Corrupting Amber Ch. 09


I had the entire morning to myself as Amber was sleeping the sleep of the dead. I cleaned the hotel room, took a shower, had breakfast and did some internet browsing on my phone while Amber remained a hair above comatose in the bed. I made sure to check that she was breathing fine and not choking on her own vomit every so often, but I decided to let her sleep as long as she needed to recover from the torrid activities of the previous day. It wasn’t until nearly 4PM that she began to rouse from her slumber.

Even then, all I could see was an arm snaking out from under the covers to clumsily extract a cigarette from her nearly empty pack of Newports sitting on the bedside table. I heard the click of a lighter and saw a large stream of smoke being expelled toward to ceiling a few moments later and it seemed Amber had finally awoken.

“My God that’s good.” I heard her uncharacteristically throaty voice call out.

All I could muster was a laugh at how different she had become in such a short period of time. It had only been 3 weeks since it had all began, but her willingness to go with the flow had allowed the transformation from pure innocence to burgeoning bad girl to really develop. I no longer really feared for her safety or her lack of determination to see this through. Instead it felt like we were partners in a mutually beneficial journey of self-discovery.

Having gotten lost in my thoughts I had hardly noticed that the shower was running and steam was leaking healthily from the open bathroom door. I got up and peered around the frame to see Amber nude, standing in front of the mirror brushing her teeth while the shower ran behind her. She caught my gaze out of the corner of her eye and smiled, spitting out a mouthful of toothpaste into the sink.

“What are you thinking about over there?” She toyed, wriggling her ass suggestively and watching my gaze as it trained itself on her perfectly round little bubble-butt.

She reached her hand down slowly between her legs and began rubbing her clit while continuing to stick her ass out in the sluttiest way possible. Resisting the urge to drop my pants and rail her right there, I gave her the ‘one moment’ hand gesture and ran into the front room to grab the duster from the Walgreens bag. Sprinting back to the bathroom door I returned to see Amber bent over even more suggestively while really going after her clit with aggressive masturbation.

Her eyes were closed and she hadn’t seen me return so I quietly positioned myself behind her and dropped my pants to my feet. I looked into the mirror and saw her eyes were still closed and her mouth open as she was really caught up in her clit manipulation and still hadn’t noticed my being behind her, cock erect and aimed directly at her asshole. I placed my hand gently on her right hip and her eyes fluttered open and looked at me through the reflection in the mirror.

I held up the can of duster so she could see it in the reflection and she hesitated only briefly before reaching back and snatching it.

“So what’s the story with this stuff?” She half-spoke half-moaned.

“Well, you shake it up and then aydın escort put the nozzle in your mouth and spray while breathing in. Then you hold it in as long as possible and repeat until you’re high.” I instructed as best I could based on what I’d read online.

Amber seemed to think about this for a few seconds before coming to terms with the procedure mentally. With her left hand she continued to rub her sopping wet cunt and with her right hand she raised the all-white can of generic ‘Air Duster’ to her face. She positioned the small nozzle between her lips and wrapped them tightly around the opening and closing her eyes. After a moment I watched her press the nozzle and heard the sound of the compressed air blast its way into my tiny little Amber’s lungs. She continued feverishly rubbing her pussy while she breathed in a massive amount of dangerous chemicals and removed the nozzle from her mouth.

I watched her face contort slightly in the mirror as she fought the urge to exhale, and instead she held the poisonous fumes deep inside her. The effort to continue to rob her brain of crucial oxygen had obviously turned her on, knowing that with each passing second she was getting more fucked up and simultaneously destroying brain cells. I knew all too well by this point that the ‘badder’ her behavior became, the more Amber reveled in it. Finally after what seemed like a minute she breathed out heavily and nearly collapsed into the sink. I caught her and helped her stabilize.

Looking at her through the mirror I could see her eyes were only half open and drool was hanging by a long, thin bead on the left side of her mouth. I could hear her say something that sounded like “fuck” but was so garbled that it hardly passed as language. The sight of Amber being so incredibly trashed sent a lightning rod to my cock. It was now so painfully erect that I simply could not wait any longer. With Amber being incapable of having a conversation, I was going to have to assume that she would be fine with my next action as I couldn’t really ask her at this point.

I considered spitting on my hand but instead reached under Amber and dug my fingers into her dripping pussy. After getting them suitably covered in sticky, wet, female grool, I rubbed it on her little pink asshole and prepped it for the first time I would fuck Amber up the ass. I glanced at her again through the reflection in the mirror and saw that her eyes were open and glassy but her mouth was still agape and a steady stream of drool still leaked from it. She was still absolutely tanked. I fought back the thoughts of her having been rendered a vegetable from overdoing the duster and instead focused on the task ahead.

I wrapped my hand around my shaft and guided the head to the puckered little anus of my little anal-virgin and pushed with medium effort. She was far too tight and it hadn’t gone in at all. I adjusted my grip and positioned it again, this time pushing forward with more effort and pulling Amber towards me at the same time. After pushing for a few seconds I felt the head sink into her tiny little asshole. Immediately I felt a considerable amount of pressure aydınlıkevler escort gripping the head of my cock as her anus squeezed and convulsed slightly upon my entrance.

