Come Together – Bernice and Russell


This is an entirely fictional story of consensual adult incest between siblings. If such a topic upsets you then please go somewhere else.

Bernice hadn’t seen her brother Russell in years. He had been to boarding school and had then enlisted in the army, but in the two years he had been there witnessed many things that made him decide that a soldier’s life was not for him. Bernice was pleased that he had come to such a decision and was eagerly awaiting him home. Bernice lived with her Mum and Dad, despite being 26. She was quite capable of getting her own place but her family lived in a very big house. They all had their own quarters and their parents loved having their daughter around. Bernice’s brother was due to arrive home that afternoon. At 5’6, Bernice was beautiful and curvy, a classic hourglass figure with dark hair and eyes and the most dazzling smile. She knew her brother had just turned 22, which seemed really young to her despite the small four year difference. She wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Eventually the doorbell rang. Bernice ran to the door, flung it open and stared.

“My god” she thought.

Russell couldn’t take his eyes off of the woman who answered the door. She was the most striking woman he had ever seen. Then the minute she uttered his name he knew that it was his sister. He couldn’t believe it! Russell couldn’t say anything. The two siblings threw their arms around each other and squeezed each other until they couldn’t breathe. At that moment Russell felt like he was finally home. After a few minutes Mum and Dad came to the door.

“Russell!” his mother said, giving him a hug. His father then hugged him proudly.

“We will all help you get your things” his Dad said cheerfully, glad that his boy was finally back with the family.

The family unloaded the car and Russell went upstairs to his old room and began to unpack. He noticed that there was a piece of paper on his bedroom unit so he went over and picked it up, reading curiously:

“Welcome Home, Baby Brother! It’s been so long and I probably won’t have even recognised you. I’m so glad that you are home. If you need anything then just come to my room and holler. Bernice x”

He smiled. He certainly wouldn’t have recognised her. She was truly astonishing.

“My big sister is all grown up” he said to himself, putting her note back on his unit.

All through dinner their Mother and Father talked while Bernice sat there listening half-heartedly to the conversation while she ate. Russell just sat there answering and pitching in every now and then but he kept looking directly across the table at his sister. Every time Bernice glanced over at him the two siblings made eye contact. It was slightly unnerving to them both but made them feel proud that the other had grown up to be so attractive.

“My brother is so good looking” Bernice mused to herself. Russell was athletic and muscular, very broad and standing at 5’8, had wavy chestnut brown hair and dark eyes and always looked like he was being sincere, but every time that he smiled through dinner she could see a glint in his eye.

After dinner Bernice helped Russell sort out the rest of the items in his room. They were extremely busy unpacking and while Bernice was moving some of his notebooks a photograph fluttered onto the floor. Curiously, she picked it up and turned it over. It was a picture of the siblings from the last time they had ever seen each other. Bernice had just been going through that ‘awkward phase’ when he left home and Russell was still a child. It had really been a long time. It made her smile.

“Hey Russell, I guess you did never forget, huh!” She grabbed his waist and began to tickle him. He chuckled, turning round to hold his sister’s arms down so that she couldn’t tickle him anymore. Bernice looked up at him and he was grinning at her. All of a sudden Bernice felt like they were children again, but there was something new about her brother, something that she couldn’t quite pin down. He was so attractive now that he had grown up. He noticed her staring at him and stroked her face tenderly.

“Goodnight Sis” he said, kissing her on the cheek. A chill ran down her spine.

“It must be cold up here” she thought to herself.

She returned downstairs to sit with her parents for a bit in front of the television. They were talking about Russell.

“Hasn’t he grown! He’s so handsome!” her mother gushed. Her father smiled proudly.

“What do you think, Bernice?”

“Of course he is handsome” she replied, “Very handsome”.

“Well then, I think we have another winner here, just like our beautiful Bernice!” Her father patted his daughter gently on the back.

“I’m going to bed” Bernice eventually announced, yawning. It was Saturday tomorrow and she wanted to get an early start. She retired to her room and fell into a dreamless sleep.

The next day Russell awoke he decided to see Bernice. Her room was on the same floor as his so he Şişli Escort didn’t have to go round the house to try and find her. He knocked and entered to find her sitting on her bed reading a book with a cup of tea in her hand.

