Subject: Coming Home From Iraq, Part 3 Coming Home From Iraq By Danny Smith Conclusion The date was set for the upcoming Friday night. We were both waiting anxiously for Greg to drive up. He was 16, and had just passed his driver’s test. I was looking again at the picture of him that my son had sent me in Iraq to try and size him up, while Billy told me all about him. I could tell he was a redhead and really good looking. Taller than my son but thinner and not as athletic looking. Almost skinny, but my son kept telling me what a great track and field star he was so I assumed he had to be fairly muscular. When we heard the car drive up Billy ran to the door, while I waited for him to come in, starting to sport a boner. In a minute in walked Greg: a tall, sexy, gorgeous redhead, who could have been a model for Abercrombie. His smile lit up the room. Billy gave him a friendly hug then brought him over to me. He was a charmer — stuck out his hand and said “So nice to meet you Mr. McNeely. Thank you for your service.” “Thanks for your support, it’s an honor to serve. Come on in and relax. Make yourself at home. Billy’s told me a lot about you.” “Oh, he’s told me a lot about you too, Sir.” “I hope we can get to know each other better this evening.” “Me too!” As I said, Greg was tall and lanky, but muscular. He moved like an athlete. Graceful, smooth, controlled. I was really attracted to him and found myself wondering what he’d be like in bed. Hopefully, I would find out. Billy and I had ordered a pizza just before Greg arrived, and the delivery boy pulled up about then and rang the bell. “Here,” I said, “I’ll get it.” I took the hot pizza into the kitchen and said, “Dig in, guys. Can I get you something to drink?” Both of them said a Coke, but I wondered…”Can I interest you in something stronger? I was going to have a beer, and I’ve got plenty.” They both sort of smiled at each other and said “yes!” at the same time. I knew what I was doing was wrong because you’re not supposed to offer alcohol to a minor, but hell I was hoping to fuck the them both before the night was over, and you’re not supposed to do that either, so what did I have to lose? The beer seemed like small potatoes compared to incest and statutory rape. The beer had its effect. They had each polished off two and were working on the third when Greg said he had to go to the bathroom to piss. I pointed it out and noticed that while he was in there he hadn’t bothered to shut the door. I figured this was the invitation I was looking for and decided maybe I needed to piss as well, and “just couldn’t hold it.” “Sorry to barge in Greg, but I’ve really got to…holy sweet Jesus!” The kid was holding on of the biggest, most beautiful dicks I’d ever seen. He was flipping off the last few drops and looked up at me grinning. He knew. He was hung like a porn star and proud of it. Yes, I’ve seen a couple of donkey dicks over the years that were bigger…slightly… on grown men. But this 16-year old had a man-sized piece of meat in his hand. It was beautifully circumcised, not “high and tight” the way some are, but what some guys in Iraq called a “French cut.” Even better, was the amazing thick fire bush surrounding it. He had been wearing shorts when he came in so I knew he had that hairless, milk-white skin that so many redheads do, but that bush…! I thought this was the moment if ever there was one, so without a word I walked over, dropped to my knees, and grabbed it. I looked up into his eyes and asked “Is it okay if I put it in my mouth?” “Yes, Sir, I’d love that, Sir.” The door was still wide open and Billy had a perfect view of us. He watched as I shamelessly started giving head to his best friend. I could tell that Greg had never escort had a really expert cocksucker work on him before. When I swallowed the entire length of it, burying my nose in his pubes, he started moaning, “Oh God, yes, that feels so good, so good.” I started jacking him and sucking at the same time, then realized he was getting pretty far down the road. I wanted to save him for other things later so I asked “should I wait and finish this off in bed?” Greg’s response, between gasps, was “No, no, please keep going, please I’m si close to cumming.” By then Billy had joined us in the bathroom getting as close to the action as he cold. I quickly turned to him and asked “Son, have you ever tasted Greg’s load?” When he responded no, I told him “well you’re about to.” I then went back to work on that beautiful piece of boymeat, bringing him closer and closer to shooting. Billy bragged to Greg “See I told you my Dad was a good cocksucker.” Within moments Greg was trembling — literally shaking — and well beyond the point of no return. With his legs twitching and unsteady he grabbed my head forcefully and said “Here it is, cocksucker, take it! … take it!” I almost laughed with pleasure: no more of that Sir stuff, this was a stud in charge of another man’s mouth. It was one of the most masculine things I’d ever heard. A few seconds later and I