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Subject: Country Awakening – Chapter 23 Country Awakening � Chapter 23 (m/m, t/t, Incest) If you are under 18 years of age, offended by stories which depict sex between consenting males, or live in a jurisdiction where reading/possessing such materials is illegal, exit now. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Please consider a donation to Nifty to help keep these archives fty/donate.html ******* After a bowl of homemade soup and a sandwich, it was time to get organized for a few hours of corn harvesting. The corn would be reaped using a combine and then carted to the dryer bins located beside the cattle barn. The twins knew how to operate the dryers as well as drive the tractors used to haul the carts of corn in from the field. Paul thought that a good place for Connor to start would be to drive the newer tractor while pulling a cart along side the combine. The newer tractor was more powerful than the old but was easier to operate. John would drive the older tractor and Mark would trade off with each person from time to time to give them a break. Paul thought it would be best if he took Connor out with the tractor to show him how it worked and let him practice. Worse case, if Connor wasn’t ready to operate the tractor on his own, he could ride along with one of the twins. They’d play it by ear. No pun intended! “Do you want to try driving one of the tractors?” Paul asked Connor as they finished their lunch. “Um, do you think I can handle that?” Connor asked, feeling nervous. “We can try it out and see what you think,” Paul replied. “I think you can do it!” John said encouragingly. “It’s got power steering and driving with speed isn’t a requirement!” “Well, if you guys think I can, I’ll give it a try!” Connor said, sounding braver than he felt inside. “You guys go ahead to try it out,” Mark said, “John and I will clean up here then come join you.” Paul and Connor went out to the yard and Paul walked him around the outside of the tractor, explaining how everything worked. Then they climbed inside the cab and closed the doors. The tractor was big, that was for sure. The cab was enclosed, which was great in summer when the air conditioner could be used. In the Fall it was good because it was nice and warm inside. Connor squeezed in beside Paul and listened as he explained how everything worked from the operator’s point of view. He showed how to start the engine, then drove it down the driveway a bit before entering one of the fields. Connor observed Paul as he operated the controls. They were about a quarter mile from the house when Paul asked Connor if he wanted to give it a try. “If you want, I can work the gas and brake while you try the steering. You’ll have to kind of sit on my lap a bit to do that though,” Paul told Connor. “It’s how the twins learned, but they were only about 14 at the time so they didn’t take up so much room!” “Ok,” Connor replied before sitting in Paul’s lap. When he was settled, Paul told him to put it in gear, then he pressed on the gas and they bounced slowly down the field as Connor handled the steering. Connor felt that while it was heavy, he could certainly manage it. That wasn’t the only thing he thought he could feel though. The bouncing motion had his butt moving up and down in Paul’s lap and Connor swore that Paul had developed a hardon. He pushed his butt back a bit harder and then he was sure of it. Paul’s cock was fully erect and rubbing against his ass. Paul was embarrassed. He had popped a major hardon from the motion of the tractor and the pressure of Connor’s ass against his groin. The twins were a lot smaller when he had taught them to drive the tractor, they had not pressed back against his groin. Connor was 18 and adult sized. The pressure of the body contact had him aroused and the thought of what Connor’s bare ass looked like wasn’t helping. They drove a bit further and Paul began to think that Connor was intentionally adding backwards pressure. A moment later he was sure of it when the pressure increased and he heard Connor moan quietly and say, “I’m bouncing a lot, could you maybe put your arms around me to hold me in place?” Paul didn’t say a word. He placed his arms around Connor’s waist and held on. His fingers grazed Connor’s crotch and he felt the teen’s erection through his pants. “Oh god,” Connor moaned, “I’m so sorry!” “It’s ok, Connor,” Paul told him, “It’s just the motion of the tractor causing it.” “No,” Connor replied, “It’s more than that, I-I want to do something with you!” “What?” Paul asked. He couldn’t believe his ears, it sounded like Connor wanted to have sex! “Paul, please don’t be mad,” Connor replied, “I want to have sex with you! I’m sorry!” “Oh, Connor,” Paul replied as he stopped the tractor. “I want to have sex with you too, but are you sure that this is really what you want?” Connor reached for the key and turned the engine off. With just the ticking sound of the cooling engine in the background, Paul could hear Connor’s heavy breathing. Connor rose off Paul’s lap, undid his pants and pulled them to his ankles. Paul was looking at his bare ass and through his parted legs, his dangling balls. He was filled with lust for the hot young man. He reached for his smooth ass and used his hands to part his cheeks. He leaned forward a bit and smelled the aroma of a clean butt with just a hint of perspiration. He leaned ahead a bit more and buried his face between the teen’s firm, round cheeks and flicked his tongue over his pink puckered hole. “Oh my god!” Connor moaned when he felt Paul’s wet tongue start licking his hole. “Please don’t stop, it feels so good!” Paul tongued Connor’s ass like he had done for his sons and his nephews. He licked the crack and tongue fucked his tight hole. Within a few minutes Connor was moaning and panting as Paul ate his smooth ass. “Oh, Paul,” Connor moaned, “I want you to fuck me!” “We shouldn’t be doing this!” Paul exclaimed between licks of Connor’s asshole. “Yes, we should, and I want it!” Connor panted. “Please take me now!” Connor leaned forward over the steering wheel as Paul got to his feet behind him. He pulled his pants and underwear down, then parted Connor’s butt cheeks with his hands and let his hard cock find his wet hole. He pressed the head against the outside of Connor’s puckered asshole, then slowly pushed it inside. “Oh fuck yes!” Connor exclaimed, “Put it in me! Paul kept stuffing his hardon up Connor’s ass, loving the feeling of his hot hole around his cock. “Oh, Connor, this feels so good!” Paul moaned as his balls finally touched Connor’s round ass cheeks. “It feels really good for me too,” Connor grunted, “I love your big cock inside me!” Paul started thrusting slowly, then built up speed until he was fucking Connor’s butt with rapid strokes. His balls swung back and forth touching the teen’s round, hairless ass with each push of his cock deep inside. Connor felt the long strokes of Paul’s cock inside him and moaned encouragement as he got fucked. He begged for more and told Paul to give it to him hard. After almost 10 minutes of hard thrusting, Paul grunted the words, “Connor! I’m going to cum!” “Yessss!” Connor hissed, “Give me your cum!” “Awwww fuckkkk!” Paul cried out, “Awww Connorrrr here it cums!” His cock throbbed and erupted inside Connor’s tight ass, pumping 7 large shots of cum into him as he held onto his hips for support. He held onto Connor until his softening cock slid out of his ass, then he stood up and helped