“Hi Russell” she smiled at him cheerfully.

“I thought we could catch up, you know?” Russell asked her questioningly. She smiled again and patted the bed beside her.

The siblings sat and talked for hours. Russell couldn’t stop watching her as she talked to him. She was so funny and bright like she always had been when they were younger, but now she was different. So intelligent and confident. Russell was pleased that his sister was so strong and self aware. They talked, they laughed, they joked.

“I’ve really missed you” Bernice confessed, looking down at her feet.

“I’ve really missed you too. Hey…” Russell spoke, taking her face in his hands. She looked up at him demurely.

“I’m not going anywhere now, I promise” he told her.She looked at him warmly.

“Okay, well I’m very pleased to hear that”

she replied.

Russell left.

Bernice woke up in the night. She lay there awhile. She couldn’t get back to sleep no matter how hard she tried. She fuzzily remembered what she had done when she was younger and couldn’t sleep. Slowly, Bernice got up and walked to her brother’s room.

She opened the door and saw him sleeping in the dim light. His back was turned, facing the other way. Cautiously, she moved toward the bed. Like she always had done before he left, she lay next to her brother. She got into bed with him and laid her naked body next to his, rubbing up against his back for warmth. Bernice fell into a deep slumber, her arm wrapped gently around his waist.

During the night Russell awoke to feel a soft hand on his waist and soft skin pressed up against his back. He opened his eyes fuzzily and switched on his bedside lamp. There she was. His beautiful sister sleeping like an angel.

“She looks so peaceful” he thought.He reached out and stroked her cheek ever so softly as not to awaken her.

“I love my sister, I would protect her against anything” he thought to himself.He got up to go to the toilet and when he returned she opened her eyes and smiled at him sleepily before going back to sleep. Russell got back into bed quietly, wrapped his arm around his sleeping sister and fell asleep.

Russell awoke the next morning, the sun streaming through the small gap in his curtains. He turned round and was treated to a sight which he didn’t expect. His sister was in his bed still, asleep, one of her nipples peeking out from under the duvet, her breast partially exposed. He stared at her. He gently took his hand and pulled the sheet over her breast and up to her shoulders. He looked at her pretty face. She was sound asleep. He leant over and gently kissed her forehead before leaving his bed to get dressed and start the day.

Later, when his sister got home from work they were the only two people in the house. Russell was sitting watching a film. Once Bernice got changed she sat down with her brother on the sofa. He instinctively put his arm around her. Bernice snuggled up to him, intent on watching what was going on onscreen. Russell still couldn’t quite get over how attractive his sister was. He could smell her next to him, she smelled so sweet. It was the scent of home, where he should have been over a week ago until his flight was delayed. He squeezed her shoulder with his hand and she looked up at him, smiling.

“You’re quite the model boy now aren’t you?” She nudged him, enjoying her little private joke.

“What do you mean?” Russell asked inquisitively.

“Mum and Dad have been raving over you, they reckon you are going to get married in the next few years probably” she said, absently watching the action onscreen.

“Well they have another thing coming if that’s what they expect” he answered. He wasn’t about to be tied down when he didn’t even have a job, let alone a girlfriend. Besides, he was 22 and focused on figuring out his next career move.

“Ooh, is my brother becoming a bad boy?” she asked teasingly. He shifted in his seat.

“No, but I’m not looking” he said abruptly.

“Why not?” she asked absently. “The girls would be lining up”

“Oh you think they would, do you?”

“Why wouldn’t they?” she continued. “You’re a new hottie about town”

Russell gazed at his sister open mouthed.

“Oh come on, sis this is ridiculous”

“No, really. Mum keeps jabbering on about how handsome you’ve become and how she’s sure you will find a girlfriend soon” she said, bending down to scratch her ankle.

“Well if everyone’s so hung up on me getting married, how come you’re still here? I mean, let’s face it sis, you’re gorgeous. Any man in his right mind would want you” She stared at him a moment.

“Russell, are you trying to tell me something?”

“Yes, you’re beautiful” he replied seriously. Şişli Escort Bayan

If you weren’t my sister.. he thought to himself.

“Russell?” Her voice broke into his thoughts.

