Connie’s Dilemma


‘Auntie Thelma! What are you doing here? Why are you crying?’

‘Come into the house, Connie Darling and I will tell you.’

I followed Thelma Parkinson into the house, she is my Dad’s Sister. When we reached the sitting-room she sat on the settee and patted the seat beside her. She seemed older than the last time I had seen her about three months ago.

‘I have some tragic news to break to you, Love. Your Dad and Mum were killed by robbers who broke into their chalet last night. First anybody knew about it was the smoke and flames. The thieves set alight to the chalet before they left.’

Things went black for me. I must have passed out.

My name is Connie Parkinson, just 18 years of age. The only daughter of Malcolm and Mary Parkinson. We were quite well off considering we lived in a house owned by the local council. Mum was a secretary and Dad was a manager in the local filling station. We wanted for nothing. Usually went on holidays abroad twice a year. I did not go with them on this holiday because it was to celebrate their eighteenth wedding anniversary. My Dad was 39 and Mum a year younger.

‘Connie! Honey! Are you alright? Speak to me! Do something, Tom! This is all we need.’

‘She has a nice ass and legs, bit of alright.’

‘Stop that! She might hear you!’

‘Just telling it as I see it. Bet she ain’t no virgin Blonde too, it will be interesting to see if she is a true blonde. Didn’t take me long to find out you wasn’t.’

‘Don’t be crude, Tom. That is bedroom talk.’

Auntie Thelma’s husband left her for another woman and she has been divorced for two years. Tom is the latest of a string of boyfriends she has been with since.

I had come too and kept my eyes closed because of what Tom was saying. I just lay there, listening to their conversation and wasn’t really suprised at what was being said as Mum had said that Tom was a bit of a torag, Mums name for everyone who was not nice. As for me being a true blonde? He would not find out the way he was suggesting because Mum taught me to shave down there. She also had me put on the pill when I was 15 because a boy tried to rape me. I wasn’t a virgin because I let a another boyfriend put his thing into me shortly after I went on the pill. I made him take it out because he hurt me so badly. Mum told me he had deflowered me because I let her examine me. It was more exciting Mum touching me down there than any of the boys I had allowed to touch my vagina. Strangely, I was turned on by what Tom was saying even though I was in grief for my Mum and Dad. If I had gone with them I could have been dead too! I was on my own. Where would I go? What would happen to me. The council would not let me stay in this house, I wouldn’t be able to keep up the rent and I was underage.

I heard Aunt Thelma go into the kitchen and I was aware of Tom standing over me. Then, I felt his fingers gently walking up the inside of my leg, I heard him whisper, ‘You and I are going to have a lot of fun when auntie is not about, Connie my little darling. A lot of fun.’ His fingers actually reached my panties before he withdrew, pulling my skirt back down and moved away. I felt myself getting wet between my legs.

‘I don’t know the name of their Doctor, Tom. Do you think I should call an ambulance?’

‘No, she is young and strong. She has had quite a shock, let her come out of it naturally. I know a way of getting her around, if she is anything like you she will love it.’

‘She is only eighteen, Tom. Must you always be so crass?’

‘How old were you when you first got a hard cock up your cunt?’

‘You know that, I told you.’

‘Here you are thirty-eight and you can’t live without my nine inches. Looking at this filly down here is giving me a hard-on. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a eighteen year old.’

‘Thats the way you like it, Tom. When they are defenceless. You tied me down the first time you fucked me.’

‘Yeah! When I took your knickers out of your mouth afterwards you begged me to do it again, you slut!’

‘I didn’t ask you to put it up my ass,’ She paused and continued, ‘ You hurt me, Tom.’

‘Thelma, my love. How many times have you begged me to fuck your ass since?’

‘I love it, you know I do, when you take your time and you are gentle with me.’

‘If the truth be known, this niece of yours, laying here like this, is making your mouth water. You love licking pussy. You are like a cat with cream, licking another females cunt juices. Don’t worry when I have her, I will give you your share, there will be more juice for you to lick out of her.’

‘You better watch the time, you have to get back to start your shift. They have already warned you about your time keeping. I will need to stay here with Connie until after the funeral.’

‘Yes, okay. I will get off. There are two cars out front so you will have plenty of transport to run about in.’

I heard them kissing and Auntie moaning. I opened my eyes a bit to see them in a clinch and Tom with his hand up Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort her skirt, actually frigging her pussy. She looked over at me anxiously and caught me staring at them and she hastily pulled away from Tom.