Connor turn to face him. Connor’s cock was rock hard and drooling precum. Paul licked his lips when he saw it and said, “I have to taste your cum, I’ve wanted to suck your cock since the first time I saw it! How about I suck you off this time and next time you can fuck me!” “You’d want me to fuck you?” Connor asked, surprised that Paul would want to bottom for him. “Hell yes!” Paul replied, “But this time I want to swallow your cum!” “Fuck yeah!” Connor exclaimed, “I’d love that!” Paul leaned forward a bit, then stuck out his tongue and used it to lick the gooey precum off the head and shaft of Connor’s cock. “Fuck yes,” Connor moaned as he felt Paul’s tongue work his cock. Paul opened his mouth wide and in one continuous motion, took Connor’s cock balls-deep inside while he groaned from the pleasure of having a warm mouth around his cock. Paul loved the taste of Connor’s pre-jizz and the heat of his big cock in his mouth. He eagerly sucked it as he reached for Connor’s hands and placed them on the sides of his head. He wanted to encourage him to fuck his mouth and grasped his butt with his hands to give him the idea. Connor got the message and started fucking Paul’s mouth with his throbbing tool. His balls tapped against Paul’s chin as he humped his mouth. A few minutes later he was panting and warning Paul that he was going to cum. Paul sucked him harder and felt his cock enlarge slightly in his mouth. A second later hot sweet cum was spewing onto his tongue. He swallowed every drop that Connor pumped into his mouth. When he was done, he reluctantly let Connor’s still hard cock out of his mouth. They stood facing each other with their pants around their ankles. Paul worried for a moment that he had gone too far. Maybe Connor was going to regret this. He needn’t have worried. Connor looked him straight in the eyes and asked, “Can I kiss you?” Paul didn’t reply, he just pulled Connor’s head towards his and locked his lips against Connor’s. They kissed tenderly for a few minutes before letting go. “This was so nice,” Connor said, “I loved it and sure hope we can do this again!” “I loved it too, Connor,” Paul replied, “And I sure want to do it again with you. Next time I want to feel you inside me!” “I’d love that!” Connor said before kissing Paul again. They both pulled their pants up, then Connor drove the tractor back to the house with Paul squeezed in beside him. John and Mark were outside waiting for them as Connor stopped the tractor then backed it up towards one of the grain carts, stopping right where he needed to be to hook up to it. “Wow!” Mark exclaimed as Paul and Connor climbed down from the cab. “You sure catch on quick!” “I told you I had driven by grampa’s tractor!” Connor replied with a grin, “Looks like I didn’t forget how!” “You guys were gone so long we thought you had rolled it or something!” John teased. Both Paul and Connor blushed slightly at John’s comment and the twins both noticed it. “They did something out there,” John said to Mark as they walked to the equipment barn to get the second tractor. “Damn right they did,” Mark laughed, “Connor is walking a little funny, so I’m betting Dad gave it to him!” “I’m thinking the same thing!” John replied. “We’ll get the details out of Connor later!” They worked all afternoon until it was time to milk the cows. Connor did a good job of driving the tractor while pulling a large cart alongside the combine and was pleased when Paul, Mark and John congratulated him for a job well done. “Thanks guys!” he said, “I’m looking forward to doing it again tomorrow!” “You say that now,” Mark laughed, “wait until we have been at this for a week, you won’t think it’s so great anymore! “We shall see!” Connor replied with a grin, “I could surprise you and really like it!” After milking was done everyone went inside the house to wash up before dinner. The boys were in the kitchen while Paul was taking a shower. John turned to Connor and asked, “So, was he good?” “What?” Connor asked, his eyes looking away. He was sure he knew what John was asking, but he wasn’t sure how the brothers would react to his having had sex with their father. “You guys turned red when I said you’d been gone a long time,” John said, “So we figure you and Dad had some fun out there!” “Ummm” Connor hesitated. “It’s cool if you did!” Mark told Connor, “Really it is. We know that our Dad likes sex with guys other than Uncle Mike.” “Really?” Connor replied, “Well then, I got to admit, it was fucking hot!” “Glad you enjoyed it!” John replied, “Did he rim your butt? Jason and Matt both love it when he does it to them!” “He’s had sex with both of them?” Connor asked, wide eyed. “Yeah, more than once,” Mark replied. “They both liked it a lot!” “Well, your dad is really good at it!” Connor told the twins. “He ate my ass until I begged to get fucked. And then after he did that, he sucked me off! It was great!” “Yeah,” Mark said, “Our cousins say the same thing.” “More family fun, huh?” Connor asked with a grin. “That’s so freaking hot! With all this family stuff going on I’m surprised that you guys haven’t done it with him too!” John and Mark turned a little red as they glanced at each other. Connor caught it and his grin got wider. “Holy fuck, you already did, didn’t you!” he exclaimed. “Oh, fuck me that is so damned hot!” “You think so?” Mark replied warily. He was afraid that Connor would freak out and report them or something. “Damn straight!” Connor replied, “I think it’s amazing. Listen, you guys should know by now that I am open to pretty much anything! I just hope some day you’ll let me be part of it!” “Well, you are our brother now,” John replied, “So in a way, you already are part of it.” “I mean really a part of it!” Connor said, stressing the word `really’. “I’m sure that will happen some time,” Mark assured him. “I’m still surprised that you think it’s ok that we had sex with our father.” “That kind of thing has been a fantasy of mine,” Connor explained. “I’d never do it with anyone in my family, except for Xavier of course, but I get off thinking that other families do it. So, finding one that does is nothing but exciting for me. Sort of a dream come true!” “That’s so cool, Connor,” Mark replied, “Love you, bro!” he added before planting a kiss on him. Paul walked into the kitchen in time to see Mark and Connor kissing and said, “Should I come back later?” in a teasing tone of voice. “No, no!” Mark replied, “We were just about to start making dinner!” “Alright, alright,” Paul replied with a smile, “So what are we having?” “It’s Taco Tuesday on Monday!” John announced. “So, tacos and salad with all the fixings.” “Mmmm, I love tacos!” Paul replied, “I’ll get us some beer to go with it!” “Tacos with beer?” Connor exclaimed, “I must have died and gone to heaven!” “Nope,” John quickly replied, “Heaven is how you’re going to feel at bedtime tonight!” “Bring it on, stud!” Connor replied as he began to set the table for dinner. ******** Meanwhile, over at Mike and Jason’s house, the day had gone well there too. Shortly before noon an RV came up the driveway and pulled up into the yard. Mike waved the driver over towards a spot upwind of the barn. As soon it was parked, and the occupants came out to meet Jason and Mike. “I’m Carlos,” a man about 45 years of age said. “And this is my amigo Juan and my son, Alejandro.” Carlos was average şişli travesti height and physically fit, as were all three men. He had a full head of longish dark brown hair, brown eyes and a mustache. Juan was about the same