“Sorry. Yes?”

“..Thanks” she was smiling.”I don’t date a lot because I find that most guys just don’t … treat me the way I want them to” she confessed. A look of horror passed her brother’s face as he thought of someone pawing at his sister.

“I’m going upstairs now, ill see you later” she said, smiling at him.

That night Bernice crept into Russell’s room again. Thinking he was asleep, she got in, her slip covering her body in silk. But Russell was awake. He turned around, putting the bedside lamp on and looked at her.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you, I just…”

“Couldn’t sleep?” he replied. She nodded. He wrapped his arm around her and kissed her head. Bernice loved feeling the warmth of his skin against her. She hated sleeping alone. Always had done. He pulled away from her a minute and studied her.

“..You’re so beautiful” he said simply.

“You’re not too bad yourself, you know” she said, a little smile creeping across her face.

“Come here” he said, pulling her close. Bernice revelled in the feeling of closeness to her sibling that she had so long been estranged. Russell stroked her arm, realising how soft her skin felt compared to his, the mystery of womanly softness under his fingertips. He tickled her and she giggled.

“You’ll wake Mum and Dad!” she said, laughing. They pulled apart, and Bernice realised that her brother was staring at her slip. She looked down and realised that her breast was exposed.

“Oh, I’m sorry” she said, moving to pull her slip back over her nipple.

“No, it’s okay” he said, then stopped and she looked at him strangely. He looked down at her nipple, the beautiful swell of her bosom, the creamy skin he had unveiled. She knew had he not been her brother that she would have had him in her power, but since he wasn’t a boyfriend that this wasn’t right. She moved her slip back over her breast.

“Russell…” she started; he stopped her.

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, I just…” Russell couldn’t find the right words to say in order to rectify the situation. He had loved feeling his sister next to him and touching her. Maybe he had enjoyed it a little too much.

“Goodnight Russell” Bernice whispered, kissing him on the cheek before she left the room.

The next day was a quiet one for Russell without her presence. When she finally got home she went straight upstairs to have a bath and then came downstairs and they all ate together. They sat and watched a film together with their parents but there was no conversation.

Russell wondered what his sister was thinking. Bernice seemed absolutely fine with him.

“I’m sure it’s just a normal guy thing” Bernice had been telling herself all day.”We haven’t seen each other in a long time, it’s easy to get your wires crossed. I am a woman and he is now a man. I’ve been feeling rather attracted to him too but that doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with me. He’s just a guy, a very attractive guy. A guy that just happens to be my brother. It’s not like I’m doing anything wrong” she assured herself.

There seemed to be a tension between them that she couldn’t quite understand. Russell was wondering if his sister would ever forget the night before.

“She’s so attractive, my sister is a real beauty” he realised, watching her as she watched the screen, unaware of his penetrating gaze.

That night Bernice was in bed with her lamp on, which gave out just enough light to see as she tossed and turned. Insomnia was not new to Bernice. At about half two in the morning she heard her door open, and looked to see her brother standing there.

“Can’t sleep?” She asked. He nodded, rubbing his eyes. He stood there for a moment.

“You can get in if you like” she said casually. He didn’t move. Bernice shrugged and turned over, her back facing him, shutting her eyes. After a minute she felt his warm hand on her shoulder so she turned around.

“Goodnight” Russell said, stroking her hair. She looked up at him sharply, uncertainly into his eyes. Russell’s stared right back into hers. She moved closer to see him clearly in the dim light, moving closer still. He moved his face closer to hers until she felt their lips meet. Her brother has kissing her, a real kiss.

As soon as she felt their lips touch she kissed him, a warm, soft kiss. She kissed him as deeply as she could, feeling a fire ignite deep inside of her. She took hold of his shoulders and lifted herself up to press herself against him, leading the way, taking him down with her as he started kissing her back, holding her face. Once they were both lying down their lips broke apart for a moment as they breathlessly stared at each other, surveying the others reaction. Bernice looked down at her slip, a shiny Escort Şişli chrome coloured silk, her hardened nipples straining against the thin material.

