Cheryl’s Hot Maid Service

Cheryl’s Hot Maid Service

“You are going to hate and divorce me,” Cheryl said as she sat down at the kitchen counter, her hair a mess, clothing in disarray, and stains all over her blouse.

I looked at her, gawked, and said nothing. Looking a bit closer, I realized the stains on her blouse, and the drops in her hair was semen, dried semen. I was actually getting horny just looking at my wife.

“I was sort of forced into having sex with the new client, he has this big condo, and . . .,” her comments drifted off for a moment, then she perked up. “I’m cleaning the living room area, and he comes down the hall . . . naked . . ., not even a towel. His penis is big, semi-hard and swinging back and forth. I kinda screamed a bit, and he says something about me liking his big cock.”

Well, Cheryl tells me about how he stands in the kitchen slowly stroking himself, and making crude and lusty comments, and how she is turning into jello watching this thirty something guy playing with himself and encouraging her to come over and join him. She continues her story about how she ends up in his arms, then in the bedroom naked on his bed, and his cock buried in her.

By the time Cheryl finishes her tale of how he fucked her twice, then as she finished the cleaning, he had her kneel in front of him as he jerked off on her face and chest. And by this time I was doing the same, unloading on her pretty face, with cum dripping onto her blouse.

“I guess this means you like the idea of your wife being a slut maid,” Cheryl commented as she scooped the cum from her face, and began to wipe it on her blouse.

“No, eat the cum, sweety!” I directed her. “I love the idea of you being a slut maid, and fucking your clients, keeping their cocks happy and drained.”

This changed the whole scope of her maid service. The guy who seduced her in his condo had a number of single male friends with homes or condos, and looking for a maid service. Cheryl continued her cleaning service, and added that special pipe cleaning service.

Cheryl’s slut maid service boomed, and I loved her arriving home, well fucked, sometimes covered in varying amounts of cum, and wanting more cock. She really got off relating her hot sexual days of cleaning rooms, and clearing horny pipes.

A month or so later Cheryl did not come home until almost eight PM, unusual, since she normally finished by four. She had a really hot story this time.

Cheryl normally wore a slutty outfit under a loose, button front dress as she entered the building where she was working that day. This day was no different, and she was back at the first guy’s condo. When she entered she heard the owner in his office area, chatting on the phone, so she began her work after removing the dress, revealing her work outfit for the day. This time she wore a shelf bra, garter belt and hose with high heels, all in black. Her tits would jiggle rather obscenely as she worked and her ass looked amazing as she walked around.

Tim, the owner walked out of his office, and into the living room, after about fifteen minutes, naked, and sporting a semi-hard cock. He walked up to Cheryl complimented her on her slut outfit, and groped her ass, then fondled her tits and ran his finger through her slit.

At that moment the door bell rang.

“Be a good slut and go answer the door for me,” he directed my wife as he leaned against the back of the couch, still stroking his cock slowly. Cheryl gave him a quizzical look, but strutted over to the door and opened it.

Six young males rushed in nearly falling over each other and almost knocking my wife over. Her first instinct was to try to cover herself, but she knew Tim well enough that this was on purpose and she was on display, so she stood in a sexy model pose, letting the guys have a very good look at her assets.

“Welcome guys,” he began, “this is Cheryl, my MILF housekeeper, slut, and all around fuck and suck gal.”

“Umm, hi guys,” Cheryl stuttered, quickly realizing she was about to be the center of attention in her first gangbang.

The guys moved closer to her the first two now fondling her tits, and playing with her shaved pussy.

The others began undressing as Tim walked over and stood behind her, his cock now running back and forth through her ass crack, making her swoon with pleasure.

“Cheryl, you are our gang bang cunt for the afternoon. I invited my friends over to use all of your lovely holes with their hard cocks. I am sure you will have as much fun sucking and fucking each of them as we will using you, and your fuck holes.” He finished, his hands fondling her tits, as the last of the clothing fell to the floor from the young studs.