age as Carlos, over 6 feet tall, thin, short dark brown hair, a bit of a receding hairline and clean shaven. Alejandro was 18 years old and about 6 feet tall. He had dark brown eyes and appeared to be trying to grow a mustache, but so far was only able to get a dark shadow over his upper lip. He had a medium-build and was in even better shape than his father and Juan. Jason looked him over and decided that he was decidedly cute. Actually, he is hot, Jason thought to himself. His natural tanned looking skin only made him hotter in Jason’s eyes. “I’m Mike,” Mike said, introducing himself, “And this is my son Jason.” He said, gesturing towards Jason who was standing beside him, “Welcome!” Everyone shook hands and re-introduced themselves to each other. Carlos and Juan had Spanish accents, but Alejandro didn’t. He was born and raised in the US and had been educated in English. When Jason and Alejandro shook hands and said `hey’ to each other, Jason found his voice to be gentle and his hands to be soft. Alejandro had not spent much time doing farm work, but he proved to very capable over the week that the three workers were there. “I’m Jason,” Jason said as they shook hands. “I’m Alex,” Alejandro replied, using an anglicized nickname. Jason thought that `Alejandro’ sounded sexier than Alex, but they weren’t there for sex. Too bad! Jason thought as he and Alex walked towards the equipment barn to get the tractors and wagons out while Mike, Carlos and Juan discussed the plan for the day and week. “Ever drive a tractor?” Jason asked as they entered the barn. “Yeah, this is our third job this Fall,” Alejandro replied. “I gotta confess that I was shaky at first, but now I got it down to art!” He laughed at his own `art’ comment. “If harvesting crops is an art!” “I guess in a way it is!” Jason replied. He decided that Alejandro or Alex, was alright and would be good to have around for the week. They got the equipment out of the barn and parked it in the yard. Mike told everyone that lunch was waiting inside, so they all headed in and talked while they each downed a large helping of beef stew. The afternoon was busy with harvesting corn and loading it into dryers. After milking was done, they had dinner with everyone pitching in on cleanup. It was dark outside after dinner and Carlos said that they’d be retiring for the night. It wasn’t even 8:00pm yet, so Jason wasn’t nearly ready for bed. “Hey, Alex,” He called out as the three workers were heading to the door, “I’m going into town to get ice cream, want to come with me?” “Sure!” Alejandro quickly replied, “That would be great!” The teens hoped into Jason’s pickup and drove into town, chatting as they went. They compared notes on schools in California and Pennsylvania and talked about the girls. Jason faked an interest in girls because he wasn’t about to out himself to someone he just met. They bought ice cream cones and sat in the truck talking while they ate them. “Thanks for asking me to come with you,” Alejandro told Jason as they drove back to the farm. “I think it’s the first time I got away from my dad since we left home 2 months ago!” “Hey, no problem!” Jason replied, “I’ll think up something every evening if you want!” “You don’t have to do that!” Alejandro replied with a smile, “But if you do, I won’t say no!” “Deal!” Jason exclaimed. “Cool!” Alejandro happily replied. When they got home it was time to turn in for the night, Alex headed to the RV and Jason to his room. He made a quick call to Matt to see how he was doing and after a short conversation, he fell asleep. Over at the Williamson home, John and Mark made sure that Connor felt like he was in heaven before they all went to sleep. Mark gave up his ass to Connor and John and then emptied his sack into Connor before they all passed out, tired from full day’s work. ******** The next morning Jason woke up early, used the bathroom, then went down to the kitchen to put a pot of coffee on. While the coffee was brewing he went out into the yard and walked behind the barn to check the dryers. As he came around the end of one of the dryers he jammed on the brakes when he saw Alejandro leaning against a roll of hay, his pants around his ankles with a hand around his cock stroking it. Jason froze as he took in the sight of the hot young Latino beating his meat. There seemed to be a lot of skin riding up and down his cock as he stroked it. Jason realized that Alejandro must be uncircumcised. He had seen uncut cocks in the locker room before, but never one that was hard and being flogged! He was starting to back away when Alejandro looked up and saw him. “Oh fuck!” Alejandro exclaimed. “I’m sorry, I thought I was alone!” He had taken his hand off his hard cock. Jason could see that it was about 6-inches long, with egg-sized balls dangling loosely below it. His dark colored pubic air was neatly trimmed, forming a nice bush. Jason felt his own cock pushing against the fly of his pants, straining to be set free. “Don’t worry, Alex!” Jason said to Alejandro, “We all do it, hell I’m addicted to doing it!” “It’s not easy to get some relief when my dad and Juan are around all the time,” Alejandro replied, “I haven’t been able to do it for 2 weeks!” “Two weeks?” Jason asked, “Fuck, I can’t go one day without getting off!” “Yeah, me too usually!” Alejandro replied, his cock starting to soften, and his foreskin was moving back up onto the head. “It looks like you could use it too!” he said nodding at Jason’s bulging pants. “Yeah, it seems to want to go all the time!” Jason laughed, “I guess you must be ready to burst, 2 weeks without getting off and no girl to do it for you.” “Yeah,” Alejandro replied. “Do you have a girlfriend back home?” Jason asked. “Not really,” Alejandro replied. “A boyfriend?” Jason asked, looking to see Alejandro’s reaction. He responded by looking down and blushing. “You do, right?” Jason asked. Alejandro was scared. He had been caught jerking off and now had been asked if he liked guys. He was worried that Jason would react badly to finding out that he was gay. He might even beat on him! “Me too,” Jason told Alejandro, who immediately lifted his head and felt a wave of relief come over him. “You do?” He asked, heart still pounding. “Yeah, he’s in New York right now, back here in a week and a half.” Jason confirmed. “You’re gay?” Alejandro asked, amazed at his luck finding another gay guy so far from home. “Yeah, you?” Jason asked. “Yeah, but my dad can’t find out. He’d go nuts!” Alejandro replied. Jason’s cock had not softened a bit and Alejandro’s was now about half hard. Alejandro decided to take a chance. “Do you want a blow job?” he asked Jason. “Oh man, Alejandro,” Jason replied, “I’d love a blow job! Is it okay if I call you Alejandro instead of Alex? I find Alejandro to be so much sexier a name than Alex!” “I’d love for you to call me by my proper name,” Alejandro replied, “especially when you cum into my mouth!” Jason smiled and reached for his belt buckle. “Let me!” Alejandro told him, “I love getting a cock out of a pair of pants!” Jason took his hand away and let Alejandro undo the buckle and unzip his jeans. He pulled them down to his ankles, then rubbed his erection through his white briefs. “It feels so nice,” Alejandro told Jason. “I haven’t touched a cock other than my own for over 2 months!” “It feels good to me too!” Jason moaned as he felt Alejandro’s hand grasping his hard cock through the cotton briefs. Alejandro pulled the front of Jason’s briefs out and over the head of his