She looked at her brother while removing her slip, the quilt only covering half of her body, her breasts exposed to him. She took his hand and guided it to her breast. Russell almost cried, his sister exposing herself to him. He never imagined their feelings could ever come to this. It was indeed unavoidable. He found it so heartbreakingly emotional yet so wonderfully hot. The siblings lay side by side, and propped up on his elbow, Russell began to touch her, stroking her nipples tenderly, kissing her more. Bernice moved the covers from her midsection and Russell couldn’t believe his eyes! He was staring directly at his sister’s bush! She was beautiful. Russell had to tell her.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen” he told her. She smiled and he brought her head to his to kiss her hard, pressing his hard cock onto her thigh through his pants.

“Ohh!” She gasped as she felt his hard length as she ran her hand over his pants.”Brother what are you packing down there?” she asked as she felt his rock hard penis, feeling its length and thickness.

“You first” he murmured.

He lay on top of her and began to kiss her breasts, squeezing them in his palms. He licked all around her nipples and she seemed to like that, so he took it from there as she let out a soft moan. He brought her nipples to full arousal under the flick of his tongue and began to suck on them as Bernice brought her hand to the back of his head, caressing him as he sucked on her hard nubs. She thrust her hips up at him as he sucked on her nipples, talking to him.

“I’ve wanted you since you came home, I’ve had this feeling inside…” he ran his hand down to between her legs and gasped as he found her extremely wet already, and decided he wanted to explore her pussy further. He kissed down to her cunt and kissed it. She opened her legs wider.

“Lick me, Russell, lick my pussy,” she moaned. “It’s been so long since anyone else has touched me like that”. He looked at her, then trained his eyes on the short, light fur between her legs, her puffy lips visible, her clit peeking out ever so slightly. He moved in between his sister’s legs, bending down to plant a kiss on her mound. Bernice shuddered, closing her eyes as she felt the electricity from Russell’s touch, like a spark right through her pussy. Russell needed no encouraging.

He slowly laid down right between her legs, kissing her mound, Bernice opening up to him, her legs parted wider so that Russell could touch her moist pussy lips, licking over them with his tongue before licking in between them. Bernice moaned, her pussy becoming an inferno of passion. Russell licked all over her pussy before concentrating on her wet slit. He pushed a finger into her wet opening to be met with a gasp, and a sharp groan as he pushed another finger in and began to feel inside her. As he stroked and felt around her smooth walls she began to get wetter. He brought his fingers forward in a ‘come hither’ motion and found a bumpy spot.

“Ohh!” Bernice moaned in enjoyment as Russell found her G –spot, instinctively bringing his mouth down on her clit, licking over her hard nub frantically. Bernice clenched her pussy around his hand as he licked her into ecstasy. Bernice’s breathing was irregular and heavy.

“Russell, oh Russell I’m going to come” she told him urgently. Russell dove at her clit even harder, licking her with no abandon as she cried out in immense joy as she came, Russell never once straying from her hardened clit, feeling every shudder, every move of her body, every pulse of her cunt, and finally the wetness that coated his fingers. Russell withdrew his fingers from inside her slowly to see the evidence of her orgasm on his fingertips. They were covered in her creamy white fluid. He licked one of his fingers clean, tasting the deliciousness of her cunt. She was sweet and tangy at the same time. He looked up to see her smiling face looking back at him. He smiled, licking the rest of her come off of his fingers and giving her one to taste before slipping them back inside her one by one, gauging a moan of approval from Bernice. She was so wet now he could slip a third finger inside her, feeling her tight walls stretch to accommodate his digit. He fingered her, moving into a kneeling position over her, her cock straining in his briefs.

“Can I..?” he asked her questioningly, asking to be let in.

“Yes”, she murmured in desire.

He gently worked his cock inside her, feeling her gasp, gripping him tightly. He began to thrust inside her, his hands underneath her buttocks, driving into her at an angle at which he held her up to him, her body open to him and his affections. She gripped her arms around his waist tightly and he held her so that she wouldn’t fall back on the bed. He felt her walls gripping his shaft as he thrust into her which became overwhelming. He began to come, long bursts of his come shooting out of his penis inside her.

“Oh yes, that’s it”. Bernice coaxed as his shaft pushed out the last of his come as he groaned out loud, grinding his hips into her firmly, his seed deep inside her womb.

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