‘Oh! You are back with us again. Sorry about that. You will get used to Tom, he is a very loving kind of man. I think tactile is the word for it. Off you go Tom, you are going to be late for work, for sure.’

He grabbed his jacket and ran out of the room and the front door slammed seconds later.

‘You had me worried, Connie love. You feeling alright now?’

‘Yes, thank you. Can I have a drink of water?’

‘Yes of course you can, hang on a sec.’

I sat up while she was away and swung my legs down to the floor, mortified feeling how wet my knickers had become at the crotch. I quickly put my hand under my skirt to free the crotch which was trapped in my vaginal crevice.

‘Oh, are you alright love?’

‘Yes, Auntie. My panties were uncomfortable.’

‘You take after me, I get hot when I see anything sexual going on.’

I felt my face going red, when I saw the smirk on her face.

‘Sorry, don’t know what you are talking about. I truly was not comfortable, these panties I have on are new and they are too tight, they cut into me down there. My eyes are hardly focussed yet so I don’t know what you think I saw?’

‘Oh, it’s okay. I sound off now and again. It’s Tom, he is sex mad at times. If you come and live with us I am afraid you will have to put up with the way we behave.’

‘My Mum and Dad were luvvy-duvvy a lot around the house and I often heard them making love in the bedroom and the bathroom.’

‘Tom had his hand up my skirt just now. Did you see your Mum and Dad do that?’

‘Yes, I also saw them having sex a couple of times.’

‘So you know what it is all about then, Love. Are you a virgin? Tom hopes you are.’

‘No, I am not a virgin, Aunt Thelma. Why does Tom hope I am?’

‘Forget it love. I should not have said that.’

‘No. Go on, tell me!’

‘To be frank with you, Sweetheart, Tom is a lecherous bastard. He will get into your knickers if you give him half the chance. He has already told me that he wants to fuck you, you do know what that means I take it?’

‘Does he know that I have just lost my Parents? That they are not buried yet?’

‘I can only apologise for him, but if you are ever alone with him, I will not be here to protect you. He can be such a swine that he would have you even if I was here. He has fucked other women in front of me. He has even done it with another guy in front of me.’

‘Why didn’t you kick him out?’

‘I can’t! He is like a drug. I am addicted to him and the rough way he treats me, Connie.’

‘I feel a bit better now, let me show you around the house, I will need to check things out. I do not know whats going to happen about Mum and Dads bodies. They will have to fly them back here. I am dreading whats happening ahead of us Auntie Thelma! They never said anything to me about them dying like this.’ I put my head into my hands and started to weep.

Auntie pulled me tightly into her arms and kissed the tears on my cheeks. I could smell her musky body odours from her breasts. My nose was almost in her cleavage. Despite the situation, when I closed my eyes I saw Tom fingering my aunt’s pussy. The thought that he wanted me made me tremble. It wasn’t fear that was making me tremble, it was sexual curiosity. What would it be like, having his nine inch long penis inside my pussy? I almost said vagina then, but I know I have to use the naughty words now. Now I am grown up. Will Tom want me to use the words cock or prick? Prick is so expressive, so doing, violating almost. A boy once told me he wanted to fuck me with his prick, I told him to go away and wash his mouth out with soap.

That night, when I was in my bed I found myself wishing that I had let him fuck me.

My Mum told me that words like that were only whispered by me into my husbands ears when he was preparing to make love to me. I think I once said ‘fuck’ and my Mum wasn’t cross she told me what the word meant, about the actions of a man’s penis in and out the vagina, that it was another name for sexual intercourse. Now she is dead and I will no longer have counceling from her ever again. Now I have to look to Tom, who wants to fuck me and Aunt Thelma who wants to get in my knickers too, according to Tom. Aunt Thelma, who can’t or will not try to stop him. A woman who takes his penis into her bottom, dare I say it? He fucks her in her ass! Will Tom want to do that to me? Do I want him to do it to me? Oh Heck! It is too much for me to think about! Mum and Daddy! Where are you?