cock, then pushed them down his legs until they joined his pants around his ankles. He eyed Jason’s hardon and wrapped his fingers around it. “You have a nice one,” He told Jason. “So do you,” Jason replied as he took Alejandro’s hard cock into his own hand and gave it a few strokes. “I want to make you cum now,” Alejandro said as he knelt on the ground in front of Jason. He parted his lips and opened his mouth wide, then sucked Jason’s rock-hard cock into it. “Oh godddd!” Jason moaned as he felt Alejandro’s wet mouth around his rod. “It feels to good!” Alejandro sucked on Jason’s cock slowly at first, then a little harder and faster. His head bobbed up and down on Jason’s blood-engorged tool while the same time gently holding his balls in one hand. After almost 5 minutes Jason warned him that he was going to cum. He didn’t know if Alejandro would let him cum in his mouth, so he knew the right thing to do was to let him know that he was about to blow. Alejandro wanted to taste Jason’s load and kept on sucking while sliding a hand between Jason’s legs to caress his butt cheeks and pull him closer. “Oh Alejandro! I’m cumminggggg! Oh fuck Alejandro, yesssss!” Jason moaned as he shot a large load into his mouth. Alejandro felt Jason’s warm jizz spurting into his mouth and swallowed it all, He liked the taste of Jason’s cum and happily sucked every last drop of it out of his cock. After he had swallowed everything that Jason had pumped into his mouth, Alejandro took his mouth off Jason’s cock and got back to his feet. “I’ve never sucked a cut cock before, yours felt so good in my mouth!” He told Jason. “I’ve never sucked an uncut cock before,” Jason replied with a hand around Alejandro’s rod. “Can I suck yours?” “I’ve never turned down a blowjob before!” Alejandro playfully told Jason. “And I am not going to start now!” “Mmmm nice!” Jason said as he stroked Alejandro’s cock and felt the loose skin sliding up and down the hard shaft. He was curious about Alejandro’s foreskin and hoped he could get a chance to see what it was like when his cock wasn’t hard. He thought it would be cool to play with it as his cock hardened. I hope we get to do this again, he thought to himself as he got to his knees. “Ready?” he asked Alejandro, looking up past his hard cock to his face. Yeah,” Alejandro moaned softly, “I probably won’t last long though, I am so fucking horny!” “I don’t care,” Jason replied as he licked his lips. “I can’t wait to taste your cock!” He leaned forward and sucked Alejandro’s cock into his mouth, feeling the foreskin push back as he put his lips around it. He found that Alejandro’s cock tasted a bit different. Probably because the skin that usually covered the head was now rolled back, letting a musky flavor loose onto his tongue. He sucked Alejandro’s hard cock as Alejandro placed his hands on Jason’s head and ran his fingers through his blonde hair. Jason cupped Alejandro’s balls in one hand and used the other to stroke his shaft as he sucked on the knob of his meat. After a little more than 2 minutes Alejandro started breathing heavily and Jason felt his balls lift slightly in his hand. He knew he was about to get a mouthful of jizz and sucked a little harder to let him know that he wanted it. “Awww fuckkkkk Jasonnnnn!!!” Alejandro groaned “Ohhh fuckkkkk yeahhhhh!” Jason felt Alejandro’s cock throb in his mouth and then ropes of cum blasted out of it and splashed against the back of his throat. Alejandro was panting and moaning as the cum keep coming. Jason was sure there were over 10 spurts of jizz spurting into his mouth and he could barely swallow it all. Some leaked out of the sides of his mouth and he sucked harder so he wouldn’t lose any of it. Alejandro’s ball juice tasted good and Jason wanted it all! When Alejandro stopped moaning, Jason took his mouth of his cock and used his tongue to lick up the liquid that was around his mouth. He managed to save every drop of cum and he swallow it all. “Holy shit, Alejandro!” Jason said as he got to his feet. “I think you shot out a gallon!” “I told you I hadn’t cum in like 2 weeks!” Alejandro replied with a grin, “You just got it all!” “It was great!” Jason replied as he pulled his pants up. “I hope that we can do it again!” “I hope so too!” Alejandro replied as he pulled himself together. “Can I ask you a question?” “Sure!” Jason replied, wondering what was on Alejandro’s mind. “Do you fuck?” he asked. “You want to get fucked?” Jason asked, “I like fucking and your fucking hot, so yes I do!” “Sweet!” Alejandro replied, “I haven’t been fucked in a long time and never by a cut cock!” Jason laughed a bit, then asked, “How many cocks have you been fucked by?” “One,” Alejandro replied, blushing slightly. “You?” “A few,” Jason replied, “I like getting fucked, do you fuck?” “I’m mostly a bottom I guess,” Alejandro replied. “I’ve never fucked anyone.” “Never?” Jason asked, a little surprised that Alejandro had never fucked his boyfriend. “Not even your boyfriend?” “Miguel thinks he is too macho to get fucked,” Alejandro replied. “At least he sucks cock though!” “I’m not too macho, if you want to try it,” Jason asked, hoping that Alejandro would say yes. He wanted to feel an uncut cock in his ass to see if it was any different! “Can I see your ass?” Alejandro asked Jason, who turned around and dropped his pants and bent over a bit. “You have a really nice butt,” Alejandro told him. “I’d love to try to fuck you, if you don’t mind a virgin.” Jason laughed and replied, “I specialize in virgins! I’d love to bend over for you!” Alejandro looked puzzled by Jason’s `specialize in virgins’ comment and asked Jason about it. “You’re here for a week, I should introduce you to the guys next door. Two of them were virgins when we first met!” Jason told Alejandro. “Two of them? How many are there?” Alejandro asked. “Three guys our age,” Jason replied. “Three, all gay?” Alejandro asked, amazed that there could be so many gay guys in such a rural area. “Yeah all three and I’m sure that they’d love to meet you!” Jason replied. “Do you think that they’d all have sex with me?” Alejandro asked. “Can I see your ass?” Jason asked. He hadn’t had a good look at it, and this was as good an excuse as any to get one. He knew that John, Mark and Connor would be happy to meet Alejandro regardless, but a look at a bare ass was an opportunity that he couldn’t pass up! Alejandro turned around and pulled his pants and underwear down, revealing a nicely shaped ass that had a light covering of fine hair. Jason wished he had the time to rim it right now, but that would have to wait! “Oh, fuck yeah, Alejandro,” Jason told him. “You have a super nice ass, I’m sure that the neighbors would like to see it!” “That would be amazing if it could happen!” Alejandro exclaimed, “I’ve always fantasized about group sex!” “I’ll try to set it up on the weekend,” Jason told Alejandro. “In the meantime, maybe you and me could go for ice cream again tonight, I know a quiet parking lot!” he told him with a wink. “Can I ask another question, before we get back to the house?” Alejandro asked. “Yeah sure,” Jason replied. “I’ve never done this with anyone other than Miguel before, but can I kiss you? I really miss being close to someone and you are so nice…” Jason didn’t say a word, he just beylikdüzü travesti reached his arms out and pulled Alejandro into them and pressed his lips against his. He’s no amateur in the kissing department, Jason thought as they made out behind the barn. He kissed like an expert! “I didn’t really