Cheryl told me that she was a bit apprehensive with so many cocks in the room. But she said she quickly adjusted, and commented on how many big cocks were now being stroked for her interest. Then Tim gently pushed her to her knees, and she eagerly took his big cock in her mouth and began sucking her first cock of the afternoon.
Cheryl talked about how she sucked each of the cocks for a couple of minutes, then was pulled onto a guy lying on the floor, and did a good cowgirl fuck, while she sucked off a couple of the guys, swallowing their loads. It was at that point I jerked my cock a couple of more times, and pumped my load into her wine glass which still contained a couple of ounces of white wine.

Cheryl continued telling me about her fun filled afternoon. From time to time she would sip her cum laced wine, erotic scene of her.

I received a cd sized envelope a few days later, of course I did not recognize the return address. Inside was a cd, I popped it into my computer and pressed run. I was quickly presented with a screen full of my wife, dressed like a whore, in front of two young, white studs, greedily sucking one cock then the other. The video was about an hour long, and I watched it three times by the time my wife came home from another day of cleaning condos and clearing pipes.
Cheryl arrived home a bit later than normal, and with cum in her hair and on her tits; she had removed dress when she came in the house. I handed her a wine glass with white wine and a couple of loads mixed in the wine.

“I’ve had great fun watching your porn flic from the other day, you are quite the cock whore for your clients.” I I commented as I ran my hand and fingers through her gooey slit.

“’ll have to watch it later, I’ll be interested to see how well I do as a porn star. I see you enjoyed my first fuck video.” She commented as she tipped her cum laced wine to take a big sip.

Cheryl left for a new client the next morning and did not return till almost eight that evening. I knew it had been a grueling day because her hair was a mess, lot’s of cum in her hair, and when she took her dress off revealing a hot shelf bra, garter belt and hose, with plenty of cum on what little clothes she was wearing, plus dried on her skin and down her inner thighs.

“Looks like you had a helluva fuckin’ day slut!” I said rudely my fingers slipping around in her gooey cunt.

“Fucking, sucking, and generally used by a group of big, black cocks!” Cheryl replied as she took a sip of the cum cocktail I had prepared for her.

“Wow, that sounds great, a black gang bang, cool.” I was already stroking my semi-hard cock.

“It started like my first gang bang, but this was a new client. He was on the phone in another room, so id did my normal thing of taking off my cover dress, ready for him when he came out. I did some quick cleaning, working for about a half an hour. He comes out, pats my bare ass with one hand, stroking his cock with the other. Says he’s happy to meet me, his free hand groping my tits, still stroking his cock with the other, nice looking muscular, black guy, and well spoken.”

“On your knees, slut.” He says as he gently puts one hand on my shoulder, pushing me to the carpet, in front of him. I naturally open my mouth, cause his ten inch cock is right in my face. He is stroking, and I am sucking, so it’s not long before I feel his cock stiffen a bit more, then he jerks, the first stream hits the back of my throat, so does the second, but he pulls out of my mouth and smears the rest of his load on my cheeks and chin, a bit dribbles to my tits.”

“Fuck that is really hot! What happened next?”

“The doorbell rings, I realize this is a setup, just like the first time, but with the added attraction of having fresh semen on my face. I thought about cleaning up, but then thought ‘what the fuck, I’m here to be clean and to be used’, so I went to the door and opened it. Seven, muscular, well built and very hung black males stroll in, like the kings of the world, tossing clothes groping me, and calling me all sorts of nasty things, you’ll probably hear some of it on the tape because one guy was videoing the action as they came in, and the owner of the place had a camera too.”

“So, good, you’re are definitely a porn star now. Hope I get a copy for my album.”

“He said he’ll send you a copy. Yes, I definitely had fun, the biggest cocks I have ever had in me, and filled to the brim with cum, each of those studs came at least three times, one guy four, I think. I swallowed more cum and sucked more cocks clean after they had fucked me than ever before, those black guys love to have a slut suck their slimy cocks clean after they have fucked the shit out of you.” Cheryl finished her cum cocktail, then headed for the shower.

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