about a month ago” Gemma interrupted. I just looked at Gemma, gobsmacked wasn’t the word. I couldn’t get my head round how someone could cheat on her, she was absolutely gorgeous.“Do you still have your camera?” Yeah my camera stuff is in the small room” I answered, I stood up and walked over the the small bedroom. “Good, I’m getting revenge on that bastard” she said “and I want you to film it” I turned around and looked at her, she looked me dead in the eyes “and I want you to fuck me too.” My cock twitched at the thought but the rest of me was stunned. “I was told to” she said with a cheeky smile on her face “this morning when we came back in John told me to fuck you” She got up, pulled türbanlı artvin escort her t-shirt off revealing her boobs and walked over to me “I heard what he said and I don’t think…” “Do you want to fuck me or not?” she asked while rubbing my cock through my joggers “I think you know the answer” I grabbed her left boob covering her nipple with one hand, grabbed her arse with the other and pulled her towards me. “Not yet, get your camera first” A sly grin came over my face “I’ve got an idea, go in the bedroom for 15 minutes.” Gemma wrapped her hand around my cock “You’ve got 10, I want this in me” gave it a squeezed then walked into the bedroom.“Ok Gemma, it’s ready” I called. She came out of the bedroom in the nude, I decided then and there that her naked body was the perfect shape. She looked over at the couch “What the fuck?” I’d put cameras in certain places to get the best angles. “Come over here, I need to get the angles perfect.” Gemma walked over, her boobs jiggling with each step and got on her knees “These can come off now” she said grabbing my joggers and sliding them down to reveal my cock. “Fuck me, yours is bigger than Johns when it’s limp” I tapped her on the shoulder, waited for her to stand, sat down on the couch and gestured for her to join me. I held her hips as she slid one knee to the back of the couch followed by the other and then dropped down onto my lap. “Now hold on a minute, let me sort these out” I said looking at the laptop checking the camera angles, “Perfection” I looked up at Gemma “and the angles aren’t bad either.” Gemma kissed me and grinded on my lap, her pussy rubbed against my growing cock and then she got off and knelt down in front of me “I want you to be harder than a rock.” “Not going to be a problem” I said as I moved forwards to the edge of the couch. Gemma stuck her tongue out, lifted my cock up, took it inside her mouth and started sucking while I moved her hair out of the way. My cock didn’t take long to get to full mast, Gemma gave the best oral I’d had in ages. She finished sucking “How fucking big?” she gasped, I let out a chuckle as she knelt back on the couch and hovered over my lap, I felt her pussy with the tip türbanlı artvin escort bayan of my cock as she slowly lowered herself. I could feel how wet she was as my cock slid deeper inside, her face gave expressions of pain and pleasure until she could get no lower.She leaned closer towards the camera that was aimed at her face “That’s what taking a real cock looks like,” she then looked at me “and it feels so fucking good.” I slapped both of her arse cheeks before putting my hands on her hips, Gemma winced and began to slide up and down my cock while pushing her boobs in my face. A nipple found my mouth so I started sucking, licking and biting it, Gemma let out several moans as she started sliding harder and faster “Fuck me, please just fuck me.” I helped her climb off, Gemma slapped my arse as I stood up so I swung my cock at her leg “Oi, it’s a drill not a sledge hammer” she laughed as she bent over the couch shaking her arse at me. I stood behind her, pointed my cock to her inviting pussy and slid back inside “Oh fuck yes, give it to me” she moaned. So with my hands on her hips I started thrusting, she was taking all of my cock in this position and god it felt good. After 15 minutes of hard pounding Gemma let out one loud “Fuuuck” followed by “More, more, more” I could feel her pussy clamping around my cock as she let out one final moan and then she almost collapsed onto the couch “Did you cum?” she panted. “Not yet” I answered as I caught my breath “I want you to finish, but I’ll fall over like this and you can’t hold and fuck me” I slowly pulled my cock out, it was covered in her sticky cum, Gemma turned around and looked at it “Shit, sorry I’ll clean that up for you” she licked my cock clean and collapsed onto the couch.I quickly repositioned one of the cameras for this next part, then held one of Gemma’s legs up as my cock slipped back inside and started to pound her pussy. I groped one of her boobs as she grabbed onto my shoulders and she dug her nails in which only made me pound her harder “Oh fuck” she moaned “I’m cumming again.” Feeling her pussy clamp around my cock only made me push harder and faster, I could feel myself getting closer and closer türbanlı escort artvin to blowing my load “Where do you want it?” I breathed “Just fucking cover me” she screamed. I pulled out and began wanking furiously “Fuuuuck” I yelled as I shot load after load over Gemma’s body and boobs “Save me some” she leaned forwards and caught a load on her face, I laughed as it ran down in front of her eyes, she licked what ran down her lips. “Got any left?” she asked as she slumped to the floor, knelt up and started pumping my cock in front of her face, she opened her mouth as I shot my final load. “Now that is what I call a fuck” she said smiling at the camera.Gemma got up and walked towards the bathroom “Time for a shower” she said wiggling her arse at me “Hold on a minute” I said grabbing my phone, Gemma turned, smiled at me and gave the finger as I took some pictures “That’s your lot, pervert” she laughed and walked into the bathroom. I sat back on the couch, grabbed the laptop and stopped all the cameras recording. Then I had an idea, I picked John’s laptop off the floor and copied his video onto my laptop. When Gemma came out of the shower I told her what I was going to do “Fucking yes, do it,” she laughed “let me send you something as well.” She grabbed her phone and sent me a nude pic of John “Why did you send me that?” I asked “At the end I want you to put that pic up and a pic of you side by side with me saying ‘Which would you rather have,’ oh and I want to record something while that bastards video is playing as well.” I just smiled at her, fresh out of the shower with a towel around her hair, she wasn’t even covering up in front of me. I grabbed one of the cameras and pointed it at Gemma “This is a video of my now ex boyfriend fucking our old neighbour, it’s about 5 minutes long, it’s not the show you’ll want to watch though.” She took the camera from me and pointed it at my dick “I decided to get revenge by taking him inside me and filming this, now wouldn’t you like to see how that goes?” Gemma stopped recording and handed me the camera “How long do you need to put all that together?” I turned my head and looked at the clock and then faced Gemma again “About an hour maybe two, John will be back in three so I better get a move on” I said smiling at her.Gemma copied the finished video onto Johns laptop and we uploaded it to a few porn sites. He never got back into the flat, Gemma packed his clothes and left them in front of the door with a note that said ‘Found your video, we’re fucking over… P.s. Did what you told me to and made a few improvements and it’s online’

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