need to see your bare ass to know if I wanted to try to fuck you,” Alejandro told Jason between kisses, “It was just an excuse to check it out!” “I didn’t need to see yours either,” Jason replied, “I knew I wanted to fuck you when I first saw you yesterday!” “I can hardly wait!” Alejandro said before sticking his tongue into Jason’s mouth as he kissed him again. “Soon, Alejandro, soon!” Jason promised as their mouths parted. “For now, we’d better get ready to work!” ******** Back at the Williamson farm, Connor was giving John a morning blow job. He sucked on his cock slowly, letting John’s pleasure intensify until he couldn’t hold back any longer. His hips bucked up and down as cum shot out of his cock and down Connor’s throat. Mark had watched the action and as soon as John’s cock was out of Connor’s mouth he said, “I don’t care if we are a bit late, please suck me off too!” Connor smiled and said, “Put in in! I knew you’d want one too when you saw John get off!” Connor went down on Mark and within 5 minutes he was swallowing his second load of the morning. “Fuck that was good!” he exclaimed as he licked cum off his lips. “Breakfast of champions!” “I could use some breakfast myself,” John murmured, and he eyed Connor’s pre-cum coated cock head. “I thought we didn’t have time for all 3 of us to get off in the morning,” Connor asked as he got to his feet. “I can’t see your hard cock without wanting to have it!” John replied with a wink. “Now sit on the side of the bed!” Connor did as he was told and leaned back to enjoy the sensations of John’s wet mouth around his hardon. A few minutes later he emptied his balls down John’s throat while at the same time, Mark was sucking on his tongue as they kissed. Paul was outside waiting for them when they finally appeared in the yard. “Good afternoon,” He told the trio with a bemused expression on his face. “Sorry we’re late,” John replied, “I had to help Connor work something out.” “Yeah I heard the solution through the open window!” Paul laughed. “Glad it came out ok in the end!” “Oh it came out, that’s for sure!” Connor said, “Boy did it come out!” They got to work milking cows and after breakfast, continued harvesting corn until late afternoon. They only took a short break for lunch. Other than that, they worked until it was time to milk the cows again. “Still liking farm life?” Mark asked as they washed up for dinner. “Loving it!” Connor replied, “Lots of fresh air, plenty of exercise, good food. What’s not to like?” “Shoveling cow shit, maybe?” John asked with a laugh. “Well, yeah there’s that!” Connor laughed, “but as long as I don’t fall in a pile of it, I’ll survive!” “Plus, I’m used to shit being shoveled,” Connor added with a laugh, “I grew up with my father, right?” The boys dissolved in laughter when they heard that, Connor laughed the hardest as he thought of the years he spent listening to his father’s fire and brimstone sermons. He was glad that was over! It was a quiet evening after dinner. Everyone was tired and they all just flopped in front of the TV to watch a movie. Paul fell asleep about halfway through it and began to snore quietly. The boys chuckled before throwing a blanket over him and after turning off the TV, they went upstairs to shower and go to bed. There was no sex that night, Connor was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow and Mark and John soon followed him into a deep sleep. The evening was not as quiet for Jason and Alejandro. After dinner Jason showered and offered to let Alejandro use it after he was done. He wanted his new friend to be totally clean for what he had planned to do later! Alejandro was happy to be able to use a real toilet and shower. The one in the RV was so small that a guy could barely turn around in it. He washed himself carefully, taking care to pull his foreskin back and get his cock fully cleaned. He was sure that he knew what Jason had in mind for their planned trip to town for more ice cream and he knew he had to be fresh! Jason and Alejandro drove to the ice cream shop and enjoyed a large triple-scoop cone each. Hard working young men can eat a lot and not gain an ounce! After finishing their ice cream Jason started the truck and drove off down the road in a direction opposite to home. “So, where are we going to go?” Alejandro asked. “I know a really quiet place to park,” Jason replied. “The only people who go there at night are there for some fun. Are you up for some fun?” “Fuck yes!” Alejandro exclaimed. “I’ve had a semi boner all day just thinking about having sex with you!” “Same here!” Jason replied. After a few minutes Jason asked Alejandro, “Can I ask you a really personal question?” “Shoot!” Alejandro replied. “Are you clean, like no diseases? I’m asking because I’m sure that I am and would like to skip condoms, but I need to be sure that I’m not doing anything stupid!” “Yes, totally clean,” Alejandro replied, “I have never had sex with anyone other than Miguel and we were both virgins and exclusive with each other. Until this morning I have never been with anyone else.” “That’s cool,” Jason replied, “I have to tell you that I have had sex with my boyfriend, Matt and well as all three of my neighbors.” He left out the sex with his father and his uncle. He didn’t think that Alejandro would approve of the family relationships and decide not to disclose any of it. “We are all totally clean, I swear on my mother’s grave!” he told Alejandro. That wasn’t just empty words on Jason’s part. He and Connor had both got tested recently and had clean bills of health. John and Mark had never had sex outside of the family. Neither had Jason until he did it with Connor at the fair. Until the fair, Connor had only had anal sex with Xavier, everything else had been oral. Just the same, he agreed to get tested. Jason had picked Connor up and brought him to an anonymous testing facility. The both tested negative for everything and until today, had not had sex with anyone outside the family. “Your mother passed away?” Alejandro asked. He wasn’t sure if it was just an expression or if it was for real. “Yeah, long time ago,” Jason replied. “I was really young; I don’t remember her at all.” “My mother passed away too,” Alejandro replied, “When I was like, two. It’s just me and my dad now.” Jason glanced over at Alejandro and wished that he lived close. He was the kind of guy that he’d love to have as a friend. It appeared that they had established a friendship in no time at all. They also had a few things in common! He reached over with his right hand and squeezed Alejandro’s hand. “I know this sounds ridiculous; I mean I have known you for like one day. But I feel like we could be really good friends if you lived around here.” “I feel the same way,” Alejandro replied as he squeezed Jason’s hand in return. “You are so nice to me. I hope we get to your spot soon because I want to give myself to you, and not in a desperate way. I really like you!” “It’s just up here,” Jason said as he turned off the highway and onto a crushed gravel road. “It’s a conservation area and at night there is nobody there except people who don’t have a place to go to have some fun. I used to go there with Matt when we couldn’t find a way to be alone!” As they reached a sign for a parking area, Jason killed the headlights and used the running lights the rest of the way. As they pulled into the parking area, they saw that there were two other vehicles parked in the dark. Jason backed into a spot a discrete distance from the other