Unexpectedly I had a good nights sleep. Except once, when I woke up and it was dark and yet there was a strange light in the room. I saw a figure and then I felt the quilt being lifted off me and Daddies shirt I was wearing being lifted up. Who ever it was, was looking at me between my legs. Looking at my shaved pussy. Who was it? Had someone broken in? Then just as I was starting to fret, I was covered over again. I saw the naked figure of Tom leaving my room in his torchlight. I lay there feeling a strange tingling in my pussy. At the same time I felt an odd sense of disappointment, why had he not taken me? That big thing, hanging between his legs, why had he not put it in me? Didn’t he want me? I got out of bed and opened the curtains to let in the morning and slipped out of bed so I could go to the loo. I sat on the loo thinking I had never locked the door. I never did when Mum and Dad were in the house. I opened my legs wider and pulled up my nightie. I sat there as though waiting for him, with my hand in between my legs. Breathing heavily, my nipples sticking out like bullets.

I was a young lady, now there was no one to chastise my loose morals anymore. It was like being let out of prison. I could show my pussy to whoever I liked or disliked, for that matter.

I found Aunt Thelma busy in the kitchen. I hadn’t even put a robe over my Daddy’s shirt.

‘Did you sleep well, Darling.’

‘Yes thanks, except for an odd dream.’

‘Oh! Was it a nice one?’

‘I thought there was someone in my room and they lifted my bed clothes off me and then lifted up the front of Daddies shirt I’m wearing. It was weird.’

‘May not be a dream. I woke to find Tom wasn’t in his bed during the night and I was just getting out to check on him and he came back to bed. I looked in on you when I went to the loo and you were sleeping peacefully.’

‘If it was Tom he was looking at me between my legs, Auntie Thelma. He had a torch.’

‘Tom did have an erection when I got back into bed. I sucked him off and went to sleep.’

‘You talk about it so casually.’

‘Well, he will leave you alone if I keep draining his balls.’

I laughed out loud, it was so funny to hear Auntie talking so crudely.

‘At least you are smiling. Are you up to looking over the house at the things you want to take with you. That’s if you want to come and live with Tom and I? Otherwise you will have to go to a foster home.’

‘Will that be alright with you knowing that Tom has the hots for me?’

She smiled, ‘Where did you learn that saying, Darling?’

‘Oh, the kids were always using it at school. I am eighteen, Aunt Thelma!’

‘I think I should warn you that it is not only Tom who thinks of you that way. I am bi-sexual. I like girls too. That time I walked into the bathroom when you were in the bath, when you were getting ready to go to your College leaving do, it wasn’t an accident. I did it on purpose, Connie. I wanted to see you naked, still do. You are teasing just wearing that shirt, I can see riight through it, Darling.’

Aunt Thelma was wearing a gossama silk gown over her nightie and I could see her large nipples were erect. She was taller than me by an inch and I am 5.8. Lovely figure and shapely bum. I’m a bit overweight because of my sweet tooth.

‘Why are you doing this to me Aunt Thelma. You are saying all these things to me when I am the most vulnerable. I have lost my parents and have lost my life as it was. I am living in a dilemma! I am old enough to get a place on my own, a lot of my friends share places with others my age. You and Tom do not want me as a person, or a part of your family! You want me as a naked body you can both plunder sexually. You both want to fuck me, I know you do! My biggest problem is that my sluttish vagina wants what you and Tom want. My mind says get to hell out of here, but I cannot. I have to see my parents buried in the cold soil and then I have to bury myself in you and Toms cold hearts. There is no love in either of you, just lust. This thing between my legs craves for that lust too. When Tom came to me last night I was very disappointed that he didn’t take me. I wanted him to. I still do want him to. I am a girl who is really desperate to become a woman. Even more so now my ties with my heritage have now passed on. My vagina and I are alone. If depravity is to be my way of life, then so be it.’

Aunt Thelma gently pulled me up from my chair and took my hand and led me up the stairs. Meekly I went with her as I knew that this was the start of my new life for what it may be. I was giving myself up with no one to give me away. There was no aisle to walk, just a staircase in a council house. A council house where I no longer belonged.

We entered my bedroom and I threw myself onto my bed. Turned on my back and opened my legs, exposing the fact that I wasn’t wearing knickers.

‘Touch me, Aunt Thelma. Let’s be lewd. I have a cunt, touch it!’

‘I can’t, but I want to. You said you are vulnerable. It would be rape if I made love to you now. I have dreamt often of you sharing a bed with me. Sometimes, deep down I think I was born a lesbian. The things I do with men, you are right, Darling, it is lust. I am shit scared of my sexuality. Who I am! I often look into a mirror and say, ‘Who am I?’ I am looking at you now and my heart feels a warmth I have felt for no one. If and when you and I come together as lovers then the playing-fields have to be equal for both of us. The desire has to be deep and fully met by both of us or not at all.’