felt my mouth flooded with his spunk, warm, juicy, and plentiful. Some went directly down my throat, but I kept the main volume of the load in my mouth. Billy was already down on his knees beside me. I tilted his head back and signaled him to open his mouth. At first he had a puzzled look on his face, but when it finally dawned on him what I had in mind, he was all in. He opened his mouth wide in anticipation of what I was about to do. Slowly I opened my mouth and let Greg’s jizz slide out, adding my own saliva to it. My son’s first snowball. He swallowed of course. His reaction? “Oh God Dad that was awesome!” I grinned in pure joy and pride. My son was going to grow up just like me, and I’d be there every step of the way for him. I kissed him open mouthed and our tongues thrust back and forth. Both our cocks were hard as a brick and straight up. Normally that would have been my signal to go down on him, but I couldn’t stop kissing him. What a boy. As much as I wanted our embrace to go on, I wanted something else even more — I wanted to watch him get fucked. At this point, for some reason, I didn’t even care if I got my rocks off or not (although I knew I would one way or the other) — all I wanted was to watch the sex show that my son and his young friend were going to put on for me. I asked them both, “what would you guys like to do, have another beer or head into the bedroom?” Billy answered “bedroom!” but Greg’s answer was “why can’t we do both?” I remembered he’d just busted a hell of a nut in my mouth and probably needed a few minutes to recover. I popped another bottle for each of us and we finished off the pizza. After a few minutes of small talk Greg broke the silence by asking me “how did you learn to suck cock like that?” I asked him if he had a brother. When he said he didn’t I answered “well I did, and he was a hell of a teacher.” “Billy is that your Uncle Steve?” Greg asked. It was a small town and everybody knew everybody. “Yep. I never knew that about him before a few days ago.” “I’ve seen him around town. Wonder if we could ever…?” I had to disappoint him. “I really doubt it. He and I are still friendly and everything, but ever since he got married he’s really not interested in getting anything started again.” “Damn, too bad,” Greg laughed. “But speaking of getting started again…” He glanced down at his rapidly hardening penis. “Looks like izmit escort bayan you’re ready for another round,” I said staring at his beautiful genitals. “Let’s get to it then.” We all walked in to my bedroom. All naked. All hard. I had one arm around my son and also a hand on Greg’s muscular shoulder. We naturally headed to my room because the bed was bigger. I wondered who would make the first move and what it would be. I was fully prepared to take charge, but also wanted to let things develop naturally. The first move was my son’s, and it was to kneel down in front of Greg and take his meat in his mouth. I stood beside Greg, both for moral support for Billy, and to give him easy access to my cock in case he wanted it, too. He did. He spent a couple of minutes slobbering over Greg’s porn-size dick, and listening with pride to Greg’s enthusiastic praise: “Man, Bill, you’re good. Oh, shit that feels good. You are fucking great!” My chest swelled up with pride. All my coaching had paid off in a big way. I could see that Greg was still a little too big for him, even though it was only slightly larger than mine. Billy could take in a lot of it, most of it for sure, but he was struggling with that last little bit. I knew that Billy could now deep throat mine with ease, so I said softly in Greg’s ear “watch this.” Billy pulled off of Greg and started in on me. When I was good and hard and he was down to that last little inch, I said “here we go,” to my son and “watch this,” again to Greg. I put my hand on the back of my son’s head and pulled him in close. All the way. A perfect deep throat, which he held…and held…and held. Greg was blown away. He’d never seen anything like that before and it clearly turned him on. “Can he do that to me?” “I hope so. I’ll bet he can, but first what I really want to see is you fuck him.” “OMG it’s like I’m in a dream! Yes Sir, I will gladly fuck your son, Sir!” I had to laugh. “Let me get him lubed up just a little bit. You’re hung like a stallion and he’s still plenty tight. I want to make sure you both get the full treatment.” Greg and I had started talking about my son like he wasn’t in the room, or at least like he didn’t have a say in any of this. Billy seemed fine with that, confirming my suspicions that he was truly a bottom and nothing else. Meanwhile Greg and I seemed to be bonding as two tops, both using my son. And that suited me just fine. I told Billy to get up on the bed on all fours, then bent down and began licking his asshole. He’d never had that feeling before and started moaning right away. I love it when a bottom moans. I kept licking for a few minutes, occasionally sticking my tongue as far up his rectum as I could. His