vehicles, then he shut off the lights and turned the engine off. It was dead quiet. The moon was almost full and was providing quite a bit of light. Jason would have preferred a moonless night, but you can’t always choose the conditions when you are looking to have some fun! Jason and Alejandro took off their seatbelts and waited for their eyes to adjust to the moonlight. They began to be able to see the occupants of the other vehicles. A new looking Honda Accord had a man and a woman inside. The woman was in the driver’s seat and has Jason’s eyes fully adjusted to the conditions, he realized that he knew who she was. Her name was Alicia Newberry and she was a teacher at the local high school. She was about 25 years old and new to teaching. She had recently married the son of the owner of the local hardware store, a guy that Jason knew from the many times that he had been in the store. He saw the man in the passenger seat. He was not her husband! Jason thought he recognized him but couldn’t place a name to the face. The man was around Mike’s age. Definitely not her husband! In the other vehicle, a pickup truck like Jason’s, sat a lone guy that Jason knew. Fuck, Jason thought to himself, this is going to be a problem! The guy had been a student at the high school, graduating at the same time as Jason. His name as Chance Stone. He had been the starting quarterback on the school’s football team. He had a reputation as ladies’ man. Jason didn’t see a girl but figured Chance was waiting for one to show up. Alejandro saw the expression on Jason’s face and asked, “Problem?” “Maybe,” Jason replied, “I know that guy!” Just then there was movement in Chance’s truck and a head rose from his lap. Chance had been getting a blow job from someone. Jason realized that he knew that someone. That someone was not a girl, it was Trevor Nolan, star pitcher on the school’s baseball team! “Holy fuck!” Jason exclaimed. “What?” Alejandro asked, “Is it bad?” “No!” Jason replied laughing. “It’s really good!” He explained how he knew the guys and remarked that you never knew who might be into guys and sometimes it was a pleasant surprise when you found out! He said that they would be safe here because neither of the two guys was out and the woman in the car was with a man that wasn’t her husband. “What happens at the conservation area stays at the conservation area!” Jason laughed with Alejandro joining in a second later. Chance and Trevor looked over at Jason’s truck and both nodded. They had recognized Jason and saw that he was with a guy. Their secret would be safe too! The couple in the car was making out, and in a moment, so were Chance and Trevor. Jason was getting more aroused than he had already been when he had arrived with Alejandro. Seeing two hot guys that he knew making out with each other was a definite turn on. Jason felt Alejandro’s hand on his and turned to face him. He looked into his soft brown eyes and melted inside. He was going to make love to this sexy Latino tonight. Not just a fuck. He realized that he was strongly attracted to Alejandro. It was a feeling that Alejandro felt in return. Alejandro looked into Jason’s eyes and said, “Can I kiss you?” I need to be close to you, it’s been so long since I was held in someone’s arms!” Jason leaned towards Alejandro and placed his lips against Alejandro’s soft lips. It was like a spark jumped between them. In a flash they were kissing each other deeply. Their hands were roaming over each other’s chest and caressing each other’s faces as the tenderly kissed. It was intense as they pulled each other’s shirts off and continued making out. Alejandro lowered his head and put his lips onto Jason’s left nipple and sucked on it while Jason caressed the back of his head. Jason heard a noise coming from the car and looked over to see that Alicia had moved over to the passenger side and was topless riding the man’s cock. She rose and fell on his rod while moaning loudly. Seeing a woman having sex didn’t do much for Jason but knowing that she wasn’t with her own husband was a turn on! Jason looked over at Chance’s truck and saw that Chance’s head was in Trevor’s lap. So, Chance sucks dick, Jason though to himself. That’s good to know! He turned his attention back to Alejandro and gently guided his head back up so that he could kiss him again. After a few minutes he lowered his head so that he could see what he was doing as he undid Alejandro’s pants and helped him lower them to his ankles. With a bit of fumbling he was able to get them off over his shoes. Then he put his lips around the head of Alejandro’s cock and sucked it into his mouth. “Oh, fuck yeah,” Alejandro moaned as he felt Jason’s mouth engulf his hard cock. “Oh, fuck Jason this feels so good!” Jason’s head bobbed up and down as he gave Alejandro head. He felt his friend’s fingers running through his blonde hair as he licked and sucked on the uncut tool. After a couple of minutes, he heard Alicia’s cries as she had an orgasm. It must have been a good one, Jason thought as he kept sucking Alejandro’s rod. She was quite loud as she came! Jason raised his head and Alejandro helped him to get his pants off. As soon as they were laying on the floor of the truck, Alejandro leaned down and sucked his cock into his mouth. Jason caressed his head as it rose and fell in his lap. Alejandro gives great head, he thought as his knob got polished. They heard a grunt and knew that the man must have had his own orgasm. Jason watched as the Alicia climbed off him and began to dress. Jason looked over at Chance’s truck and notice that it was Trevor’s turn to suck cock. Chance had the seat tilted back and a hand on the back of Trevor’s head as he got sucked. The car started and began to move away. It moved past both Jason and Chance’s trucks and Alicia avoided eye contact. She had to know Jason, Chance and Trevor, but she wasn’t going to show it! The man on the other hand, shot them a disapproving look as he passed their vehicles. He obviously didn’t think much of gay males having sex! Fuck him, Jason thought to himself as the car drove out of the lot. I know that he just fucked another man’s wife! Alejandro sat up and pulled Jason close, then planted his lips back against his and let his tongue enter Jason’s mouth. Jason sucked on it as they made out. As they sat naked in the truck, kissing and fondling each other, they heard the doors on Chance’s truck open and watched as both guys emerged stark naked. Luckily it was a warm evening so far, Jason thought, it is hard to fuck inside a pickup truck! Jason and Alejandro watched with interest as the young men joined each other on the side of the truck facing towards them. Whatever they were going to do, they were going to put on a show. They could have chosen the other side for privacy, but they didn’t. They wanted an audience. Chance’s truck was close enough that Jason and Alejandro could get a good view of their bodies. Chance had short blonde hair. He was a little over 6 feet tall and had an athletic build. His cock was hard and from a distance appeared to be longer than average. Over 7-inches, Jason thought. Trevor had longish light brown hair. He was shorter than Chance, but just as athletic. From where they sat, his istanbul travesti hard cock looked like it was over 6-inches. Jason and Alejandro looked at each other and kissed again. Then turned their attention back to the show. Chance had his hands on the side of the truck bed with his rounded ass slightly upturned. As Jason and Alejandro