Subject: Confessions of a Sinner (1) Disclaimer – this story is fiction, with some elements of non-fiction. Written by a Latino author with an neverending flow of sleazy fantasies. You can contact me by email. I have Wickr and I create lewd GIFs. Into voice-notes too! I believe that exploring our nasty fantasies makes us better humans. Warning — This work contains intimate acts between adult males and consenting youth under 18 years old. If that scenario offends you, please discontinue reading any further. If not, please enjoy! Get your poppers ready, read this chapter and goon! Author retains all rights to the story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed, except by Nifty to which it has been posted only, without the consent of the author. Feel free to make donations to fty/donate.html ___________________________________________ –pervy incest story-arc about a nasty black dad with his 14yo black son, and lewd Priest who is inviting them into his own depraved world– Adult males: Joe (father, 30yo) Male youth: Darnell (schoolboy, 14yo) Topics: piss, mild raunch, rimming, older/young ============================================================ Confessions of a Sinner (1) -Darnell- “Jesus fuckin’ Christ ” was the only thing Joe screamed in the woods on a hot summer day. He loved walking in the shade, exploring new sights, but he felt incredibly horny and his mood was nasty as fuck. Though it was still morning, his white tanktop was already drenched in sweat and his white tight shorts was a bit dirty from the woods. He just finished stroking a horsecock and tried to swallow the massive amount of horsecum, but it was too much. He was a bit of an exhibitionist as he liked showing his big bulge and muscled curvy ass to anyone who looked at him. He even dared going in public wearing a thick cockring, so other men and boys could see his veiny cock through the fabric. At home he didn’t bother to hide his bulge from his fourteen year old son, as he was pretty hung too. The mother of his son left many years ago. She got pregnant when they were sixteen. She couldn’t handle a baby in her very busy, and shallow social life. But Joe could not give his son up for adoption. It was his fertile black seed that created his beautiful son. He loved showing his semi-erect horsecock in public to drooling girls, but mostly to hungry teenage boys who were oogling his stocky physique, his massive ass and bulge. Joe loved his tropical mixed ancestry – a humongous 9″ dark Nigerian cock, a phat Colombian meaty ass and a stocky Haitian rugby-style body and curly short hair. His big nipples were erect most of the time and he liked squeezing them good. It was a bit cooler in the woods, but he still felt his musty butthole drenched in sweat and he felt frothy liquid oozing from his dark hole. Was it horsecum? By society standards he was supposed to be a dominant big black bull, but he opposed that assumptiom and was not only a breeder, as he liked getting fucked too. He was addicted to feel his cunt getting filled with healthy creamy white seed from naughty boys, truck drivers, sales assistants, police officers, thugs, homeless men and other şişli travesti (married) dads. Depending on his mood, he was dominant, but also submissive, but always stayed in control. He also loved exploring his inner sinful desires… After he inspected his sore toes, he continued walking for a while, until he noticied a young black boy pissing against a tree 25 yards ahead. The young boy could not be older than fifteen. He wore a dark blue shirt, which contrasted nicely with his dark skin. And white tight shorts, but Joe was uncertain if the boy wore any underwear at all. Joe said to the boy: “So boy, are you watering that tree good with that piss? Go ahead, the trees are eager to receive water in any form on these hot days” Joe encouraged. The boy was a bit startled, but was looking curiously to Joe, while he still held his teenage cock in his hands. “Don’t be scared, boy. What’s your name?” Joe asked. “My name is Darnell and I am fourteen years old, sir” he said, proudly. “Well, Darnell of fourteen, you have a pretty big black dick, you know that boy? It looks like that’s growing into a thick cock when you’re older, probably eight inches, perhaps even nine!”, Joe said. Darnell answered “I guess so. Some guys are being mean and make jokes about my big dick when we are showering after gym” “Well, they won’t laugh at you once you put it in their filthy mouths. Have you tried that, boy?” Joe asked. “Yes, one mean white guy had to suck my black cock in the lockerroom, or else I would go to the headmaster and expose his erotic pictures on his phone” he said. Joe laughed at that and said “I need to pee too, Darnell. Is it okay to piss here while you standing there? I am bursting!” Joe said. “That’s fine, sir” Darnell said. “I ain’t your daddy Darnell, so you can call me Joe, okay? Unless you want me to play your daddy then I’ll be your sir. Would you like that, Darnell?” Joe asked in an authoritarian tone. “Yes Sir, I want you to be my daddy!” he alsmost begged. “Get on your knees son. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything unless I have your absolute consent, agreed?” Joe pledged. “Agreed, you have my consent” Darnell said. “Can I tell you a confession Darnell? When I was fourteen years young, I sucked a forty-one year old Nigerian cock, almost weekly. Especially during summer. Sometimes even twice if I was in the mood and he had time. We did that for several years. I did not find it weird to have a 14/41 age difference as it was done in a free setting. You see, the Nigerian lived in the same neighbourhood and we met in a park first, by accident. I drove my bike into him, but he was not hurt. He invited me to watch some movies at his home if I was up to it. He also asked if I would mind if he walked through his house wearing only briefs. I did not mind. We talked about porn and he asked what I liked, and I was not sure. We watched bisexual MMF porn and he asked if he liked those two black cocks fucking that oozing pussy. I did and noticed that his cock was almost bursting through the briefs. He asked if he wanted to touch it. I smelled his cock and I was hooked. I only wanted to suck his massive 9-10 inch cock (all cocks looked bigger when beylikdüzü travesti you’re young) and boy, did I suck cock! For a few years. He was very kind to me and I always sucked him