‘I want this room transported to your house, can that be done?’

‘Yes, Darling of course it can! Does that mean you have made up your mind, you want to live with Tom and I? I do so want you to come. You have made me very happy.’

She came forward and hugged me and I found her lips with my own and opened my mouth wide when I felt her foraging tongue. We kissed like lovers and I felt warmth in her embrace. Then I trembled when I felt her hand on my inner thigh. I grabbed it and pulled it against my ready wet vulva and held it there tightly, knowing she could feel my heat, my juiciness, my need!

‘I want you naked, Aunt Thelma. Will you take your clothes off for me?’

Just then we heard the telephone ringing, which startled us.

‘Come, I will show you, there is a phone extension in Mum and Dads room.’

I jumped up off the bed and ran into the next room along the hall. No sooner in the door and I froze. Someone had been laying on the bed after it had been made. There was a pair of my Mums panties laying rumpled up on the quilt. I could see the wetness. as if they had just been taken off. Aunt Thelma brushed past me and went to the phone. It was the undertaker saying that My Mum and Dads bodies had been released from the airport and were now in the Chapel Of Rest. I heard Aunt Thelma say, ‘Yes, two oclock will be fine, we will see you then. Thank you for your courtesy.’

‘They are coming to arrange the funeral at two oclock today. I am sorry about that. Looks like Tom has been raiding your Mums dirty linen basket, Connie. He has a fetish for dirty knickers. Looks like he has had a wank into those. I bet he did that last night after visiting you. I know it is pathetic, but that is Tom. You will get used to him. I have no doubt you will taste my knickers and I will taste yours, if he has his way when he ties you down to the bed, he uses them as a gag.’

‘Why would he want to tie me down to the bed?’

‘It is just sex games, Darling. Acting out fantasies. We all have them when we think about sex. My first fantasy was being taken by my Father. Every night I would roll up my nightie so I would be ready for him to climb on top of me and do it to me. One night, when Mum was out I deliberately ran into the bathroom when he was taking a bath. I pulled down my knickers and sat on the loo before I pretended to see him. I do not know who was the most embarrassed, me or him. He had it in his hand and it was long and thick. It made me shiver, just the sight of it. I said sorry, but I was desperate to go. He just lay there gently stroking himself, up and down. I got out of there fast and my fantasies about him grew and grew , so I was imagining him doing it to me all over the house and even out in the garden. He never did, of course. He ran off with the young Mrs Hardacre, who lived in number 27 a few months later. Mum had a thing with Mr Hardacre for a short while, it didn’t last. Maybe his cock wasn’t as big as Daddies or he cheated her at scrabble, I don’t know.’

‘But tying me down, to do what? Why?

‘Fantasy rape, Darling. Lots of girls fear being raped and yet the thought of it actually happening to them, turns them on. Tom and I love to play rape games.’

While we were talking I watched Auntie Thelma open my Mummies drawer in her bedside table.

‘What have we here then?’ She pulled out a thing what looked like a penis with strapping hanging from it. You know what this is do you, Connie? It’s a strap-on dildo! Your Mum straps this on around her waist, what for? Not to fuck herself. She must have used it on your Dad! He has only one hole, his asshole. There is Vaseline and KY Jelly in here too! Condoms, and look! Bits of rope and handcuffs! I guess your Mum and Dad played out their fantasies too, hey Darling? What’s in the drawer your side?’

I opened it. ‘A pack of photos and some magazines.’

‘Bring them out onto the bed here lets have a look! ‘

I did what she said and she opened a magazine to reveal couples having sex with each other. I opened the pack of photos and shut it again when the first one was a picture of my Mum, she was naked, bound and gagged with her legs wide open clearly revealing her vagina and anus. I was shocked and at the same time turned on by it.

‘What you got there? Let me see?’

I gave her the first picture, my face red as a beetroot. The second pic was of my Mums pussy and asshole really close up. There was white juice oozing out of her pussy and the anus was puckered and glistening. I was almost scared to look at the next one. Aunt Thelma took the second picture from me and gasped!

‘Oh Cripes! These are making me terribly horny, she loooks as if she has had two cocks here in both her holes! Lay on the bed and open your legs wide for me I have to see your pussy and asshole! These things are making me so horny! I am going to love licking you out after Tommy has fucked you.’

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