Coffee Bean Stand Ch. 03

Big Tits

She bent down, did two leg lifts, crossed her legs. Nope. No toe. Julie decided that these pink shorts performed poorly for toe displaying and threw them into the pile on the bed. “I guess I need to go shopping.” Jake is her brother, and he was due to stop by any second and Julie was finishing up trying out all of her wardrobe to better understand displaying her genitals in public. She had to admit, if it appeared innocent and she could do it, she would get really hot and bothered.

As long as she could fake innocence. A thought struck her that she should see if she could pull it off with Jake. The door bell rang and she put on a thin pair of butt cheek hugging jogging shorts.

“Hey Jake” “Hey Julie.” Jake noticed right away how smoking hot his sister was. He had to live with her of course growing up and her innocence kept her from realizing the effect she had on him. And now here she was in short shorts that bared an inch of her bottom cheeks!

“Need to borrow the bathroom.” Passing by Julie and Johns bedroom, Jake noticed a pile of shorts on the bed. He zipped out and started a deep heavy stream of piss in the bathroom, but opened the door to ask Julie about it. “Hey, you going through your wardrobe?” Figuring out your ‘uniform’?”

Holy cow, Julie thought. How on earth did he guess? She came right up to the bathroom door and absentmindedly listened to him urinate. “What do you mean?”

Oops. Jake was Jacks secret shopper and would spy on the baristas and report daily to Jack. He had brought up that a Cathy was having a positive effect on customers over a year ago, and since then, Jack has tried to integrate ‘toes’ as part of the uniform. He had to admit that Julie’s was really nice since she was very cute, had what he guessed was lots of . . . meat?, well a lot of outer and inner lips, and there was the factor of her being his sister. He did not want her to find out about his gig as secret security shopper. “Well”, his stream cut off due to his dick lengthening because of her proximity. He decided to shake it off and get it in his pants before it became harder. “All of the Coffee Bean Stands have nice girls that kind of show. . . you know, . . “. He opened the door to her standing right there.


“Look at what you are wearing.”

She looked down at her crotch that left nothing to the imagination.

Jake remembered something that Jack said. He thought she had submissive tendencies and was very responsive to commands. He said, “Turn around.” She turned a shade of red, but turned around! He has told her to do stuff many times and she never really ever complied. He hadn’t believed Jack, but now he wanted to make sure. “Julie, I can see the crease of your butt cheeks. Is this something you can go out in public with?”

She Beylikdüzü Escort remained quiet as if her throat wasn’t working. “Spread your legs.” He thought he heard her wimper, but she spread her stance right there in the hallway. Shitfire! She was compliant. “Ok. I can see because your shorts are fairly thin that you have generous ample vaginal lips. Turn around,” He said sternly. Amazingly she complied again. Jake was down on one knee and her crotch was right in his face. He could smell her. He wanted to tug on his dick, but didn’t want to break the spell. “Julie, I see in the crevice of your shorts from my vantage point, there are large bumps that are hard to explain in my imagination. Now, I don’t want to personally see your charms because I’m your brother, so you have to pay attention to my commands closely.” Jake was about to explode with this predicament. “Tilt your pelvis forward to me.” He looked up in his sisters eyes and could tell she was very conflicted. She swiveled her pubic bone by tucking her cheeks in, and that made her posture vulgar. “I am going to take a picture of these ‘bumps’ for later identification, unless you insist that I see them for myself.”

Julie remained motionless but a faint wimper escaped her again. So with that, Jake pulled out his phone and took a picture, adjusted the flash and took another. “Take your hands and place them on the front button.” She placed her fingers where he said to, and he snapped another picture. “Unbutton it, but please take care not to show me anything explicit.”

Julie felt like if she wasn’t careful, she could begin the convulsions that would lead to a firey orgasm right in front of her brother. She popped her button open, but unconsciously pulled the shorts up tighter to feel some friction. At this point, Jake was in lust and tried to break through the fog to continue.

“Julie, for this next step will you be real careful?” She focused on his eyes as he looked up and then nodded ‘yes’. The pace of everything – time, slowed way down. “Ok, please without showing your charms to me, slowly pull the zipper down while keeping your pelvis pushed forward.

Jake saw that after a few seconds, she pulled up the shorts into her ‘V’ again and he took another picture as he mumbled something about identifying stuff. She slowly pulled the zipper down as Jake took 10 more pics. Then Julie stopped, apparently awaiting her next command.

“Hold open the zipper.” She was becoming more compliant because she was responding as though there were no longer conflicting ideas to halt her hand. She held open her zipper with her crotch pushed at her brother while he took photos of her cunt.