at his house. He was a real gentlemen and he never forced me to do anything I didn’t want. He loved standing in front of me, unzipping his business trousers and me sniffing that musty black cock who was already oozing precum after a long day at the lawfirm. He was crazy about my young virgin piss. Whenever I was in the mood to dominate him, I always began pissing in his begging mouth. He also loved eating my ass and it was almost like he was in love with my jelly butt, especially when I was wearing a thong for him. There was no anal stuff involved as he did not want to hurt my fourteen year young tight ass with his almost 10″ black monstercock. Many times we did 69 — him eating, no…tongue-fucking my tight virgin butthole and me sucking that huge veiny monstercock. His cum was always very sweet and I became addicted to it. He teached me to become a good cocksucker and cumswallower. He really wanted to pop my cherry, but he said to wait for someone special. I waited and searched for boyfriends for a few years and sucked and swallowed in between, but I did not find a suitable candidate. On the eve of my 18th birthday, he finally popped my cherry in the most romantic way possible with candles and roses. It took almost one hour, lots of lube and many deep fingering in between, but his massive Nigerian horsecock was deep inside my hungry teenage butthole, at last. My parents thought I celebrated my birthday with a few friend, I did in the early evening, but around 21:00 I came to him. He fucked me for 90 minutes in all kinds of positions and came three times deep inside my boywomb. No guy repeated that amount – ever. He waited patiently all these years and he finally popped my pink cherry. His fertile seed made me almost preggo in a way. My butthole did not hurt at all as he took care to slowly enter his massive black donkeycock inside my oozing hole and he squeezed-played with my hyper-sensitive nipples too. After he unloaded a third time, I went with a few fingers inside my butthole and it was gaping. He sucked much of his own cum from my gaping hole and we made out – lots of tongue, spit, anal juices and his black seed. We had sex for years since I met him at fourteen, so there was a high level of trust, compassion and tenderness to each other. I am fortunate to have his humongous Nigerian horsecock popping my fertile cherry!” “So now you know that I am kinky as fuck and won’t do anything without your approval, Darnell.” Joe confessed. “You want me to eat your ass too, Darnell?”. Darnell nodded “Yes, please, Sir”. “Okay, but first I really need to piss. Ever tasted piss, son?” Joe asked. “Yes, but only my own” Darnell said, shamefully. “Don’t be ashamed, son. Piss is good. Do you want to have mine? Get on your knees and open that greedy mouth, Darnell” Joe demanded, jokingly. Darnell complied and got on his knees, opening his mouth. “Okay, get ready boy, here it comes!” Joe screamed. He released a delicious stream of yellow piss into the hungry fourteen istanbul travesti year old boy. Darnell was a secret piss-pig and even put his hair inside the stream. He wanted to get finally a Golden Shower, after he watched countless of pornvideos pertaining that. He was soaked in piss. It must have been at least a few beer cans. When Joe was done, he burried his face under Darnell’s armpits and he licked it. It smelled raunchy. Then he turned Darnell and placed him against a tree, with his big fourteen year young phat black ass sticking out. Joe got on his knees and looked at that phat jelly butt. He discovered Darnell was wearing a thong, so that’s why he could not see any underwear from a distance. He spread that delicious looking dark butt. He sniffed good, and said “Damn boy, your ass stinks and smells like you just pooped. Have you son?” Joe asked. “Yes, daddy, I pooped half an hour ago. Oh no, is it not clean, daddy?” he said. “I don’t know son, I have to stick my tongue inside to taste it”, Joe said, and he burried his face between his ass. “Jesus, that is nasty!” Joe exclaimed. It tasted unclean, musty and damp — just like he loved it. When he was done after some twenty minutes, Darnell’s big cock was oozing huge amounts of precum, which Joe used to rub his cock. Joe jerked Darnell’s big 8″ 14yo cock and took the teenage precum on his tongue. Nobody knew that Joe was a secret precum addict. At his work, a lawfirm, when he was in a lewd mood, he collected precum from his stinky foreskin and covered his hand with it, just before he was meeting a juvenile client. He loved the idea that his delicious precum transferred to the boys’ hand. Occassionally, he would obtain too much precum, but Joe couldn’t care less. If the juvenile noticed his wet hand, he always said “Sorry, I am sweating. Just came back from a run!” Sometimes, when Joe guessed the juvie was into men too, Joe would observe how the young one smelled his wet hand and kicked his head back in recognition of the smell of cum. When Joe unbuckled his belt, the juvie knew it was time to suck his lawyers’ massive cock, which they all eagerly did. He loved filling the mouth of his client as that allowed him to focus on the case with proper attention. In the woods, Joe sucked Darnell’s big teenage cock and swallowed all his precum. Darnell got on his knees and sucked Joe’s fully erect 9″ black monstercock. He could delay it longer, but his massive black balls full of fertile seed were ready to release a humongous load. A thick load of sinful black seed went inside the fourteen year old greedy mouth. Darnell tried to swallow it all. “Don’t swallow everything son. Come here, kiss me”, Joe said. They kissed, swapping spit and cum while Joe was jerking Darnell’s cock. When the fourteen year young schoolboy shot his load of virgin black seed inside Joe’s mouth, he made sure his black cock was getting covered in it too when he drizzled some jizz on it. He loved young cum on his big black cock. Greasing it. His hands were covered in teenseed too and he rubbed some on his own butthole. They exchanged numbers and walked through the woods until they entered the streets of the city. They kissed and said goodbye, but Joe was not yet ready to go home to his fourteen year old son, Damian. He remembered this street as it was where his old Church was located. “Better to confess my sins to Father John!” he thought, as he saw the church in the distance…..

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