moans, now even louder, were a real turn on for me. Finally, he was ready. I stood up, turned to Greg and said, “Okay, he’s yours. Go slow…at first.” My heart started racing as Greg’s magnificent manhood stood poised at the entrance to my son’s ass. Then, slowly and deliberately, he began pushing the head in. Billy’s scream broke the spell, but only for a minute. “Hold up, but don’t pull out,” I said to Greg, then got down on the bed beside Billy and put my lips close to his ear. I whispered encouragement: “Relax, son, you know you can do this. Just relax, keep breathing, and open up. The worst is over and you’ve already done more than you ever thought you could.” That did the trick. Greg locked eyes with me and I gave him a slight nod as the go-ahead signal. He pushed. Billy yelled again, but not as loud this time. His face was screwed up tight, and tears were filling his eyes. Clearly he was in some distress. What would a good father do in a situation like this? Probably tell Greg to stop the izmit sınırsız escort assault on my boy’s rectum and pull out. But that’s not me. Guess I’m not a good father. Instead, I kept up the encouragement: “You can take it son, nice and easy. Here, let me give you something to suck on. That’ll help.” I got up on my knees in bed in front of him and rubbed my cockhead on his lips. He licked it once, then opened up. I slid in and immediately looked up at Greg. We locked eyes. Did I detect a slight smile on his face? Or was that a sneer? Either way my response to it was to look him straight in the eyes and say “Shove it in.” And of course, he did. All the way. Balls deep. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, what I was loving. “Billy you’ve done it, you’ve taken one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen. You’re wonderful. You’re a man, a real man.” That did it for both of them. Billy’s asshole loosened up completely and Greg’s determination to fuck him took over. Billy’s whimpers of pain turned into moans of pleasure. Greg and I continued to stare at each other, reveling in the pleasure we getting from both ends of my son. He reached over to my chest and ran his fingers through my hair. “Billy, was right, you are a real stud.” I just smiled; then he grabbed a handful and pulled it hard. I wanted to wince, but just continued smiling. The kid seemed to have a mean streak, or at least an aggressive one. I liked it. Greg’s athletic body swung into high gear and he began to thrust his hips obscenely, all the while keeping his shoulders and chest almost motionless. I was in awe of his sexual physicality. My son’s moans were music to my ears and I was mesmerized as Greg’s expression showed that he was lost in pleasure and lust. He got that “spacey” look that some guys get when they’re close. His last few seconds were the best. He was pulling out almost all the way, then shoving it back in, HARD, time, after time, after time, until finally he started to tremble again like he had in the bathroom. Shaking almost like he was having a seizure he gave it one or two final hard thrusts, then became stock still while his balls released their juice into my son’s guts. Billy stopped whimpering and give a satisfied sigh as he knew the ordeal was over. Even though he had been used by two men (I couldn’t think of Greg as a “boy” anymore) that it was him, Billy, who been the most satisfied of all. I was close myself so I finished by jacking off in Billy’s face. When I was close I told him to open his mouth. I hit the bull’s eye and shot about five heavy streamers into his waiting mouth. “Swallow it all,” I snarled. As Greg continued to deflate, I got off the bed and walked around to stand beside him so we could both watch my son’s backside. His hole was red, obviously sore, and leaking. Greg looked at me and asked, “You know what you and Billy did back there in the bathroom?” I had to think for a minute. “Sure,” I said, “it’s called `snowballing.'” “Could you do that again. Now?” This was turning out better than I could have ever hoped. My son’s cream pie was waiting for me to transfer it back to Greg’s mouth. I got down on my knees and watched the spermy load leak out in earnest. I licked it up and stood up to transfer it. Rather than letting it drip into his mouth the way he’d watched me do it with Billy, Greg wanted to kiss me, so I obliged, letting him seek out the jizz from my mouth with his tongue. He didn’t swallow it immediately. Instead we squished it around back and forth between us a few times. I let him set the pace, and when he was ready to break away he swallowed. “Man. Never did THAT before!” “But you liked it, right?” “Yes, Sir!” “Great, because I did too.” “Will we be able to do this again?” “Anytime you want. Just let me know.” For some reason I didn’t ask Billy for his opinion. And he didn’t offer one. It didn’t seem to matter. We all three knew what he wanted, and what he needed. This was the best homecoming I could ever have. The End

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