” From what I can see, you are freshly waxed and I believe that I should be able to Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan see the top of your clit. Can you look to see if it is really close to being seen.” Jake looked up, but his sister was clenching her eyes and jaw. “Julie!” She snapped out of it and looked down at her pubic bone. “Please relax your shorts to where just the topmost part of your clit is discernible, but be careful not to ruin my innocence.” Julie was working very hard it would appear to comply with Jake. She had sweat on her brow and was tense. But she lowered her shorts very carefully. And then there it was. Two small verticals lines broke up the smooth terrain of her pubic area. Just a millimeter.

“Place your finger here,” he pointed, “but only just place it because I have to warn you again.” Julie did as she was told. “Now, and please be careful, pull-up on your skin to expose just a little more. I am finding it very hard to identify the lumps in your shorts.” He took a picture, and she pulled up a bit and stopped. Jake took a picture and said, ” Careful.” Julie took that to mean expose a little more, and pulled up on her skin that was the place right above her clit with her pelvis pushed forward. She now had a fingernails worth of clit in view for her brother to snap a picture.

Jake formed the words in his mind, “That is so hot!” But outwardly to his sister, he told her, “I believe you are being careless. This is more than my eyes should have been shown. I may never forget this. Turn around.”

Julie felt like a shit. Part of her knew this was role play, submission, but part of her felt bad for exposing herself. “Sorry Jake.” Her apologizing turned up the heat by tenfold with both of them. She turned around.

“Place your legs farther apart.” She did as she was told. He was curious to explore a more dominant role. “Sister! Are you going to help me get to the bottom of this bump thing! Or are you going to just expose me to your charms?!”

“Oh god Jake, you have to help me!” Julie sounded so sincere.

“Ok, Julie. I will help. Drop your shorts down enough to allow a little space around the leg openings.” She dropped them down, and peered at herself and bent over in the process. The view was the most spectacular vista any man could ever hope to see. Jake could see the sides of her outer pussy lips in all their majesty. It was his to command. But he knew also that the intensity of this interaction was because of the newness, and he wanted to keep it that way for a long time. This session was about as far as it could go.

“Ok now,” Jake explained. He put the phone on video, turned on the flashlight mode and pushed play. “Take my phone and shine the light so I can see better.

She took the phone and reversed it in her hand Escort Beylikdüzü and shone the light first in one leg opening, and the the other. She played the light around and Jake placed his hands on her shorts. He pushed and pulled to get more fat outer lip to expose. Julie was intent in illuminating more of herself to better help her brother understand the mystery. Jakes dick started to pulse and was almost ready to shoot off by itself. “Enough!”

Turn around. She did and handed Jake his phone back. He turned off the flashlight but left it recording as he sat it on the dresser. “Can you explain the lumps to help me better understand your mystery? I thought I would have figured it out by now and not need to ruin our brother sister relationship.”

Julie was silent. She was aware of her nipples stretched out to their hardest max and her zipper down with fat lips exposed through her leg openings and clit just barely peeking trough the ‘V’ of her zipper.


She pushed her pelvic bone out which exposed just a little more clit.

“Careful Julie! I’m going to have to spank you!” They both froze at the new thrills that could bring. “Now. I want you to explain to me, but I want you to drop your shorts and explore yourself and give me the details I need.” “Jake found a sock to tie around his eyes, and adjusted his position relative to the phone that was recording.

After tying the sock around his eyes, he told his sister that short of actually lookin at the lumps, this was very important to solve the mystery for him. “Drop your shorts.” She did. “Come and place yourself in front of me.” Her lusty musk wafted and he felt a bump on his nose.

“Oh shit, Jake! I’m so sorry! I just bumped you! ” she wiped the moisture off of his nose. “The lumps Jake, are my inside lips. They are just so meaty and thick.”

“I see. Do they pull out?”

“They stretch a long way. They dangle down a long way, and it is much more than I’ve ever seen on any other girl.

Jake pulled her closer and asked, “Stretch them out.” He could smell her and hear the moist movement of her clit manipulation. Jake knew that if he stuck out his tongue, it would be in her hole.

A car could be heard coming up the driveway and Julie went to her closet to find some pants. Jake removed his blindfold and told her to put back on the same shorts. She almost freaked at the mere fact of her brother taking charge of her and telling her what to wear. She started dripping again.

Jake beckoned her over, and then pulled up her shorts into the notch. Then pulled them out and did the cycle again and again, effectively masterbating her. She was getting close and swooning in silence and had to place her hands on his shoulders, standing over him.

The front door opened, and Jake kept going and Julie’s orgasm was almost immanent. John called up when Julie was faced with going through with the orgasm as John entered their room, or thinking of her grandma, effectively killing the orgasm. Jake stopped and headed for the ensuite and Julie put her shorts on proper.

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