I kept at it and inch by inch eventually got the full-length of my prick to slide into Amber’s glove-tight asshole. I watched her face in the mirror as I slowly began lightly pumping my rod in and out of her newly defiled anus. The drool continued but her features were becoming more composed and slightly contorted as I’m sure there was considerable pain having her ass-cherry popped. My pace continued to increase and within a couple of minutes I was slamming my dick into her ass with force. Amber had now regained most of her composure but aside from some wincing and light whimpering hadn’t said anything to me.

I had both of my hands on her waist and was pulling Amber’s juicy little ass into me in time with my forceful thrusts. I looked down and watched as her ass cheeks smashed against me and jiggled sexily with each time I pounded her. I also marveled at the Pot leaf tattoo that adorned her lower back and loved how slutty it was that I was ass-fucking my tramp-stamped little stoner whore in a cheap motel while she blasted her brain with harmful chemicals.

“Call me a whore,” was the next thing I heard from my little angel, throaty and hoarse.

“Call me a fucking whore while you fuck me in the ass,” she demanded breathlessly.

After realizing my good fortune I snapped into the moment and reacted. I grabbed her long, shiny black hair and began slamming my cock into her even harder, my thrusts causing loud slaps to echo off the walls of the small tiled bathroom.

“Take it deep slut. I’ll fuck your asshole and use you like my own personal fuck-doll anytime I want.” I growled in her ear and continued yanking on her hair and pounding away.

Amber’s head was forced up towards the ceiling and her back was arched drastically to accommodate the strong hold I had on her hair and the relentless fucking I was giving to her. Still she managed to look like she was feeling absolute ecstasy, her mouth open wide and eyes closed.

“Yeah baby.. I want to be your drugged up little slut. I want you to fill me with drugs and alcohol and cock all day. I want to be completely used up baby. Use me and get me hooked on every drug you can think of. I want to be your junkie whore baby. Ohhhhhh!” And with that Amber began rubbing her clit furiously and having what I could only assume as the most earth-shattering orgasm of her life.

The entire scene and her wonderfully perverse dirty-talking had me about to explode. Instead of blasting my load into her asshole, I pulled out and spun Amber around to face me. Without being able to lean on the sink or have me hold her up Amber almost immediately crumpled to the floor, which was perfect for me. I grabbed her under the chin and pulled her face toward my cock as I jacked it toward a mounting climax. She got the hint and opened her mouth and I hastily thrust it in.

I enjoyed the thought of forcing her to taste her own asshole while I face-fucked her ayrancı escort and felt the cum start to build at the base of my shaft. Right as the first jet of cum shot from my prick I pulled out and let it spray across Amber’s beautiful face. I reached my hand down to jerk myself off but Amber intervened and instead began stroking me frantically, making sure to let each monstrous ejaculation paint a different part of her visage. I watched as my cum sprayed her cheeks and over her closed eyelids, her forehead and in her gorgeous hair, on her lips and into her open mouth. All the while Amber smiled and basked in being utterly covered with my sperm.

She squeezed the last of my cum into her mouth and swallowed, wiping streaks of cum off her eyelids so she could look up at me with glee.

“I meant those things, Matt,” She breathed softly.

“What things?” I asked, my head buzzing and unfocused after such an event.

“I want to go all the way. I want to be a junkie whore. Your junkie whore. I haven’t told you this but I lie awake at night, masturbating and thinking of doing the dirtiest, nastiest things I can imagine. It turns me on that you’re destroying my innocence and using me to fulfill your fantasies. I don’t want to be good anymore. I don’t want to be smart or pretty or a sweet girl. I want to be used and corrupted and defiled. I don’t know where these thoughts came from but when I act like a slut and get fucked up and do things to ruin my body and my mind I get so turned on I can barely take it. I don’t want this to be a phase. I want this to be our life together.”

Her confession was something I couldn’t have fantasized if I wanted to. It was something so dirty and magnificent that I couldn’t have made it up in my head and pursued it. It was a life I had never contemplated or considered. I had always imagined Amber and I would get married, have kids and live a happy, healthy, but fairly tame life together. And that life always sounded wonderful to me, even if I had fantasies about meeting a girl from the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ and having a brief, but passionate encounter with her. I always thought it would be a fling and then my real life would be with innocent, beautiful, kind, and good Amber. Now I was facing a future that I had not anticipated and an outcome that I did not see coming.

I knew that I couldn’t leave Amber. Never. I loved her with everything I had. But at the same time I was worried that a lifetime of this could present many obstacles that I had not prepared for. The sudden change and uncertainty of my future with Amber scared me. But at the same time, wasn’t this the best possible outcome? It had been weeks since it began and things only kept getting better. Could I really live happily ever after with a ‘good’ girl again after experiencing this kind of pleasure? It would seem that I wouldn’t have to find out. Not anymore. Amber and I had entered into a new stage of corruption. One where no limits remained and the only restraints were our imagination. As quickly as the doubt had crept in, it had evaporated. In it’s place were the seedlings of many, many more ideas, and I felt a rush of excitement course through me as I contemplated them.

“Then our new life together starts now, my love,” I smiled reassuringly and helped her to her feet.

“I knew we were soulmates,” Amber cooed softly as we held each other in a loving embrace.

“You have no idea, baby.”

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