watched, Trevor knelt on the ground and stuck his face between Chance’s butt cheeks and began to rim his ass. “Oh, fuck that’s hot!” Alejandro murmured. “You like getting rimmed?” Jason asked. “Love it!” Alejandro replied. “It’s like the most amazing feeling!” “Want to put on a show of our own?” Jason asked. He had that feeling you get your stomach when you are ultra aroused and about to have sex. He had to have Alejandro, and rimming his ass was the perfect lead in. “Hell yes!” Alejandro replied as he opened the passenger door and stepped out. Jason got out of the truck and moved around to the front to meet Alejandro. Both of their hard cocks wagged from side to side as they walked towards each other. They glanced over at Chance and Trevor and saw they had adjusted their positions so that they could watch their actions. Alejandro leaned forward onto the hood of the truck, presenting his firm, round ass cheeks to Jason. Jason knelt on to the ground, parted Alejandro’s cheeks with his hands, then stuck his face between them. “Oh my god!” Alejandro moaned as Jason ate his ass. He gave him the full Uncle Paul treatment. Tongue flicking over his hole and up and down his ass crack. Then he curled it and stuck it into Alejandro’s puckered hole and tongue fucked it. Alejandro moaned loudly as Jason ate his ass. Chance and Trevor heard the lustful sounds and became even more aroused. “Fuck me!” they heard Chance ask Trevor, “Please fuck me now!” Alejandro watched the other couple move into position while Jason kept rimming his ass. He was starting to shake with arousal as he saw Trevor slowly insert his cock into Chance’s ass. I have to get fucked right now! Alejandro though as he watched the other couple mating. “Jason, please take me now,” Alejandro begged, “I need you inside me, please!” Jason rose to his feet and took Alejandro in his arms from behind. He kissed the nape of his neck and whispered into his ear, “I’m going to fuck you so well that you’ll never want to leave the farm. I promise you that you’re going to love it!” “Oh god please do that!” Alejandro begged as he pushed his ass out and arched his back. “Take me Jason, please fuck me!” Jason placed one hand on Alejandro’s left hip and used the other to guide his throbbing cock to his wet hole. He placed the pre-cum coated head against the light brown pucker, then slowly pushed it inside. Alejandro felt pressure against his hole, then a short burst of pain as the head of Jason’s cock entered it. The pain was quickly replaced with pleasure as his ass was filled an inch at a time with Jason’s hard cock. “Oh god yessss,” Alejandro moaned as he felt Jason’s pubic mound press against his butt cheeks. He knew that Jason’s cock was now fully buried up his ass. “Fuck me,” he encouraged Jason, “Make me never want to leave!” Jason pulled is cock backwards, then stuffed it balls-deep back inside. He slowly built up a rhythm as he held Alejandro in his arms while he fucked him. He kissed his back repeatedly as he thrusted his cock in and out of his hole. He rotated his hips to vary the angle of his cock inside Alejandro’s butt. “Fuck, that feels so good!” Alejandro gasped as his ass got pounded by Jason’s hard meat. The sound of Trevor cumming up Chase’s ass filled the air as Trevor pumped a load up the former quarterback’s ass. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, cummminnnggg!” Trevor yelped as his shot a load inside his friend. Jason increased the speed of his thrusts as he heard Trevor’s cries of pleasure. He ran his hands over Alejandro’s ass and up and down his back, then slid his arms under Alejandro’s torso and placed his hand on the front of his thighs as he repeatedly fucked his tight ass. Alejandro was filled with pleasure from the sensations he was experiencing. The soft caresses of Jason’s hands all over his body, the long thrusts of his cock inside his ass. He realized that Jason was right, he wouldn’t want to live here when the job was done. He knew that he had to, but he wouldn’t want to go! “Oh my god Jason, I love the way that you fuck!” Alejandro moaned loud enough for Chance and Trevor to hear. “My turn,” Trevor said to Chance, “Watching and listening to those two has me gagging for it!” Jason saw Chance stuff his face between Trevor’s muscular butt cheeks and a minute later heard his moans as he got his hole tongued. He knew that he was about to empty his balls into Alejandro’s ass and wanted the other couple to know all about it. “Oh god Alejandro!” Jason moaned loudly, “Oh my fucking god I’m gonna cum!” “Fuck yes, Jason” Alejandro called back, “Fill me with cum!” “Awww fuckkkkk, fuckkkkk, awwww fuckkkk Alejandro!” Jason cried out loudly as his cock erupted inside Alejandro’s ass. It throbbed and shook as cum shot out in long squirts far up Alejandro’s tight ass. He held onto Alejandro’s tightly as he filled his hole with his load. Then, when he was done, he pulled his cock out of his ass and turned him around and kissed him deeply. “You’re right,” Alejandro said between kisses, “I’m not going to want to leave!” “You can always visit!” Jason replied between kisses, “I sure hope that you do!’ “Me too!” Alejandro replied, “I really will want to!” “Ready to lose your virginity?” Jason asked, looking deep into Alejandro’s eyes. “I’d really like it if I could be your first.” Alejandro gazed into Jason’s eyes and said, “They say you always remember your first, right?” “Yes, you do,” Jason confirmed, “I sure remember mine!” “Then, I want you to be my first, Jason,” Alejandro replied. “I want to always remember you, this time, this place.” Chase was stuffing his cock into Trevor’s ass as Alejandro knelt behind Jason. “You don’t have to rim me,” Jason told him, “I have some lube.” “But I want to!” Alejandro replied, “I want to pleasure you like you pleasured me!” While Alejandro had never topped Miguel, the had rimmed his ass quite a lot. He knew what to do to deliver pleasure to his partner and began by caressing Jason’s ass, then kissing each cheek all over. Next, he pried Jason’s cheeks apart and flicked his tongue from the top of his crack all the way down until it grazed the pink colored flesh of his hole. Then he concentrated his tongue action on the puckered entrance to Jason’s body, letting the tip probe the outer edge of the hole, then curling it to probe it deeper. “Holy fuck, Alejandro!” Jason moaned, “You really know what you’re doing!” Alejandro didn’t reply, he just continued tongue fucking Jason’s ass. He kept at it for almost 5 minutes before Jason said, “Alejandro, I really need your big cock inside me, please take me now! I Need it badly!” Alejandro had never fucked a guy before, but he had been fucked many, many times since he and Miguel were 14 years old. He knew what he needed to do, but he was still nervous. He stood behind Jason, who helped by reaching back and parting his cheeks for him. He could see his saliva coated hole and lined up the head of his cock to it. “Just take it slow at first,” Jason cautioned him. “You’re not small, so my ass needs to get used to it first!” Alejandro pushed his hips forward causing the head of his cock to press harder against Jason’s hole. He kept the pressure up and suddenly the head popped inside. “Oh yeahhhh!” Jason moaned when he felt the head of Alejandro’s uncut cock penetrate his asshole. “Like that, Alejandro, keep slowly pushing it in like that!” Alejandro pressed harder and his rock-hard cock slid all the way up Jason’s hole until he felt his balls touching Jason’s smooth ass cheeks. Holy shit! Alejandro thought to himself, I’m really inside a guy’s butt! “Perfect, Alejandro,” Jason said, “Now fuck me any way you want!” Alejandro placed his hands on Jason’s hips and held them as he gradually worked his cock in and out of Jason’s tight ass. Oh my god this feels so good! He thought to himself. I’m really doing it; I am fucking a guy! He picked up the speed of his thrusts and leaned forward over Jason’s body, grasping his shoulders as he fucked him harder. He kissed Jason’s back and his neck as he humped his ass. He looked towards Chance and Trevor and saw that Chance was slapping Trevor’s ass with one hand from time to time as he fucked him hard. “Do you like to get spanked like that?” Alejandro panted as he kept riding Jason’s ass. “Love it! Give me a few of those!” Jason gasped. Alejandro raised his hand and gave Jason’s ass an open-handed slap. A `whack!’ sound rang out as his hand contacted Jason’s butt flesh. “Oh, fuck yeah!” Jason yelped as Alejandro’s hand made contact. “Do it again!” “Whack” Alejandro’s hand slapped Jason’s ass again. He could feel Jason’s butt tighten around his cock as he slapped his ass. It felt amazing! “Once more!” Jason panted, “And fuck me hard, I like it hard!” Whack! As another slap contacted ass flesh. Another squeeze around Alejandro’s cock. “I’m gonna cum!” Alejandro cried out, “Oh Jason I’m gonna cum!” “Fuck yeah cum inside me!” Jason called out, “Cum in me and make me yours!” “Oh fuckkkk, ohh goddd Jasonnnn, Fuckkkk!” Alejandro cried out loudly. Chance and Trevor looked over and saw Alejandro’s head thrown back and his face filled with ecstasy as he came inside an ass for the first time in his life. His cock spasmed and felt it was bursting as it throbbed and fired volley and volley of cum into Jason’s ass. To Alejandro it felt like he came for 5 minutes. In reality it was over in a minute, but he shot at least 10 squirts of cum into Jason. Alejandro was a big cummer most of the time, but right now he blasted the biggest load of his life up Jason’s ass. Jason would feel it still leaking out of his ass as he lay in bed two hours later. Chance saw and heard the ecstasy of Alejandro’s orgasm. It pushed him over the edge, and he blew a big load of his own up Trevor’s ass. He and Trevor had been fucking each other since they were 13, but they later agreed that this was one of their hottest sessions together. The act of having sex out in the open and in front of two other guys was a real turn on. Watching the other guys have sex made the whole thing that much better. They decided that they needed to find opportunities to do it again and next time, join in for group sex it at all possible! Alejandro felt his cock softening while it was still inside Jason’s butt. He kept it there until it shrank down enough that it popped out on its on. He stood up straight and waited for Jason to turn around. He grabbed a hold of him and hugged him as he kissed him hard. “This was one of the best nights of my life!” he told Jason. “I got fucked by a sexy guy and for the first time ever, I got to fuck a sexy guy! I’ll never forget you or this night!” “I’ll never forget you or tonight either,” Jason replied. And he meant it. Alejandro was special and very sensual. He would miss him when he was gone! “You’re here for almost a week more,” Jason told him, “This doesn’t have to be the last time we do this.” “I’m so happy to hear you say that!” Alejandro exclaimed as they stood naked beside the truck. “I hope we can do it every day until I leave!” Jason smiled and said, “Count on it stud!” Alejandro had a huge smile on his face as he heard Jason’s words. His first work season had resulted in him finding someone special to share himself with. He was still in love with Miguel and looked forward to getting back home to be with him, but finding Jason was going to be the highlight of his time away. As Jason and Alejandro were getting dressed beside the truck, they heard Chance’s truck start up and instead of heading straight out of the lot, they drove it past them and stopped. Chance put the window down and looked back and forth at Jason and Alejandro. “Jason, we had no idea that you liked the same stuff that we do,” Chance said, “and we don’t know who your friend is, but thank you both for a fucking hot evening!” Jason smiled and said, “I had no idea you guys were like me, but it was hot finding out and watching you guys have fun too!” “Who’s you friend?” Trevor asked from the passenger seat. “I’m Alex, from California,” Alejandro replied. “You’re fuckin’ hot Alex!” Trevor said, “Watching you blow your load into Jason is gonna be jerk off material for me for weeks now!” Alejandro laughed and thanked Trevor for the compliment. “You guys should message me,” Chance said, “We should all get together sometime!” “I’m only here for a week,” Alejandro commented. “Well if we don’t get with you guys before you leave, you gotta come back for another visit soon!” Chance told him. He looked Alejandro’s body up and down and noticed his uncut cock. “You definitely have to come back,” Chance told him, “I’ve never sucked an uncut cock before and yours is definitely one that I want to blow!” Alejandro laughed and told Chance that he would see what he could do. “I’ve never turned down a blow job before and I don’t want to start now!” They all gave each other a wave and then Chance and Trevor drove off home leaving Jason and Alejandro to finish getting dressed. “Do you think you’ll get together with them sometime?” Alejandro asked Jason as they drove back to the farm. “I don’t know,” Jason replied, “I mean they are hot and all, but if I want group sex, I got the guys next door!” “So, let me get this straight,” Alejandro asked good naturedly. “The guys next door are brothers and you have group sex with them?” “Um, yeah I do,” Jason replied. He was a little worried now that Alejandro was starting to put things together. He hadn’t really thought the whole thing out when he talked about sex with the guys next door. Now Alejandro was going to think, or know, that there was incest going on. That wasn’t good! “They are brothers who have group sex?” Alejandro asked, zeroing in on it. “Uh, I guess,” Jason weakly replied. He was in big shit now! “That’s fucking hot!” Alejandro exclaimed. “It is?” Jason replied, feeling a sense of relief coming over him. Alejandro thought that it was hot! “Oh my god yes, it is!” Alejandro exclaimed. “It’s like wet dream material!” “Yeah, it kinda is, isn’t it?” Jason replied, starting to relax. He’d gotten away with it this time, but he would need to be a lot more careful in future! “You said that we could get together with them on the weekend maybe?” Alejandro asked. “I’m going to try to set something up, if you want,” Jason replied. “I’d like that a lot, if you want to that is,” Alejandro said. “Do you think they will like me?” “They are going to love you!” Jason replied. “If I love you, they will too!” “You love me?” Alejandro asked, looking at Jason for his answer. Jason glanced at Alejandro as he drove the truck. He saw the hopeful look in his eyes. “Yes, I do.” He replied. “That’s good, because I love you too!” Alejandro said with a big smile on his face. ******** Thanks for reading my story. A new chapter will come before too long. In the meantime, I am always happy to hear from readers. Thanks to everyone who has already written to me about this story! Hearing from readers is very motivating. I really appreciate it!

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